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And if you look to your left you will see Delray Beach’s very own spider-llama, a rare species if I do say so myself 🧐

After a break off of Instagram Tina the Llama is back! And she’s taking over Florida!!!

I was told there were sea lions around here, i wonder how they’d react to seeing a llama?? 😄🤔

Welcome to Griffith Observatory... we have llamas!!! 💃🏼

Apparently waiting on line can be an experience 😂 I’ll take @the_original_pantry ‘s advice and experience “the wait” ☕️

Check out this night view from Hilltop Park! The moon is ever so slightly peeking out at us🙈


29 Days 20 Hours Ago

Narrow spaces

Time to get cultured by the LACMA museum 🧐


2018-12-14 19:47:07

In love with these pink high ceilings

Don’t let this tiny body fool you. You see all that pasta? I ate it all myself! 😎 Pasta is my favorite food in the world! What’s yours? 🧐

Gourmet shake?? Don’t mind if I do! This sugar rush won’t wear off any time soon! 😂🍧🍬🍭


2018-12-09 16:31:39

Staircases from The Whitney Museum

This little llama is aerodynamic! ✈️😂 Lets see what LA has in store for me 😎

I could barely move after devouring this arepa pabellón 🙈 Drop by @arepasburgerny to get your arepa fix. Oh, and make sure to ask for the spicy sweet sauce!

Martin Lau

2018-12-04 14:30:12

New kits day!!

Yunzhao Liu

2018-12-02 21:44:05

Squirrel 🐿

If only I had ordered more than one matcha bubble tea 😭This definitely hit the spot after a long day! 😋

These macarons are almost the size of my face! Can’t wait to devour them 😋 what’s your favorite flavor of macaron?

What’s this, another coffee picture?? What a surprise 😂 Just enjoying this chilly Thursday night, hope everyone is having a cozy night!

One day... these croissants... will be mine! 😋🤣 anyone else a croissant/ bread lover? 🥐🍞🥖


2018-11-27 16:17:32

City logo design for a Travel Campaign project

Martin Lau

2018-11-26 14:58:47

River road in golds 🍁

Found this sweet ride today, try to keep up with me if you can! 😂 Let’s end this awesome weekend with some silliness!


2018-11-25 14:17:33

(a high school memory) Don’t mind the shamelessly unfinished hands, still working on drawing hands! #sep_collective

Martin Lau

2018-11-25 11:20:08

Still waiting for my rear derailleur hanger ☹️ 📸 @wangcycling

Martin Lau

2018-11-24 12:12:39

No colds. 📸 @Jan.ster

Hiding away from responsibilities like 🤣 How is everyone’s vacation going? I’ve been sleeping in and spending time with friends and family 🙈

Today was one of the coldest days I’ve experienced in NYC! But that’s no issue if you have hot chocolate 😋🍫 I hope everyone is staying warm today!