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John Edward LaFave

14 Days 20 Hours Ago

Great time last night working out new material for BDL project #nakedandunashamed .. more to come. #stagecouprecords

John Edward LaFave

28 Days 13 Hours Ago

Shout out to new friends Daryl Rogers, Billy, David Sisco, Gregory, Shawn, Randy and Elizabeth .. great time spent with all. Thanks to all staff, residents and guests at Crossroads Cafe .. #roomintheinn #eastnashvillemusic #nashvilleindependentmusic #stagecouprecords

BLIND DRIFTER LUKE / NAKED AND UNASHAMED. January. #eastnashvillemusic #stagecouprecords

ENDGAME .. Friday, Dec. 21st. "BRINGING IT ALL HOME" Jonnie G, Myself and Randy (the Drifter) Chandler will be doing a BLIND DRIFTER LUKE year-end acoustic set at Room in the Inn's CROSSROADS CAFE. #eastnashvillemusic #stagecouprecords

THE MUTE GROUP, PHANTOM FARMER & BLIND DRIFTER LUKE. 8PM. Join us, if you can .. The Event: #eastnashvillemusic #stagecouprecords

BOWERY VAULT (a free show) 2905 Gallatin Pike C Nashville, Tennessee 37216 #eastnashvillemusic #stagecouprecords

In the end of our first year's activity, STAGE COUP RECORDS organized a benefit concert for the homeless as a give-back. After much research, we decided the event would be used to raise awareness and support for the ROOM IN THE INN, here in Nashville, Tennessee (an organization that houses and provides programs to help those less fortunate .. a true hand-up approach.) We named the event GIMME SHELTER .. and soon, a number of gifted musicians and artists joined in to volunteer their time and performances. In the end, we were able to raise money and awareness for the ROOM'S great ongoing work. That Event began a long relationship between us here at SCR and the ROOM. Jonnie LaFave and I (plus some others) have performed nearly 30 shows at their venue CLANCEY'S CROSSROADS CAFE (where program residents and guests are treated to a sit-down coffee-house experience which often includes musical performances) These shows have by far been the most meaningful "gigs" we've been involved with. This Friday, November 30th at 8pm. BLIND DRIFTER LUKE is hosting GIMME SHELTER #2, along with THE MUTE GROUP and PHANTOM FARMER. It is a FREE CONCERT. A hat will be provided for anyone wishing to donate, plus we will have materials available showing ways to support the work of ROOM IN THE INN. Please, join us if you can for a great night of music. Blind Drifter Luke The Mute Group Phantom Farmer #eastnashvillemusic #stagecouprecords THE EVENT: HOW YOU CAN GIVE BACK:

THANKSGIVING DAY .. something new .. from rev #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

GIMME SHELTER .. time to give back .. #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

Thanksgiving Day .. #stagecouprecords

UNLEASHING THE MONSTER .. 10.26.18 #stagecouprecords

UNLEASHING THE MONSTER 10.26.2018 #stagecouprecords

So .. Does this thing actually work? Someone said that it doesn't. Let me know. #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

Great Time at Crossroad's Cafe .. #blinddrifterluke #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

room in the inn .. nashville this friday, june 8th .. 8am #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

a must watch ... #stagecouprecords

ANOTHER TWENTY ON THE RED .. #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

GATHERED IN BLACK more to come .. #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

A "NEW TRACK" from BLIND DRIFTER LUKE has just slipped in through a .. WORM HOLE TO THE FUTURE!! .. I KNOW, I KNOW .. BDL is still playing and promoting their current album release "This Was" .. But, what do you do when the future comes calling? LATER TODAY .. "THE BIRDS ARE COMING" ..AAAH! #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

"THE BIRDS, THEY'RE COMING!!" tomorrow from blind drifter luke #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

Thing For The City.. #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

THE ARTIST MIND and Biblical Spirituality The Artist Mind explores biblical spirituality from the perspective of the artist as opposed to the literalist. It is an appeal to the mystic within us all. "Metaphor is the very language of the eternal ... It's as though the realm of the eternal. and the Divine himself cannot be directly described, only compared to something we do see and understand ... like a dimension beyond our ability to fathom ... which it is." #stagecouprecords

LIKE US .. WE'RE SMART. #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

Shhhhhh .. work on secret new, blind drifter luke track starts .. tomorrow #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

blind drifter luke .. the latest. #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

FACEBOOK.COM/STAGECOUPRECORDS Attention .. Citizens of Earth. #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

Today at Clancey's Crossroads Cafe .. good set. #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

New Single Release .. Coming soon from SCR. #stagecouprecords #eastnashvilleartist #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

"Yeah, they could use some help .. they're not much good at asking .. No, not cash .. They just need friends to click "SUBSCRIBE" to their YouTube Channel .. and watch their latest video .. more than once .. alot. Yeah, it really helps. No, they don't have any other resources .. they're artist types." #stagecouprecords

BDL on NAPSTER.. #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

Tomorrow Night .. Dickson .. #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

BDL on DEEZER #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

The High Point .. New Cycle of Dates. #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

Local Wastelanders: Come on out, this Friday night! Blind Drifter Luke will be performing a set of great music, with a special guest. Don't miss it! 🎵👊😎💨🎶 Regrann from @johnedlafave - FALLOUT VAPOR DICKSON .. Friday, April 6th. 7pm. #stagecouprecords #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic"ref"%3A"3"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"%7D&aref=3 #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

"THIS WAS" Album Event. #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

BLIND DRIFTER LUKE / THIS WAS .. Available Everywhere Spotify: ITunes: Amazon: #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

"THIS WAS" Album Event .. #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

The Night of February 9th, 1964 More than 73 million Americans watched the Beatles’ debut performance on The Ed Sullivan Show. It was the night that changed everything .. “I think the whole world was watching that night. It certainly felt that way. You just knew it, sitting in your living room, that everything around you was changing. It was like going from black-and-white to color." (Tom Petty) “There is no way I’d be doing what I do now if it wasn’t for the Beatles. I was watching The Ed Sullivan Show and I saw them. Those skinny little boys .. with long hair like girls. It blew me away that these four boys [from] the middle of nowhere could make that music." (Gene Simmons, Kiss) "The Beatles really synthesized what I wanted to do. The single biggest moment that I can remember being galvanized into wanting to be a musician for life was seeing the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show.” (Billy Joel) “Seeing them on TV was akin to a national holiday. Talk about an event. I never saw guys looking so cool .. It changed me completely. I knew something was different in the world that night." (Joe Perry, Aerosmith) “The lightning bolt came out of the heavens and struck Ann and me the first time we saw the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show." (Nancy Wilson, Heart) “Seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan was the beginning. That got me to learn how to play the guitar.” (Rick Neilson, Cheap Trick) These are just a few examples of the effect the night of February 9th, 1964 had on an entire generation. Musically, artistically and culturally there has never been anything quite like it. Decades later John Fogerty would sing, “We gathered round to hear the sound comin’ on the little screen .. The grief had passed, the old men laughed, and all the girls screamed .. ’Cause four guys from England took us all by the hand .. It was time to laugh, time to sing and time to join the band.” #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

Deal's been struck .. Preparations being made. #stagecouprecords

SoundCloud #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

BLIND DRIFTER LUKE .. TRACK #7 YouTube:  SoundCloud #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

BDL Track 7 .. Right on Schedule .. (yep, the cover tune we've been teasing) #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

A Night of rehearsing for Saturday's live FaceBook event . tune in at 6pm (CST) on #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

BLIND DRIFTER LUKE / COMING RIGHT AT YOU .. #stagecouprecords #eastnashvilleartist

One week from tomorrow .. 6Pm /CT. @StageCoupRecords .. Facebook. #stagecouprecords #eastnashvillemusic

Just Another Day .. BDL #stagecouprecords

FLORIDA .. Here we come! THE RESERVE 1322 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34236 SAT, JUNE 24th 6pm #stagecouprecords