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Clara takes one chewable every day that is both her multivitamin and her probiotic for the day. With no sugar or artificial dyes and all the good stuff she needs for the day, I am happy to give it to her. This is not your average kids vitamin. Clara got a cold and a little fever the end of last week that lasted all of 2-3 days. She is almost totally back to normal now with just a little cough left. Water, lots of snuggles, rest and high quality supplements are essential in our house. Now Matt and I have a twinge of the same cold and I've never been so grateful for my adult versions of these same vitamins and probiotics ❤️ Life happens, we all get run down sometimes. But it's okay to have some things in our back pocket to make it a little easier. This is ours 👍

Hard when you used to see them every single day. Seeing the conversations with her on my phone because I just can't delete them. The videos of her being her weird self! It's so easy to say to someone that they should be over it because it's been 5 months. I'm not just getting over the death, I'm getting used to having a giant hole in my heart and a voice I used to hear every day, not being there. I'm not really sorry that you might be annoyed that I am still grieving. Unless you've felt it, you have no idea. Don't go round being idiots about it because the heart will ALWAYS grieve for something that the face doesnt always show. Some days we will feel it harder just for some reason. It might not be a special occasion or anything like it, we might just get sad about it. Just listen. That's all we need. :/ . #dealingwithlossandgrief #sickandtired #heartbroken #motheranddaughter #imissyou #5monthslater #bestfriend #giveustime

Notice a change in how you feel? Let us help figure out why and get you back to feeling #excellent

We are working on getting the monthly budget down but tomorrow is payday so we are at least budgeting the paycheck before it hits the bank tomorrow. I had this horrible habit of budgeting down to the last $200 or so dollars. Honestly I believe it’s because 1. I could never figure out where it should really go (debt, duh) 2. Carelessness because I didn’t want to focus and be intentional like I should have been 3. My wants were not in check so I wanted a buffer just in case I happen to wander into Target and drop 50.00 which of course always happened..... so here we are down to the last 200.00 but this time it’s being budgeted. No more leaving money on the table because honestly it just gets spent unintentionally and with no purpose.


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#catsgram#lol#atmosphere#home#sickandtired#fluffy#pet#betweenjobs#kiev#ukraine#earth#hitfm#mypussy#playingwithmypussy #багатохештегів #всеякулюдей #хворібудні Шось давно моєї кіскі не було в дописах. Ми типу хворі, якшо шось. Забігайте в гості і тащіть вітаміни😏✊🏻


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Whats the point of living if you arent there to share it with me. #selcaday #selfie #selca #france #french #rosycheeks #motd #makeup #sickandtired #freckles #heartbreak #ldr


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#poorlyportrayedponderings no. 196: It's either too much makeup, or no makeup and if there's no makeup, there should be some makeup. Or you're either too thin or too fat or not thin enough, you need to either eat more or eat less. You gotta get rid of that body hair, you need to smile all the fucking time, blah blah blah you know that rest. Fuck everything, you literally don't owe pretty to anyone. Cut off those (from your life) who make you feel ugly, cuz you're not. You're fucking cute and your mental health matters more. Thanks.


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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And....it’s when people start dropping like flies with all different kinds of ick 😷. Using Thieves everyday helps keep our family protected and helps us stay above the wellness line📈. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, we must have a chat!


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Speaking of love...💕 I wanted to give a shoutout to this man of mine! He has been consistently rocking out our @liift4 workouts at 5am with me for the last TEN weeks! With five kiddos always up in our business and demanding attention, it has been amazing to carve out this time each day to focus on us and our relationship.


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Less perfection, more authenticity 🙃 #flip#rotate #sickandtired xxx


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This is me at the moment. I can relate. #tired #restless #exhausted #sick #whatdo #cat #sickleave #sickandtired #fun


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So ich muss dann mal wieder los...😬 & ihr so? Meine blöde Erkältung macht mich noch fertig😖 #sickandtired #blackandwhitephotography #selfie #makeup #facetattoo #falselashes #ink #inkedface #inked #nationalism #pierced #picoftheday #photooftheday #germangirl🇩🇪 #blondehair


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Die Quali passt zu meinem Zustand. 😂 Ich hab die ganze Nacht kaum geschlafen, hab extremen Reizhusten,- meine Nachbarin muss denken ich werde seit Tagen stranguliert. 😅 Bis zum Wochenende muss ich unbedingt wieder halbwegs fit sein, denn da geht es wieder auf die große Cosmetica! 😍 Kommt gut durch den Tag! 😊 #wednesdays #flu #sickandtired #erkältung #thosedays #mood #catmom #catlove #catkiss #qualiterror #inthemorning #zerstört #halbzeit #november #snakebites #winterscoming #cattongue #catstagram


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I just had a phone call (again) from "the best mobile network company" - I always ask them which is - giving me "the best offer I could find in the market".... 😵 Fuck you I'm sick and tired of your BS... . . . . #bs #bullshit #offers #mobilenetwork #sickandtired #memes #ancient #sculpture #fuckyou #wednesday #mood #coffeefirst #ineedcoffee


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Feelin under the weather. But who the hell has time to be sick. #momsdontgetsickdays #mybediscallingme

One more from @defaultbandofficial and @dallassmithmusic cus they were amazing. . . . . . . #musiclover #concert #default #dallassmith #canadian #canadianmusic #rockshow #oldschool #sickandtired #howifeelaboutmyex

I’ve had the unfortunate experience to witness family and friends offloading their problems to people are literally fighting for their lives! If you can’t be there for someone in their most difficult time of their life, you shouldn’t come and take their precious energy with your problems! If you’re visiting someone who is sick, please be selfless or just sit and hold their hand... #myfather #lovedones #invisibleillness #invisibledisability #exhausted #selflessness #itsnotaboutyou #energyhealing #spilledink #thoughtsoftheday #nursesofinstagram #sickandtired #vulnerability #chronicillnesswarrior #chronicillness #chronicfatigue #chronicpain #hospitallife #holdmyhand #mylifestory #lovingyou #caring #innerwisdom

🍍"What is the point of being alive if you don't at least TRY to do something REMARKABLE?". . This time of year brings back ALL the feels. 🦃❤️🎄During the holidays of 2015, I hit a point in my life where I felt STUCK. I was exhausted, my body was spent, & right when the holiday break came, my body said NO MORE & I got sick.... I got a migraine, I had the flu.... & it was the day we were supposed to leave for the holiday to be with our family. 😔. . During that holiday, Pete & I did lots of souls searching. 💫 I started asking him, "what am I meant to do?". 🤔. 👉Am I supposed to continue busting my chops for a company & receiving the same 2% raise?!. 👉Spend 10-12 hours a day at work plus weekends & have no time for my family & friends?!. 👉Volunteer for special assignments, trainings, etc. but seem to never level up?!. . My hubby, out of all people 😉, told me I should start my wellness business. He reminded me of when I started my journey: 💜how happy it made me, 🍏how much healthier I was, 👯‍♀️all the amazing women I was surrounded with.... . But I had doubts. I'm not a fitness expert. I don't have a business degree. I’m not an expert on social media. Can I really do this?! But I kept seeing my coach share her journey..... ⭐️grow in her business, 🏝take all these trips, 🤓retire her hubby from his job... 🍍she reminded me it was possible, with hard work, sacrifice, pushing comfort zones, I can do anything I put my mind to! 💃. . ❤️The holiday season is a very special time for all us. But for me, it brings back those feels to 2015 when I was SICK, EXHAUSTED, my job literally ran me RAGGED..... and I decided it was time to:. . 🙌PUT MYSELF FIRST. 🙌PUT MY HEALTH FIRST. 🙌DO SOMETHING THAT BROUGHT ME JOY. 🙌DO SOMETHING THAT WAS FING AMAZING. . So here I am, almost 3 years later & it all started with one simple decision: TRY.🍍💜 We only fail if we don't try. This holiday season, I'm curious what all your feels are..... have you hit any points in your life where you feel stuck or your body says enough is enough? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Babe, I'm here for you! 💋 YOU are worth it. You DESERVE more. ✨ But nothing will change if you don't make one. 😘💜🍍


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Sheesh...Repost from @christos.nakos #mythoughts #feelingmoody #sickandtired #cantwaitfortheweekend #tuesday #tuesdayquotes


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Always an honour interviewing incredible people like Debi, who truly leaves an imprint. 💗⁣ ⁣ This police officer and mom has had a truly remarkable transformation! ⁣ ⁣ Check out the LIVE INTERVIEW on my FB PAGE {link in profile}. 👏


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hiiiii 👋🏽


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Not feeling too hot lately 🤕🤔 #sickinbed


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Because of this crazy cold and lack of sleep because of one tiny human (Amelia), I am feeling uninspired today. When I feel that way, it is hard for me to plan out my day and take action. This can put a damper on my fitness journey because these are the times most people (I am a person so this includes me) lose momentum and eventually stop. Something that helps is looking at old photos of when I was fit before baby. I see that sparkle and energy in my eyes. I see that it is possible. I will reach my 30 lbs weight loss goal! I will be that fit mama again. I will lead by example. I will not stop! Who is with me??