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10 minutes into Netflix and chill and he gives you this look.


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Today you had me speechless... what can I say? I can say without a doubt I am truly a blessed man. Thank you making my birthday, and as corny as it is, everyday special and for always making me feel special. Best birthday ever. Best girlfriend ever. @grisleyy 🐶🐱🏋🏻‍♂️🤼‍♂️ - - - - - #mma #training #combat #jiujitsu #jiujitsu4life #wrestling #gym #powerlifting #bodybuilding #strengthtraining #gains #motivation #bjj #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessmodel #exercise #combatsports #fitnessjourney #boxing #brazilianjiujitsu #fitnessaddict #fight #like #sportscience #sports #vegan #vegangains #vegancouple #gymmotivation


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Savage SZN continues. Part II. 🚨 Don’t be a scavenger❗️


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Great having my mate back at @woodfordssc @sandor_earl yesterday 👏👏 even tho it was only one session (back to pre season on Thursday) still was good coaching & talking shop/ 💩 with him 💪💯 . @sandor_earl is an high level athlete ✔️ You only need to look how he sprints, jumps, lands, cuts & decelerates (how I screen my athletes - based on athletic movements they will complete during their sport) just to understand how efficient this man is 💯💯 . The outside perception of professional athletes is professional lifter & more often than not this is NOT the case 💯 . Remember the non strength sport athlete uses strength training as a tool to ⬆️ physical capacities (power, speed, mass etc) - strength training is not their sport ❌ They did not get to the highest level by being good at lifting weights - they made the professional level because they were elite at their sport 👊 . It’s always important to understand the sporting skill is ALWAYS the #1 focus and everything else is secondary to this (including physical preparation) 💯 Even tho physical preparation, recovery/regeneration, nutrition/hydration is vital to the athletes performance & reducing injuries - the sporting skill always needs to refined, mastered & technical/tactical knowledge sound ✔️ . Last year after 13 months of hard, consistent & smart preparation (one slight setback that cost us 2 weeks when @sandor_earl thought he could be a track sprinter lol overtraining = strain) he was flying at training for the first 5 weeks 👊 unfortunately sport has no script - there is not always the perfect comeback 😞 so after 4 years away from the game and during a training drill he ruptured his ACL 😡 . Credit to the man - he got up - dusted himself of and came back around the 7 month mark which is incredible 💪 It shows the commitment & the attention to detail he has for everything and THAT is the reason the 2019 @nrl season will be greater than anyone would ever think ...I believe in him & I know he believes in himself 💯💯 . I can’t wait to watch your first game back @ the highest level mate - I still remember saying to you all those months ago I will see this through to the end 👊🤙 Proud of you mate ❤️

We didn't realise how rare this was until people started telling us how good it was... We introduced this quite a while back now. It's not a special, it's not something that's designed to lock you into a contract with this as the bonus. It's something designed to share our gym, classes and vibe with people who are looking for a change, or something new, or even their first gym. It's our version of giving you a taste of the grapes before you buy the whole bag. It's open to anybody, at any time, always. Simply email as or jump to our website to get in touch about it. 😃


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Stop your mind going into the issues of tomorrow and truly embrace today and this very moment. Anxiety often comes from looking too far into the future - the what If’s that end up with you feeling overwhelmed - so often our worries of the future never ever eventuate BUT we wasted so much time. I know it’s hard to stay in Today but it is worth it #gratitude#stress#morningroutine#deathbedscorecard#100xcoach#100xeveryday#100xmentors#100xcamps#hurdles#sportscience#fitness#health#bodyscience#football#nutrition#100xjournal#performanceintelligenceagency#entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurquotes #sydney #today #bepresent


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As I have stated before I have a group of 10 female (woodys angels 👼) & 2 male coaches/students who INVESTED & hired me to become their mentor . @coachwoodford . The #1 focus of my mentoring is through my passion, education, experience & understanding of the industry to empower these trainers/coaches to become the BEST they can be 💯 whatever that is (PT, physiologist, S & C, Rehab) . The BEST way you as a coach/trainer can learn the APPLIED aspect of our profession is to INVEST & hire a coach who can coach you through & educate you on the theory & art behind your program . My coaches invest > 12 months + into my coaching/programming etc , educating & giving guidance to where their skill set would be best suited in this industry 🔥 . Here is a message from @leash_fitnessunleashed - who since has been mentored by me for the last 5 months + has seen her business EXPLODE with new clients (due to referrals from clients who get results) and confidence from coaching, regressing, progressing strength, power, mobility & conditioning based movements (& choose the variation that works) . This is no coincidence that she is flooded with new clients ...she INVESTED in her career - she wanted better & she wanted the BEST for her clients 💪 . Here is the added benefit of being coached (& have a structured program by me or my team) - you not only learn by doing (to have a better understanding how to coach movements for your clients) & build your coaching confidence you ALSO obtain RESULTS for yourself (win - win) 🤙 . The most interesting aspect of @leash_fitnessunleashed pulling 130kg is we did minimal deadlifting & more focused on mastering the hinge (RDL) & the SQUAT - 2 critical movements ALL athletes need to master regardless of level or sport 💯🔥 . Well done @leash_fitnessunleashed & ALL my other coaches who reached out and wanted more - it’s great to watch them obtain their goals & I am glad I can play a small part in this ❤️ . If you are interested in being mentored by myself email Christian@woodfordssc.com or DM. (PT, student, exercise science, Physio etc) 🔥 note; I do not take on everyone 💯 A good attitude is a must


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คราวนี้อนุญาตให้แซวได้ เพราะแค่แวะมาเช็คอินจริงจริง 😁 ในวันที่งานยุ่ง มือไม่ว่างยกลูกเวท ทางออก คืออัด BiosLife E เบิร์นแบบธรรมชาติเบาเบา 100kcal แก้ขัดไปก่อนได้น้าา A 1999 study featured in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrated that green tea extract rich in catechins has thermogenic properties and promotes fat oxidation beyond that explained by the tea’s caffeine content. It was found that thermogenesis (the body’s rate of burning calories) increased from 8-10% to 35-43% of daily energy expenditure. Another study demonstrated that exercising immediately after drinking matcha green tea resulted in 25% more fat burning during exercise. #bioslifee #sportscience


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🇧🇷É notável o interesse por parte de profissionais de Educação Física por novos meios e métodos de treinamento. De fato, os avanços tecnológicos nos permitem controlar e monitorar respostas fisiológicas e psicofisiológicas com precisão, sobretudo via equipamentos sofisticados. No entanto e conforme abordado no ultimo vídeo (Palestra no SESC Piracicaba), em diversas situações pilares básicos e fundamentais do treinamento são, diríamos, esquecidos. Quando reforço a importância desses na prescrição do exercício a discentes, grande parcela corrobora com minha indagação, mas outros certamente pensam “Novamente isso? Já tenho plena noção dos princípios do treinamento e das vertentes de intensidade e volume - preciso de coisas novas, realmente diferentes”. Mas, será mesmo? Amigos próximos sabem que vejo extrema importância nos pilares científicos que fundamentam essas questões, a exemplo de excepcionais artigos publicados nas décadas de 20, 30, 40 e 50 que sustentam muitas das perspectivas discutidas na ciência contemporânea relativa ao treinamento físico. Quando noto as intituladas “inovadoras tendências” me pergunto se a novidade é relativa a vitrine e venda dessas, ou se de fato esses novos “métodos” promovem perspectivas diferenciadas. Nesse ponto, aquele pensamento de “Novamente isso?” separa os profissionais qualificados para planejarem e formularem periodizações daqueles que tendem a seguir as novas tendências sem lembrar os pilares que sustentam a prescrição e controle do exercício físico.🇧🇷 -------------------------------------------------- 🇱🇷Sport sciences students have huge interest for new training methods. Indeed, technological advances allow the precise measurement and control of physiological and psychophysiological parameters, mainly via sophisticated equipment’s. However, in many situations the basic fundamentals of training are, let’s say, forgotten. When I retake the relevance of these on exercise prescription, most of students agree and corroborate with it, but others certainly think “Again? I already have full knowledge of the training bases – a need new stuff that are really important”. (Further on comments 👇)...

-KUOTA HANYA 50- kapan lagi dapat 3 sertifikat dan 1 KTA ICCA dalam 1 pelatihan.. -AYUUUKKK DAFTAR- kuota semakin menipis coach.. 😇 #salamolahraga __________________________________ - tag kami untuk event olahraga- . 👉 @indonesiansportscience 👈 👉 @indonesiansportscience 👈 👉 @indonesiansportscience 👈 #sport #sportscience #event #eventolahraga #olahraga #salamolahraga #jaya #indonesiansportscience #indonesiansportscienceorganization

Part 1 Cheat Meal Day @ ACTN3 - Performance Athletes On Sunday, ACTN3 Performance Coach Wesley, decided it was a good idea to explore our new neighbourhood by trialling the food of 5x Neighbouring food businesss whilst performing 5x Training Sessions, 1 between each meal.... Within 5 Hours..... Just your usual cheat meal day at #actn3 Thank you for everyone that participated in this gruelling day of eating and training. Although we only had a small few unable to finish the 4th meal we only had one who... Well... Umm... 🤢🤮😂 Massive shout out to Moffatvideography for filming and editing the entire day. And another thankyou to all of the below neighbouring business's for allowing all of us to eat and film the event. @stpierres_sushi @subwaynz @subway #cafeanatolia @dominos @dominos_nz #dnf 1st week into moving to Browns Bay, North Shore, NZ and already we are causing a ruckus and making some noise. The #takeover has begun. To find out how you can become a part of our athlete community. Message us today and become an ACTN3 Performance Athlete. #actn3 #sportperformance #strengthandconditioning #sportscience #powerlifting #athlete #eating #challenge


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This is Kris! Personal injury experiences over time taught Kristian the value of top quality physical therapy and a passion for bio-mechanical knowledge grew. This led to completion of a Diploma in Remedial Massage (including sports electives) and lecturing part time in remedial massage at a leading Brisbane college. #myomotion #myomotionnewfarm #sportscience #nutrition #physiotherapy #remedialmassage #fortitudevalley #newfarm #massagetherapy #massagetherapist #deeptissue #deeptissuemassage #fitforlife #livinginthenow #health #wellbeing #brisbanemyotherapy #healthyliving #performancegoals #brisbanemassage

#repost @ylmsportscience ・・・ 👟➡️ Hip thrust more beneficial at improving 10m & 20m sprint than front squat #forcevectortheory #sportscience #ylmsportscience #jump #muscle #performance #power #speed #sprint #strength #teamsports #training #trainingadaptations


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One year ago, the @sfdeltas won the mask championship beating the @nycosmos 2-0! The best group of coaching staff, players, and supporters ever... what a ride. #wonanddo e #humanperformance #strengthandconditioning #aclrecovery #physiotherapy #championship #usl #mls #nasl #recovery #sportscience


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Seguimos evaluando. Esta vez del #triosorno se viene #ironmanpucon. @pnoe_analytics #vo2 #triathlon #cycling #vo2max #endurancetraining #sportscience #training

Pain / Injury Diagnostics & Treatments are Always Evolving ...as are we at the Armoury Clinic Here, Sean Meagher MPT BKinn, shares an article from the recent Canadian Physiotherapy conference, where a new assessment tool was presented for helping pain management. A radar plot using 7 points of pain experience are shown in 2 patients; 1. whiplash-associated disorder following a motor vehicle collision and 2. mechanical low back pain. This article follows Tyler Bredschneider's recent article on a Pain-monitoring model for injury recovery (visit our blog for article). Come into the Armoury Sports Medicine and Performance Clinic, where our healthcare team can provide you with leading integrative assessments, and develop a plan that is tailored to your individual health status and progress. 7 points include: NOCICEPTIVE INPUT, PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY, CENTRAL NOCIPLASTIC CHANGE, EMOTIONAL DYSREGULATION OR PATHOLOGY, MALADAPTIVE COGNITIONS, SOCIO-ENVIRONMENTAL CONTEXT, SENSORIMOTOR DYS-INTEGRATION. This framework is not meant to be diagnostic, but a complimentary tool for chronic pain management. #sportscience


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O que dizer de uma turma que leva uma garrafa de café para a aula?! Grata pela oportunidade de aprendizado, queridos! Disciplina de Treinamento Funcional na pós graduação em Limoeiro do Norte. #coordinationiskey #cienciadoesporte #sportscience #fransboschbook #knowledgeispower #suzyferreira

Repost from @rigneystrength using @RepostRegramApp - Concurrent training in Australian for field based sports is of high importance if you want your athletes to succeed. Please have a watch of this video and let me know your thoughts. If you have any questions let me know. (Head over to my Facebook page for the full video - @Rigney Strength & Conditioning)


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Last set of a nice and easy 3x4 with 350 to start the momentum rolling, highest reps I'll be doing until after meet day. Time to dial in the specificity. #peaking block starts today! . #rawpowerlifting #naturalbodybuilding #strengthtraining #educateddieting #scientificdieting #usapl #nerdswholift #sbd #disciplineisrewarded #timelessform #powerliftingprogramming #denovosupps #teamdenovo #leaveyourmark #sportscience #momentum


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Concurrent training in Australian for field based sports is of high importance if you want your athletes to succeed. Please have a watch of this video and let me know your thoughts. If you have any questions let me know. (Head over to my Facebook page for the full video - @Rigney Strength & Conditioning)


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Move out of your comfort zone! __ To ACHIEVE something NEW You need to DO something NEW __ This has been well known and is not a ground breaking idea, however it is important to remind ourselves of this from time to time __ If you want to have a better shoulder mobility to make things like Front or Back Squats, Strict or Push Press and even Olympic lifts feel LESS uncomfortable try this stretch out Perform it 2-3 days per week 3-4 sets for a hold of 30sec __ The things we want are out of our comfort zone, so GO and GET them! #movementenhanced #shouldermobility

Learning techniques of a movement to suit your own biomechanics is just as important as learning the fundamentals. Learning to tailor movements to an athlete, that takes time and skill, but it is crucial for a good coach. #integrity #international #respect #strongman #guidance #longtermathleticdevelopment #coaching #sportspecific #specialist #sportscience #psychology #personaldevelopment #lifestylechange #personaltraining #onlinept #galway #ireland #powerlifting #competition #optimalperformance #worldstage #ambition #athlete #strengthandconditioning #skilldevelopment #fun #transformation #inspire


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🔥 This is absolutely spot on from one of best in the business (Dr. Bryan Mann @jbryanmann). ⠀ ⠀ 🤦 The S&C work itself doesn't need to be overly complex, but the fundamental reasoning as to why you're doing something should be grounded by high-levels of knowledge on what and why. This is partly why those with low-levels on subject knowledge use complex/advanced methods unnecessarily. Do you agree 👍🏼 or disagree 👎🏼?


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Isso é “Portas Abertas”! 🇧🇷👊 #repost @irineu_loturco ・・・ Dia de receber os alunos de educação física do "Centro Universitário Integrado de Campo Mourão" em nosso programa "Portas Abertas"🔝. Que nosso projeto possa semear esperança e despertar inspiração naqueles que representam o futuro da educação física (e do esporte) em nosso país 🇧🇷. Um grande abraço a todos os presentes! E nós não vamos parar!! . #narsp #institutopenínsula #iwill #wewill #underarmourbrasil #forabetterbrazil #porumbrasilmelhor #yeswecan #brasilacimadetudo #education #future #caixaesportes #scania #gatoradebrasil #sportscience


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Introducing Assoc Prof Jacqueline Alderson, Title: 'Neuromuscular training and change of direction mechanics: performance & injury'. Register: https://icst2018.com/registration/ #icst2018 @ECUResearch @alumni_ecu #strength #conditioning #sportscience #elitesportperformance #exerciseasmedicine #exerciseresearch #clinicalpractice #strengthtraininginmedicine #strengthtraininginrehabilitation #strengthandconditioning #exercisescience #resistancetraining #elite #athletes #youth


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#modulemonday looks at our #running Module, which assesses running movement in patients and athletes. WIth this module, PTs can detect imbalances and asymmetries, assessing gait and ground reaction force.

Anche in termini di esercizio fisico possiamo trovare un equivalente e cioè la ginnastica antalgica, altrimenti detta “ginnastica dolce”. E' una forma di movimento caratterizzata da gesti armonici e misurati, nella maggior parte finalizzati a curare, prevenire o lenire ogni tipo di dolore muscolare o articolare. In particolar modo questa disciplina è consigliata per tutte quelle patologie causate dall’invecchiamento fisiologico come l’artrite, la lombalgia, l’osteoporosi e i vari tipi di artrosi lombare, cervicale. La ginnastica antalgica viene considerata una terapia correttiva e può essere facilmente praticata sia dagli uomini che dalle donne. Essa è adatta soprattutto per persone in età adulta desiderose di migliorare il rapporto con il proprio corpo, e anche per chi non svolge da tempo alcuna attività fisica. Infatti la ginnastica antalgica permette di eseguire un’attività ginnica completa senza compromettere le funzioni dell’apparato scheletrico. Grazie al fatto che permette di migliorare i movimenti e conoscere al meglio i propri limiti fisici, la ginnastica antalgica viene anche utilizzata come ausilio fisioterapico e riabilitativo. Immagine da Fisiologia Umana (Silverthorn) pag.307 🥋👊💪😎👇🔥🌀🐲 🇮🇹 🥋 #selfdefense #nahkampf #jujitsu #sport #difesapersonale #militarytraining #martialart #sportscience #blackbelt #taifun #martialtraining


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Dia de receber os alunos de educação física do "Centro Universitário Integrado de Campo Mourão" em nosso programa "Portas Abertas"🔝. Que nosso projeto possa semear esperança e despertar inspiração naqueles que representam o futuro da educação física (e do esporte) em nosso país 🇧🇷. Um grande abraço a todos os presentes! E nós não vamos parar!! . #narsp #institutopenínsula #iwill #wewill #underarmourbrasil #forabetterbrazil #porumbrasilmelhor #yeswecan #brasilacimadetudo #education #future #caixaesportes #scania #gatoradebrasil #sportscience


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@ballergolfacademy might think I got the hang of smashing it ... here’s how it’s done folks. 💥🎯 Love seeing professional athletes grind after every possible inch to drive their passion. The simulator @thestandardgainesville really came in clutch. Thank you so much!! More from our session with the @tobiipro system coming soon. - - - #sportsvision #eyetracking #ballergolfacademy #quieteye #smashfactor #golf #pga #pgabound #sportscience #florida #gators #proathletes #dowhatyoulove