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7 Hours Ago

Felt inspired by typography in “Don’t Know You” by @heizeheize . The last two versions were my initial drafts that I was stuck on. After watching a video where @thechrisdo talks about showing restraint in design... I decided to literally dial it back a few notches. Doesn’t feel truly complete but I feel like it is enough progress to share! . . . #designstudent #graphicdesign #design #graphicdesigner #artistsoninstagram #sep_collective #designer #헤이즈 #날너무모르고 #kpop #kpopfanart


12 Hours Ago

Nothing can be better than a group ride


16 Hours Ago

Today is Klaus’s 1st birthday 🎂❤️☺️🎉


1 Day 10 Hours Ago

This may be my third cup today but I’m still waiting for the first cup to kick in 😂 anyone else a coffee addict like me? 🙋🏽‍♀️


2 Days 8 Hours Ago

What time is it? Lunch time! A bit of a late lunch today but it’s never too late to eat fries 😂 what’s your favorite lunch to eat?


2 Days 9 Hours Ago

Popup shop decor