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The pressure I felt to let you in, even though I didn't want to; I wasn't ready, you didn't love me, you never did. I was just a conquest, another badge, for your boys. You knew I wasn't ready, you heard me say no. Don't. Stop. I'm not rea- but, you let yourself in. You came, right inside, with no regard for me. I am no longer me, I'm not longer, human. My body is mine, but, not really ? Not if a man takes a liking to it, not if that man has an urge, not if you're wearing that skirt; not if, he can see, what under that shirt. Where is that line ? Between, yes meaning yes, and no, meaning no ? When does what I say count ? When does it lose meaning ? When did me saying no, become yes ? No. STOP. I'm not rea- yet, here you are again. - 2007

SECRET SEA: WHISPERS (11/18) by Nicholas Jones and Blake Blanchard, 12 April 2017. - I hear those mice down underneath me, Crawling – begging just for an evening, Alone – behind closed doors – is this what you came for, I hear those mice down underneath me, Crawling beneath my feet – getting in between my toes, Because when I get him alone – he'll be taking off my clothes, And I'll say - do what you want with me, Do what you want with me, I hear these whispers in the night, Saying you can’t do me right, I hear these whispers in the water, Telling me you’re gonna falter, And all I can think to ask, Is why you're looking at me like that, You mumbled something while we got down on the floor, I just can’t take this anymore, I hear these vultures overhead, Telling me that something’s dead, And I wonder if you will return, Or if you’re going to let me burn, I hear them whispering all sorts of things, Saying you can’t ease the sufferings, And if I find you in the dark, They say you’ll tear my soul apart, All these whispers won’t let up, They’ve gone and left me in the dust, I guess they’ll do what they do best, Isolate me from the rest, Of my friends – and of my tribe, I hope I make it through the night, I hear these whispers underneath me, And those that can’t defeat me, Can fucking join me. - #whispers #nicholasjones #blakeblanchard #paralysmicpoetry #poetry #literature #art #writing #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #poet #spilledink #write #love #lgbt #gay #quote #instapoet #poem #instagood #emotions #instaquote #music #lyrics #vintage #secretsea #poetrycommunity #nsula #slampoetry #ss

🌲 Oregon Grown 5/6 Here is a little poem that I made based on my experiences and observations living in Portlandia as a POC. Take it as you like. I won’t stop you, or judge you, or argue against you. I’ll let you continue to feed your own cognitive dissonance. Ill let you continue to believe that you are supreme and superior over me. I’ll let you believe your gentrification is progress, I’ll let you think that your coffee and tea practices are ethically and sustainably ok. I’ll let you walk past me as you ignore my presence, in your arrogance, I’ll let you continue to exclude me and my people from your conversations and agendas. I’ll let you meet your own lies full circle. I won’t intervene. I’ll let you appropriate what my people have been hated for. Ill let you parade in our culture, and speak in our slang. I’ll let you have fun with it. I’ll let you take my food and sell it for fortunes. I’ll let you have it all. I’ll let you do all those things because that’s the only way you’ll learn. I’ll let you repeat history, and I’ll let you build your discoveries on things that already existed. I’ll observe, I’ll let you continue forever. Continue to feed your cognitive dissonance.

“A Nonbeliever, in Brazil” (PART SEVEN) — this notion of touring myself like a museum exhibit complete with an all-knowing but unintelligible guide terrifies the shit out of me * * * peering in and only blinking every other minute afraid to disrespect the silent reservation you apparently made for yourself no need to be rude inside the palace of overthinking - you’ve daydreamed about this how you’d act if ever invited into your very own home saw with your very own eyes what you’ve done with the place - you want to study with precision exactly what all these things mean but — as you seek irrefutable proof of your being you deafen yourself echoing through walls of muscle and flesh about how this isn’t you in any of this mess this backstreet provided with just enough decorative trash to make it look something other than empty * * * #love #instapoetry #instapoet #poetsofig #poetsofinstagram #writersofig #writersofinstagram #write #writer #creativewriting #words #self #alone #poetryisnotdead #brazil #poetrycommunity #writerscommunity #eyes #slampoetry #spokenword #heart #wordsmith #home #poet #writer #lukeemilewilliams

Я учу себя ничего никому не доказывать и не скучать по тем  У кого в разговорах так много тем  Не о том ,что действительно им самим необходимо . В общем ,не скучать по тем ,чья жизнь -уродская пантомима. И они тебя пытаются запихнуть в свой мирок  Только я ,отлично усваиваю урок  И работаю над этим денно и нощно Мне от слабых людей невозможно тошно. Называй это "мой каприз"  Ты на скоростном ,новомодном лифте съезжаешь вниз  Сквозь мои представления о твоей духовности Лифт уходит под землю ,на запредельной скорости И, наверное, пробивает землю насквозь  Вот и всё. Мы теперь точно врозь.  Точно навсегда , и слава твоему предавшему взгляду.  Из которого и мне перепало яду. И нутру ,что радует и радуется любым  Кто пришёл в него не пустым.  А хотя бы с какой-нибудь чёрной буханкой хлеба  И единственная его дилемма Это брать и жрать прямо сейчас или  дождаться ужина  Твоя новая пассия будет слегка сконфужена  В общем, мне ещё предстоит не малому научится  А пока ты пытаешься ,хоть за что нибудь зацепиться Лифт уже летит по чёрной дыре  А возврата от туда (насколько известно мне) Нет и быть, разумеется, не должно.  Ты надеялся это дно ? Это только поверхность твоего бесконечного путешествия в никуда.  И спасибо, слова -вода.  Я теперь это знаю, как ты свои убогие цифры  Я смогла приручить ,хотя бы простые рифмы. А  тебе стоит отдать уж такое должное  Ты влюбляешься быстрее ,чем тает моё мороженное  На раскалённом солнце, на каком нибудь диком пляже  Удивляет не это даже Удивляет способность выйти сухим из вод Но поверь .. это всего лишь брод.  А пока ,наслаждайся конечно, люби,твори, вытворяй . Забывай меня , обязательно забывай. Приходи туда и думай ,что это твоя обитель . Только - время  Удивительно  Мудрый Учитель... • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #writer #poetrysociety #poetryslam #dailypoetry #instagrampoetry #prosepoetry #instapoetry #poetryislife #poetrygram #spokenwordpoetry #poetryisnotdead #streetpoetry #poetry #writing #poetrylovers #poet #poetryinmotion #urdupoetry #poetryporn #poetryloving #visualpoetry #typewriterpoetry #slampoetry #poetrybook #poetryselfie #poetryofinstagram #darkpoetry #prilaga #micropoetry #lovep

If you love poetry, spoken word, and live performances you can't miss this event! Great poems. Great people. Great vibes and cash prizes! 1/25/18 be there! #ftwslam #instakc #kcpoetry #poetry #poetrycommunity #kcmo #visitkc #kcigers #localkc #igkcmo #cashprize #explorekc #kcwya #kansascitymo #kansascity #slam #slampoetry #poetryslam #funtimes #cool #lit #talent #issavibe #share #bethere #datenightidea #fun #liveentertainment #spokenword

Poetry can be an outlet of expression or just a little line of joy, what’s your favorite ??

I’ve been living with depression these past few days....After I performed this poem, I fell asleep on the interstate and damaged my car 😔 I’m glad I’m alive and didn’t hurt anyone. But the fact that I don’t have money or a car kills me inside...The truth is, you don’t realize what you have until you lose it. I had to be at rock bottom in order for me to take life seriously. Go after you dreams and HUSTLE for the life you want to live!! Tomorrow is NEVER guaranteed. . . . . . #poetryporn #word #poetsofinsta #writing #poemsporn #writergoals #lgbtqcommunity #blueink #spilledink #gayartist #randomscribbles #poetrycommunity #spokenwords #iwrite #slampoetry #spokenwordpoetry #wordgasm #wordporn #authorsofinstagram #poem #blackgay #instaquote #lgbtpoet #poetrygram #poems #prose #poetryofinstagram #showtime #freeverse #entertainer

o primeiro ensaio fotográfico do slam das minas, nas pausas a gente se amava pra valer. quer provas? tá aí!!! #tbt #slamdasminassp #poesia #mulheresqueescrevem #slampoetry #poesiafalada #poesiafeminina #casaamarela #luzribeiropoesia #luzribeiro #semfiltro

“The Poets, by which I mean all artists, are finally the only people who know the truth about us.” - James Baldwin

I wrote this piece over a year ago about my Nana & Tata. Losing my Nana to Pancreatic cancer in 2012 after I graduated was one of the hardest times of my life. Seeing how the disease was taking her right before my eyes, was like reliving Mama Jacobs when she passed. It’s taken years for me to be able to talk about it & not fall to pieces. When my Tata passed I couldn’t go to the funeral cause I felt like I was reliving the loss of my Nana. It felt like I was going to collapse, so instead I went to the beach. I sat at the shore tears unable to stop dripping down my face. I sat and cried & there surrounded by the sky & the ocean I felt safer than I had in my entire life. This is a piece close to my heart & it has taken a lot out of me to decide to share this. Please listen & I hope you hear my message. 🌹 A big thank you to @24plus.events for welcoming me into their community. It has been such a beautiful learning experience. #spokenword #poetrycommunity #spokenwordpoetry #slampoetry


“protection” - just making sense of things past but realizing it does not have to be transferred to present 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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