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8 Minutes Ago

As promised, this week's hair tutorial is up on the blog 😘 Half up top knot with a twist! And it literally only took me 5 minutes so go try this fun hairstyle out for yourself! :) #blueeyedbeliever #hairstyletutorial #hairinspo #topknot #messybunlife #weeklyhairtutorial #ropebraid #braidseveryday #braidobsessed #hairtutorial #seattleblogger #fashionblogger #braidideas


14 Minutes Ago

#kevynaucoinbeautygiftedme Crushing hard over these new @kevynaucoin contour book and the neo highlighter palette 😍 Comes in such a compact packaging and the colors are so pretty. Head over to my stories for a closer look ❤ @sephora #aucointour #kevynaucoinbeauty #octolyfamily #neohighlighter #kevynaucoinbeauty #octolyfamily

💉 A little rejuvenation in 30 minutes! My lovely client came stating, "I just feel like my face is falling down!" This is one of the most common complaints/remarks injectors hear. During my consultations, I love taking time to educate clients on the aging process that occurs to everyone's body. I believe it's important that people understand why they are seeing what they're seeing, so that in turn they can understand why I'm injecting where I'm injecting. . 💉 This result was achieved with 1 syringe Voluma and 1 syringe of Juvederm Ultra Plus. Notice the lift and volume restoration to her cheek. By repositioning her cheek back up where it used to be, it softened her nasolabial fold and tear trough, as well as smooth and lifted her jowl. Ultra Plus was used to restore volume that was lost in her marionette and prejowl sulcus area. She was thrilled with her immediate result, and I am looking forward to continuing this process of rejuvenation with her! . 💉 treatment by @aesthetic.injector.tawnie. . 💉 after is immediately following injections. Redness and some swelling are present from injection. . 💉 Use my direct links to message or call to book a complimentary consultation with me!

This will always be one of my favorite shots of all time. It’s so beautiful, but there’s so much more to this pretty picture. Shall we dig in? There was a storm brewing and man was the wind pushing hard, but rather than throw our hands up and run for shelter we stood in the middle of it. With our feet anchored, sight locked, we held onto the vision and created beauty in adversity. I’m not going to lie, it was hard keeping our balance as the wind tossed and whipped us around, but you know what? We decided we were getting what we came for and so we danced on what could have been disappointment. I’d like to remind you that the next time you feel you’re in a storm and you don’t think you can stand any longer, dig your heels in deeper and declare “ I am the storm!” Remain unshaken and remind yourself that Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world. Therefor there is nothing or no one that can come against you my dear. Get what you came for. It’s worth it, you’re worth it! Creative team: @adventuringmoonchild @tribe_of_wild @mua_kerimeraz @lighthousestudiosbeauty @threadsboutique.wa @sincerelymariphotography


2 Hours Ago

🎀 Ruby turns 6 months 🎀 the sun has gone and so the sweats have come out! I dressed Ruby in her active wear so she can pretend to be like mummy - who wears active wear to pretend to look like she’s going/gone to the gym but really walks aimlessly around the mall bubble tea in hand 😅 I can’t believe how quickly this egg roll has grown. When she was born, she was just a teeny tiny snack egg roll and now she’s grown into a family share size egg roll 💕 she can sit upright unassisted, roll around, crawl, eat all sorts of food, submerge underwater with no fuss, has two teeth (top two fast approaching), is learning how to sign and my favorite is that she can laugh her head off over silly things.


2 Hours Ago

What a fun #wednesday evening! Today I attended monthly #financialexecutivesinternational WA chapter dinner meeting. Truly enjoyed the #accounting updates by @grantthorntonusa and presentation by @toddbishop , co-founder and editor of @geekwire . Did you know @geekwire ‘s annual #geekwiregala is coming up on December 6? Who wants to join me?

↦ Come check out on my blog (link on bio) my favorites pictures from this amazing photo shoot with @soupshots! Don’t forget to let your like in your favorite one! Despite I haven’t been posting too much on my blog, I have worked a lot on it. Pretty soon I will have a lot things to share with you! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ↦ Gente, acabei de postar no blog as minhas fotos favoritas desse ensaio maravilhoso com o @soupshots. Por favor, não esquece de deixar a sua curtida rs. Apesar de eu não ter postado muito no blog, eu tenho trabalhado muito nele, e logo eu vou postando tudinho!


2 Hours Ago

Probably laughing at something corny 🌽


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The decision to workout or not has been an everyday battle lately 🤦🏻‍♀️ — A typical weekday starts like this TLDR; Wake up bright and early before sunrise, make 4 breakfasts, pack 2 lunches, say goodbye to one and drop the other kid at school, drive in rain and bad traffic, barely make it to class (today 6 min late but somehow sneaked in 🤗) — Some days the work before the actual workout feels like a workout. Every morning I have been questioning myself if I should skip today. But each time I don’t skip I feel proud of myself. I’m a happier person after working out and have a much clear head rest of the day to focus on work. For some reason, it feels like therapy to me. — This pic is from last weekend. I’m slowly making progress to my last year body. I can’t wait to get to where I was but I know it’s a journey and will take time. I have to go through several other mornings like these to get there. Posting this pic for motivation and holding self accountable 💕


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1920’s style with my buds at last week’s Prohibition Pong hosted by @laidbackallure at @wearespin. What a fun night! 👔


7 Hours Ago

Sippin’ hot cocoa on this chilly Wednesday ☕️ Currently watching Schitt’s Creek (recommendation courtesy of @courtney_shields) & getting ready to head to small group tonight! This henley is currently 50% off, making it under $20! It’s so comfy and fits TTS. • • • #fashionblog #fashionblogger #beautyblog #beautyblogger #lifestyleblog #lifestyleblogger #newblog #newblogger #ootd #casualstyle #casualoutfit #bellinghamblogger #seattleblogger #seattlebloggerbabes #lovealatteblog #hellofashionpresets


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keepin’ it soulful @thecomfortzone206


3 Hours Ago

shot for @urbanoutfittershome in my new dream bedroom today 💫 thankful is an understatement. #uohome #uoonyou


3 Hours Ago

В США ты быстро осознаешь, что у тебя есть супер-сила... ⠀ Ты всю речь понимаешь, а твой русский никто. Наш сосед Брайн, например, точно знает, что если я заговорила в компании на русском, то это не случайно, и я с большой вероятностью с милой улыбкой на что-то сетую =) ⠀ Впрочем у супер-силы есть и оборотная сторона — попасться все же можно, особенно в туристических местах. ⠀ Однажды, мы приехали на обзорную площадку к тому самом знаку Hollywood. Фото сделать, конечно. В какой-то момент очередь доходит до шести молодых парнишек. И понеслась… Они становились вместе, по отдельности, по парам… снова вместе, но уже с голыми торсами. Я уже проклинала себя, что зазевалась и не прошла перед ними. Тут у мужа от негодования уже вырывается «Ну что за $@*;’# то?!», и вот тут же один из них к нему подходит и на чистейшем русском интересуется, не мог бы он их пофотографировать. У меня от смеха слезы на глаза навернулись. Они, видимо, услышали и решили так остроумно ему отомстить. ⠀ В другой раз мы уже были в Нью-Йорке. Ранним утром мы примчались из Бостона и уже стояли в очереди за City Pass. Даже птицы, блин, еще не встали. И естественно, перед нашими носами касса закрылась на «пересменку». Минут через 15 в дверях появился старичок, он неспешно открыл кассу, начал шелестеть бумажками и всем своим видом как бы намекал, что он совершенно никуда не спешит и вовсе нас не замечает. Тут уже не выдержала я, и начала мужу жаловаться на всю поломанность этой системы и отвратительное отношение к клиентам. И как вы думаете что? «Таки откуда, вы говорите, будете?» Мне. хотелось. провалиться. сквозь. землю. точка. ⠀ Но первое место за нелепость я отдаю своему другу, который как-то ходил в хайк в горах по очень узкой тропинке. В какой-то момент он уперся в полненькую женщину, которая очень медленно поднималась, и обойти которую никак не получалось. Не долго думая, он своему товарищу отпустил шуточку из серии американцы-вес-бургеры. Женщина развернулась и говорит: «Проходите, если так спешите». Ох ему стыдно было. Я бы умерла на месте. ⠀ Которая история по-вашему самая позорная? =) А у вас были какие-то такие нелепости? Расскажите, самыми веселыми поделюсь в сториз. #такая_моя_америка

Had so much fun doing @kikiturns hair!! Come back to Seattle anytime! #oribeobsessed #allyouneedisgoodhair #balayage #ilearnedfrom901


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how’s quentin?⛓🕊


4 Hours Ago

The finer things......in life. - I like nice things. I treasure them. This ring from @bonylevy was a gift from @petedin206 to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. A classic piece I’ll wear everyday to remind me I can get another one of these in another 10 years. : 📷 @atomic80 @shopstyle shop it here-> https://shopstyle.it/v/fzs