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I was mad hangry during this pic 🙄 📸: @knopfbill


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The sun is in my eyes, woke up and felt the vibe ☀️🌊 📸: @knopfbill


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I don’t trust no one, faking like a fan asking for a pic @chancetherapper 🌆 📸: @knopfbill 😘


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No one else I’d rather do stupid shit with🌊🌈❤️ thx for the memories @knopfbill


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The Witchita mountains are over 500 million years old (the Cascades are only 100,000-2 million) and they are little more than rocky hills at this point. The park surrounding is the oldest in the US, helping play a huge role in saving the American Buffalo from extinction in the early 1900’s🐃 This is an adult male in a group of three others, grazing to keep up their massive 1,400 pound frame 🏋🏽‍♂️


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Views 👀🌿 love this guy


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Caught between space and time 🌌 📸: @knopfbill


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Nowadays I walk over things I used to trip over✌️


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Forest feelings 🌲🌳🌲 • HEY GUYS! I need your help again, DM/comment below the song(s) you want to hear for my next BYU school year re-cap vid. 2-3ish minutes, good vibes, a melodic drop, anything. I wanna hear some total bangers 👊🏽💢#stayoutcheea


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I love my new partner in crime. Nikon, it's been a wonderful run for the past 15+ years.... Sony is the new bad boy on the block. Pound for pound such a wonderful camera to shoot with.


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Gerbang Kompleks Masjid Gede Mataram [The Gate to the Mataram Grand Mosque Complex] . . . Kotagede, Kota Yogyakarta. . . . #masjid #mataram #traditional #heritage #javanese #architecture #mosque #jogja #jogjajateng #jogjaistimewa #jalanjalanjawa #explorejogja #indotravellers #travelingram #lingkarindonesia #pesonaindonesia #sonya6000 #photoshot #photography


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For dear life. #sonya6000 #sony #fly #spiderweb #dirty #blackandwhite #dead