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Hey💍, this is my first Edit i made with CuteCut,hope you like it...😅😝 -please write Feedback in the Comments ~L #shadowhunters#shadowhuntersfamily➰ #dominicsherwood #katherinemcnamara #albertorosende #jacewayland #claryfairchild #simonlewis#shadowhuntersedit


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(shadowhunters characters x quote). the quote was a little short so i had to make some parts 🤷🏻‍♀️ also instagram ruins the quality of all my edits so sorry for that :/ (——) #shadowhunters #malec #aleclightwood #clace #izzylightwood #magnusbane #claryfairchild #jaceherondale #simonlewis #sizzy #raphaelsantiago #lukegarroway #saveshadowhunters #pickupshadowhunters

Sizzy for ever 👓❤➰ CC. @elahe_gh_1994 And @lbmalec @emeraude @albertorosende @shadowhunterstv #sizzy#shadowhunters#izzylightwood #simonlewis #emeraudetoubia #albertorosende #saveshadowhunters #shadowhuntersfandom #freefrom #netflix

"Hey, Kleine.. Hast du dich verirrt?", fragte ich, weil es das Erstbeste war, was mir einfiel. Sie sah mich weiterhin stumm an. Okay, sie war mehr als eingeschüchtert. "Bestimmt suchen dich deine Eltern schon, hm? Wo kommst du her?", fragte ich weiter, doch natürlich blieb sie still. Ich ging vor ihr in die Hocke und begegnete ihren grünen Augen, die mich kurz durcheinander brachten. Sie strahlten so sehr und gleichzeitig erinnerten sie mich an jemanden... "Wie alt bist du?", fuhr ich fort. Zu meiner Überraschung hielt sie vier Finger hoch. Also hatte ich recht gehabt. So ein junges Mädchen abends ganz allein hier. Was war passiert, dass sie ausgerechnet vor meiner Tür saß? "Warum bist du hier ganz allein? Was ist passiert?", fragte ich voller Hoffnung, dass sie diesmal antwortete. Ihre Augen wirkten auf einmal ängstlich, doch verloren ihre Größe nicht, mit der sie mich anblickte. Keine Antwort. "Du sprichst nicht viel, kann das sein?" Ich redete mit mir selbst, aber was sollte ich sonst tun? "Weißt du, wo deine Eltern sind?", fragte ich weiter. Sie schüttelte den Kopf. Es war wie ein Stoß in den Magen für mich. Sie wusste nicht, wo ihre Eltern waren.. Sie war ganz allein. Was für eine Angst musste sie haben? Kurzerhand stand ich auf. "Komm mit. Wir finden schon heraus, wo deine Eltern sind." Ich nickte zu meinem Haus und gab ihr meine Hand. Zögernd stand sie auf und legte ihre Hand in meine. Langsam ging ich zum Haus, während sie mir mit kleinen Schritten folgte. Ich schloss die Tür auf und ließ ihre Hand los, um mir die Schuhe schnell auszuziehen. Sie stand verunsichert im Flur und sah sich um. Dann ging ich vor ins Wohnzimmer, das mit der Küche verbunden war, und sie folgte mir. "Setz dich ruhig an den Tisch. Ich schau mal, was ich im Kühlschrank habe", sagte ich und ging zum besagten Kühlschrank. Als ich ihn öffnete, wurde mir bewusst, dass ich ihr nichts wirklich Süßes anbieten konnte, da ich natürlich kein vierjähriges Mädchen in meinem Haus erwartet hatte. "Magst du Orangensaft?", fragte ich sie. Sie nickte. Erleichtert machte ich ihr ein Glas Orangensaft bereit und gab es ihr. Ich setzte mich ihr gegenüber und beobachtete, wie sie gierig trank.


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This is going to be my last shadowhunters post for a while I think I’m good to switch to a multi fandom kpop acc ・・ . · · · #magunsbane #malec #aleclightwood #harryshumjr #shadowhunters #promo #izzylightwood #jaceherondale #claryfray #simonlewis #matthewdaddario #domsherwood #albertorosende #saveshadowhunters

I’m really exhausted right now, I biked like 8 miles today and had to play a softball game for 2 hours.

I’m sorry Clalec what?! Malec all the way. Credit to @malecway • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ❤️❤️❤️ • • • • • •

[Alec's POV] When Alec awoke the next morning the memories of the previous night flooded his mind. He touched his lips as he remembered the feeling of Magnus's on his. Alec realized with a start that it was Friday and that Magnus was hosting a party tonight. He was not used to the party scene but he really wanted an excuse to see Magnus, even if it had to be with his evil girlfriend Camille. Just thinking about Camille made Alec's heart sink in his chest. He stood up and went to the closet, looking in dismay at his clothing selection. For the first time in forever, Alec wished that he cared about fashion a little bit so he would have some party clothes. He sighed. That problem would have to wait until later. He grabbed his usual skinny jeans and threadbare sweater and pulled them on before going downstairs. [Magnus's POV] When Magnus boarded the bus he debated sitting in Alec's seat or somewhere else. Eventually, he let his feelings take over and sat down. When Alec got on the bus he looked to his seat and saw Magnus sitting there. He smiled and made his way to the back of the bus. "Hey," he greeted. "Hi," Magnus replied. The two sat in silence, but it wasn't awkward. When Magnus's hand brushed Alec's, the two interlocked hands where nobody could see them. Alec looked at Magnus and smiled his bright, dazzling smile. Magnus melted under that smile. "Are you coming to my party tonight?" Magnus asked. "Yeah, I was planning on it," Alec replied. "If you even want me there," Alec added hastily. "Of course I want you there," Magnus replied and Alec flashed that brilliant smile again. Right then the bus arrived at the school and the kids started filing off. Alec quickly removed his hand from Magnus's and stood up. The two walked to chemistry together and this time Magnus sat next to Alec. [Alec's POV] When Alec arrived home he walked up to his room and started pulling everything out of his closet. He needed something good to wear to the party to impress Magnus. When Izzy walked in 20 minutes later she found Alec in the middle of a pile of clothes, looking around in dismay. "Alec?" Izzy said. "What's going on?" "I don't have any clothes." (More in comments)

omg Dom DOESNT DESERVE THIS HE DESERVES THE WORLD NOW I CANT IMAGINE HOW SAD HE REALLY IS. people who hate on him for “not being the right jace” that isn’t his fault it depends on how the writers write the script. and people who still hate on him for using the slur can get over it ik it might be offensive but he apologized and only real fans will know that he really is sorry #jaceherondale #jacewayland #aleclightwood #claryfray #izzylightwood #magnusbane #simonlewis #lukegarroway #parabatai #saveshadowhunters #savetheshadowworld #renewshadowhunters #pickupshadowhunters #notourlasthunt #dominicsherwood #katherinemcnamara #shadowhunters #shadowhuntersedit #shadowhuntersseason3 #shadowhuntersseason2 #matthewdaddario #albertorosende #alishawainwright #emeraudetoubia #harryshumjr #isahiamustafa #lolaflanery #annahopkins #alanvansprang #willtudor @domsherwood @kitkatsmeow @matthewdaddario @harryshumjr @alishawainwright @emeraude @annabanana_hops @alanvansprang @willtudor1 @lola_flanery @albertorosende @shadowhunterstv

[Alec's POV] As quickly as the moment had started, it was over. Alec saw some headlights heading down his street signifying that his mother was home. He quickly pulled away from Magnus and wiped at his eyes. "Does it look like I've been crying?" Alec asked. "What?" Magnus replied, confused. "Does it look like I've been crying?" Alec repeated. "Umm...no," Magnus answered truthfully. "Are you sure you're okay?" he added. "Yes." As Alec replied his mother closed the car door and started walking towards them. "Hello Alec," his mother greeted. "Who's this?" Alec searched for a reply. What were he and Magnus? "He's uh just a friend," Alec replied, watching Magnus wince. "I should get going," he heard Magnus say. "Thanks for coming," Alec stared at Magnus as he walked away. "Alec?" His mother's voice brought him back to reality. "I'm going to go to bed," Alec turned and walked inside, leaving his mother to speculate about his change of mood. [Magnus's POV] As he walked away from Alec's house a million thoughts tumbled through his head. Why did Alec tell his mom they were just friends? Maybe he wasn't out to her yet or maybe he didn't want anything more to do with Magnus. He also thought about their kiss. Alec's lips were inexperienced but soft and gentle. In those few moments when Alec's lips were joined with his, he felt as though he could fly. It was unlike anything Magnus had ever experienced in his entire life, and he had a lot of exes. Then Magnus's mind wandered to Camille, his new girlfriend. He had said yes to her in a moment of weakness. Alec had just pushed him away in the hallway and Magnus was feeling lonely. Now Magnus wished, more than anything, that he had turned her down. When he reached his house his mother was still yelling on the phone. He sighed and climbed the creaky stairs to his room where he fell into a restless sleep. That night he dreamed of Alexander./tbc/