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La decadència del Nero Golden -Salman Rushdie- . . Una saga familiar al més pur estil d’El Padrí, amb negocis poc clars, lluites internes i la seva projecció com a símptoma d’una societat en crisi. Una anàlisi aguda i pertinent de l’actualitat als Estats Units: des de la postveritat fins al discurs de l’odi, passant pel terrorisme, l’ús i l’abús de les armes, Silicon Valley, el poder de les xarxes socials i les sèries de TV. «Un mirall autobiogràfic de les grans preocupacions filosòfiques que han animat l'obra de Rushdie llarg de la seva carrera, des de la col·lisió del que és privat i el que és polític en el món interconnectat d'avui a les fronteres permeables entre la vida i l'art, la realitat i la imaginació.» Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times . . . #ladecadènciadelnerogolden #salmanrushdie #proaeditorial #novela #novetats #biblioteca #bibliotecapública #bibliotequescat #bibliotecajoanmaluquer #artesadesegre

Interesting how before I stumbled upon this painting, the fisherman in my head really wore a red dhoti as Rushdie makes Saleem Sinai see it. “[T]he Boy Raleigh hung for many years, gazing rapturously at an old fisherman in what looked like a red dhoti, who sat on - what? - driftwood? - and pointed out to sea as he told his fishy tales” . . . #midnightschildren #salmanrushdie #walterraleigh #johneverettmillais #theboyhoodofraleigh #paintings #mindboggling #bookstagram #booksofinstagram

Hello 👋 It's SATURDAY!! What are you up to? Reading? Movie? I'm working.. But I am so tired and sleepy 😴 Can today go a little bit faster? 😂 . . So, here's what I got from yesterday's bookfair. I probably will go again on Tuesday. Maybe they will put out new titles then? Perhaps? . . 📚〰📚〰📚〰📚〰📚〰📚〰📚〰📚〰📚〰📚〰📚〰📚〰📚 #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookhaul #bookworm #bookshelf #booklover #booknerd #booknerdigans #bookjunkie #reading #bibliophile #bookgeek #epicreads mybbm #bookhoarder #📖 #📚 #bookdragon #instaread #igreads #booksofinstagram #bookstagramfeature #newbooks #salmanrushdie #talesofthepeculiar #theicecreamgirls

"Solanka aveva dentro un fiume in piena, e nulla fece per arginarlo. Sì, l'America lo aveva sedotto; sì, il suo splendore lo eccitava, e anche la sua grande potenza, e da questa seduzione si sentiva compromesso. Tutto ciò che dell'America combatteva doveva combatterlo anche in se stesso. L'America gli faceva desiderare ciò che è promesso ed eternamente negato" Salman Rushdie - Furia ⚡️ ______ Dico la parola 'patria' e penso al titolo di un libro. E forse non è gran cosa, ma così succede. Vedo un uovo (un uovo, proprio) e mi dico che no, non vedrò mai più un uovo senza pensare a The Shape of Water (quando è saltata la tacca tra la scorsa era geologica e quella attuale? Non me ne sono accorta. Che, a me, le favole non sono piaciute mai. Ma non mi ha spostato nemmeno questa, à vrai dire) E ancora non è svanito il ronzio della colonna sonora che un geniaccio, attraverso uno dei suoi capolavori su pagina da geniaccio, si incarica di raccontarmi - per sommi capi e molto bene e con asciutta eleganza - la storia della sirenetta (fin lì solennemente ignorata) e Oh! ma questa è La forma dell'acqua. E questa è una coincidenza perfetta. (E il geniaccio è Emmanuel Carrère. Non serve aggiungere altro) E riguardo una foto, e ripenso al rimprovero bonario di un'amica, e alla sua delicata bellezza, che è poi quella che vado cercando (e trovando!) in un volto, in uno scambio di battute, in un corpo solido che si staglia sul fondale straniante del cielo quando è blu. E quando è blu non dormiresti mai. E quindi non lo fai. _______ #salmanrushdie #literature #flags #restless

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Just finished reading The Enchantress of Florence by Salman Rushdie. I’ve been longing to get another Rushdie under my belt for ages. Reading a new novel from someone who you idolise as much as I do Rushdie is always a little bit nerve-racking; you wonder if all his work can possibly be as good as what you’ve already read. I’m so pleased to say that this wonderful novel did not let me down. Rushdie is by no means a ‘safe’ writer, and though he has got into a bit of a pickle by putting his own spin on mythology before (understatement of the year™️), he undertakes yet another immense challenge in this 2008 novel. The Enchantress of Florence blends Mughal India and Renaissance Italy, merging these unique, rich cultures and histories together with Rushdie’s distinctive magical, fantastical style. The eight page bibliography at the end of this novel is just one testament to the amount of research that went into creating this book. The author puts his own twist on traditional folklore and brings these civilisations to a vivid, colourful reality. As a mysterious traveller appears in an Indian city reflected in a lake of molten gold, a great Emperor converses with a wife that is no more than a figment of his imagination, a man makes love to a woman and her reflection and familial relationships get pushed to their utmost limit. The entire novel is ablaze with Rushdie’s rich prose, and the writing, just like the subject matter, is completely inebriating. I loved the motif of oral story telling that permeated throughout the text, and Rushdie’s spins on the story made it a constant thrill. It’s the way in which this writer teases the English language and makes it perform new feats that always leaves me completely breathless. However unlikely it seems that a 21st century reader could grow to feel every emotion of Akbar, a 16th century Mughal emperor, you feel a real affinity with him by the end of the novel. As hyper realistic and rousing as this book is, Rushdie always draws back to the universal and eternally relevant themes of power, acceptance and love that make this a work which transcends both distance and time. Overall Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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Salman Rushdie, speaking of Dorothy and her funny band of seekers: “Perhaps it is because they are all hollow that our imaginations can enter them and fill them up so easily. That is to say, it is their anti-heroism, their apparent lack of Great Qualities, that makes them our size, or even smaller, so that we can stand among them as equals, like Dorothy among the Munchkins. Gradually, however, we discover that, along with their “straight man,” Dorothy... they embody one of the film’s “messages”—that we already possess what we seek most fervently. The Scarecrow regularly comes up with bright ideas, which he offers with self-deprecating disclaimers. The Tin Man can weep with grief long before the Wizard gives him a heart. And Dorothy’s capture by the Witch brings out the Lion’s courage, even though he pleads with his friends to “talk me out of it.” For this message to have its full impact, however, it is necessary that we learn the futility of looking for solutions OUTSIDE.” ・ Is there no place like home... or no place like “om”? Looking in and looking forward to being back to teaching @bija_yoga tomorrow morning! #cornypunsincluded #bargain #sydneyyogi #wizardofoz #rubyslippers #salmanrushdie


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[Bookaholic tặng sách] 🌟 3 quyển sách “Nhà Golden" của Salman Rushdie sẽ dành tặng cho 3 bạn may mắn tương tác bằng cách trả lời câu hỏi: "Bạn biết gì về tác giả Salman Rushdie?" ngay trong post nhé. Ad sẽ chọn ngẫu nhiên và công bố sau ngày 25/3/2018. #bookaholic #taodan #giveaway #tangsach #sachhay #salmanrushdie Sách do Tao Đàn xuất bản và phát hành tháng 3/2018 🌟 Ngày 20 tháng Một năm 2009, Barack Obama tuyên thệ nhậm chức Tổng thống Hợp chúng quốc Hoa Kỳ thứ 44 và cùng ngày hôm đó một lão gia tỉ phú người Bombay cùng ba cậu con trai đặt chân đến khu Gardens tại Manhattan và tiếp quản dinh thự đẹp nhất khu phố này. Nero Golden, ngự trong ngôi nhà vàng, viết nên câu chuyện vàng, và triều đại vàng của y, như được loan báo trong đoạn văn đầu tiên của tiểu thuyết này, đã kết thúc theo đúng như số phận của tên bạo chúa mà y lấy tên – một kết cục mang màu tận thế: cháy. 🌟 Xem thông tin chi tiết | http://ow.ly/nzZZ30iJooN


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"Something was badly amiss with the spiritual life of the planet..Too many demons inside people claiming to believe in God." - Salman Rushdie #salmanrushdie #analog #analogphotography

Unless, of course, there's no such thing as chance;...in which case, we should either-optimistically-get up and cheer, because if everything is planned in advance, then we all have a meaning and are spared the terror of knowing ourselves to be random, without a why; or else, of course, we might-as pessimists-give up right here and now, understanding the futility of thought decision action, since nothing we think makes any difference anyway, things will be as they will. Where, then, is optimism? In fate or in chaos? . . . . . . . . #evening #eveningtea #novel #salmanrushdie #bookstagram #manofthepeople #titan #specs #feelings #history #illustration #proudindian #egg #inamood

Memory's truth, because memory has its own special kind. It selects, eliminates, alters, exaggerates, minimizes, glorifies, and vilifies also; but in the end it creates its own reality, its heterogeneous but usually coherent version of events; and so sane human being ever trusts someone else's version more than his own . . . . . . . . . #salmanrushdie #midnightchildren #novel #beautifulbook #impressive #instaig #quoteoftheday #bestsellers #bookstagram #literature #motivation #writersnetwork #author #authorsofinstagram #booksofig


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Dwie historie upadku, mające z sobą zaskakująco wiele wspólnego. Łączy je Wielkie Jabłko jako miejsce akcji, opis nowojorskich elit i lekko metafizyczna puenta, że nie można uciec przed demonami przeszłości. Całkiem przypadkowo przeczytane jedna po drugiej, okazały się doskonałym uzupełnieniem. Dla wielbicieli Nowego Jorku i dobrej literatury -wszak autorzy to laureaci nagród Pulitzera i Bookera. #thegoldenhouse #salmanrushdie #burgessbrothers #elizabethstrout #newyorktales #newyorkstories #braciaburgess #złotydomgoldenów

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I woke up a couple hours ago from a nightmare I can't even recall now and I've since been scouring the pages of Wikipedia about this and that. So Cat Stevens endorsed a fatwa on Salman Rushdie. Wtf? #dreaming #beaches #nightmare #possessed #salmanrushdie #yusufislam #catstevens

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"There is more to a Minority than it's problem" they are just as human, just that casual and oridinary like the other half of "Majority"! #flatlay #currentlyreading #midnightschildren #bibliophile #bookstagram #salmanrushdie

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Salman Rushdie Memorias. La vida del autor después de su persecución tras publicar "Los Versos Satánicos" Disponible en @musadepapel libros, visita nuestra nueva casa en Vinilo Café Nos vemos también este domingo 18 de marzo en el Mercado de Pulgas Flea Market desde las 9 am, Cra 23 60-09 Manizales WhatsApp 3012992642 #libros #comics #posters #literatura #salmanrushdie


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Teaser of the video we made for our #tinydesk submission!! V excited about this one folks 😎 keep your eyes peeled it’ll be up tomorrow!! Thanks to @joeayyyrias of @sunbearrecording and @kelsey_sucena and @delaneyjh (lol me) for recording/video-ing/mixing 🤗❤️


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My school reading pile is growing... fortunately I’m pretty excited about everything I need to read! ... Unfortunately I’m falling a bit behind, so I keep finding myself hidden away in the library ... Fortunately I like libraries 📚 . . . #tbr #currentlyreading #bookstagram #bookish #goodreads #bookworm #librariesofinstagram #salmanrushdie #midnightschildren #zadiesmith #whiteteeth #atonement #ianmcewan #hanschristianandersen #readinglist #bibliophile #randomhouse #anchorbooks

"Normalmente se supone que algo siempre se pierde en la traducción; me aferro, obstinadamente, a la idea de que también se puede ganar algo". 📚💭 . . #quoteoftheday #translation #traduccion #salmanrushdie


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Now I know what a ghost is. Unfinished business,that’s what. #salmanrushdie #thesatanicverses

“Listen, allow me to be your god. Let me take you on a journey beyond imagining. Let me tell you a story.” There is no greater seduction than the seduction of a story told well. And, boy, did Rabih Alameddine take my breath away with the Hakawati. Hawakwati means storyteller in Arabic and in this book, Alameddine borrows the frame tale form of storytelling from 1001 Nights. I love frame tales. It is why I am so obsessed with 1001 Nights. It is why I am retelling seven of them along with the frame tale. This is partly why I love Salman Rushdie. Those tales reappear again and again in his writing, and like a child spotting Waldo, each and every time I spot 1001 Nights in his work, a little burst of joy envelopes me. "I was a tourist in a bizarre land. I was home." The framing narrative in the Hakawati is a young man’s trip from Los Angeles to his father’s deathbed in Beirut. During the vigil, his sister, his mother, and other relatives share the kind of stories we can all relate to, family gossip, scandal, resentments, love, jealousy; all set in Beirut, giving you a glimpse into a world most of us only read about in headlines. But Alameddine, mixes all this in with stories from the Old Testament, Homer, Ovid, the Koran, the “Thousand and One Nights,” and medieval gay poetry. All done with strange, mind-boggling twists. “A storyteller is a plagiarist. Everything one comes across — each incident, book, novel, life episode, story, person, news clip — is a coffee bean that will be crushed, ground up, mixed with a touch of cardamom, sometimes a pinch of salt, boiled thrice with sugar and served as a piping-hot tale.” #tehminakhanwrites #books #booklover #booknerd #bibliophile #bookdiscussion #unitedbookstagram #booksbooksbooks #booklove #bookporn #bookreaders #bookgasm #instareads #reading #currentlyreading #library #kitap #livre #diverseread #oursharedshelf #rabihalameddine #beirut #salmanrushdie #1001nights #frametale #storyteller #hakawati #unitedbookstagram #bookstagramista


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Things I have achieved in the last week: 1. Reading two (very short!) books 2. Making carrot and cream cheese cupcakes 3. Eating a lot of carrot and cream cheese cupcakes . Haroun and the Sea of Stories was my second Rushdie novel, and it was a lovely little read. It's much less complex than Shame - it reads more like a fairytale or a children's fantasy story, and it's the kind of book I can imagine reading to my grandkids one day. Haroun lives in a city that is so old and sad that it has forgotten its name. The inhabitants of this city are all miserable, with the exception of the famous storyteller Rashid Khalifa - Haroun's father. When Haroun's mother runs off with a neighbour, Rashid is so distraught that he loses his ability to tell stories. Determined to set things right for his father, Haroun travels to Kahani, a moon that orbits the earth so fast it's invisible to the human eye, and home of the 'Sea of Stories'. It's a really lovely tale of friendship and family bonds, told with humour and a conversational narrative style. As can be expected with Rushdie, there is more to this simple tale than meets the eye: beneath the fantasy exterior is an allegory for problems that exist in society today, and in particular the idea of censorship. Many of the names of places and characters relate to aspects of speech or to silence. But I think to pick apart this novel analytically would ultimately take away from what it is: a piece of entertainment, a children's story that can be enjoyed at all ages. It does what it does really well, and so for me this novel gets 3.5/5 ✨ . . . #bookish #bookstagram #bookreview #reader #reading #salmanrushdie #books #book #childrensbooks #cake #cupcake #review #goodreads #bookaddict #bookaholic #bookworm #booklover #bookclub