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I’ve been watching the wiggles every day for the past 7.5 months because of the baby

China top actress 2018 Shishi Liu #Chinese #Chinastars #Chinesebeauty

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Vs Editor :)

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I don’t know if I like the edit or not but whatever haha we’ll see || Ac: xstellarized . || App: Video Star . || Dt: Tagged, bc I always love your guys’s Shawn edits!!

Chinese Beijing Roast Duck #chineseculture #roast duck #chinese food

I got tanned in China this summer, oh i wanna go back to Africa! #meme #chinaonlinetrends #funnypictures #Chinese #summerinchina

𝕄𝕒𝕪𝕓𝕖 (part.11) Hope you like it. Sorry this is sooo short I literally just wrote it. And also I’m sorry I couldn’t post Thursday or Friday, I got very sick but Thank you for showing love ❤️❤️❤️. Part.12?? Like and comment♡ for pt.12!!! I hope you like!! Ps** looking for someone to share the page with....Dm if ur interested. Have ideas ready but do not have time to write 😔😚 • • • • • #shawnmendes #shawnmendez #shawn #mendesarmy #shawnmendesimagines #shawnmendesimagine #shawnmendesedits #shawnie #shawnimagines #shawnmendeslyrics #shawnmendesedit #imagines #imagine #maybe #love #myman #arianagrande #shawnieboy #haileesteinfield #mendes #mendesfamily #mendesshawn #mendesarmymyfamily #shawnmendesfanfic #shawnmendesarmy #gym #paranoia #chill

🆂🅷🅰🅳🅴🆂 🅾🅵 🆂🅴🅲🆁🅴🆃 . "Oh no...Jasper!" I mutter. Quickly getting in a bathrobe, I run downstairs to check what's going on there. I freeze on the half way of the stairs as I see Jasper on Shawn's gunpoint. My jaw drops instantly. I scream out, "Shawn, what the hell are you doing?" I run to Jasper and stand between them like a shield for Jasper which now brings me on Shawn's gunpoint. "Are you fucking out of your mind? You're going to kill him just because he teased you? Seriously?" He stays silent which rises my heartbeat more thinking what if he shoots at me right away? Couple of seconds later, Jasper laughs out leaving me fully stunned. Shawn moves his gun and throws it on a sofa nearby, Jasper still laughing which gets company by Shawn shortly. I make the scrunch face out of frustration muttering, "Seriously!" Shawn laughs out more looking at me, "How could you ever think that I'd shoot at my friend?" I say with an annoyed tone, "I heard gunshots, so it's nothing funny if I thought that way, even after seeing Jasper at your gunpoint." Jasper gets a grip on his laughter, "Sorry, if that terrified you but that's how we practice in the morning." I shout out, "Fuck your weird morning practice. I nearly got an heart attack and look at you guys, wow..you morons are laughing at me! I can't believe this. It's been like what..few hours with you two and I've already had enough. I'm going home. Enjoy yourselves with killing each other." I face to the door and start walking to get out of here as soon as possible. Shawn grabs my wrist tight, "You're not going anywhere, specially not in this bathrobe." I look down at myself with bathrobe on which is exposing my legs. I look at Shawn embarrassingly and he smirks. I turn my face instantly which is now blushing so hard. He lets go my wrist saying, "Get your sexy legs some cover." Without saying a word, I rush upstairs into my room. Getting inside, I groan out thinking how I let myself get embarrassed in front of them. There's no way I'mma stay here. I get into a white crop top with pair of light washed blue jeans and sneakers. I let my hair air dry itself. I get downstairs to have breakfast. ⬇️More in comment⬇️


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who do you want to see in concert?

Sorry for not being active - -my acc is dying -i don't like posts like these anymore, i might quit them - -@seaveydaniel @jonahmarais @jackaverymusic @imzachherron @corbynbesson @beautychickee @tatedoll @kaycook @gabbieegonzalez @keriseavey @jeffcv @anna.seavey @tylercv @chriscv1 @sydnieavery @islastanford @ava_stanford @kdancing @imsveamarie @brother_timoth @esthergrace__ @ashleymaebesson @evyzorzi @jordan_besson @imreeseherron @imryanherron @mama.herron @teenaskincare @shawnmendes #fanart #danielseavey #danielseaveymemes #dailyart #corbynbesson #corbina #corbynbessonmemes #zachherron #jachary #jackavery #jonahmarais #wdw #whydontwe #eightletters #whydontwememes #wdwmemes #wdwgiveaway #whydontweimagines #wdwfanfics #shawnmendes #limelight #mendesarmy #shawnmendesart #shawnmendesfanfic #shawnmendesimagines #shawnmendesgiveaway #my8letters #fff #teenatribe

/IT’S A NEW STORY\~/Why?\ Y/n text her best friend (swipe to see). I finally arrived in Italy, I really like this country I came here already. Andrew was picking me up at the airport we talked a bit.. arrived at the hotel Andrew have me the key to Shawn’s room so I climbed into the elevator very impatient to see Shawn again. Arriving in front of Shawn’s room I was pretty stressed and if he didn’t want to see me? After all I couldn’t turn back anyway, I opened the door slowly wanting to shout "SURPRISE" to Shawn but all I wanted to do at that time was to collapse on the ground and cry all the tears of my body. My eyes starting to scramble I ran out like Shawn didn’t seem to hear me I took the stairs because I didn’t have time to wait for the elevator all I wanted was to get out of this hotel, Andrew who was at the reception asked me what was going on but didn’t have to answer him I walked out of the hotel and walked in the city that I knew quite well. All I needed was to be alone and think about why did he do that to me? /Do you want a part 2?\ #shawnmendestour #shawnmendes #shawnmendesedit #shawnmendesarmy #shawnmendesimagine #shawnmendesfan #shawnmendesfanfic

LAST PART! I hope you liked this story, I don't love it that much but yeah... sorry for errors _____________________________________ The Unexpected: last part We're in Thailand now, it was a long flight but we survived it, saying goodbye was hard but knowing it's only for a week made it easier, "honey we're here" shawn says stepping out the uber's car "thank you sir" I say and step out too. We go to the reception and grab our keys and stuff. After 20 minutes we're in our room... and it's AMAAAAZING... it's big and beautiful. After we unpacked our suitcases we decided to go to the beach. "Shawn are you ready?" I ask again after the 5th time "yeahyeahhh wait a sec!" He says, again. "What is taking you so long" I ask unpatient "I need to look good" he says. "Omg shawn... WHAT THE FUCK hahahahhaaa you always look good, wtf r you doing" "my hair" "it's always perfect" "blahblah shut up princess" I just laugh and go to him to kiss him on the cheek. After 10 mintes we finally leave the hotel and walk to the beach. It's a 2 minutes walk so it's really close. "Omg it's so beautiful" I say excited when we arrive "it is" shawn says lifting me up and running to the sea "omg shawn! Shaaahhahhaaawnn" I say laughing, before I could say something Shawn already threw me in it. Ohhh he will regret this, I pull him in it too and laugh. "Is that funny eahh?" He says trying not to smile "yess" I say coming closer to him, and give him a kiss. "I love you" I say smiling "I love you moreeee mon amour" he says, damn his french. "Oehh tu parles français?" I say smirking (sorry if my french is wrong,.. lmao) "oui, oui" he says chuckling "je t'aime" I say and he kisses me. **** These 3 days were the best! I had a lot of fun with Shawn, we're currently in our room just chilling. "Hey Sky?" Shawn asks suddenly POV SHAWN "Hey sky?" I ask nervous, today is the day, I am going to propose her.. I am so excited but scared at the same time.. "yes Shawnie?" She replies "can we go for a walk on the beach? The sun is setting and it's beautiful" "ofcourse Shawn!" She says happy and stands up to make her ready "wear something realllyyyy beautiful, I have a suprise for you.." I say nervous, 👇🏼

@shawnstropic got AirPods and I’m jelly


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this is so shitty🤦🏻‍♀️ whatever (I had to post so enjoy the bad quality)

I’m backkkk//Shawn is this jacket is a hell yes from me😍

I'm so sorry that I havent posted in like a week or more. I have been really sick an have been uninspired to right anything. I'm now going to post again. #shawnmendes #shawnmendesedits #shawnmendesfanpage #shawnmendestextposts #shawnmendesimagines #shawnmendesarmy #shawnmendesisbae #shawnmendestexts #shawnmendesfanfic

ELEVEN “Stop the car” I say hysterical as he pulls into the hospital’s parking lot. “Shawn stop the car” I repeat. “I am not stopping this car until you calm down, you’re obviously really sad and maybe mad and that’s making you act in ways you shouldn’t or wouldn’t when you’re okay so no, you’re not getting into that hospital until you calm down, your family doesn’t need any more drama” Shawn says looking at me and I sigh. “I am sorry, she’s my little sister and it hurts so much” I say. “It’s okay, it’s all gonna be okay” he reassures by hugging me and caressing my hair as I cry in his shoulder. I was so worried about Lou that I didn’t even notice when he parked the Jeep. A few minutes pass and I finally stop crying. “Are you calm enough to enter?” Shawn asks me while he holds my head between his big warm hands. “I think I am” I sigh. “You think or you know? I need to be a hundred percent sure you are okay to let you go in there” he says. “I know, I am okay” I say. “Then go ahead.” He says and kisses my forehead before letting me go and I open the door but stop “Shawn?” I say and look at him. “Yeah?” He replies and stares back at me. “Can you come with me please?” I say. “Yes” He says and gets off the car, closes both the doors and turns the car's alarm on. “You’re going to be okay” he says holding me as we walk towards the entrance. When I get to the emergency room my mom, dad and my brothers were there already waiting for me to come. 🍁CONTINUES IN THE COMMENTS🍁 #fanfiction #shawn #shawnmendes #mendes #fanfic #shawnmendesfanfic #badboy #imagine #highschool #shawnmendesimagine

As you probably know Shawn has been sick this week, he even had to go to the doctors, he couldn’t speak because he had to rest is voice for the upcoming shows on tour. And he still performed and gave all he could. • Sorry for any spelling errors. • • Y/n POV I am on tour with my boyfriend Shawn Mendes. When he asked me to go on tour with him I said yes right away because I didn’t go on his festival run and we both missed each other a lot. These past couple of days Shawn hasn’t been feeling good, but he still did the shows/concerts. I wake up to Shawn coughing really bad. “Baby are you ok?” I ask rubbing his back. “I-*coughs* I think I’m o-*coughs* okay” he says coughing a ton. “Im going to make you some tea” I say and get out of bed. I go to the small kitchen in our hotel and boil some water with a kettle. I then make him some peppermint tea I had bought yesterday. I go back to the bed and put the tea on the bedside table. “Thank you so much baby, I love you” Shawn says giving me a kiss on the cheek. “I love you too” I say and sit on the bed. ~a few hours later~ Shawn is almost done with the set, but I see him trying not to cough. It hurts to know he does this. Shawn is now running through the crowd and thanking them. He is so kind. He runs backstage to where the crew is. “You did so good rockstar” I say giving him a hug. “Thank you honey” he says unwrapping his arms from me. We talk to the guys and everyone else until Andrew says Shawn should rest. We have another day here so he can rest. “My head kind of hurts” Shawn says as we walk into our hotel room. I feel his forehead and he’s burning up. “Aw Shawn I think you have a fever” I say helping him take of his clothes and into some sweatpants and a shortsleeved shirt. “I’m really hot, but also cold” he says. “I know baby, I’m going to buy some soup ok, I’ll be back in a bit, I’ll tell Andrew or jake” I say, kiss his forehead and leave. I call Andrew. “Hey, I just wanted to tell you that Shawn has a fever and I’m going to buy some stuff for him. “Ok call me or jake if you have any problems” he says and hangs up. I go to a store and get cough medicine, cough drops, soups and other things. Mic👇

Hey, ok so I tried something new today. 😁💕 I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.❤ Another part?💗 - - - - - - - - - (Ignore): #shawnmendesedits #shawnmendes #shawnmendesimagines #shawnmendesimagine #shawnmendeseditscute #shawnmendesfanfic #shawnpeterraulmendes #shawnie #fff

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Final da conversar do Shawn ❤ Contém erros desculpas ❤ Espero que gostem❤ #fanficdoshawn #fanfic #fanficsm #shawnmendesfanfic #shawnmendes

Fanfic SM

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Primeira parte da conversar com o Shawn ❤ Contém alguns erro! Desculpas❤ Espero que gostem❤ #fanficdoshawn #fanfic #shawnmendesfanfic #fanficsm #shawnmendes

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Capítulo 9 parte 2 !! Esperoque gostem ❤ #fanficdoshawn #fanfic #fanficsm #shawnmendesfanfic #shawnmendes

Part 4 - Last Night ✨ //Bea Question: Fav food? Me: (bitch) lasagna (srry, I like pewdiepie) #shawnmendes #shawnmendesimagines #shawnmendesfanfic #mendesarmys #shawnmessages #mendesarmy #mendes

Quick Text imagine. I'm posting an imagine later tonight. I hope you like it❤️ #shawnmendes #shawnmendesedits #shawnmendesimagines #shawnmendesarmy #shawnmendesfanfic #shawnmendesfanfictions #shawnmendesimagine @shawnmendes

O meu nome é s/n eu tenho 15 anos...embora nova sempre fui uma pessoa com uma personalidade muito forte...então desde muito nova que o meu sonho é ir para o estrangeiro. Os anos foram-se passando e eu conheci o amor da minha vida...SHAWN MENDES...não o conheci pessoalmente como é óbvio mas sou super fã...por causa dele a minha vontade de ir para o estrangeiro aumentou e decidi que quero ir morar para o Canada e ser ( o seu emprego de sonho). O ano passado eu fiquei decidida a fazer intercâmbio mas como é óbvio os meus pais não deixaram. Este ano há uma parceria com a minha escola... onde temos de fazer uma espécie de exame sobre o país que escolhemos e se tivermos boa nota temos grandes chances de ir estudar para lá. Estou-me a dedicar ao máximo...estudo quando tenho tempo livre, instalei aplicações para melhorar o meu inglês entre outras coisas. Desculpem se não estiver muito bom...só estou a começa #shawnmendesfanfic

*new imagine* {the neighbor} •part 1• //sam🥰 Question: What's your favorite shawn song? Me: when you’re ready🥰 #shawnmendes #shawnmendesimagines #shawn #shawnmendesfanfic #mendesarmy #mendes #shawnmessages #


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I am so sore this is not okay

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Capítulo 9!! Desculpa o atraso, real essa semana foi uma loucura total. Espero que gostem ❤💗 #fanficdoshawn #fanfic #fanficsm #shawnmendesfanfic #shawnmendes

chapter 7: y/n's pov "Hey" he said while going down the little three stairs in front of the door of his house with a cute smile on his face "Hi Carlos,how are you?" a little smile appeared on my face as well "I'm good,and you?" "I'm good as well,so what would you like to do?" I asked looking his way "I don't really know,I just though getting out of the house and getting to know the town with a friend would be cool" I nodded my head "Well,let's explore then?" he nodded his head.I started walking and he came walking next to me "So carlos,tell me more about yourself" he cleared his throat and chuckled "Well,as you know,my name is Carlos Mena,I am 16 years old but I will turn 17 this year.My favorite subject is....Huh..I don't really know *He scratched the back of his neck* maybe sports cause I don't really like anything else,I don't like school" a chuckle left my lips "I don't like studying as well,but I do study,not a lot tho,i just want to have good grades" "yea I see.Also,on my last school I have my best friend,his name is Alex" I smiled at him "That's cool,I hope everything is going well between you and Alex with this distance" he smiled back "Yea we are fine,we are talking a lot.Now enough about me,tell me something about you" he looked straight on the street again as my cheeks flashed slightly "Soo well" I looked at my phone and saw that Shawn sended me a message,I opened it ~text convo with shawn~ Shawn:Hii Me:Hey Shawn Shawn:What are you doing? Me:I'm out Shawn:Ohhh with who😏 Me:With Carlos.You need anything? Shawn:No,just wanted to check on you *A smile appeared on my face,he is so adorable* Me:Oh ok,byee Shawn:Bye,if you need anything dm me😏 Me:SHAWN! Shawn:Ok ok,have fun kiddo! ~end of text convo~ I looked at carlos "So again,as you already know my name is y/n y/l/n,I am 16 and I'm turning 17 this year as well.My best friend is shawn and I like drawing.I can play a little piano as well,shawn tought me" "Wow that's pretty cool" I nodded my head "Huum y/n,I'm hungry" I laughed at his 'comment' "Well,let's go eat?" he nodded his head 3 times mumbling a "Yes" I took him to McDonalds,we got in and sat in a table.The waiter came and we ordered our food.👇

~How I Met Your Brother 💏~ Part 3. • • • • • #shawnmendes #shawnbestfans #shawnmendesfanfic

Part 14! Sorry for errors _____________________________________ The Unexpected: part 14 "I am homeee" I say and go to the living room but no one is here, I go to the kitchen and see them cooking. I take a picture and post it on my instagram. (Swipe 1x) "hey cuties" I say "DADDAAAA" Ash says and jumps on me "hey babygirllll" I say and kiss her on the cheek. I'm currently in the shower just thinking... thinking about my life. It's crazy that I have a 5 y/o daughter... not that I hate it.. I mean I am happy that Sky is the mom. I hop out the shower, put on my clothes and go downstairs and see a beautiful Skylar Rosewood. Ash is asleep so we're alone. I hug her from behind and kiss her neck "hello cutebutt" I say and she giggles "hey handsome" she says chuckling. "I have a suprise for you" I say excited "oehh" she says smirking and laughing right after. "Take a seat madame" I say with a french accent "okayy monsieur Mendes" she says laughing. "Soooo I booked a flight for us... it's tomorrow in the evening and Ashley is staying with our parents.. I plannd everything so don't worry" I say putting my hand on her leg "Shawnnn, that's amazing" she says pecking my lips multiple times. "I know right... and you can rest and stuff, you really need it" I say "shawn you are the best! But you know I hate it when people buy m-" "naaa-aaahh Sky you deserve this" I say interrupting her she sighs and kisses me, I love her so muchhh. "Where are we going to?" She asks me "that's a supriseeee" I say "fu-" "no you love me" "yeah okay okay shhtt" she says pecking my lips and running upstairs. She's so cute. POV SKYLAR I woke up and realise that I need to say goodbye to Ashley today.. I'll miss her though. I look next to me and see Shawn sleeping, his curl fallig on his forehead his, naked chest, his scar... everything ks so perfect. I kiss him on the cheek and go downstairs to make my beautiful family some breakfast. While making pancakes I feel two strong arms around me and someone kissing my neck. "Goodmorning love" I say smiling "goodmoring pretty girllll" he says kissing me neck again. Suddenly Ashley comes downstairs "GOODMORNINGGGG" she says loud "goodmorning beautiful" I 👇🏼

Almost at 300 reads on my Shawn Mendes imagine on Wattpad. If your looking for a fan fiction I got that as well. Wattpad @fanfiction116 #shawnmendesfans #shawnmendestour #shawnmendesedits #shawnmendesarmy #shawnmendesimagines #shawnmwndes #shawnmendesfanfiction #shawnmendesfanfic #mendes #mendesarmy #fanfiction #fanfiction116

~Day dreaming with you :) just chilling in Bologna with my best friend ❤️ in my iMaGInaSHAWN~ IT’S WEEKEND!! MISSED YOU GUYS 😊 THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR 500 FOLLOWERS 😭🥰 #shawnmendes #shawnmendesedits #shawnmendesimagines #mendesarmy #shawn #shawnmendesarmy #shawnmendesfanart #drawing #shawnmendesedit #shawnmendesimagines #shawnmendesfan #shawnmendesfanfic #fanart #shawnmendesdesign


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This is actually so true.