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This picture is like so beautifully perfect in every way 😍😍 • #shawnmendes #shawnmendesfan #shawnmendesarmy #shawnmendesmemes #shawnmendesimagine


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If these were real I would 100% buy them • • • • • • • • • • #mendesarmy #shawnie #shawnmendes #shawnmendes #shawnmendesarmy #shawnmendesfans #shawnmendesthealbum #shawnmendesmerch #shawnmendesfanpage #shawnmendesimagine


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A beautiful GOOD MORNING! ♥️🌸 I just woke up and saw that we hit the 2.000 FOLLOWERS! I mean 2.000 WONDERFUL PEOPLE ! 😍😍😭♥️ No words can describe how happy I am and how much my page means to me. So THANK YOU! THANK you for reading my Imagines & chats! 🌹 I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU! 🌸✨ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ _____________________________________ #shawnmendes #shawnmendesfan #shawnmendesthealbum #shawnmendesthetour #mendesarmy #shawnmendesimagine #shawnmendesedit @shawnmendes

My bae 💙 is not my only idol. Well I love you fall in love with her song. 🌹 @shawnmendes @shawnmendesupdates1 @shawnmendesarmy @shawnmendesisbae @shawnmendesbrasil #shawnmendes #shawnmendesedit #shawnmendesarmy #shawnmendesisbae #shawnmendesimagine #shawnmendesthealbum #shawnmendesfanpage #shawnmendesgoals #shawnmendesrp #shawnmendesvideo #bae #love #fakelove

Ashlyn’s POV: we are going to Canada’s Wonderland and I’m so excited. Aaliyah kept telling me how fun it was and how the roller coasters were the best and how I had to go on them with her no matter what. Shawn kept saying how we were all going to have a blast. Manny and Karen went in their car. When we got there we all met up and we were looking at what rides we wanted to go on. “So I know you guys are teenagers and you all want to have fun so if you guys want you could go ahead and go on the big rides, me and your dad Shawn will be walking around and doing some other things. You’re her oldest so I need you to take care of your sister and to be he one looking out for them. Ok?” “Ok mum and don’t worry I’ll take care of them” he said smiling. We then headed out to go on some roller coaster. Me and Aaliyah has sat together in the 1st roller coaster and Shawn started to pout “it’s not fair she should sit with me” “I’m 12 it’s not fair plus your 17 can’t you be a big boy?” She said laughing. “She’s right” I say shrugging my shoulders. We were going up and my heart started to race “I’m not ready” Aaliyah say holding on to the handlebars “me too” we were then on the top and next thing you know we were going down and then went in a loop. We got out and I was surprised I made it out alive, I’m not a big fan of roller coasters, I’ll go on them but I’m not a fan of them. After a few rides we went went to grab some lunch and we were eating. Then. A few girls asked for selfies and me and Aaliyah day there just talking. “Hey you are his sister and girlfriend right? Can I take a picture with you two?” I looked at Aaliyah and she shrugged her shoulders. “Yeah sure” we took a quick selfie and counted to talk and eat. “Wow i can’t believe they wanted a few selfies with us” Aaliyah said “me too” I say chuckling. We were then we were then going on our last ride and this time we all sat together. “It’s freezing” I said “yeah it is” Aaliyah said. Then it started to snow a bit. “Wow great timing” Shawn said and we all chuckled. We all dipped out coats and we were shivering. “Next time we come here it has to be during the summer” Shawn said and we all agreed. More In comments👇

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Umm yes I know it’s like super good I put so much effort and soul Into this please give it a like for all my hardwork okey thank yah @shawnmendes #shawnmendes #shawn #shawnmendesedits #shawnmendesimagines #shawnmendesimagine #shawnvideo #shawnmendesvideo #shawnmendesisbae #shawnmendesfragrance


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powerful ♡ -what time is it where you are?

“Shhh your going to wake her up!” “But Shawn why are you here?” “Long story.”. I guess I was talking out loud. Well I guess I was right about fitting more than just Hanna and I in my bed. I turned to Hanna just to make sure she was still sleeping before turning back to Shawn and wrapping my arm around his torso. A smile appeared on his pink lips and he kissed my temple. It’s only 20 minutes later before Shawn says, “Babe I have to go.”. He hasn’t ever called me babe before. I’m blushing, again, and butterflies are flying in my stomach right now. No words, just a pouty face formed on my lips. “I know I know but I have to go to the studio and meet up with Andrew. Today is a big day!”. I keep on forgetting about Imagine. “Okay Okay.” I say while sarcastically rolling my eyes. He leaned down and gave me a quick kiss before hopping out of bed and opening the door, disappearing from behind it. I don’t have any clue why he would be sleeping in my bed but I’ll make him tell me later. Today is Sunday and I have missed the past Sunday dinners that I have with my family because I have been in the hospital. I’m excited because I haven’t seen my Gigi in a while. She is my great grandmother and we share the same birthday which is truly amazing. I love having conversations with her and just having Sunday family dinners in general. “Hmm what was that?”. Shit I forgot Hanna was in here. “What was what?” I ask trying to play dumb. “Well I don’t know I just heard silence and then a smooching sound. Was Shawn here?”. She caught us and she knows it so there is a slight smirk on her face. Well I can’t lie to her now, “Geez Hanna. Yes Shawn and I are something but you can’t tell anyone!” “Okay okay don’t worry I won’t.” She said that and I think she is serious but I need to make sure. “Hanna I’m serious if anyone finds out I will not ever talk to you again.”. She nods her head and stands up. “Where are you going?” I ask. “I can’t lay in bed all day. I’m getting in the shower.”. Well now that there are no distractions around me I guess I should catch up on school work.


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Hey y’all today is 1 year since I’ve made this acc I just wanna thank everyone who followed me from the beginning and The ones who followed me later thank you for everything I love you all so much and I hope more years are gonna come with this acc I’ll always support Shawn and love him even if he doesn’t love me back💔it’s ok I’m used to it.


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Hey y’all this is a new fanfic I hope y’all like it is about 16 years old Shawn!!! Let’s begin Chapter 1 : my alarm went off gosh I hated the sound of it! But today is a good day we are going to a waterpark and I’ve been waiting for this . “WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP” my brother who is 11 is so annoying “ IM AWAKE WTF LEAVE ME ALONE “ and I pushed him out of my bed bc he was on top . I stood up washed my face put some clothes brushed my hair got ready and went down stairs “ good morning mom and dad “ “ good morning sweetheart “ I sat down to eat breakfast *beep beep* my friend messaged me “ hey r u ready were waiting outside “ “OH SHOOT “ I just grabbed an apple “ MOM I NEED TO GO BYE” “ but swee-“ I just slammed the door and went running to the car “ heyyy “ “ hey bitch get in “ we were singing the whole ride to the pool when we arrived there and got our bikini’s on we went to swim all my friend jumped in but me being a drama queen I got slowly in but O M G there was this cute fucking guy his back muscles were EVERYTHING! I wanted to go talk to him but I’m too afraid “ hey y/n why r u staring at Shawn “ “ wait y’all know him ?” “ em hahaha obvi he’s Aaliyah’s brother “ “ ohhh “ well Aaliyah is my best friend but she told me she had a brother but she never talks about him “ Aaliyah is your best friend and you don’t know her brother HAHAH” “ ugh stop” I sucked my tummy in and went to do this water slide but then I saw Shawn behind me he followed me so it was my turn but you didn’t have to wait you just had to go immediately so Shawn was really close to me and someone pushed him and his BODY TOUCHED MINE and we had to do the slide like this he was laughing and said “ are you okay ? Sorry someone is pushing me” I was shook cuz he talked to me “ y-y-yes I’m fine haha “ omg omg omg he talked to me this isn’t ok wtf I’m going to die when the slide ended he went to do it again but I wasn’t behind him cuz my friend wanted to ask me something so then I went there to do the slide and I saw him wait cuz right when I wanted to do it he pushed everyone away so that he could be behind me he didn’t want to make it obvious tho but I saw itComment what you think about this fanfic!💖


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ok this is goals. matching tattoos is everything


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i love his necklace


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my thottie hottie


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what’s your favorite color?

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guys answer the poll on our story. just something i wanna know. lol. let me know when your done comment your favorite emoji but i hope you guys are having an amazing day. & we’re almost to 300 babes. amazing. ✨ yellow is honestly my favorite color lol fun fact y’all 💛 - - - #shawnmendes #shawnmendesedits #followforfollow #shawnmendesimagine #shawnmendesisbae #shawnmendesfanpage #shawnmendesarmy #comment #shawnmendesedits #shawnsmuffin 💛💛💛💛


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good night loves,, he’s so cute 🖤 @shawnmendes

⚠️ This short story I said was gonna be 3 parts may be more like 5 or 6 coz I’m sooooo into it, won’t be long till it’s posted, also please vote about usernames on my story xxx Deleting this post soon just wanted to let you all know xx 😘😘 #shawn #mendes #shawnmendes #illuminate #mendesarmy #shawnmendesilluminate #shawnpeterraulmendes #shawnieboy #mendesshawn #theresnothingholdinmeback #treatyoubetter #sm3 #shawnsignature #inmyblood #lostinjapan #inmybloodvideo #shawnmendesthealbum #youth #shawnmendesthetour #shawnmendesstories #shawnmendesimagine #imagine #stories #shawnmendesimagines #imagines