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2 Minutes Ago

More days of school to miss🤑. #statebound #regionalsquad #backontrack #murph

Get you a boy who’s there for u In sad times and best times #statebound #bestboymyboy❤️❤️❤️ fly high jackson💙💙

I’m so proud of this guy.He put in the work and now he’s going to state .Love you little bro. #statebound #esketit


3 Hours Ago

SULPHUR. The one place where every softball player in Louisiana wants to be at the end of April. . I never got the opportunity to play in Sulphur in high school, but you better believe I am PUMPED to be coaching in Sulphur next week at the state tournament!! So incredibly proud of our girls ... Northshore Panthers are headed to State!!! #softball #coachinglife #statebound


3 Hours Ago

Region Champs! #statebound


4 Hours Ago

we had to make things interesting yesterday #statebound


4 Hours Ago

3 State Qualifiers for Ingram Tom Moore!! So very proud of these young folks, not for the accomplishment, but for the way they played the game and represented themselves, their families, their school and the sport. On top of that, to have several opponents parents compliment your daughter on the way she conducts herself on the court...priceless. #ipi #tennisaintjustforsofties #statebound #godisgoodallthetime


4 Hours Ago

we’re headed to fast-pitch 56!!! #statebound


4 Hours Ago

Congrats to my boys #statebound


5 Hours Ago

I'm just going to real for one minute here. Holy mother of cows there has to be a million kids here. My nerves are out of control! This Forensics is out of control in a good way! #statebound #hopingtogeta25 #justmetlike70kids #whencanicry #istartin5minutes #ifeellikethrowingup #somanyemotions


5 Hours Ago

2018 region champ! #statebound


5 Hours Ago

Gold is our favorite color #statebound


6 Hours Ago

THIS is why I do what I do! Ready to see the Georgetown softball girls end their regular season in these 🔥🔥🔥 helmets. Happy senior night to all the seniors. Let’s get a W! #customizeyourlegacy


6 Hours Ago

back at it again + Hannahbelle #statebound 🥇


6 Hours Ago

Round 3 Regionals . . . . . . . . . #trackandfield #picoftheday #statebound #run


6 Hours Ago

#statebound 🥇


7 Hours Ago

boys & girls soccer are going to STATE #421 #harambee #statebound


7 Hours Ago

#statebound with my girls

KSPA Regional Journalism placers Zoe Thomas and Riley Fletcher #statebound

GOOD LUCK to our Powerlifting boys and girls!!! Bring it home!!! #statebound #makehistory 🏋️‍♀️

KSPA Regional Journalism placer Rian Gere #statebound


10 Hours Ago

Voice of the Indians... a title that I never expected, but certainly appreciate. Thank you to the incredible players and Fans for an unforgettable season! Together we are a tribe. #betweenthepines #soccerislife #statebound

Thanks to the administrators for celebratory pizza! We’re on our way to STATE. See you at 4:30! • • • #statebound #weareebb


12 Hours Ago

Most of y'all probably already know this but WE'RE GOING TO STATE!!! 🏅😆❤️ #anotherlatepost #oapstrong #statebound

KSPA Regional Journalism placers: Codi Thompson, Riley Fletcher, Kaydawn Bonecutter, Rachael Fritzsche, Ian McCoy #statebound


13 Hours Ago

Should Not Cause Harm! 💀✨ #statebound #comeandsupport

Good Luck today at STATE Lady Cougars! ⚽️🐾🐾 #statebound #respectallfearnone #crhs #cpoe #ladycougars


13 Hours Ago

Could not make it to regionals. But woke up to this!!!!! Yea she’s state bound.... she’s dedicated so much time and effort. She’s earned this. She is one of the fastest girls in State enough said. We put in that work. She made me proud. She’s going places y’all. Being her coach and mentor made this year of teaching special. Now I won’t miss STATE. Even if you don’t place. I’m proud of you for making it to the big dance!!! . . . . #thathardwaretho #regional #statebound #historymaker #blackexcellence #blackgirlsrock #trackstar #frfr


16 Hours Ago

Great job today. Super proud of him he works hard and it pays off. @ethanrichards04 #zionjets #thatsmyboy #thatsmyredhead #statebound


16 Hours Ago

I didn't get any current pictures of my baby yesterday because i was making sure her Proposals went smoothly but i am Sending a Huge shoutout to my Baby #teamgray Jazzy Pooh for her outstanding performances at the Area track meet yesterday. She placed 2nd 🥈in her 100 m hurdles, Area Champ🥇 in her 300 m hurdles 1st place baby and Area Champ in her🥇 4x4 relay. I want to Congratulate all my Lady Raiders for a job well done. We clean swept all Relays. Charda big ups for Area Champ🥇 in your 400, Big Ups to Quacia 🥈for advancing to Regionals in your 200, Deericka for placing 3rd 🥉 in long jump, and Naomi for placing 3rd 🥉in discus. #statebound #ontheroadtostate2018 Next stop Waco.


23 Hours Ago

On to Sectionals #statebound


23 Hours Ago

Since day 1 I could tell these 2 have improved there strokes so much, playing tennis this summer and watching them two practice I knew it was their year!! I told them time and time again that this was their year!!!The work they put in to get here has been fun but also has been hard, definitely deserve a Gold medal at state. Cant wait to watch them at STATE!!!!!!! Proud of both of you and congratulations🎾 #fightothefinish #thralltennis #statebound