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走过熟悉的街头 你的气息残留 那年那月 拉曼大学宿舍 转眼已过12年头 如今变成 Mahsa Avenue 回忆涌上心头

Burning Bush A6400 | 18mm | F4 | ISO100


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E só uma sombra encarnada de luz me carrega levemente nas órbitas. #rsa_minimal

Today I got to talk about and work on so many interesting things = WINNER!!! 🤓

ink painting 🗻

🎵🎶 es mi vida - liran roll #rsa_minimal

home sweet home

home sweet home

home sweet home


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Happy weekend 🤙🏼

10:59 AM #sengkang #indonesia "shopping time" by @ekhy_ken as part of the #24hourproject to raise funds for NGOs working women's human rights @she_has_hope (Uganda) @GES_mujer (mexico) @sacredvalleyhealth (peru) @Antena_ngo (iran). Please show your support and help us to meet our fund goal. For more information visit @24hourproject . . #24hr19_indonesia

Hati yang hangat



1969-12-31 16:00:00


1969-12-31 16:00:00

Stop, take a breath and remember the chance of you being alive is 1 in 10 to the 2,685,000 power. You are blessed, enjoy. . . .


Apologies to everyone sick of me spamming my story with videos from Bali. It’s been an incredible trip. I want to thank @dreamscometruecharity for helping to organise the trip of a lifetime for @brontepalmer and I. We’ve been looking forward to this for nearly three years whilst she was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for her cancer and it’s been everything we expected and more. I’m headed home today and have a huge amount of images I want to get back and edit. I’ve still not even edited anything from my season in Switzerland so I’m going to get back and really start to push my photography more and more so expect lots of images in the near future! 📸🌾

Another Rajnikanth in making 😎 . . . #busconductor #swags #dailycommute #buses_of_punjab #cellphonography

Un tempo.

Like we're buckled and preparing before the crash Like we're walking down a road of broken glass.