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#shepardfaireymural Aspen in June


2018-07-05 14:36:45

Had a great time exploring Aspen and the surrounding area the last couple of days. So much beauty to see in this awesome state. I also had so much fun seeing Thievery Corporation at the intimate Belly Up concert venue in Aspen on the 4th! 😊 #lifeisgood #aspencolorado #nature #adventure #explore #happy4thofjulyweekend #grateful #thieverycorporation #shepardfaireymural


2018-06-27 21:29:57

Gkap’s recap of @armandrinkiss #junekill10 #bottlekill. ————————————————— First off, 👏👏👏 to Armando for issuing this challenge. It has been a lot of fun but it will take me a full year to be able to participate in anything like this again! 😜🤪 ————————————————— 01). Ardbeg Perpetuum. Smoky, ashy and at its best after some air time. Replacement ranking (within this set of 10) 7. ————————————————— 02). Jose Cuervo Reserva de La Familia. The best tequila I’ve had to date. This was the 2016 bottling and I have a 2014 bottling still on the shelf that I won’t open unless it is a very special occasion. It was a gift from friends in Mexico after a fun project, many great dinners and a crazy fun weekend in Vera Cruz that I’ll never forget but can’t really talk about... unless you get some of this stuff in me. Replacement ranking 9, but will be higher if I get down south again to pick it up at MEX duty free for $50 less. ————————————————— 03). Springbank 11 Local Barley. A thing of beauty. My first Springbank. Also my first scotch shared with my birthday brother. Replacement ranking 3. ————————————————— 04). Creative Whisky Company, The Exclusive Malts, “Islay”. Single cask, cask strength, independent bottling of Lagavulin... need I say more? Replacement ranking 1. ————————————————— 05). Ardbeg Dark Cove. Go ahead, close your eyes and embrace the darkness. Replacement ranking 2. ————————————————— 06). The Glendronach Peated. Highland Peat at its best. Replacement ranking 6. ————————————————— 07). Laphroaig 15. There’s nothing quite like the first dram from this bottle, and the second, and the... Replacement ranking 5. ————————————————— 08). Glenmorangie Bacalta. Let’s bake some cookies together. Replacement ranking 10. ————————————————— 09). Compass Box Rivals. A healthy rivalry can be a good thing. I’ll take this kind of rivalry any day. Replacement ranking 8. ————————————————— 10). Kilchoman Original Cask Strength. Hug the next farmer you meet. If they are a Kilchoman farmer, kiss them. Replacement ranking 4. ————————————————— I suppose now I’ll have to send these bottles over to Roy @Aqvavitae for recycling, 😂.


2018-02-25 21:40:02

Shepard Fairey hit Chicago with his massive album art mural gracing an underpass. Now he's been spotted all the way in Copenhagen, Denmark. His second piece there was captured by photographer Henrik Haven. Fairey's own version of Guns & Rosestook two days to complete, and it is located at Nygrdsvej called “Your Ad Here,” at the V1Galleryin Denmark. September 3, 2011. #obey #obeyindonesia #shepardfaireydamaged #shepardfairey #shepardfaireymural #mural #artwork #streetart #guns&roses #denmark


2017-10-14 14:04:31

Shepard Fairey mural downtown Las Vegas. Urban Adventures Las Vegas amazing day tour. Learnt so much about how much more there is to this town! Another BEST.DAY.EVER thanks to Rick. #localsknow #bestdayever #fun #urbanadventureslasvegas #lasvegas #artdeco #casino #streetart #murals #art #streetphotography #shepardfairey #shepardfaireymural @intrepidtravel @urbanadventures @las_vegas_urban_adventures


2017-08-25 12:07:36

Shepard Fairey just finished his Blondie mural across from the former CBGB's on the Bowery and it's amazing! It's located just a few blocks north of us at 2 Bleecker St. [photo by @just_a_spectator] #shepardfairey #onthebowery #streetart #muralnyc #bowery #thebowery #bowerynyc #boweryny #cbgb #cbgbs #shepardfaireymural #shepardfaireystreetart #muralny #nycmural


2016-03-28 09:28:45

Shepard Fairey on a rainy Monday #shepardfaireymural


2017-05-07 12:22:58

This beautiful @obeygiant piece is part of @galerie_itinerrance 'Street 13'. It's a fantastic project beautifying Paris' 13th precinct with art by the likes of @conorsaysboom @dface_official @christianguemy @invaderwashere @faileart @tristaneaton @vhils and more. Well with the time to go and check it out if in Paris!!