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It’s a 305 ting...


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Rock n roll, baby!


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Run As fast as you can Run


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I traversed along the port precinct as though sleepwalking. A surge of determination hit me out of nowhere, prompting me to get through any open door. That night, I knew I would be dreaming of the smiling moon over my dissociating body as I tried finding my path in pitch blackness, seeking wonders upon wonders which would lead me astray


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My Archery Coach was voted Volunteer Coach of the Year for @usaarchery coaches. He works hard and makes me work hard. @nextsteparchery @hoyttargetarchery @robc_64


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Nine years ago I joined the Navy looking for adventure. Since then I’ve had the privilege of sailing on all three of Canada’s coasts, and beyond. • During a deployment to the Arctic in 2012, I developed a deep appreciation for the importance of combatting climate change. Watching this issue on the news is one thing; seeing first hand its damaging effects on our remote North is another entirely. • One of the many things on my “lifetime to-do list” involves travelling north once again, camera in hand, in order to better document this issue for all to see. _____________________


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Where I wanna be #starrysky


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My #deedan toping charts as per usual I am so grateful Alhamdullilah! I can’t thank my fans and followers enough for their support and of course the blessings from my family and Allahs benevolence. He truly is great. Success will come to those who believe. Never stop striving :) love you all, keep watching ‘Deedan’, every Saturday at 8:00 Pm only on @aplusentertainmentchannel . .


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Mornings with with Paul Githinji; my trainer. Such a brilliant soul he is. Always a motivator and a guider, someone who ensures I remain fit and don’t lose focus. Focus is the crux of existence, any activity you wish to pursue requires focus. Including fitness work out, it requires dedication and passion. You really need to commit yourself to it. Hope everybody’s having a great day 🙂 .


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Well, #deedan Top Trending Once again! My gratitude will never be enough I am so grateful to my fans for the response that we have received from my drama serial #deedan which has been breaking records continuously. Thank you for all your love and support , once again this couldn’t have been possible without you guys 💯💯 .