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Layers of finding yourself. I am so happy I have found myself. Not that I was lost, just did not know where to begin with discovering. Without seeking my soul and leaning into her voice, could I connect with my body, mind, and spirit on all levels. Now I'm free to discover the universe, God and the entire omniverse without restraint or fear. - - - - - #alwaysevolving #revelation #awakenedsoul #awakenedmind #beyondthescene #evolution #entity #spiritualbeing #selfdiscovery #yoga #meditation #mindfulness #growingbeyondyourlimits #expandyourmind #growingyourmind #selfdevelopment #spiritualdevelopment #souldeeper #soulfulliving #loveandlight #meditatedaily #goingwithin #discoveringtruth #matrix #giamind #godisgood #godislove #awakethesoul


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✨ DAILY 1-CARD READING NOW ON FACEBOOK ✨⠀ 🔹Click the link in my bio and check it out! 🔹⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #katyk #themodernoracle #psychic #reading #psychicreading #oracle #oraclecards #oraclereading #crystals #blessed #newage #spiritual #healing #guidance #development #spiritualdevelopment #spiritguides #angel #angelguides

🏄The Time is Now!!!🎺⛵The ship is sailing!!!🚢 . 🕭We are a bit intense within our youtube video that's going up today. 🤗😇🔊. . 🌊The energies coming through from our spiritual teams are so strong and have been for a while. They are obviously not yelling, but it feels like we need too!!!😄😘🕭🕭🕭🔊 . 🌄Wake up to your fullest potential as the high frequency spiritual being that you are. Not a super polished successful human being. All the way!☄ . BE THE PUZZLE PIECE YOU CAME HERE TO BE!!! . This is our Mission to help wake up our brothers and sisters. We love you! . ❣🙏😊Opheana & Sikaal😊🙏❣ . . ____•°○♡ . For more support for your Spiritual Life with Opheana & Sikaal see LINK in our BIO to our Ascension Energy Tools🍃 . http://www.divineheart.com.au/ascension-tools/ . To connect with our Spiritual Teachings & Meditations on YouTube🍃 http://www.youtube.com/OpheanaSikaal/ . Or . http://www.youtube.com/MeditationsOpheanaSikaal . #starseeds #starseedawakening #spiritualwarrior #tohigherconsciousness #dailyguidance #spiritualdevelopment #universaltruth #meditationteacher #collectiveconsciousness #bewoke


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Learn to pay attention by tuning in! Often times our gut knows what is right for us. For too many reasons we fight our gut with our head. You are more than just the brain in your skull 💀 Wakey wakey... you are brain 🧠 , heart 💙, gut 🍜, body 💁🏽‍♂️, & spirit 💫 Listen to each one! 🌊🌊🌊 Love as always my friends, JC 💙


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I had $6 in the bank account and a 5 month old baby. . That was when I decided, I needed to go all in. I can't afford to keep hearing crickets, to keep playing it small and safe. . I started my journey after I became a first time mum. For me it wasn't for the money but I was searching for freedom, something to make me feel alive and worthy again (I got depression and my partner at the time was cheating on me after 11 yrs). . After trying to get results I so desperately needed by signing up for all these free stuff, I did my very first investment. . I was so desperate, investing money without telling my partner didn't even bother me. . BUT.... . I still kept playing it safe, I refused to do mindset work, I would only post where I knew it was guaranteed none of my friends and family would see. . UNTIL... . One weekend I had only $6 in my bank account and no food in the house. . That's when I said screw it and put my freedom, my dreams before what anyone else thought. . When was the moment you decided screw it, I can't afford to keep hearing crickets? 👇👇 @lisa_falconerxoxo

It’s my first full week back home on the Gold Coast after a beautiful European adventure with my family… ✈🌍 followed by a transformative (on every level 🤯💗) Mastermind retreat some of my business soul-sisters - and Richard Branson! - in South Africa. And one of the first things I did was take my fav walk round Burleigh Heads. I just love that it’s like being in a forest while simultaneously being beachfront!🌳🌊 And it felt sooooo good to be in nature, get grounded and dip my toes in the ocean after a MASSIVE three-day, multi-flight journey home from Cape Town. 😴🤭 It feels so good to be excited to come home! I was honestly SO nervous to move from the bustling city life we had in Bondi - with health food stores, amazing cafes, and dozens of friends on my doorstep... And the truth is it DID take some time for me to adjust, and I DID wonder if we had made a mistake. 😕 But now, there is absolutely nothing like sipping ceremonial cacao on our deck in the mornings as the sun comes up, soaking to the quiet... or taking afternoon beach strolls in Burleigh. 🌅 I've found my fav cafes, my go-to one that serves up a divine coconut milk matcha latte 🍵and discovered SO much to love here. And I'm so grateful for the gorgeous, soulful business women and entrepreneurs I've met here on the Gold Coast, and in Brisbane. Heart. Full. I guess that's a lesson in not judging too soon, and giving things time. 🙂 What about you, beauty? What do you love about where you live? How long have you lived there? 💗 . . . . . . #girlbossparty #freedombusiness #freedombasedbusiness #dreamersanddoers #livealifeyoulove #soulcalling #intuitiveliving #purposefullife #manifestyourdreams #highvibetribe #spiritualdevelopment #iinspire #womenempoweringotherwomen #beingmyownboss #bossbabelife #iinnutritionschool #highvibe #innerwork #spiritualbossbabe #healthcoachlife #healthybosslady #savvybusinessowners #smallbusinesstips #smallbiztips #smallbusinesslife #businessplanning #healthymindbodysoul #taketimeforyou #spiritualladyboss

“What happens when we live God’s way? He brings gifts into our lives, much the same way that fruit appears in an orchard” Galatians 5:22-24 What gifts come to you naturally? Which ones are harder for you? Growing in self awareness around our God given gifts and abilities is key in leadership! . . . . . #leadership #youngleaders #321launch #selfawareness #launchyouthunlimited #inspire #equip #youthleadership #leadershiptraining #leadershipopportunity #changetheworld #characterdevelopment #spiritualdevelopment


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I love wearing quartz earrings! They help me to stay in the vibration of my purpose. These were designed to help bring abundance and success into the physical world. The stones are smokey quartz and citrine. A magical combination. You can find a new collection of my Natural Forces Jewelry at @squareonegoodsco. Stop in on Friday to see the collection! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ...⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #naturalforcesstudio #terriannheiman #sacredspaces #energy #raiseyourvibration #higherconsciousness #spiritualmedium #energyhealing #spiritjunkie #spiritualentrepreneur #spiritualdevelopment #dailymeditation #chakras #birminghambusiness #smallbiz #bhambiz #peaceandcalmness #spiritualliteracy #empoweredspirit #meditate #reiki #vibration #spiritualpractice #reikimasterteacher #leanintolife #medicinewheel #newvision #crystaljewelry #smokeyquartz #citrine

ATTACHMENT// It can be so easy to attach to our past experiences, traumas, words spoken or unspoken. What we forget is that we have a choice in everything in life, including our attachments. It's easier said than done at times, but when we look into why we may be holding onto a past event or pain we gain great insight to our present NEEDS! Those who choose to ignore this continue to attach to the past and let it rule their judgement, choices and actions in life. Those who are brave enough to stand up and acknowledge the hurt they may have experienced and their needs in the right so they can forgive and heal, are the ones who experience the truth of life. The truth within themselves and the gift of presence with their emotions. Attachment can be alluring but also detrimental to your capacity to see yourself in a loving light. It breeds victimhood and inaction in life. Be brave enough to trust you are deserving of freedom, peace and forgiveness. Because you ARE!!! . . . . . 📷 via @alexipanos #attachment #forgiveness


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Sometimes we look externally to find our Happiness when it is internally we should be connecting with, Love 💕


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Let me introduce you to the GypsyLuv Fam Bam. . First up is Laura. Our very own and extremely gifted lil 👽 and Sound Alchemist. . Her talent for understanding the effects of sound waves and frequency to the human body and healing, is unparalleled. She is kind,, Compassionate, and as an alchemist Can quickly assess your relationship to the self and the best crystals for impactful change. If you haven’t been to her classes you truly are keeping your light body away from an experience of positive change. . She holds a couple classes a month that I’m not to be missed! And she’s also available for personal Sound Healings and chakra balancing sessions. . She is a wonderful half of the founding movement. of GYPSYLUV. Help me say HEYYY HEYYYY LAURA down below 👋❤️ . Come in and say hello or call the shop to RSVP to her classeshord Cutting tomorrow at 730) or make a one on one appointment with her 🙏🏽 . #soundhealing #soundwall #soundalchemist #healing #chakras #spiritualdevelopment #forgiveness #spiritualhealing #selflove #spiritualwells #rounding #crystals #binauralbeats #frequency #vibration #crystalbowls #soundbath #gypsyluv .

Time to declutter 🧹. Who’s with me? . Here’s an opportunity to let go of those thoughts & beliefs that seem to limit you in this moment. Like a cluttered home, these out-of-date beliefs occupy space in the mind, which limit our awareness of Love’s enduring presence. This is your natural state of being. Love is always constant & eternal, yet our beliefs act as dark clouds in awareness that occlude the light/innocence within. . Today, let’s sink below these clouds. Feel them on your cheek as you pass through. These thoughts and beliefs were never you. They’re just a made-up story, ready to be corrected. Let relaxation wash over you as you realize you are bigger than your story. And in that, you are completely innocent and loved beyond limit❤️ . Follow 👉🏼 @irreducible_mind 👈🏼 for daily spiritual inspiration 😊 . . . . #lettinggo #healthyself #mindfulness #mindfulnesscoach #mindfulnessmeditation #mindfulnesspractice #meditationtime #beherenow #advaita #forgiveness #acim #acourseinmiracles #spiritualpath #spiritualdevelopment #selfrealization #higherfrequency #freeyourmind #consciouscommunity #highervibrations #findingpeace #spiritualawakening #enlightenment #psychology #oneness #thirdeyeopen #innerpeace #spiritualguide #theuniversehasyourback #spirituality #higherconsciousness


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Our journey inwards is never-ending and the wisdom we are learning we already know. It’s just a matter of removing the layers of our perceived reality to get to the core of truth. This is who you really are: A Divine Light of Angelic Energy. And as you continue to show the world your authentic self, you will find the peace, happiness and love that you are seeking. Fall in love with yourself and share that love with the world around you. Love Phoebe @lost_Nowhere - beautiful artwork by @eves_art_project #lostnowhere


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Tuesday Mood ⚡️ Coming back from my mini vacay with the fam feeling reset, recharged, and with a new fire lit under my ass lol. #repost @wetheaether with @get_repost ・・・ Time to STOP F***ing around👁️ #youarepowerful 💥💫 - Release the old. Make way for the new. Embrace change. Evolve.🙏🏻💙 #highervibrations - 🔔Follow @wetheaether for daily #spiritualgrowth 📿 - 📣TAG a friend who needs this transmission🌟 - #spirituality #consciousness #spiritualawakening #higherself #thirdeye #higherconsciousness #higherawakening #personaldevelopment #selfimprovement #spiritualdevelopment #spiritualcoach #spiritualjourney #spiritualpodcast #spiritualpath #spiritualgangster #motivationalquotes #inspirationalquotes #spiritualquotes #powerfulquotes #selfhelp #selflove #quoteoftheday #quotestoliveby #quotesaboutlife #awakening


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//LINK IN PROFILE//⠀ ⠀ Did you know that the Bible is chalk full of guidance on how to live a thriving, healthy, happy life?⠀ ⠀ Some of the best content is found in what I've learned are "The Wisdom Literature," which include the 3 books of the Bible- Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job. Proverbs is pretty obvious, it states at the very beginning of the book what it is meant for in Proverbs 1:2-4 --to help people live disciplined (eek) and successful lives (yes!)⠀ ⠀ But the other 2? I never really quite understood Job, and I never liked Ecclesiastes- so sad and depressing. But as I began to study the books and learn from teachers of the Bible I began to understand how much wisdom is in each of them. ⠀ ⠀ And I got excited! And here is why, because each of the books holds a specific overarching theme to attaining wisdom. And I talk about them in todays blog: How to Live Your Best Life According to the Bible //LINK IN PROFILE//.⠀ ⠀ Wisdom is what leads us to making the best choices possible for our lives. It is what God has ordained as the underlying principles to prosperity in health, wealth, family, marriage, work, character, and so much more.⠀ ⠀ I hope you are feeling as excited as I am to learn from the Maker himself all about how to live successful lives. He has laid in all out for us and we need to take the steps towards living intentionally.⠀ ⠀ What is something that you've struggled with understanding about the Bible and God? Asking questions is the first step towards wisdom so don't be afraid to ask :) We are alllll figuring our this journey called LIFE.⠀ ⠀ #spirituality #womenandfaith #christiancreative #faithingod #christianlife #christianlifestyle #redefiningchristianity #godly #godisfaithful #godswill #trustgod #godisgood #godisreal #spiritualrevolution #spiritualentreprenuer #soulscripts #spiritualdevelopment #sivanaeast #myselflovechallenge #ladyboss #womanentrepreneur #entreprenuerlife #denverblogger #relationshipblogger #bloggervibes #newblogpost #spiritualityoverreligion #consciousliving #faithblogger #myselflovechallenge


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‘Nicola reads with great patience and curiosity, even across oceans to Australia! Our session took place by Skype and I was astounded at what was coming through, regardless of my not being in the same room. I was grateful for Nicola’s openness and gentle humour whilst conveying the information that was coming to her and felt very supported'. I work internationally giving one-to-one video call readings with clients all over the world, please get in touch if you'd like a reading.

I’d like to address some misconceptions about intuition. ✨⠀ ⠀ 1. If I develop my intuition I will become an all-knowing oracle⠀ ⠀ People understandably assume that developing their intuition means knowing anything they choose.⠀ ⠀ This is not how it works. You will become aware of things that are relevant for you. This may be everyday things such as “I shouldn’t eat so much dairy” to: “one day I know that I will live in Italy” or: “despite the fact that I don’t have a partner, I know I will have a child in the next 4-8 years”.⠀ ⠀ These are just a few examples. Intuitive knowledge tends to be concrete, but not precise.⠀ ⠀ What I mean by this is that you may not be given the “why”, “how” or “when”. You may be given a rough timescale, but not the precise date.⠀ ⠀ I think intuitive knowledge is difficult to get your head around because it’s not like anything you’ll find in a reference book. It’s totally different.⠀ ⠀ It can change too, though you’ll probably become aware if it does 😉⠀ ⠀ How do you feel about developing your intuition? I’d love to hear your perspective 💕

Join me Friday, 11/16/18, for Lesson 43, "Crushing Goliath": As we awaken, the beast of human error thoughts rise up and fight back. The battle is between the heart and the head, between personal will and divine love. This can seem daunting and often the weak run, but when we are committed to doing our part, when we call upon higher self, the vibrational change is so strong that error is dissolved and fades away. When spiritual thoughts are determined to take root, David always defeats Goliath. Catch up & click "follow" to subscribe at athttps://psychicjenniferhall.podbean.com/ © 2018 Universal Lessons LLC Art work by Luke Brown https://artcollider.net/luke-brown/ @luke_brown_spectraleyes #lessonsfromtheuniversewithjenniferhall

What is your peace worth to you? It is not about ‘peace of mind’ because we are not our minds. The mind is merely a tool to leverage but peace rarely arrives from there. . . It is about inner peace, which abides beyond the mind. . . The peace that all wisdom traditions speak of and the kind we intuitively know when we step further into our worth. . . The kind of peace we experience when we release the need to be right, the need to make it work out. . . The lightness we feel when the pride that keeps us from ending something is no longer worth holding onto because it is simply no longer worth our inner peace. . . The job, the career, the degree, the home, the relationship, the business, the friends, the opportunity. . . What situation or challenge are you wrestling with that has become a point of pride or dis-ease? . . Where are you working hard to stay open or to make something work? . . What must draw to a gentle close to return to your inner peace? . . We don’t have to fight for or orchestrate inner peace. It will make itself known when we shed what no longer serves us. . . Looking for compassionate support on how to listen to your intuition and make friends with your inner peace? . . Snag a Soul Courage intuitive session at the link in bio. 💫


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Guys! Please never look back and stop being so hard on yourselves. It's over and it's in the past. As long as you've learned your lesson there is no point going back in time and reliving your past. Also make sure to be more gentle on yourself. You've gone through a lot to be here today. Some have not made it to this day. Remember to be your best friend at all times. You can and you will make it through. Like the dozens of times you've done it before. Love. Di Photo by @crazycreative_gal #coachinglife#coachwomen#lifecoachforwomen#journeyto30#journeytohealth#journeywithin#spiritualdevelopment#personaldevelopmentjunkie#nevergiveuphope#neverlookback#lifeisamazing#goalsetter#goalcrusher#goforitall#donotgiveup#veganlondon#ukvegan#veganactivist#veganrecipe#vegetalien#learnminimalism#objectif2018#objectif#changer#changeyourmindset#portraitgirl#nature_photo#naturewalks


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CONNECTION: How does it feel to be in this body today? • “It all starts with an EMBODIED PRACTICE. When we physically know HOW our hand feels like, and where are feet are, THEN we can start to have conversations with people that are REAL. They are not numbed out, or masked over by the idea of who we think we are. We can just be REAL. The yoga poses are the VEHICLE to help us start feeling maybe for the first time ever. “(Brooke Hamblet) • BUT WHY ? Well, it's because during the yoga when we extend our SPINE we create more space between our vertebraes and THAT ultimately gives the nerve threads MORE space to do the work and send signals to our brain!!! • Sometimes this is exactly what happens after yoga class as we feel MORE open and present and dare to make contact with people in the class. Maybe that’s why people return to the practice yoga over and over again! #everythingisenergy#spiritualgrowth#spiritualawareness#transcend#higherfrequeny#spiritualpath#spiritualdevelopment#spiritualpractice#spiritualteacher#mindfulness#yoga#stockholmyoga#yogafun#yogalifestyle#instayoga#myyogalife#yogadaily#yogis#yogaeverydamnday#beyondasana#youarepurelove#livelifefearlessly#innerpeace#travellingyogini


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CONNECTION: How does it feel to be in this body today? “It all starts with an EMBODIED PRACTICE. When we physically know HOW our hand feels like, and where are feet are, THEN we can start to have conversations with people that are REAL. They are not numbed out, or masked over by the idea of who we think we are. We can just be REAL. The yoga poses are the VEHICLE to help us start feeling maybe for the first time ever. “(Brooke Hamblet) • BUT WHY ? Well, it's because during the yoga when we extend our SPINE we create more space between our vertebraes and THAT ultimately gives the nerve threads MORE space to do the work and send signals to our brain!!! • Sometimes this is exactly what happens after yoga class as we feel MORE open and present and dare to make contact with people in the class. Maybe that’s why people return to the practice yoga over and over again! #everythingisenergy#spiritualgrowth#spiritualawareness#transcend#higherfrequeny#spiritualpath#spiritualdevelopment#spiritualpractice#spiritualteacher#mindfulness#yoga#stockholmyoga#yogafun#yogalifestyle#instayoga#myyogalife#yogadaily#yogis#yogaeverydamnday#beyondasana#youarepurelove#livelifefearlessly#innerpeace#travellingyogini

🔺Одна из моих любимых историй. . 👳🏼‍♂️Старый мудрец самурай, давал урок своим ученикам, когда к нему подошёл молодой боец, известный своей грубостью. В присутствии учеников он стал нападать на старого самурая, оскорблять его и даже кидать камнями. Эти приемы срабатывали всегда, когда ему нужно было вывести из равновесия противника: ослеплённый яростью, как правило тот непременно допускал досадную ошибку и в результате проигрывал. Пожилой самурай не обращал на обидчика внимания, и продолжал занятия как ни в чем не бывало. В результате молодой боец оставил пожилого самурая. . ✨Молодые ученики были поражены спокойствием самурая. - Зачем ты молча терпел все унижения? Учитель ответил: - Если некто придёт к вам с подарком, а вы его не примете, у кого останется подарок? - У того, кто принёс. Сказали ученики. - Также и с оскорблениями, злобой, завистью - до тех пор пока вы не приняли их, они принадлежат прежнему хозяину.💫🕉⤵️⤵️⤵️ #wisdom #love #peace ———————————————————————— . . . #patience #legend #story #tibet #buddha #books #buddhism #meditation #life #people #yoga #harmony #noviolence #philosophy #ancient #ancientwisdom #mantra #yogapractice #yogajourney #spiritualdevelopment #мудрость #восточнаямудрость #буддизм #будда #йога #медитация #духовноеразвитие


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it’s worth a thought or two


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I used to feel pulled in a million different directions and super guilty anytime I put myself first. I was so resistant to the idea of putting my needs first that it took me years to actually start doing it. It is still a daily work in progress to more easily do what’s right for me. Here are some things I’ve found are important for my health and happiness: . 🌈 Avoid checking my phone for at least 30 min after waking. . 🌈 At least 10 min daily of complete silence . 🌈 Weight lifting at least 4 days a week. . 🌈 Singing at least 5 days a week 🎶 . 🔵 These are just a few of the things I do for myself to make sure I’m balanced, clear headed, and honoring myself. Please comment below ⬇️ Let me know what you do to honor yourself 😊💖

Starting this Thursday! Two places remaining. www.My-Serenity.co.uk/events ❤️ Mediumship Development Course with Psychic Medium Richard Cuthbert. ❤️ This practical development course is an informative journey into helping you to explore and develop your mediumistic potential. Dealing with a variety of subjects, this development group will give you an opportunity learn about, and explore (hands on) different techniques and ways of connecting with the wonderful ability of mediumship and connecting to the spirit world. Elements of the course: 🌟 The ethical, moral and practical aspects of mediumistic work. 🌟 Understand how to sense and connect with the spirit world. 🌟 Preparing yourself for working mediumistically. 🌟 Exercises for developing your mediumistic ability. 🌟 How to meditate and visualise to enhance mediumistic ability. 🌟 Sensing. communicating and maintaining a link with spirit. 🌟 Tuning into the energy of others and the world around you. 🌟 Enhancing and developing your mediumistic ability further. Richard Cuthbert: Richard has worked as a professional Psychic Medium for nearly 20 years. Developing his own psychic ability to a high level and helping others to achieve the same Richard delivers the subject of mediumship in an enjoyable way, backed up with years of knowledge and experience. Richard is experienced in training and the delivery of workshops, he has been extensively trained and examined by the Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU), holding diplomas in demonstrating mediumship and public speaking. In 2017 Richard was the first individual worldwide to be awarded a diploma in private readings from the SNU, and is currently the only holder of this award. You can learn more about Richard by visiting his website at: http://www.richardcuthbert.co.uk 🌟 Dates for the course: Thursday November 15th 2018 Thursday December 6th 2018 Thursday January 10th 2019 Thursday February 7th 2019 from 6.30pm - 8.30pm Course cost: £50 Payable in full.