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Day 4: Alec. He's my favourite male character and my favourite Shadowhunter simply because he does his job with passion and because he's Alec. He's brave, intelligent and rational.🤷‍♀️😁 tags: #shadowhunters #shadowhunterstv #shadowhuntersseason3 #shadowhuntersseason2 #aleclightwood #alexanderlightwood #matthewdaddario #shadowhuntersseason2

I love those parts in books in which a characters gives an inspirational advice cause it doesn't just help the other characters but it does inspire me too on trying hard, on not giving up and stay strong♡ • • #shadowhunters #thedarkartifices #themortalinstruments #theinfernaldevices #books #bookworm #booklover #readerlife #bibliophile #claryfray #jaceherondale #isabellelightwood #aleclightwood #jocelynfairchild #valentinemorgenstern #maxlightwood

The right tension of the extremes to create an harmonic sound #photography #gallery #shadowhunters #blacckandwhitephotography #contemporaryartist #ethelcooke #artist #art

#fsnews NETFLIX: Conheça as principais novidades em séries do catálogo para o mês de março. Março será um mês com muitos lançamentos de séries para os assinantes da Netflix. Confira agora as principais novidades para o próximo mês: No início do mês duas grandes novidades: a nova série animada original B: The Beginning estreia no dia 02 e a 2ª temporada de Blindspot no dia 03; No dia 08 tem a aguardada 2ª temporada de Jessica Jones, da Marvel e no dia 09 a temporada final de Love; Dia 16 estreia a nova série original On My Block, dia 17 a 3ª temporada de Crazy Ex-Girlfriend e a 2ª temporada de Lucifer no dia 18; No dia 21 estará disponível o primeiro episódio da 3ª temporada de Shadowhunters; Dia 23 serão duas novidades: a 2ª temporada de Santa Clarita Diet e a estreia da série original O Mecanismo, com Selton Mello e fechando o mês, no dia 30, tem a 2ª temporada de Desventuras em Série. Relembrando essas e outras novidades: 03 de Março Blindspot – 2ª temporada 08 de Março Jessica Jones – 2ª temporada 09 de Março Love – Temporada final 18 de Março Lucifer – 2ª temporada 21 de Março Shadowhunters (1º episódio da 3ª temporada) 23 de Março O Mecanismo (série original) Santa Clarita Diet – 2ª temporada 30 de Março Desventuras em Série – 2ª temporada. Gostaram das novidades, seriadores? Marque os amigos para saber também e conhecer a nossa página e conta pra gente o que você está mais ansioso para assistir na Netflix! #falaserienews #marçonanetflix #blindspot #bthebeginning #jessicajones #love #lucifer #shadowhunters #omecanismo #santaclaritadiet #desventurasemserie #aseriesofunfortunateevents #novidades #series #março #netflix

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Amor infinito a ese día. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 • • • • • • • • • • #buenasnoches #bn #shadowhunters

Tu eres parte de esta existencia misteriosa . llegas a conocerla Al tomar parte de ella al participar de ella , eso es el conocimiento #sunset#tree#sky#existencia#shadowhunters#nature#sun#horus#mountains#mountains#mystery#high#staelena#col#herb

#hands OF #hope . No one is worthy to see the face ofGod and live but that does not entail that no one can see the face ofGod and live. Rather, no one can see the face ofGod and, by seeing that it is the face of perfect love in full awareness of the terribly fallen nature of the person who is loved, not he so raised by it that they will live for ever. . And so my mind, bedazzled and amazed stood fixed in wonder, motionless, intent, and still my wonder kindled as I gazed. That light doth so transform a man’s whole bent that never to another sight or thought would he surrender, with his own consent; for everything the will has ever sought is gathered there, and there is every quest made Perfect, which apart from it falls short. Now, even what I recall will be exprest more feebly than if I would wield no more than a babe`s tongue, yet milky from the breast; not that the living light I looked on wore more semblances than one, which cannot be, for it is always what it was before but as my sight by seeing learned to see, the transformation which in me took place transformed the single changeless form for me. . That light supreme, within its fathomless clear substance, showed to me three spheres, which bare three hues distinct, and occupied one space; the first mirrored the next, as though it were rainbow from rainbow, and the third seemed flame breathed equally from each of the first pair. How weak are words, and how unfit to frame of my concept- which lags after what was shown so far dwelling, alone dost know thyself, and smile on thy self-love, so knowing and so known. . The sphering thus perceptible in thee like mirrored light, now to my view-when l had looked on it a little while-seemed in itself, and in its own self-hue, limned with our image; for which cause mine eyes were altogether drawn and held theretot As the geometer his mind applies to square the circle, nor for all his wit finds the right formula, how ever I tries, so strove I with that wonder-how to fit the image to the square or rectangle so sought to see how it maintained the point of rest in it. . Thither my own wings could not carry me, but that a flash my understanding clove

Chapter 2 Sure, he could conjure up some food in two minutes, but he liked cooking for Alec. It meant that he cared and he put the effort. And Magnus Bane was all for effort. “Jace. It's never going to work.” Clary warned as the two of them walked out into the cool Brooklyn streets. They had been arguing about this for a while. “We need it to work. This is the only way I see this working out.” Jace whispered angrily. Clary rolled her eyes. Jace tended to exaggerate everything he said. “Clary. If I can go to that vamp den, there maybe a chance that we can find that necklace.” Jace knew that Imogen was his grandmother. Though their relationship has been rocky, he wanted to fix that. He wanted to make things better. Recently, the clave had lost an artifact, a emerald stone necklace that could kill vampires. It was an artifact created to control the vampires back in the day, when they drained innocent lives. Imogen was supposed to keep it safe, but she ended up getting caught in the middle of an attack and lost it to a clan of vampires. The necklace wasn't really a big or expensive artifact but the criticism his grandmother received for losing it was harsh. This was an opportunity for Jace to show Imogen that he could be as useful as his ancestors. By getting the necklace, he could finally prove that he was fully worthy of recognition. “But you asked Alec to approve the mission. And Alec clearly said no.  Jace stopped abruptly and smiled at her. “That's why we are asking Magnus. Don't worry, I have a plan.” Jace smiled cockily as he leaned down to kiss Clary. Clary dodged it angrily and started walking quickly. Jace laughs as he runs behind her. Are you sure you want to do this?” Clary the voice of reason asked. Jace nods. “Alec denied the mission because the clan was too dangerous. Besides, the jewel wasn't that valued anyway. It doesn't matter.” Clary tried to say.


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Malec is my all time favorite ship ever. #sfs #sfspost #malec #shadowhunters

OMG!! I NEED THIS SHIRT!! Okay, so I wanna know who your otp is in any fandom (name it if you can). Mine is saphael from Shadowhunters and The Mortal Instruments. Comment your otp. ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) #otp #otpshirt #saphael #shadowhunters #mortalinstruments #fandoms #vampireacademy #rosehathaway #dimitribelikov #adrianivashkov #eddiecastile

. Wooha new theme 🙌 well if you could have called the old thingy a theme ahah. Comment what you think 👇 song - fortress by illenium ac - me cause it's edited. #riverdale #bettycooper #jugheadjones #shadowhunters #claryfray #jaceherondale

C 14 votos climon foi eliminado ! E agora quem sai? Votação dura 24hrs votem #shadowhunters

[Clace&Stelena in 1x01💘] it's friday YEAHHH q| Stefan or Jace? a| this's hard buttt Jace. ◦ »Answer the q| or comment a:💣to be tagged in my next post. ◦ [#clace #claceforever #shadowhunters #katnic #shadowhuntersseason2 #jace #claryfray #jacewayland #katherinmacnamara #domsherwood #tmi ]