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Guess I have thing for guys in crowns 0.0 • Dt; My darling and the person who copes with my madness ahaha @cringeshawn • #shawnmendes #shawnmendesimagine #shawnmendesimagines #shawnmendesedits #shawnmendesedit #shawnpeterraulmendes #shawnmendesgoals #mendesarmy #manip #omgpage #omgpageedit #perfectlywrxng #perfectlywrxnggrp

I have to learn because I will write my first exam on Friday and guess what? It's in art... 😅🖌✏ #shawnmendes #mendesarmy #shawnmendesimagines #shawnmendesimagine

It was a really great performance i was so shook we came on stage 😍😱 @shawnmendes @justintimberlake #shawnmendes #justintimberlake #shawnmendesimagines #shawnmendesimagine #shawnmendesfanfic #shawnmendesupdates #shawndeserveshappiness #shawnpeterraulmendes #mendesarmy #mendes


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Me as a girlfriend🤦‍♀️

Part 3 Hope you like it❤️😊 • • Y/N POV • When we arrived,we parked the car so fast as possible and rushed us to the entry of the big building where Shawn was giving his consert. First we needed to wait like 30 minuets and then we had to walk to the part of the Meet and Great and the Q&A. We where standing there for like not so long and then we can entered the Meet and Great, i was so nervous that i just haven’t the power to stand on my own feet’s. “ OMG thus is the real moment we are gonna meet Shawn, I don’t know what i need to say to him!” I say a little scared “No no no it’s okay, you just need to say “hi“ and then he is gonna say “hi” and then you take a photo with him”. Sophia said to calm me down. On that moment a security guard came to us to say it was our turn to meet Shawn. Sophia was first but before she got in the little room, she looked at me with a sweet smile and said” Everything is gonna be okay”. Then she walked away and i was there alone with other fans. Now the security guard came only to me to say it was my turn to meet Shawn, so i walked to the door of the little room, I opened it and walked in. OMG HOLY COW THERE WAS STANDING SHAWN MENDES HXJSKABXUSKW WHAT A CUTIEJXJSB anyway, i was standing there, watching Shawn when he goes with his hand trough his hair, omg his hair us sooooo curly i just can’t. Now i was standing there pretty long when suddenly Shawn looked over me and smiled at me, goddessss his smile is like an angel, it’s beautiful OMG “ hi there” Shawn said “ omg hi Shawn” i said back awkwardly “ uhm do you wanna stand there al night or do you wanna hug” Shawn say laughing “ uhm yeah.. I chose the hug “ i smiled akward and walked up to him. He gives me a hug and OMG I FK HUGGED SHAWN MENDESSSKJSNSKND . “Sooo do you want to take a photo with me?” Shawn asked me with that cute smile again. “ Yeah sure!” I said and i give my phone to a guy who takes all the pictures. After the photo we talked about his music and I haven’t got the possibility to stop saying how much i love him and his music. “ Okay hun see you at the Q&A” Shawn said after our conversation. OMFG HE CALLED ME HUN!!!! “ 👇👇


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LIGHTS ON (part 4) “shawn are we just gonna jump down?!” i whisper-yelled. “baby trust me we HAVE to jump, there’s no other way out! i’ll wrap us around my blankets and hold you in my arms while we jump okay? don’t worry we’ll be fine.” shawn said as he grabbed my phone, his phone, keys, and his wallet. he opened the window and carried me up on the window sill and i sat there waiting for him. i heard scratching banging noises on the door and i nearly fell from the shock. he quickly grabbed his only two blankets and wrapped one around me. the banging noises on the door had gotten very intense, as if the door is just going to just burst open. he took one last look at his bedroom and crawled up to the window sill and held me tightly in his strong arms. he wrapped the other blanket around him tightly and said, “you ready?” i nodded, and thought to myself we either risk some injuries and jump or get killed. quivering in the cold night air, shawn pushed himself off the window sill and we jumped. we landed on the grass patch and luckily, there was a lot of grass so it didn’t hurt much for me, at least. “omg shawn are you okay?” i asked, hoping he would be all good. “i’m okay, my hips just hurt a little, just give me a couple seconds to recover.” he replied, panting. “where are we gonna go now? it’s so dark.” i said while untangling myself from the blankets. “um.. we have to get outta here immediately so let’s go to my grandma’s, she lives like 15 minutes away.” he replied, standing up and putting his hands on his hip, panting from the pain. he sees the worried look on my face and says “i’m pretty sure i’m okay, i can walk, don’t worry.” i stood up, adjusted my jeans and clothes and that’s when we saw the tall black figure, stood right next to us, and i immediately knew who it was. i nearly fainted from shock and this time he even has a knife in his hand. - - - i know this isn’t the best imagine ever but remember my shawmila imagine? yep i definitely improved 😂 but i still hope u like it ❤️

Hahhaha cred to @ikindalikeshawn ❤️

Tomorrow guys, I’m so excited!!! But I’m also a little bit disappointed because I thought they were going to do a new song😍


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I can't wait to see that shawn has his own family. I also wanna kinda see his baby then but let's be honest it would be the best for shawn, his future wife, his future baby to hide it. The world can be crazy, creepy and scary. • Follow @shawn16mendes04 for more • Shoutout for Shoutout sundays ✨ DM us • Kid in Love • • #shawnmendes #mendes #shawn #youth #illuminate #singer #songwriter #mendesarmy #shawnsignature #festival #family #shawnmendesimagine #textingshawn #sm3 #meme #fans #sfs #music #niallhoran #dylanobrien #camilacabello #selenagomez #arianagrande #shawnmendesthetour #troyesivan #troye #fff #lfl #shawnmendesthealbum


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PART 2 don't let it flop guys...hope y'all like it...❤❤❤ _________________ (Ignore) @shawnmendes @shawnmendes @shawnmendes #mendesarmyindia #mendesarmyforever #shawnmendes #shawnmendesimagine #imagine #cute #mutual #mercy #stitches #shawnislove #bringshawntoindia #shawniloveu #perfectlywrong #why @shawnmendes @shawnmendes

chapter 30: y/n's pov ~in the evening~ I started walking to the park.I saw shawn in our bench.He sits there and play guitar.I went and sit next to him.He looked at me and smiled.I said "hey,that was amazing" he said "how much time are you here?" I said "oh not too long" he said "oh ok" he put his guitar down next to him and we started talking.He said "soo umm,did you had a good time with matt?".I said "you want me to be honest?It was good but we didn't talk much,it's not like with you" he said "oh ok,so you have better time with me?" I said "that's obvious,ofc yes!" we laughed and he said "so what happened?" I didn't know what to say.I wanna talk with someone about everything that happened and if I talk with the girls they will start making fun.So I will talk with the other person I trust and that's shawn.I said "ugh I wanna talk with someone and you are the one I trust so much and if I talk to my friends they make fun of me so.." he cut me of and said "oh hun,I want you to know I will never ever make fun of you,you can trust me and be sure,I trust you too" I smiled and said "thank you so much....Sooo when we were talking he started leaving in but I stopped him bc I don't feel anything for him,I have told you that I like someone else but he doesn't like me back but it's ok.Btw i said that its late and I left after everything that happened in the walk with Matt.I didn't expect from him to want to kiss me...." he said "I'm sure the guy likes you back.I may don't know who he is but you are an amazing girl" I blushed and said "thank you,you are an amazing guy too..." and then be said "btw,i don't really know if Matt really likes you or not,and if you don't feel the same as him it's really ok" I said "yeah"..After that we continue talking for other things and I said "as long as you bring your guitar can you please sing for me?pleaseeeee?" he said "um,yes ofc".He played guitar a bit and then he looked right in in my eyes and started singing irresistible by one direction.... ~~sorry for the short chapter again,I will make my chapters longer~~ #shawnmendes #shawn #mendes #shawnmendesarmy #mendesarmy #shawnmendesimagine #shawnmendesfanfic #shawnmendesfanfiction


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😭😭😭😍😍😍👌👌💕💕💕❤️❤️ @shawnmendes @shawnli_mendess @shawnmendes @shawnmendes @shawnli_mendess #shawnmendes #shawnmendesimagine #shawnmendesedit #latelateshawn #like4likes #likesforlike #likeforliketeam #likeforliketeam #likeforlikeandfollow