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Chinese style photograph10 #Chinese #Chinatrends #Chinaclassic

I got tanned in China this summer, oh i wanna go back to Africa! #meme #chinaonlinetrends #funnypictures #Chinese #summerinchina


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Lol sorry for that last post sksk @shawnmendes #shawnmendes

China top actress 2018 Zheng Shuang #Chinese #Chinastars #Chinesebeauty

Dry Throat. Runny Nose. ••• Y/N's POV ••• I was surrounded with over a million sticky tissues and empty water bottles. A humidifier to my left and and a few bottles of pills. Allergies were killing me alive. I was congested and no matter what I did, my sinuses only seemed to be getting worse. Splitting headaches, dry throat.. Just then, my boyfriend, Shawn, walked in from work. "Hey, love. How are you feeling?" He asked me. "Terrible, I feel worse than this morning." I said back in a voice too stopped up to understand. He came over to the bed to give me a light kiss but I tilted my head back, leaning away from him. "No, I don't want you to get sick too." I said lightly shoving him away. "I don't care, my baby doesn't feel good." He said, lightly hugging me. I show a warm smile while I play with his loose, curly hair. "Would you like me to make you some soup, hun?" He asked. I nodded my head and smiled. I felt like shit, absolute shit.. but Shawn had always made me feel like I was on top of the world. No matter how awful I felt, no matter how low to the ground I was one second.. he always brought me back up again. I felt so lucky and blessed to have him in my life. I wouldn't change it for anything. Minutes passed and he came back with a bowel of hot soup cupped in his warm palms. He sat it on the night stand and fluffed my pillow. "Can I get you anything else, baby?" He asked me. "Yes." "Anything, love. Your wish is my command." He said while stroking my messy hair. I patted the empty section of the bed next to me. "You. All I need is you." I said while smiling at his soft, vulnerable face. He walked around to the other side of the bed and climbed in. His arms wrapped around my body like I was a pillow. There, he left soft, angel like kisses behind my ear while I blew on the hot soup to cool it down a bit. "Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky." I whispered to him. "Sometimes I wonder the same thing, Y/N." He whispered back to me. ••• I finished up my soup and I fell asleep there. There in his arms as he fell asleep in mine. The next morning was filled of sneezing, coughing, and groaning in misery.. but at least I wasn't alone in the sickness that time.

Chinese Dong Anzi Chicken #chineseculture #Dong Anzi chicken #chinese food

Just look this beautiful video ..wonderful 😍😍 Made by @rubyrose_is_the_hottest . . . . #shawnmendesthetour #shawnmendesalbum #smile #shawmendes #mendes1998 #mendesarmys #shawnmendesimagine #shawnmendeseditsworldtour #andrewgarfield

Hahah vcs são assim ? / lany Ps. Estou repostando esse meme 💚 《PARCERIAS 💚》 @memesdomendes @shawnmemesbrazil1 @xonmendes @mendesarmys8 @teucorashawn @putzshawnmendes @noticiashawn @shawnmendes_fc_br_ @mendes_army_do_shawn @shawnzinho_mendess @meushawnzinho_br • • • • • • • • • • sigam @irritashawn_ para mais 💚 • • • • • • • • • • #shawnmendesbrasil #shawn #mendes #shawnmendes #mendesarmy #irritashawn #fc #souumpropositoshawn #shawnmendesthealbum #shawnmendesfanpage #shawmila #shawnmendes #shawnmendesfan #inmyblood #shawn #mendes #shawnmendes #mendesarmy #memes #mesmesbrasil #vines #edit #shawn #shawnmendes #soumpropositoshawn #shawnie #shawnedit #shawnmendesworldtour #shawnsmuffin #mendesarmyforever #shawnmendesarmy #shawnaccess #shawnieboy #shawnmendesimagine #loveshawn #memesdoshawnmendes #explorar

- Lembra daquela festa que ficamos muito bêbados? shawn fez que sim com a cabeça - Eu sou o pai?Eu sou o pai!AI MEU DEUS EU VOU SER PAI! ficou sem reação - Você não está bravo? me surpreendi - Bravo?Isso é incrível!A mulher que eu amo está grávida! depois de falar isso,as bochechas dele ficaram vermelhas igual pimentão - Isso é verdade Shawn? - É... - Eu também te amo muito ele se aproximou de mim e me deu um selinho - ESSE É O MELHOR DIA DE TODOS... ele estava com um sorriso que parecia rasgar seu rosto - O melhor de todos... #shawnmendesimagine #shawnmendesedit

That Same Smile ••• Shawn's POV ••• I see my made beauty stumble into the kitchen. Her hair: frizzy. Her eyes: droopy. "Good morning, princess." I say while sliding a glass of apple juice across the counter. "Good morning, dad." She says while cupping her chin in her palm. "Why so down? It's Friday!" I say cheerfully. Her lips curl into a plastic smile. "I don't wanna go to school today." She pouts. "And why not?" I ask. "Usually on Fun Friday, we just watch a movie. But they decided to have Muffins With Mom Day." She says. "What's that?" "It's where your mom takes you to school and we play games and eat muffins. I'll be the only one there without my mom." She sniffles. "What if I take you?" I ask with a bright smile. Her head droops from side to side. She whispers, "no dads allowed." "Well, drink up your juice and go get dressed." I say while cupping my hands together. "Daddy.. please dont make me." She pouts. "Nah nah, we're not going to school today." I wave my finger in her face. "Then where?" "To Tim's Bakery. We're gonna stuff our faces with muffins." I say while helping her off of the stool. "Really?!" She exclaims. With a light chuckle, I respond, "really." "Oh, and dad-?" She begins. I hum in response. "Will you finally tell me about my mum..?" After a long moment of silence and digging through my brain.. I sigh. "Ok." She bounces in pure joy. "Now go brush your hair, silly." I demand. "I will!" She yells with a toothles grin, attempting to wrap her petite arms around my figure. That smile. That same smile her mother had. My favourite thing about them both.


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He looks like the perfection, I mean... He is the perfection...😉❤️ @shawnmendes #shawnmendes #shawnmendesimagine #calvinklein #shawnmendesedits #shawnmendesisperfection #shawnmendesfunny

->The Tutor<- Part 14 📖💗 - - Can we get 900 likes and 200 comments for part 15? - - - Sorry the first few slides are kinda off. Idk what came through my mind. I even doubt that’s possible but oh well- I kinda like how it turned out. And I hope so do you. Please let me know in the comments ❤️ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (Ignore): #shawnmendes #fanfictionstories #shawnmendesedits #imb #nervous #sm3 #imagine #fanfic #fanfiction #text #textpost #message #textimagines #textimagine #shawn #mendes #mendesarmy #shawnpeterraulmendes #shawnmendesthetour #shawnmendestextposts #shawnmendestexts #shawnmendesimagines #shawnmendesimagine #shawnmendesarmy

Chapter 3 I fucking hate it, but Renata’s cracking jokes in here so that’s funny

in reality, my friend did tell me about this & IM SHOOK YALL. ~ ~ ~ ~ #shawnmendes #shawnmendesimagine #shawnmendestextposts #shawnmendesedit #shawnmendestexts

Aahhh 😫 he’s so cute ❤️❤️


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A short quiz! Link in bio❄️😍 comment down which song you got👌🏻

Sorry for any spelling errors. • • Shawn’s POV Y/n is my beautiful girlfriend of 10 months. We went public about 4 months ago and I couldn’t be happier. I can now be seen in public with y/n, I can post cute pictures of us together, and I can bring her to award shows. Y/n gets some hate, she’s okay with people saying they don’t like her, because she understands that not everyone can like someone, she even doesn’t like people just because. But she isn’t okay with people saying she’s a gold digger, attention whore etc. I know that y/n isn’t a gold digger because she actually cares about me, and hates when I get her things, even candy that costs a dollar. I am going to film y/n when I get her a gift and post it to show everyone that she isn’t a gold digger. I turn my video on my phone, and have it by my side. “Y/n can you come here?” I ask waiting for her reply. “Sure” She says walking into the room. “I have something for you” I say handing her a mediumish box. “Aw thank you baby” she says giving me a hug. She opens it and sees a whole set of pura vida bracelets. “Aw thank you so much. Please don’t tell me you spent a fortune on these.” She says. Each bracelet is about $6-$10 each. “You deserve the world” I say. “Baby no, this was too much” she says. “I didn’t spend a fortune, and your worth every penny” I say. “Ugh fine, if I could return these I would but I will keep them because they are a gift, and they are helping people get jobs” she states. • • Part 2?

🙈 imagine 🙈 Imagine a lot of little Mendes everywhere 🥰 My first Instagram edit ✨ @shawnmendes #shawnmendes #mendesarmy #shawn #mendes #shawnie #imagine #shawnmendesimagine #instagram #handwritten #illuminate #shawnmendesthealbum #cute

• Não saiu da forma que eu esperava, mas espero que vocês gostem ❤️ ✓ compartilhem com xs amigxs e comentem o que acharam! ❤️ // nanda 🌻 《PARCERIAS 💚》 @memesdomendes @shawnmemesbrazil1 @xonmendes @mendesarmys8 @teucorashawn @putzshawnmendes @noticiashawn @shawnmendes_fc_br_ @mendes_army_do_shawn @shawnzinho_mendess @meushawnzinho_br • • • • • • • • • • sigam @irritashawn_ para mais 💚 • • • • • • • • • • #shawnmendesbrasil #shawn #mendes #shawnmendes #mendesarmy #irritashawn #fc #souumpropositoshawn #shawnmendesthealbum #shawnmendesfanpage #shawmila #shawnmendes #shawnmendesfan #inmyblood #shawn #mendes #shawnmendes #mendesarmy #memes #mesmesbrasil #vines #edit #shawn #shawnmendes #soumpropositoshawn #shawnie #shawnedit #shawnmendesworldtour #shawnsmuffin #mendesarmyforever #shawnmendesarmy #shawnaccess #shawnieboy #shawnmendesimagine #loveshawn #memesdoshawnmendes #explorar