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[FANACC] A blogger met Kikyo yesterday (2017/10/16) This blogger's home is right next to the Namsan Tower, where yesterday he saw SJK and SHK there ❤️ More information about the Namsan Tower: In addition to the 'Love Tiles' wall, The highlight here is the "lock of love". The lovers hang the locks on the terrace at the entrance of the tower with along with a piece of paper written as a promise, a prayer for love. The couple love each other when they come here usually buy two locks and lock them together on the fence, symbolizing their immortal love 💏 Our kikyo is like many couples love each other, they do things that couples love each other often do. It's sweet and romatic 😉 If someone came to the Namsan Tower, please find and capture me the key chain of the SSC, I really want to see it. 😢 D-14 😍 #songjoongki #songhyekyo #songhuiqiao #songhyegyo #송중기 #송헤교 #songsongcouple #kikyo #songsongisthebest #kikyocouple #hallylu #namsan #namsantower #korea