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8 Minutes Ago

GDT Day 11 Today started out slowly, with both of us not wanting to get up when the alarm went off. We managed to get on the trail a bit after 7am. It was another day mostly on ATV-type trails, but they were pretty decent for walking on for once. About 3km before our planned camp, we encountered a sign indicating that an alternate had been flagged to bypass avalanche debris which blocked the trail 4km ahead. Dutifully, we proceeded to follow the orange flags indicating the alternate route. This was actually pretty nice as we finally got to be on something more trail-like for the first time in several days. The trees we were walking through cleared and we reached a meadow shortly before the ascent to Tornado Saddle - wildflowers were blooming in the meadow and there were plenty of flat areas - we'd found our alternate beautiful campsite. 📍 Traditional territories of Ktunaxa, Niitsitapi and Tsuu T'ina


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GDT Day 10 Today was a pretty uneventful day of ATV trails again with a brief climb in the middle. The highlight of today was seeing a mama moose and tiny calf on the trail, but they ran out of sight before I could get a picture. 📍 Traditional territories of Ktunaxa, Niitsitapi and Tsuu T'ina


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At just over 13,000 feet we reached the top of California Gulch, which overlooks Lake Como to one side and a huge glacial valley to another. The views went on forever in almost every direction and like the passes we did the day before, it's a sight and a feeling I'll never forget. • #silverton #lakecomo #landscape #mountains #colorado #shiftgear #dirtbike #abovetreeline #geology #optoutside #sheadventures #sharetheadventure #birthdayride #instadaily #instagood #californiagulch #californiapass


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When floating in the pool is simply not enough activity. 🌴#dontgochasingwaterfalls


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Lessons from the Winds: 1. Mosquitos are the worst 2. You’re never too good to be humbled by 5.8 3. I’m really not into free-soloing 4. My body is damn strong 5. @thermarest makes the best backpacking gear


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Last week Sarah posted about one of her favorite spots in Southeast, Takatz Bay. She expertly explained how the gorgeous turquoise water is caused by glacial till, which is fine glacial sediment suspended in water. • I wanted to add that every one of these deliciously colored water areas are 100% unique because each glacier is biologically different. Each glacier/stream takes a different route from mountain to sea, collecting different microscopic particles along the way. • This is also how salmon find their way home after traveling the Pacific Ocean, by literally smelling the unique chemical makeup of their home stream. • Thank you Sarah for taking us with you to a difficult Southeast spot to access, and girl, that hat looks good on you 🤙🏼🤙🏼 • Follow her at @the_vagabondist • • • #resolutebabe #sheexplores #insidepassage #optoutside #herwanderfullife #mobilemag #sheisnotlost #sheadventures #womeninthewild #wonderfulwildwomen #womenwhoexplore #summerinalaska #seak #alaskastyle


45 Minutes Ago

Chasing sunrises ✨✨ 📷: @kristinabosnic


51 Minutes Ago

GDT Day 9 Today, as Kyle put it, was a test of our commitment to actually finish the trail; we had to leave a place with cozy beds with all our meals provided and daily showers for roadwalking with very very heavy packs 📍 Traditional territories of Ktunaxa, Niitsitapi and Tsuu T'ina


54 Minutes Ago

★ it's hard to stay mad ★ when there's so much beauty in this world ★ sometimes I feel like I'm seeing it all at once ★ and it's too much ★ my heart fills up like a balloon that's about to burst ★ and then I remember to relax ★ and stop trying to hold on to it ★ and suddenly it flows through me like rain ★ and I can't feel anything but gratitude ★ for every single moment of my wild little life ★ • • • • #gopro #goprohero #goprolife #gopro_epic #sanandres #colombia #mytinyatlas #experiencesouthamerica #forgeyourownpath #darlingescapes #darlingweekend #beautifulearth #welltravelled #wekeepmoments #visualsoflife #dametraveler • • • #sheadventures #folkscenery #allaboutadventures #nomadstories #ourlonelyplanet #awakethesoul #travelcolombia #traveltagged #thefolk_nature #laponaenigel #creatorswillcreate #beautifulmatters #snorkeling #caribbeanlife


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✨"i have changed. ten-fold. grown out of my skin. become woman. tasted the air as a new being. sang as the moon chased me from the shore. in every way, i am ready for magic..." - alison malee 💜💫✨ Ready for magic.... • • • 📸: I'm in Carlsbad today but this photo was taken last weekend in Santa Barbara! ☕️ (lol at that 🐐 right behind me 😂) 🌴🌞💜☕️🌟


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What'd you say?


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this stuff really is magical ✨🦄 not ONLY is it a quick and easy way to restore carbs and protein after my workout... butttt it’s loaded with antioxidants to keep me healthy, probiotics to keep my gut healthy, adaptogens to help my body deal with daily stresses in life, matcha to give me energy to keep going, and tastes freaking amazing 😋 i may or may not have perfected the recipe for a Wendy’s frosty 😏🍦🤤 WITHOUT the junk 🙌🏼 seriously tho i would drink this for every meal if that was an acceptable way to live 😂 if youre into matcha, kombucha, açaí, mushroom coffee, etc. to get these health benefits you should deffffinitely try out this stuff! 👉🏻1) it’s all in one 2) you could save a lot of waste 3) you would save a bunch of money 💰 drop a 🦄 if you wanna upgrade your basic smoothie 😜 #liveadventurously #longhairdontcare #optoutside #whatveganslooklike #womenwithmuscle #womenwhohike #wildernessbabes #outdoorwomen #radgirlslife #sheexplores #mountaingirls #choosemountains #werehikers #sheadventures #alpinebabes #girlswhohike #campingcollective #wearethewild #hikingadventures #adventureculture #coloradolive #nomakeup #naturalbeauty #teamnatural #coloradogirl #plantpowered #veganstrong #coloradovegan #girlswithtattoos #girlswithglasses


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Happy Sunday! ✨ Really excited for our upcoming ventures exploring new parts of the country we never have! Where is your next road trip? Give me some of your favorite spots in our first stop: NorCal + Oregon! 📍


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♕ ☸ 🍂 Announcement - Freebie Gear from Us TODAY! NOW! 👊👊👊 GET THIS by Tapping the link via our bio NOW!!! "Here lies Morris, a good man and friend. He enjoyed the finer points of civilized life but never shied away from a hearty adventure or hard work. He died a free man, which is more than most people can say, if we are going to be honest about it. Most people are chained to their own fear and stupidity and haven't the sense to level a cold eye at just what is wrong with their lives. Most people will continue on, dissatisfied but never attempting to understand why, or how they might change things for the better, and they die with nothing in their hearts but dirt and old, thin blood ~~ weak blood, diluted ~~ and their memories aren't worth a goddamned thing, you will see what I mean." ~~ Patrick DeWitt #sheadventures #utahisrad #italianleather #mountainview #optoutside #cabin #uahunt #campingtrip #instaiceland #weliketotravel #camplife #pacificnw #solotraveler #travelmore #backpackingadventures #roaringfork #moncayo #beachbound #getlost

Chance and I are really a team. I know that sounds cliche and loads of couples say that to describe their relationship but for us it’s honestly true. He shoots 90% of the images in my feed. I might be the art director and the one who ultimately does all the editing but the camera is in his hands and that takes a true creative eye. When we travel, I might be more of the explorer, researcher/planner and the root finder but he’s the one who navigates and ultimately gets me there. He’s also the realistic one that puts things into perspective for me when I want to hit several gnarly locations in one day. I’m more go, go, go and he’s more zen. He slows down my fast paced lifestyle. I’m the one scared of heights, he has no fear and he’s the one telling me I can do all the things when I’m filled with doubt. I think you get the idea. A rad relationship is one where two extremely independent people fall in love and make a deal that they will help make the other person the best version of themselves. I’m not saying it’s always easy but nothing good ever is. Today, I wanted to give @cr_myers all the credit for this shot b/c without him and his extreme patience, this creative space of mine wouldn’t be what it is without him.


1 Hour Ago

Imagine meeting someone who wanted to learn your past not to punish you, but to understand how you needed to be loved. Be inspired by people who don't run away when they locate the darkness in you; who instead lean in and ask where the darkness stems from & how they can love you in the midst of it


1 Hour Ago

The via ferrata route, Sentiero Massimiliano a beautiful ridge line set high above the Val Duron. This place does have a slightly more remote feel compared to other areas of the Dolomites... once your passed the hoards of taxis flying past to the lower lying huts!!! We walked from Campitello making it a bigger day finishing on 26 kilometres and 1400m of ascent! ❤ #livingthedream #eurotrip #adventureculture . . . . . #dolomites #valduron #campitello #catinaccio #viaferrata #klettern #ridgeline #wildernessculture #girlswithmuscle #sheadventures #escalada #climbing_pictures_of_jnstagram #govertical #landscape_capture #nature_lovers #vanlifeeurope #mountaineering #alpinevalley #outsideisfree #climbersofinstagram #fromwhereistand #endurancetraining #mountaintop #klettersteig #expandyourplayground #passionpassport #runnershigh


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First shipwreck dive! The Madira was so overwhelming and now I'm even more hooked into this sport. I need cheaper hobbies... . . Hopefully more underwater photos to come! . 📸@joriestrunk #scubadiving #girlswhoscuba #diver #northshore #madira #splitrock #scubagirl #scubadivinggirls #scubadiverlife #mymadness #optoutside #sheexplores #sheadventures #wreckdive #lakesuperior #lakesuperiordiver


1 Hour Ago

Mermaids in training 🧜🏻‍♀️ So much fun diving in and out of patches of kelp forest popping up only to adjust masks and share that one of us spotted a bat ray or Garibaldi fish


2 Hours Ago

Doggos are “allowed” on the Lost Coast Trail but advised against bringing them. The terrain is rough, even for the hardiest of dogs. 25.3 miles of pebbles, boulders & sand to rub their paws raw. The most difficult section of the trail was trying to rock-scramble the slippery, mountainous algae-covered boulders with your large pack while hoisting a 50lb dog. The rocks were sharp & slippery and the dogs scrambled & panicked trying to get any kind of grip. My shins took a tortuous beating from slipping while trying to stabilize myself, my pack & the dogs. And if it’s not the the terrain, it’s their shoes. The hiking is excruciatingly slow with dogs. Constantly checking to make sure the shoes stay on during all the varied terrain & that it didn’t get wedged & slip off between a boulder. Constantly stopping to adjust the shoes, the socks & pouring out all the sand & pebbles that slip inside. Then having to completely pick the dogs up at creek/stream crossings to avoid getting their shoes & socks soaked while trying to balance on a log to get across with your pack. IF you are convinced that you STILL want to take your dog, I suggest 2 sets of shoes and socks. We had never seen our dogs collapse from exhaustion before like we did while on this trail (& they’ve done a lot of hiking/backpacking prior to this). The Lost Coast Trail is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Cheers to the man that supports all my crazy ideas 💡 and passions✨. . I might not always be the easiest or most quiet 🤫, but you’ve never tried to tame my wild spirit. #therealmvp🙌