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Sometimes it’s a little awkward to introduce myself on Instagram, but this our chance to get to know each other better. Hello. I'm Laura Lee Wood and I am a certified dating expert, relationship coach, and certified matchmaker. I’m a sweet-as-pie-but-tough-as-nails coach who teaches high-achievers like you how to create remarkable relationships and lasting love–even if you’ve been burnt before, always seem to attract the wrong partners or feel jaded by today’s casual dating scene. Basically? I’m on a one-woman mission to redefine modern romance through the timeless principles of courtship, so smart, sexy singles (and couples) can finally have the relationships they long for, built on mutual respect, quality communication, deep connection and real intimacy. Click link in bio to learn more about how I help my clients find the lasting love they desire and create the foundation for a remarkable relationship. Since we’re talking about awkward things, I thought I would share a childhood memory... When I was 8 years old, I got bubble gum tangled in my hair after a bubble blowing contest (that I won) and the janitor had to cover my face and hair in peanut butter to get it out before I went home. You know what? I haven't eaten peanut butter since the second grade. And, bubble gum is something I now reserve for chewing not creating giant bubbles. Sometimes, you gotta laugh a little. Now it’s your turn, I’d love to hear an awkward childhood moment, so I don’t feel all alone here on Instagram! ;) XOXO, @lovelifestylecoachlaura


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Lol I told you I was an alien! 😂😂😂😂 Repost @twin.flames ・・・ Incarnated star people are now in the process of waking up all over the world. They have incarnated into human bodies, but they have a different DNA with higher frequency. It makes it easier to wake up from the amnesia (3D sleep). All the participants in “Mission Earth” are encoded with activation encryptions that will unlock their cosmic knowledge at a pre-determined time in their lives. They carry a plethora of wisdom that hibernates deep within the core of their being. The awakening process may take several years, but it can also happen faster. Each of the star people has a custom-made soul contract and goes through their own unique awakening process. Most of them have spirit guides from their own home planet who will guide them the whole time. During the awakening process they will regain their universal wisdom and they have important tasks to perform on Earth. #missionearth #mission #earth #starseed #starpeople #starborn #counciloflight #federationoflight #twinflame #twinflames #twinsoul #twinsouls #soulmate #soulfamily #relationship #spiritual #universe #lightworker #awakening #ascension #ascending #love #divine #divinetiming #divineplan #oneness #unity #union #sacredness

......Love💕: Love, I feel your energy, your attraction.....I know you know what's up & we both probably feel the same way....we're both guarded bc of the pain others have caused us....kinda shy probably, as well. I cover it all up w my shades. But babe, I want you to make the move & come to me again like you did back in the day.....Maybe it's an ego/cultural thing or, simply, me wanting you to show me how much you're into me & that I'm not like the others....I want you to chase me, the lady, not the other way around....like they do, I saw them chasing you to get your attention.....sit next to me, make me feel like I'm wanted/desired, like you're into me & not some other girl, some basic chic....I know you're not like them....You come from class, a different era, like I do. We're nothing like them....no matter how we act on the surface. You know I'm different than all of them, as well. You see my innate confidence, my bad-ass side, my love/care & fierce loyalty to those I care about....when I used to rush to be of service for the others...or to my fam...to be there when needed. You know I'll always have your back, through the highs and lows, in sickness and in health, when money is there and when it's not....you know I'm more genuine and loving and can/will help heal our wounds together....I wana come here or somewhere special with you when you're not busy or handling business. Hope to see you soon, love. Maybe tomorrow after Mass. Looking at the beautiful ocean from atop. #loveatfirstsight #luxurylifestyle #soulmate #twinflamejourney #twinflamereunion #comecloser #mylove #showme #sitnexttome #guarded #myeverything #palmtrees #malibu #beautifulocean #naturalbeauty #chivalry #classandelegance #oceanhealing #queenmoves #shespeaks ....Created by Tigest Z. in Malibu on August 18th, 2018. All Rights Reserved.


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"I believe in angels, I believe in people who come in to your life and save you from the worst person you can possibly be. I believe that people come in to your life to help and guide you onto the right path. People who will help you believe in yourself. Angels who will rescue you from all that's bad in the world. I believe in people who entered your life and become a part of you. A part that you keep close to your heart and soul. I believe that there are still good people in this world who do not have ulterior motives and will always be by your side." ( @herblankcanvas ) ❤ . . . P.S: Lol I just saw there is spelling mistake in this post but we learn from our mistakes right... ☺ . . . #handlettering #moderncalligraphy #quoteoftheday #angels #blessing #lifesaviour #soulmate #pieceofmyheart #happylettering


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Allow me to preach this Sunday morning since all you will get is a warm & fuzzy little sermonette in these silly churches today. Ok here goes.. To the mushy, sappy, syrupy saccharine, dangerously sentimental, wimpy, pacifist, moralistic holier than thou, bleeding heart "Christians" who dont read their bibles out there, listen here.. Jesus is NOT *ultimately* "non-violent." Jesus does NOT *ultimately* value other lives above His own. Jesus is NOT *ultimately* an altruist or pacifist. King David wiped out whole villages and the people of Israel took land by force. The cross changed how I have a relationship with God, but it most certainly did not change God. God is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. So please be careful to anyone out there with your MORAL PREENING, lest you blaspheme His ***ultimate*** ends.. #jesus #sermon #church #선경 #말씀 #예수쟁이


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Penny & Jacob wedding #soulmate #oneilove

Zum Gute Nacht sagen klappt’s auch mit dem Posten noch mal☺️❤️🤦🏻‍♀️Danke Instagram 🙈 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Morgen hoffentlich wieder mehr von hier☺️ Schlaft gut☺️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #goodnight #gutenacht #schlaftschön #sweet #dreams #ridersofinstagram #instarider #teamnandinoundhenry #henry #trakehner #soulmate #myhorses #mylove #mylife #pferdemädchen #horsesofinstagram #instahorse #goodvibes #fuchsliebe #pferdeliebe #herzenspferd


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@tomgriffiths94 Tom Griffiths, my soulmate. In December 2011, on the 30th December I met Tom and fell in love at first sight. He was such a sweet young man, 17, looked at me like no one else ever had, blushed whenever I gave him a compliment and I knew I was in trouble when he bought a cinema ticket for my friend, Rebecca because she had forgotten her purse. Even though he had never met her, or me, before. I thought, what a lovely thing to do. 💕 he added me on Facebook that night and we got talking and we’ve talked nearly every day since - for 6 years and 9 months. We had a long distance relationship for the first three years because Tom went to Nottingham for uni and I stayed at home in Manchester. We texted 250 times a day (I remember because I used to get a paper bill 😂), we would talk on the phone most nights and we would meet up at weekends every 6 weeks or so when exams or assignments were done for the two of us. We actually wrote each other letters in the first 12 months (back when I had first watched The Notebook and decided letters were a very romantic way to communicate, even though we texted every second of every day 😂 aaah young love, hey?). In June 2015, I moved in with Tom and his family for 6 months while we saved up money for our own house together. We ummed and aaahed about saving to buy, but we decided that would take too long so we rented a place of our own in January 2016. Our flat in Hulme, which we look back on fondly and loved 💕 we were intensely happy there, so many happy memories made. Unfortunately, we received a letter in September 2016, saying that the building was to be condemned as it didn’t pass fire regulations 😰 so we were asked to leave. In November of that year, we found our two up two down in Edgeley. We love our house, probably not as much as our flat because that will always be our first home, but all the same it’s lovely and spacious and we’ve been there ever since. Living with someone teaches us about ourselves as well as the other person. I know I don’t have any patience and I’m flawed but he loves me all the same. I love him and he loves me 💕💕 #love #soulmate #happiness #throughthickandthin #forever


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Happy birthday to my beautiful and wonderful wife @moipetitefleur2018 . I love you so much and I am the luckiest guy on earth to have you in my life. And yes for those wondering, she is a saint 😊. #love #birthday #soulmate #loveofmylife #suburbanlife #luckyguy (thanks @saint.cc for the gear)


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Each time I step foot into HMI HYPNOSIS MOTIVATION INSTITUTE , I dive deeper into my purpose. HMI Is a "hidden haven" of immense knowledge weaving all the aspects of body, mind and spirit ever so eloquently as ONE. We all have a calling in life, be receptive to yours ...🦋 If perhaps you are seeking yours, I can assist you DM for details . #mindset #bodypositive #mondaymotivation #saturdayvibes #saturday #alwayslearning #selflove #purpose #instagood #success #consciousness #spiritual #spiritjunkie #grateful #faith #passion #soulmate #strength #hypnosis #hmi #motivation #mompreneur


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#soulmate 💕🌸


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He’s my other half. ♥️#neverwanttolivewithoutyou #loveofmylife #truelove #soulmate


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When you walk downstairs and your hubby does a double take?!!! Yep, I’d say that’s a successful hair/make-up day 💋 . . . . . #soulmate #husbandandwife #togetherforever #married #mylove


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So let's get the facts straight! Exactly 17 years ago I was going to the disco with friends! At 4am Sunday morning I was leaving as Kris' girlfriend! Still remember the feeling when walking home together holding hands! He made me wait whole four weeks for his decision!!! Can you imagine that! He finally decided on that night 17 years ago that he wants to be with me! I wasn"t prepare to give up on him anyway as I was in love with him already, still can not after all these years! He is my best friend and a soulmate without a doubt! Still want to divorce him at least once a week😜❤ Photo by @olarzeszut - the best one of us so far taken today❤ #relationship #anniversary #love #life #laugh #carpediemmyway #photoshoot #17years #soulmate #bestfriends


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Hello I am Mia @psychicmia__ I have all the answers to your questions no matter what obstacle may be.. Confused ? Lost ? Alone? Sad? Tired? Upset? ((((DM FOR ONE FREE Question)))) LIMITED TIME ONLY!!!🔮🔮🔮🤚🏻🤚🏻CALL/TEXT/DM (407)760-0869🤚🏻✨✨✨✨🌒🌚🌛🌒 #psychic #psychicreader #psychics #crystalball #couplesgoals #psychicreadings #spiritualawakening #innerpeace #chakra #chakras #spiritualgrowth #psychicreading #psychicsoninstagram #soulmate #chakrahealer #souls #freequestion #phonereading #aura #spells #tarotcard #chakrabalance #tarotcards #tarotreadersofinstagram #nolie #tarots #tarot


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Tks for all the effort that you've done for us. I'm so grateful to have you. I love you honey @bontorsitio level infinity and beyond😘 Happy 22nd our wedding anniversary. God be with us #weddinganniversary #soulmate #partner