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Tuesday - 201118 When in SUMBA Beach 🏝 Sun ☀️ Partner Workout ✅ #enoughsaid . . In frame: @olivapieta @sharonsatia . . #sweatboxindonesia #plank #partner #core #muscle #abs #sixpack #vacation #beach #sun #sumba #indonesia


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OP0007 : ชุดว่ายน้ำวันพีช ไหล่เดียว สีเหลืองสลับขาว เว้าช่วงเอวให้ดูเซ็กซี่เบาๆ มีฟองน้ำ (สามารถถอดออกได้) เนื้อผ้า 82% Polyester + 18% Spandex Size : S / M / L S : อก 30-32 เอว 24-26 สะโพก 34-36 M : อก 32-34 เอว 26-28 สะโพก 36-38 L : อก 34-36 เอว 28-30 สะโพก 38-40 ราคา 490 บาท Free Ems สอบถาม-สั่งซื้อ Line : @8feb.bikini (มี@ข้างหน้า)


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Aunque ya casi está acabando!!!! Que semanas más entretenidas llevo 😰😰😰. #happymonday #week #necesitovacaciones


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Never neglect working your abs. Working abs on a “bulk” will make them grow and get stronger. Working your abs on a “cut” will help maintain strength and muscle. It’s the fat loss on a cut that reveals your abs. If you aren’t too clued up on fitness, here’s an example defining both bulking and cutting... Bulking - Eating over how many calories your body burns daily. Bulking is useful for gaining muscle, however don’t bulk excessively, as you will gain mass amounts of unwanted fat. I recommend a maximum surplus of eating 15% over how many calories your body burns per day. If you want to stay as lean as possible, lower the surplus percentage. Cutting - Eating under how many calories your body burns per day. Cutting is useful for losing fat, however you don’t want to cut your calories too much as you will risk entering a catabolic state, i.e. losing muscle. I recommend a maximum deficit of eating 25% under how many calories your body burns per day, for aggressive fat loss. If you want to maintain as much muscle as possible and stay stronger, however, lower the deficit percentage. One last tip when working your abs on either a bulk or a cut: always use max weight for good form. Learn more on how to gain muscle and lose fat by downloading my FREE guide The Fat Loss Effect for a limited time and only at hadfit.com 👈🏽


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When someone tries to tell you that you should work out more, whip out that six pack & show em how it's done!🍻 . . . #imsexyandiknowit #sixpack #sexy #lmfao #beer #beerbelly #loveyourbody #bodyconfidence


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Diets about deadass 65% of it.


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My one and only Man Crush Monday 😍 #mcm @kingwizz06 Photography by me: @lady.e.photography