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Monday mood 😴 crawling into bed at 8:30 sounds like a good idea. #beautysleep #bodyceuticals #regram @wtfrenchie

When you can't sleep, bathe. Then rub stuff all over yourself! #insomnia #selfcare #theordinaryskincare


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*Pretending I don’t have a lot of assignments to do by watching Netflix instead* feels #monday #mood #toolazyformakeup #today #selfcare • • • • #nomakeup #relaxing #pjs #blanket #didntevenbother #selfie #me #hi #cute #naturalbeauty #comfy #simple #instagood #like4like #likeforlike

so excited for the first class in the studio this saturday! filled for this first session, it’s going to be awesome! #yogastudio #yogateacher #vashonyoga #selfcare #vashonisland

This lotion is seriously the BEST! Not only does it moisturize and make my skin silky smooth, but it also helps promote deep sleep! Just what this busy working mom needs every night! . . . #lush #lushcosmetics #sleepy #bodylotion #myjam #skincare #selfcare #spoilyourskin #takecare #busymom #workingmom #momoftwotoddlers #momofboys #vancity #vancouver #yvr

Found something for my hands to do while I listen to Audible. A bit wonky but I'm happy with it as a first attempt 😊🌼 9 hours down, 2 to go with The Silent Companions. I've really enjoyed this audiobook. The story is perfectly creepy and the narration is great! #bookstagram #selfcare #booknerd #bookish #bookworm #prettybooks #bookstagrammer #books #reading #coffee #igreads #audiobooks #audible #embroidery

When you have to be somewhere // but #selfcare // because "Empaths be like, 'I got 99 problems but 89 of them belong to other people'" // I've found that Epsom salt baths and meditation provide me relief I have failed elsewhere to find equal 🔮 I can't recommend the combination more ~ if you're not able to get to a bath, try at lease soaking your feet in a solution along with your favorite essential oil and listen to a guided meditation or sound healing to complete the ultimate self-care / self-healing experience 🙏🏽✨ . . #epsomsalts #bathtime #meditatedaily #painrelief #crystalhealing #selfhealing

💋NEW #groceryhaul UP!💸 (youtube.com/kandikalistar - link in bio) For the record, the smoked turkey 'treats' are for the dogs. I know I said "I wanted to try them" but I meant for them you know!? But I mean IF I liked turkey bacon I'm not gonna lie they seem like turkey jerky! LOL #haul #groceries #grocery #food #foodie #yum #whatibought #smallyoutuber #watchmylife #exposuretherapy #selfhelp #selfcare #radicalselflove #dogmom #grocerylist #target #winndixie

All about the Arms today💪🏼. But let's talk Frank😊 I am not going to cheat myself or you either. Weekend gone was shit in the fact that I ate bloody terrible more carbs then usual and just eating for the sake of it old habits came back so quick I got disappointed with myself🤦🏽‍♀️ but yah know I managed to get my arse back to the gym on Monday & Today making up for the weekend hashtag ain't gonna do that again ! No more bby showers to attend 😁 Let's get this gal 🔥 Fresh Week on track again back to bidness 💪🏼💪🏼🔥🔥 this bitch ain't bout to quit no way 🚫 - #cheeks🍑🍑🍑 🌱☘🍀🌿🌲 grow in your own time bby gal 👸🏽 #healthylife #health #gym #gymselfie #weight #weightloss #fitness #getfit #lifestyle #selflove #quotes #hardworkpaysoff #beextra #livelife #lovelife #inspire #motivate #motivation #carefree #summer #weight #fatgirl #watchthisspace #riskymoves #loveyourbody #selfcare 💪🏼

Amanda Marie

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Already happy to be home with a week off work and I find this awesomeness. @rawkstarcreations Kefir and Kombucha on tap after yoga?! Yes please! Available at @embodycentralia

#repost with @get_repost ・・・ “I hope it sticks this time” This phrase is found most often around the beginning of a new intended habit change. Unfortunately that’s right where people begin to second guess their capacity to achieve. Immediately. The key to long lasting success is not motivation and drive. Because often times in your journey you will not be propelling progressively and positively forward. I’m talking about the hard times..when it takes everything you have to just not give the hell up. Success happens when you “ask your fears and anxieties what they want for breakfast.” The key to success is found there. When you learn to sit in the unwelcome company of fear and anxiety. I have been asking my clients to stop with me in each uncomfortable moment of doubt or fear and to process out loud. What is encouraging about this process- is that almost 100% of the time...the thing we FEAR..we can control. How many of you are fearful that you won’t succeed because you are fearful you will become unmotivated or discouraged when things get tough and then quit? Or perhaps you’re fearful of how you will be perceived and then quit? How many of you are withholding effort to move yourself forward because you’re scared it won’t take you right the prize and your work will “be for nothing” and you’ll STOP? WE give power to FEAR. Yet WE control WHAT we DO with fear. I’m asking you to GET TO KNOW your fear. Learn it. Because you realize that fear is just an uncomfortable feeling and not a physical reality- you will be able to stop running from it. You’ll stick around and do uncomfortable pushups and forced healthy choices because you’ll learn that even if fear is present- you are still capable of producing something. You can’t fail from being scared. You can’t fail from being embarrassed. You can’t fail from feeling sad or angry or defeated. You can literally prove to yourself that your anxieties are not realities. Do the work. Fake it until you make it. Do not let unpleasant company run you out of your own damn house. You keep going and you make that asshole so uncomfortable it stops showing up all together. Do NOT quit. No matter what you feel.

Rare snow day ⛄️ I thought this would be a chance to relax, but my anxiety took over. It’s like it considerately waits until my “free time” to get worse, so that I can function when I really need to for work etc. Thanks anxiety, but I also want to relax during my free time! 🍵 But one thing I did manage to do was watch the Depression & Anxiety episode of the Broken Brain documentary series that @markhymanmd is streaming right now. That episode has now expired but you can sign up to see the rest. There are some things in this series I don't completely agree with, but the main idea that everything in our minds and bodies is super connected is on point. That we can make huge changes by taking control of our diet, sleep, exercise, stress management, social connections, and more. 💪🏽 One thing that resonated with me from this episode on this particular day was something @pedramshojai said about working hard and being productive for a period and then TRULY relaxing deeply and completely for a period. I wish I wrote it down. Many of us cannot seem to TRULY relax because we’re still thinking about things we have to do etc. But if we can get that true rest, we can come back recovered and more resilient to the stressors we will undoubtedly face. We can’t avoid stress but we can get out of the cycle of stress. Who’s with me? ✊🏽

I started a Tai Chi program that I’ll be doing for the next 3 months. So far I love it but it’s way harder than I thought! I’m realizing it’s literally the perfect exercise format for my self care project. ~~ Exercise for me over the past decade has been fast, intense and a bit brutal. And I liked that! But I’m understanding that I need a different way of interacting with my body that’s not as punishing and that utilizes a lot more body awareness, something I REALLY struggle with. ~~ The moves I’m learning are so slow and controlled and I have to keep telling myself SLOW DOWN since I continually catch myself rushing. It’s interesting how I’m instinctually frustrated at how slow I need to go and how agonizing it feels to move at that pace. 🙄 Good thing I have a support team to stare at me the whole time😳🐶🐶

I had a surprise in my inbox today. This is a little gem of a trio. I can give you a long list of reasons to try it out. It won't be available long. Let's chat. #loveyourhair #selfcare #vegan #gf #norisk

“Pole is one of the greatest loves of my life. I find pure joy dancing and sharing this art form with my students at Pole Fitness Seattle” - Yael @yaelkallin ❤️ Spotting the beautiful @martini_limone with her first machine gun! Look at those incredible lines 🙌🏼#polefitnessseattle

Dessert: Avocado pineapple mousseline with cacao nibs, coconut chips, & toasted sesame. A delicious finish to a beautiful day. 💚

I've recently felt like I need to hold back parts of me with family & friends... & you SHOULD know there's always more to the story. ☀🌙☀ 😢As I have briefly mentioned, someone dear to me is dying... & they may not make it... It's a lifestyle choice, completely outside my control... hidden self abuse that really hurts all of us. 🌙☀🌙 So when I post about health stuff, maybe you roll your eyes, or think I come across "obsessed" & you wish Id be quiet already... . But understand I CAN'T. 👇 B/c maybe someone else out there ISN'T rolling thier eyes, & actually needs an open door. . It's not petty or aesthetic, judgemental or boastful that creates my tears & inspires me to care, be vulnerable or determined to build,a business mentoring others in thier health... . 👉 I post this stuff b/c let me tell you it SUCKS to watch someone you love hurting themselves. Or BE that person Trapped... 😢 stop telling yourself, or others that it's JUST FOOD & A WORKOUT! . For many, being given the OK to take care of thier bodies, mind & spirit again saves thier very LIFE, marriage, career, or family members!! THAT is worth annoying, being unfriended, or blocked by you. . I am thankful my husband, my fit family& everyone who supports me cuz if even one person is prevented the pain, guided through their experience, or avoids becoming thier own victim, I'll never give up. . 🌎 Im not a trying to save the world guys! I'm trying to bring the joy, share my story, & be an invitation of Love the best I can be. . 🌻💙🌻 So if you need one person to believe in you.. Know I DO. . God created you to be so much more than the thoughts, people, events, food, or habits controlling your life. . Don't give them the power they Don't deserve, YOU can DO the hard things.

We all have heard the term “white sage smudging,” but how does this really help us Tribe? Well, plants also have a spirit and the white sage is devoted to clearing, protecting and blessing you from negative energy. To smudge is to remove anything unwanted in your sacred space and in/around you. Mixxy Kreations is kreating self aligned kits which will go in depth on how and when to use white sage. Stay tuned....🕉🎨💜


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Gluten-free banana chocolate chip muffins 🍫 ft. Edmonds gluten free plain flour, @chelseasugarnz low GI sugar, Edmonds baking powder, a sprinkle of Mrs Rogers Himalayan pink salt, @whittakersnz fair trade 72% dark chocolate, a BioLand organic egg from @huckleberrynz, Lupi organic olive oil, @anchorgostrong lactose free milk and one smashed fair trade banana from Pak’nSave 🍌 I’ll hopefully have a recipe up soon - including a link to the @chelseasugarnz recipe I adapted✨ . . . #homemade #baking #chelseasugar #muffins #banana #bananachocolate #chocolate #selflove #treats #organic #fairtrade #treatyoself #worktreats #instafood #foodie #pcos #twelvebelles #blogger #blog #wordpress #newzealand #selfcare

We've all been through our own unique hells. This book will help if you feel anxious and fucked up by your past. 💙 .. .. .. #mentalhealth #gettingpastyourpast #emdr #anxiety #lifewithanxiety #ptsd #copingskills #selfcare #goodbook #goodreads #selfhelp #thereishope #semicolon #itgetsbetter #recovery #inrecovery

Which are you?!!! I am kinda both lol I set two alarms in my phone 15 minutes apart the first alarms allows me to wake up , read my mantras and relax before the second alarm goes off which is my it's time to get up and sweat alarm 😂❤️ . . . #shrinkingprincess #whichareyou #tagafriend #funny #memes #alarmclock #earlyriser #mantras #selflove #selfcare #80dayobsession #thisisme #gamermom #lunchlady

Snow day ❄️ . Up early, ☕️ reading & journaling...then took time to read extra because #selfcare 🤓📖 . Blueberry Muffins, scrambled eggs 🍳 with deer sausage + ☕️ . Diffusers going with Cassia, Douglas Fir 🌲 and Wild Orange. 🍊 . Painting 🌈, games, buti Yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️ , soup 🍜 , zoom chats, and mermaid 🧜🏼‍♀️ shows. . Ending our night later, because Snow Day ☃️ again tomorrow, reading aloud Harry Potter and sipping on Dragon Phoenix Pearl tea. 🍵 . And that’s a wrap. 💤

Lavender is one of my favorites and most used. It is commonly referred to as the "swiss army knife" of essential oils. Basically if in doubt, use lavender. This is my relaxation in a bottle. Just a few of the ways I use: added to a bath, in the diffuser (smells so good!), in roller balls used on back of neck, wrists and bottom of feet for great sleep, on minor cuts/burns & bruises, added to mascara for longer lashes, added to my shampoo for healthier hair and I put this one in my moisturizer too. Young Living has 3 farms that grow lavender in Utah, Idaho & France. Also, It takes 27 square feet of lavender plants to make one 15-ml bottle of lavender essential oil! This bottle of plant goodness is included in the starter kit. 🌱💜