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I'm traveling back to Pasadena with so much momentum to share. It is time to start separating myself from the clown show of not knowing whether or not if I am experienced to lead our city and if I am able to execute our ideas that will directly benefit thousands financially over the next 4 years and beyond once I am Mayor. Get ready to see me everywhere. I mean, everywhere over the next 6 months. #majorformayor #major2020 #thinkmajor #thinkmajor2020 #pasadena #shareyour2020vision #mayorofpasadena #youshouldrunformayorofpasadena text me at 626-375-8316 and let's talk Pasadena

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do. #majorformayor #major2020 #thinkmajor #thinkmajor2020 #pasadena #shareyour2020vision #youshouldrunformayorofpasadena

(THUMBS UP LOL) Sure it is getting busy, but I love it. Speaking with so many politically charged minds and historians is abundantly refreshing. As I continue to share my vision of making residential prosperity a priority, along with school choice, balancing our city budget, addressing homelessness in effort to expedite services, housing and opportunities. You know the old saying, "it always seems impossible until you do it" I have decided to DO IT. #majorformayor #differentkindofcandidate #pasadena #shareyour2020vision #major2020 #majorformayor

More students decided to attend today's Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurial class today at the @bgcpasadena | It has been a pleasure connecting and sharing with our next generation. #majorformayor thank you @mundoacademy for the opportunity to teach and share my wisdom. We all had a really good time. #majorformayor

Another great snapshot of our #altadena farmers market adventure today. We had a chance to engage and meet the wonderful owners of @polarbearkitchen | Be sure to give them a follow and visit their booth whenever you see them #majorformayor

My family and I enjoyed our local Altadena Farmers Market shopping experience. Of course, it is always great to be stopped by Pasadena locals who want to ask questions or simply to say hello and that they support my candidacy. I was telling Jason one of my ideas to empower our lower income and middle-class families. He said he loved the idea and he had never heard anything like my idea. He also said why don't you post about it? I said it is too early and a smart campaigner never wants to speak too soon. We have a ton to offer our city, in addition to amazing partners willing and able to come on board once I am Mayor. I am doing this for the people. I am the people's voice even though I didn't grow up here but my heart, desire, and intention are set on shifting the narrative in our city. Keep us in your prayers. God bless! #majorformayor

I vividly remember key moments in my life when members of the community took the time to visit us at the Boys & Girls Club when I was a young kid back in Dallas, Texas. Those interactions helped shape my perspective and pushed me away from potential pitfalls I could have been consumed by in my environment. Today I was the community member given the opportunity to mold and build with our future generations. It continues to be my pleasure in sharing entrepreneurial hacks and today we laid the foundation for one of our students to start his t-shirt business and he will make it available by Friday to anyone who wants to by his design. And he is going it with no money. Solomon is now a business owner because of the free available resources. #majorformayor #godisgreat

I am dedicating myself to our Pasadena youth to ensure they are financially literate. I believe kids should have a early relationship with money, credit and finance. #majorformayor Today was day 3 of 5 at our local @bgcpasadena teaching 40 students on how to create a business, create a budget and how to self fund your dreams with some very basic principles the affluent does not share with us. #letsgo

People are beginning to believe I am not out of my element or league. More and more we continue to connect and build through meaningful conversations about how to secure balance in the city we call home and love. Join me on this journey and volunteer #majorformayor

I was at city hall today having some great community conversations with my neighbors and visitors to our city from our sister city #senegal #majorformayor

It is completely ok to own every moment and opportunity you are granted in life. Today I traveled all over the city attending 4 events making sure my presence was felt, I was heard and most importantly to listen. My body aches, but my mind screams LET'S KEEP GOING. WHAT'S NEXT! Thanks to for your support. #teammajor I thank you Judy & Fil. #majorformayor

β€œMost people think it’s all about the idea. It’s not. EVERYONE has ideas. The hard part is doing the homework to know if the idea could work in an industry, then doing the preparation to be able to execute on the idea.” #majorformayor

I agree. #majorformayor

I just taught my first financial literacy and entrepreneurial class today at the Pasadena Boy And Girls Club. It was such a treat I must admit. I can't wait to go back tomorrow and give them more perspective and hacks. #majorformayor #differentkindofcandidate #mayorofpasadena #pasadenamedia | Thank you @mundoacademy for thinking of me for this opportunity | Thank you @bgcpasadena

Call or Text me today at (626) 623-3753 | Share your insight with me. Your voice will make a difference. #majorformayor

Happy Father's Day to all the amazing, stand up men working at it every single day to make impacts in your kids life. #majorformayor #happyfathersday | Good eats at @milliescafela | Thank you wife @ajasteelemagnolia

"When God says yes, the answer is yes!" @devonfranklin #majorformayor | Help us win! Donate today! Click the donor tab on our website

Resident: "I believe it's time for a new mayor" | Our team is out canvassing daily. Our Rose Bowl Walk & Talk with the community was a big hit. We have decided to do 4 a month. I had the opportunity to speak with many residents, hear their stories and get an even deeper consensus on how winning this election in March 2020 is absolutely possible. If you'd like to volunteer please email the campaign at or text/call us at (626) 623-3743 #majorformayor #pasadena #imready #vote4majorwilliams #pasadena | shot by @plasticaudio

I have been working towards this opportunity. Doing the work so I was better prepared to lead and operate the city in a way like never before. Running for office is a lot of work. But anything worth having is worth working for and in this case being of service as the next Mayor of Pasadena is the mission we are on. #majorformayor | shot by @plasticaudio (hit him up)

My political parent lol. Big love for Ms. Ashley and her historical wisdom of the black culture and policies that have been detrimental to our communities for decades. #majorformayor

All I am doing is living in my truth, stripping away fear, doubt and invisible barriers I had put in my head as a kid. I never thought I could be anything I wanted to be until 10 years ago and that's embarrassing to say at 42 years old. I told my wife back then when I turn 40 life was going to be very different for me, for us and our family. I self groomed myself for this next chapter in my life. So here we are today, proud, enthusiastic and fearless with God in control. Our city will thrive in ways like never before because the perspective will match the times we are currently in and in tune to where we are going. YOU MAY THINK RUNNING A CITY IS DIFFICULT because you can't see yourself doing it. Don't associate my abilities with yours, we obviously don't have the same experience or belief system so you could not possibly understand #majorformayor

All I am doing is willing myself, allowing God to use me for the good he knows my heart wants to accomplish for Pasadena and my community here. I am exhausting myself every week traveling all over town and abroad spreading my message, building up my network of allies and proving not just to myself but to the people who count which are Pasadenan's | #majorformayor #pasadena #imready #vote4majorwilliams

Things like this happen when you begin to truly touch people with your actions, your ideas, and your authenticity. Our city sees the work I am putting in EVERYDAY quietly since March 2018 and now our campaign is starting to take shape and draw support from all over the country and within the Pasadena community. The goal is to keep building, connecting and working to add the necessary value our city deserves. We will win come March 3, 2020. I am claiming it. #godswill #majorformayor #pasadena

The campaigning can be nasty and sometimes unfair. But hey it's politics and you must be built for all things to come at you especially when you are a threat! I 100% accept the challenge and duty. I am in this race to absolutely WIN. I do not have to degrade or run negative ads to win. The people are expressing themselves daily about their frustrations and their wishes for new leadership that resembles myself and what I have to offer. We can not stress enough that leadership moving forward must reflect 2019 Pasadena and upward. It is imperative that we vote on March 3, 2020, so we can begin the work towards balance in our city. Together we can and will absolutely do this! #majorformayor #differentkindofcandidate #pasadena #shareyour2020vision #mayorofpasadena #voteformajorwilliams

Today's Rose Bowl Walk & Talk with the community was a success and I can't wait for the next one. I appreciated how everyone I spoke to shared their plights about how they see our city. We all agree that this city needs new leadership that reflects where we are now and headed in the future. We need a leader that is innovative, thoughtful and transparent. #majorformayor #differentkindofcandidate #vote4majorwilliams

Balance is needed. Balance is coming. #vote4majorwilliams #majorformayor

DC I will see you again soon. I am honored an happy about the invites. #majorformayor #differentkindofcandidate

Sometimes your plan for your version of greatest takes a turn. I call it taking a God Turn. There is a purpose for all things in life and opportunities present themselves in ways you can overlook. I stopped looking around and looked within. My purpose is to be of value for my family and others. I give God the glory and you all my energy. As long as we are a work in progress there is a true opportunity in all things. My plan as Mayor is to rebrand our city relationship on how we work with new business opportunities for our locals, develop a robust plan that will make residential prosperity a top priority and address the rebuild of our law enforcement and community relations. We have all come a long way but if we are honest we can do better and be better. A batter Pasadena. Vote for me on March 3, 2020. We have everything to lose and everything to gain. #igotus #majorformayor

People ask me often what drives me. I tell them being of service, learning new information, skills or services and lastly GIVING BACK to our kids. The next generation needs us like never before. In the eyes of many Pasadena's public school system has failed them and their children. If that is the overall majority and thinking it is time we work even harder at correcting that. A beautiful and affluent city like Pasadena should be excelling like our private and charter school. With my non-profit #flykicksforkids, I intend to launch a young entrepreneurs workshop that will groom our youth in preparation to be leaders, owners, developers, and business minded at a young age. We give away new shoes as a means to engage and connect but our true duty is to be of service and a resource to our youth. Join me. #majorformayor

Waiting on the side before I was able to speak earlier today. Thank you @noelkachaturian

Locked in on every word when it is about the issues. #majorformayor

Updated date. June 13, 2019 at Rose Bowl #majorformayor

Would you sign a petition in order to for this item to be added to the city council agenda? It is time to start executing alternatives now and fight to release the self-inflicted strains of our city. This small adjustment would save our residents millions and eliminate high stress and anxiety while enjoying our city #majorformayor

My non-profit #flykicksforkids is doing some amazing work all over the country. My team and I are planning fantastic events this summer. Turn on your post notifications! Stay tuned. #majorformayor

Snapshot of me and Pasadena's finest Officer Michelle talking about community and outreach work for the summer. #majorformayor

You have to be willing to engage and speak your truth. #majorformayor

The Campaign Tank has been active since 4:30 am this morning roaming around the city. I hope to see everyone next week. June 15th at 5:00 PM at the Rose Bowl Walk & Talk #majorformayor

Creating good habits will provide the foundation needed for cultivating success in your life, towards your goals and your life. #majorformayor Vote For Major Williams #iwould | Happy Friday | voice of @etthehiphoppreacher

During this season of campaigning I have been able to meet many new associates, allies, supporters and friends. Thanks to my friend @corrinrankin who continues to pour support and wisdom into my campaign, be sure to follow her. Shout out to @collinsforcongress43 who was most recently a presidential candidate before deciding to run for Congress. Very bright, confident and intelligent man you should be on the look out for. Lastly, @errolwebber4ca is a candidate I continue to run into as he is on a mission running for Lt. Governor of California in 2022. He has lots of good ideas and the ambition to lead, make sure to follow follow him. #majorformayor

The beautiful part about an election is that you must earn your opportunity to be of service. This means everyday you have a shot at learning more on how to be of service to others and that's the biggest take away beyond actually winning I get from this experience. #majorformayor

We have to do better. This is our town, our city. It would be great to measure the ideas, policies and vision of a candidate versus what church they attend or hanging your hate on saying I am a racist because of my support for ALL of our president. #timeweallgrowup #majorformayor

"Just because you think I can't doesn't mean you think you can and that's the part that truly bothers you." -Major Williams


Daily I attend meetings so I can be as informed as possible to better serve our community. #majorformayor

Diversity is need within our future leadership. I absolutely love this city and we are looking forward to earning your support, trust and ultimately on March 3, 2020 YOUR VOTE. Join me June 15th at 5 PM PST at the Rose Bowl Walk and let's talk Pasadena. Text/Call or DM me of you would like to rsvp and walk with us. (626) 623-3753

Let's work! We understand some will be for you and some against. Voting is a right and a choice and should be earned. I am all for that. #majorformayor

Politics & Paint with Major was a big success. Looking forward to the next one in July. RSVP by texting or calling me at 626-623-3753 | big thanks to my wife's company @eyeheartarts and staff producing the evening for us #majorformayor visit

Why are we even discussing a 550 unit permanent housing project being built on a toxic site? Because none of the cities leadership would love there with their families, so why will they risk our neighbor's lives. It only takes one person to get ill or die from toxic intake and that would be one too many. I have seen other sites that could easily be the location for that project. Our city is under pressure by the state and Governor to produce more housing but has to be safe environments. Why is it ok to play with the lives of our low income and middle-class families? As the next Mayor, I would add additional oversight to make 100% sure this site is fit for our families. #majorformayor #differentkindofcandidate

I haven't run away from any questions or civil debates since I have been running for Mayor. I think people are beginning to understand why I will be the right person to lead Pasadena starting in March 2020. We need a more diverse perspective and voice that better fits the mold of where this town is headed. So much potential but our fights aren't prioritized in the right areas. It is time to end the Tale of the Two cities narrative and we evolve as one for the benefit of us all. #majorformayor #differentkindofcandidate

Happy Sunday from Mr. & Mrs. Williams #majorformayor

It's uniquely funny how evolution works when you focus and apply yourself. I have watched black men cower and take on lesser roles so they can so call work there way up in politics, business, and life. I have always thought that process wasn't for me but applauded those who succeeded their way. It's funny that the ones who I speak of don't applaud me for saying I'm breaking through the big bad invisible barrier because I have what it takes now not when I an 60 or 70 years old. #majorformayor #theydontsupport #itsok #theywillstillhavemysupport #pasadena #shareyour2020vision #mayorofpasadena #youshouldrunformayorofpasadena

Pop Quiz: How many points did I average at Eastfield College? #majorformayor lol. Super throwback

I had a great seat Center fourth row and was able to capture this young 19 year old who had a voice beyond his look I must say. Amazing performance and voice young king #pasadena #shareyour2020vision #mayorofpasadena #youshouldrunformayorofpasadena #majorwilliams #voteformajorwilliams

I was explaining to #teammajor that we have made great strides but now it is time to shift gears and go to another level as we approach 9 months before the election March 3, 2020. Make sure you are registered to vote if you are local. If you support and can't vote I ask that you donate and ask others to donate. This victory will surely happen in 2020 but only if we all come together which I know we will. #majorformayor

DEVELOPERS are necessary for a brighter new chapter to unfold here in our city. I just happen to be a different kind of developer. #majorformayor REGISTER TO VOTE | TEXT OR CALL ME AND I WILL BRING YOU A REGISTRATION FORM 626-623-3753 | shot by @plasticaudio @majormediainc

Cool marketing doesn't mean a thing if you don't earn the trust, the support from the community and ultimately on March 3, 2020 the vote. We are taking each day extremely serious and the momentum is beginning to pay off. We have so much more ground to cover and I can't lie, I am excited to visit every house I can and have conversations about our city. Thanks to everyone who continues to support, donate and spread the word. #majorformayor #historymaker TEXT ME OR CALL ME 626-623-3753

Me and @michelledmartine1224 sharing a laugh before I spoke at the Women's City club. We working #majorformayor

End of the month staff and strategy meeting today was flawless. Many laughs, serious moments and fun throughout the evening. Big thanks to #teammajor God bless you all. #majorformayor | photo by @plasticaudio

I didn't just wake up one day and say "hey, let's do this politics thing". Nope. Like everything I have done in life thus far, I have started as a student. A willing student and even as a leader now I still have a huge capacity to be a student because I am always open and willing to continually learn. That's how growth and evolution can exist in its purest form. I remember having to go run and get coffee for the candidate, clean the office up, run errands, etc. But I also remember being allowed in the room when all the plotting and strategy occurred. That was my reward in addition to traveling all over California talking to community leaders, residents and other city officials that poured so much wisdom in me and ultimately prepared me to embark on this mayoral journey I am on now. Get to know me, text me at 626-623-3753 and get 5 or more people together and let's meet up and talk Pasadena. You feel it, you know we need representation that truly reflects the diversity in this city. Just look on the wall of mayors over the years and years. It is time for a much-needed changing of the guard. Let's close the chapter on the cycle of "business as usual politics" #majorformayor

Color coordinated with Janice at the Leadership Institute talking campaign strategy, sharing stories and developing personalized blueprints to ensure successful ran campaigns. #majorformayor

Candid conversations about life, politics and sacrifice. #majorformayor

I came by the @hillsidespasadena #youthmovingon transitional housing and job fair today to meet with staff, speaking with some amazing youth and to see what services are available to them. There are so many services and opportunities available, our young people just need to know that they exist. I look forward to working with Youth Moving On and speaking with them about collaborations with my non-profit @flykicksforkids So much potential to do good and be more. #majorformayor #differentkindofcandidate #voteformajorwilliams

I want to say thank you to everyone who continues to support me. There are sacrifices being made daily and I do not regret any of them because this is absolutely bigger than me. This election is the most important election on so many levels. If you visit city hall and tour the mayors and city council office you will see over there man a wall of so many previous mayors and none of them look like me or you and that has to change if we want to truly be the city of diversity we claim to be. We can not shake the "tale of two cities" narrative if we do not elect broad personalities who bring forth a very different perspective and vision on how we can push our city to its full potential. Inclusivity and the enthusiasm to truly connect with everyone. Remember, you can choose another four years of having a city planner whose intentions are to only develop projects, or you choose up and elect a champion who intends to develop our cities people and communities. It is that simple. Let's work together to afford all these shiny new apartments. #newbalancemajor #majortalkingfacts #majorformayor

We rely heavily on affirmations in our house. My son said "let's prepare for the feeling when you win Mayor of Pasadena daddy" ha. Go grab your brother and let's do it son. WE WON πŸ€―πŸ˜­πŸ˜πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜Œ #majorformayor #timefornewleadership (Donate today. Your support will ensure we will be victorious in March 2020)

I am grateful for this tiny little house one block from the projects in Dallas, Texas. My mom, my uncle JJ and I turned the back porch into my very first bedroom by myself. I remember being so excited to nail up a sheet as my door and put all my posters up while later relaxing in my twin bed with a huge smile on my face. Shout out to my momma, who didn't have much but somehow always made a way for me and my sisters. Now I plan on buying this house from my mom and cousin and doing something amazing to it. #majorformayor #sharingmystory

I met @cagopchairwoman over a year ago before she was the chairwoman so it was nice to pick her brain a bit before I spoke and afterwards catch her speech. This journey and campaign is picking up and I am as ready as I can be. Let's go. #majorformayor The goal is to have Jessica post a photo next year saying she knew me before I was Mayor πŸ‘¨πŸΏβ€πŸ’ΌπŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ

Message.. I met up with a local resident after he texted me several times wanting to meet and get to know why I was running for Mayor of Pasadena. Rather he wanted to know why I was running for Mayor in his city. I can respect that, but I let him know it is OUR city. I am making huge sacrifices working to be of service for a city I have come to love. Long story short we had an amazing conversation, I earned one more vote and supporter who now will be advocating for me throughout the city. That's all I ask, give me an opportunity to speak, share and connect. But the most important part in my eyes is having the ability to HEAR YOU! #majorformayor

AMERICA THE BRAVE #happymemorialday | Harlem Hell-Fighters #newyork #wwi

"Happy Memorial day to all of our wonderful armed forces and soldiers who protect and defend us year around and God Bless the families of all told our fallen soldiers. Gone, but never forgotten! Salie and Admiration to you all." -Major Williams #majorformayor

On this campaign journey I have had the opportunity to meet so many passionate Patriots and people who tryout care about people, our city, state and country. I didn't grow up in politics, not did I care. I didn't know to care. I didn't know I had an option to participate or have a voice beyond my vote when I was young. The last 3 years has transformed me into who I have been transforming into the last 19 years. I feel so at peace and comfortable working toward my goal of becoming Mayor and shifting the balance to benefit us all for a change. It is possible and it will happen when I become the next Mayor of Pasadena. I am going to need everyones support. Spread the word, donate any amount that works for you and ask 10 other friends to do the same. Let's do this #pasadena #majorformayor

I hold no bias ever. I am open and available to connect with everyone. I don't even care if you're not registered to vote yet. Hopefully from our conversation and you understanding the importance of our next election you will feel compelled to join the democratic process. It isn't enough to voice your frustrations, you have to vote. You have to support the candidate that is fighting to create opportunities and alternatives that benefit the citizens beyond waiting for a city council vote. Residential prosperity and making economics a priority when I am in office will be a copied blueprint for new leaders to come. The next Mayor has to be social media inclined, have a background in entrepreneurship beyond their own businesses and have a passion for public service. Clearly, I check all those boxes. Join me as a volunteer, help me win. Text me at 626-623-3753 (the only local official in Pasadena to share their phone number. Why? Because it is 2019 and communication needs to be expedited.) Photo by @plasticaudio

I have an amazing team of supporters, volunteers and staff. It is truly a blessing when you walk in faith and work to do good in a very genuine way God makes mountains move in order for you to get where you need to be. That's how I feel. #majorformayor Thank you for everything Ms. Ashley #vote4majorwilliams #teammajor

In between our community walks my kids always force me to stop and allow some park time ha. I honestly just love to see them happy and enjoying themselves. #majorformayor

My life has evolved into long days and nights of listening to so many passionate community members, small business owners, and local entrepreneurs. My goal is to make sure everyone knows that I am here for them and that I have the enthusiasm and stamina to work with them for the long hall. I love this city and I look forward to waking up every day so that I can go out an prove myself, share my views and earn your vote when March 3, 2020, comes around. It is time for new leadership and many know and believe this. #majorformayor (please donate. Visit my website. It is very quick and easy to complete)

Came to Granada Hills today to learn more about #schoolchoice and to share my vision for Pasadena, talk about financial alternatives for low income and middle class Pasadena residents and how homelessness EFFECTS in our city hasn't declined or decreased. #majorformayor

Morning run complete. #rosebowl off to get groomed. Speaking this morning. #majorformayor