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JUNTAS NA REDE YLAI. . . A Renata foi selecionada pra participar do YLAI 2018. É o mesmo programa que eu participei em 2016, do governo dos EUA e voltado pra desenvolver jovens líderes. . . Eu não sei se fico mais feliz por ela ser uma mulher construindo seu espaço como líder ou porque ganhei uma parceira de caminhada pra compartilhar e crescer junto aqui em Recife.💓 . . Se tem uma coisa que o YLAI me ensinou é que ninguém cresce sozinho, e que a comunidade ganha quando líderes se apoiam e crescem juntos. Desde então, tenho ajudado e trabalhado junto a líderes que acredito e que quero ver crescendo. . . Aqui não tem essa de crescer puxando as pessoas pra baixo. Quem crescer assim estará construindo um castelo que areia que pode ruir a qualquer momento. O pensamento é de colaboração e abundância. . . A mudança que queremos precisa que trabalhemos juntos. Tem espaço pra todo mundo que é do bem. 🤗 #leadthechange


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Get your weekend vibes on with eye protection in sustainable bamboo from #bgfg2018 Exhibitor @simplyamevie. Look cool + Do good = Be even cooler. It's simple math really. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #weekendvibes #grabyoursunnies #lookgooddogood #socialimpact #socialentrepreneurs #buygood #buygoodfeelgood #consciousconsumer #changemakers #ethicalbrands #ecobrands #sustainablefashion #sustainableliving


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I am really excited to be back doing my show on a regular basis and with amazing new sponsors. I love working with consulting firms especially ones that give a crap about humanity and want to change the world. Does your business have the infrastructure to scale? Are you wanting your business to have a strong, sustainable business model that allows you to give back in a big way while increasing your bottom line? If this is you, hit me up and I will happily introduce you to some amazing world changing people.

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ladies, you are the game changers. the creative world leaders. everyday, clouded in #pink. . via @werk


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We are proud to announce our partnership with @touchlebanon for the "Robotics for Good" Youth Innovation Program from August 7-21. Apply now by clicking on the link in the bio. For more info call +96176026513 or send an email to info@riyadainnovation.com #socialentrepreneurs #socialinnovators #socinn #socent #tech4good #riyadainnovation #shabablab #soi

Regrann from @cannabis_advocates - We’re excited to be joining our friends from @latinosforcannabis and @thepotlabphd @thepotlabla And many more Sunday for WOC “LA HEIRBA” pop-up @eastsidecafela #socialentrepreneurs #cannabisadvocates #woc #eastla #respect #honor #include - #regrann - #regrann


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“When you get, give. When you learn, teach.” — Maya Angelou __ In May I celebrated 6 years since I taught my first public speaking workshop on @skillshare at @grindspaces in NYC. I got tired of close friends and peers missing out on opportunities to spread their ideas and advocate for themselves, so I designed it to help them communicate with authenticity, compassion and finesse whether they were addressing an audience of thousands or a conference room of 5. __ I took bits and pieces from everything I learned through years of competing in high school debate tournaments with @youlovechic, hosting radio at Brooklyn College and @pncradio, MC’ing hip-hop shows all over NYC, producing concerts at middle and high schools around the country, holding my own as an artist manager strategizing with and negotiating on behalf of incredibly talented musicians like @scienze, and teaching in K-12 classrooms. __ I charged less than $20 for the first one and it sold out. Within a couple months, 200+ people had the workshop saved to their watch list. My favorite basketball coach always told me that repetition is the mother of skill. So I taught it again, and again. About 60 times over the course of two years. That repetition watered a seed that has grown into a 6-figure business, a published book, and opportunities to speak, teach, consult, and coach around the world. __ Now more than ever, I believe in the power of communication and storytelling to shape and change our lives. I’ve been working behind the scenes developing a new experience to help creative leaders access and create opportunities to speak on global stages. Drop a ​🎤​ in the comments if you’re interested and you’ll be one of the first to get the details. __ #publicspeaking #speaker #speakercoach #blkcreatives #socialentrepreneurs #fbf


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Rolling into the weekend like


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Film workshops in Norwich this summer #filmmaking #filmmaking #socialentrepreneurs #norwich


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The day of any big test my Dad and I would always have the same exact conversation before I walked out the door... . He would say "Kerry, good luck on your test." and then he would ask "What's the definition of luck?"...I would quickly answer "It's when hard work and opportunity meet". . Still, to this day we have the same exact conversation every time he says "good luck". . I really believe this to be true! . It kinda annoys me when people say I'm "lucky"...lucky to work for myself, lucky to work from home, lucky to have the freedom to travel...and on and on. . Here's the deal I am lucky, but my luck came from many, many, many years of hard work. . Since junior high, I've read personal development books, been in leadership positions in every area of my life, worked myself from the bottom to the top of several companies, started multiple businesses (some successful and some not), taken risks, crashed and burned, and obviously much more. . But here's the key... . I NEVER give up! . I keep going and guess what I keep getting "lucky". . So, if you want to get lucky, get out there do the work, take the risks and never give up. . Sending all of you that have those big dreams (you know the ones that scare you just a little bit) lots and lots of LUCK! . CREATE YOUR OWN LUCK!


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repost from @foodheroespodcast "I really enjoyed speaking with LIz Miller from Divine chocolate on the latest episode of the Food Heroes Podcast. She is a true badass when it comes to fairtrade, empowering women, and supporting cocoa farmers. 🎧 Head to the link in the profile to listen in. 🍫 We are also offering a special code for chocolate treats from the divine website to all new subscribers of the Food Heroes Email Newsletter. (The newsletter comes out 2x a month when a new episode goes live- no selling, no get rich schemes... just me sharing info about people who are using food as a force for good!) - - - - #podcast #podernfamily #podcasthost #podcastshow #podcastlife #podcastshow #sustainabilitypodcast #socialenterprisepodcast #bethechange #bcorp #socialenterprise #socialentrepreneurs #fairtrade #sustainability #ethicaleating #divinechocolate"


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Sustainability is essential for any business to thrive!