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Sorry @billwally #sorrynotsorry


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I know this is hard to believe. But this is what the ideal female body looks like. #sorrynotsorry #actuallyiamsorry #🌝👌


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Oh please don’t because I will either 1. Ignore you or 2. Correct your spelling then ignore you. I cannot deal! #sorrynotsorry


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T-SHIRTY BOYS! Been trying to break away from my usual style a little more and focus more on basic shapes, and somehow it resulted in me FINALLY drawing some proper TAZ fanart! Well, if you count putting the boys in dorky t-shirts as "proper" I guess... I'm bad at fashion please don't @ me - - - #myart #digitalart #lineart #drawing #draweveryday #taz #thezonecast #thezonecastfanart #tazfanart #theadventurezone #theadventurezonebalance #tazbalance #theadventurezonefanart #magnusburnsides #magnusburnsidesfanart #merlehighchurch #merlehighchurchfanart #taako #taakofanart #treshornyboys #sorrynotsorry #zebratoastart


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Facebook memories today 😊🎃🤣 I remember that day was amazing too. Walked into TJMaxx and had a ball. #cantstopwontstop #sorrynotsorry #hatersgonnahate #halloweenaddict


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Stumbled across this quote today...felt it struck a cord. Last few months have been challenging, exhilarating, emotionally inhibiting, but also exciting. I’m sure the next few months have more in store. People come and go and some remain. Despite all these emotions never lose your inner balance or strength, it will make you far more powerful in the long run. #power#woman#powerfulwomen #success#sorrynotsorry#quote


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Saturdayy 😛🙌🏻 • • • • • • • • • • • • #discoverybabe #chicago #summer #toohot #happy #dressesfordays #feelingmyself #pleasedonthateme #sorrynotsorry


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Халоу гайз Если вы ещё не знаете, то я открыла профиль @_nesurazitsa где буду продавать свои любимые вещи. Эта джинсовая куртка тоже продается Фоткалась под новый альбом Дрейка, так что снимки улёт #sorrynotsorry

Yes it’s 2pm 😜 Yes it’s finally sunny outside and Yes we did have better plans but Sometimes life gets in the way 🙄 #ourexcitinglife #momlife #sorrynotsorry #selfcare #migrainerelief


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Knew I was coming to Kahuku so I had to sport the red and blue. #crusaderpride #sorrynotsorry


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I am sorry but he’s going to be the best looking groom EVER. And as handsome as he is, the best parts are actually on the inside. #sorrynotsorry #mindblown #grateful #thankyoujesus #worththewait


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Late night swim 📸 @julcorona #palmspings #california #sorrynotsorry #love


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Liam Gallagher with my 💙 @mrcstraw #liamgallagher #oldtrafford #gig #bf #love #selfie #sorrynotsorry


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Honest to God! There’s very little I care about right now it it doesn’t pertain to my money or future. #sorrynotsorry #wintercoming #4thquarter 💪🏼


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We might end up stealing @tjwalsh2 dog. #sorrynotsorry #lovethisdog


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My love for you has just grown over these last few days ❤ #soppy #sorrynotsorry #iloveyou #wedding #scotland


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We dominated. #sorrynotsorry


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hello! i hope ur having an AMAZING morning and i don’t know if you’ve started school yet but if you have than i hope the beginning of your school year has been well. anyway, that wasn’t the point of this. i’ve made so so so many friends on rp & it really means a lot to me that MOST of them are still my friends & that they have stuck by my side and stood up for me when i needed it the most. i’ve been really sad lately, ok that’s not new. i’m always sad but that’s not really the point. i’ve been sadder than normal lately and i know why and stuff so it’s not like i’m sad for no reason... anyway, i was staying on roleplay for 1 person & 1 person only but that didn’t really seem to work out. with school starting in a couple weeks & with me losing the most important thing to me i’ve decided to leave roleplay, i may COME BACK, it really depends on what happens in the next 24 hours. that sounds scary but don’t be scared 😋 i have no other rp accounts & i don’t think i’m making anymore. i know i leave a lot & i come back but this time i’m leaving and NEVER coming back. i have a fp that’s currently deactivated (@softestrowland) but when it’s back you can contact me on there if you need anything. most people have my snap or my # so yeah. i love you all sm and there will be paragraphs in the comment section. OMG THIS MAKES ME FEEL SO COOL LIKE A YOUTOUBER LIKE DAVID


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Если бы я хотела быть модным блогером, я бы написала тут простыню бессмысленного текста. Например, о правильном питании, или, что еще, интереснее, зарисовку о том, как «я проснулась и поняла, что...». Но я не блогер. А эти посты обычно никто не читает. Особенно под такими вот фото. 🍑 😜 . . . . . . #вечер #суббота #август #лето #фигура #summer #body #waist #blonde #sorrynotsorry #shapeofyou #august #evening


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Earlier this week my husband asked me what I’m most excited about right now. Before I could start gushing about the new floral product sourcing I’ve got in the works or the geometric dinosaur envelope liners that are currently being printed for L&R’s Fernbank wedding he added, “but it can’t be about work.” Well that stopped me in my tracks. Two things that I did already know but don’t often think about became imminently clear: 1️⃣ I am incredibly lucky to truly love (most of) what I do for a living. As difficult and stressful and scary as it may often be, it is such a gift to be able to support myself through my own small business. I’m a real happy gal in this picture, making sure every detail met my Type A (read: anal retentive) standards before the reception space opened to guests. 2️⃣ I should probably spend more time focusing on the things that make me happy that have nothing to do with my career. It’s been a very difficult Summer for our family and it was hard for me to identify things outside of work that are currently gettin me jazzed. I thought about it for awhile and realized that I really have let other passions fall by the wayside in my pursuit of career growth and family/real life responsibilities. So I’m taking action! IG peeps, hold me accountable - I’m going to start studying French again to facilitate more and more travel and I’m going to increase my physical therapy exercises so that I’m strong enough to put a horse in our barn/paddock and ride again. Big goals, obscenely long post. #sorrynotsorry If you’re still with me, tell me what you’re excited about right now! But it can’t be about work. 😜 Planning & Design - @pearlandskyevents Florals - @wrennwooddesign Venue - @poncecityroof . . . . . #typeaalltheway #atlantaweddings #atlantaeventplanner #dowhatyoulove #weddingplannerlife #bossbabe #entrepreneurlife #risingtidesociety


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That look! Living on a busy road requires a good fence. #freenotfree #sorrynotsorry #blacktriaussie #australianshepherd #boundaries