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13 Hours Ago

I see a lot of people saying as the year is ending you should count your blessings. That’s good advice but everyday is a blessing. Everyday I give thanks from sun up to sun down. When you get to a certain point. Anger,depression, stress anything dealing with the misalignment of your frequency becomes a myth like a lot of things these days#staymobile Salute...


14 Hours Ago

Love stretch? There only three stretch classes left in 2018. Monday 10th, Tuesday 11th & Monday 17th December. Get booked on now, and make the most of it. #stretchclass #puregym #fitness #staymobile #timesrunningout #widnes #christmasiscoming


1 Day 18 Hours Ago

Looking for Open Houses? Download this mobile app and stay up-to-date with the latest: http://app.kw.com/KW2CIPHGT Super user-friendly! If you can’t make it to the open houses, message me and I’ll get you in. Happy house hunting!


2 Days 19 Hours Ago

😵🤭😲I thought I heard a lot,but hey everyday you hear a little more. A little to mobile for me 😂#staymobile


3 Days 11 Hours Ago

Are you moving enough? As the weather cools off, many of us find ourselves trapped inside, avoiding the cold at all cost. This leads to less movement and less exercise, negatively impacting our health and well-being. Over the last couple years I’ve looked for more indoor activities to give my body to movement it craves. I’ve recently started climbing again which keeps me active during the winter and challenges my movement in way no other sport does. What are you doing this winter to stay active? #natefit #pushyourlimits #staymobile #trainwithpurpose


3 Days 15 Hours Ago

Call me slow but Walmart gas stations popping up like Clean Rites and Dunken Donuts in the hood. #staymobile


3 Days 15 Hours Ago

The opposite of courage is Conformity.#staymobile...Salute


3 Days 17 Hours Ago

For you @cf_freeman1357 25min EMOM of nothing but dead lifts. 0-5mins: 225lb x 5 5-10mins: 245lb x 4 10-15mins: 265lb x 3 15-20mins: 285lb x 2 20-25mins: 305lb x 1 @fitaid #fitaid @xwerks @crossfit #crossfitters #deadlift #stayfit #staymobile


4 Days 6 Hours Ago

Team NATEFIT getting their game faces on before a workout Mohammad takes advantage of our mobile training service with @tysonlee_1 to ensure he reaches his fitness goals without ever having to leave his house #natefit #pushyourlimits #staymobile #trainwithpurpose


4 Days 8 Hours Ago

#wellnesswednesday Part of my upper body warm up. Its important to have a routine to get the blood flowing before you really start pushing weight. I spend extra time on my shoulders especially on cold days. #mobility #staymobile #workout #girlswholift #upperbodyworkout #normalizehealthagain #healthylife #workoutroutines


4 Days 10 Hours Ago

So how long does it take to cement healthy habits? (Hint: It’s not 21 days) It’s not 21, 66 or 254 days either. Instead, count each and every effort you put into a healthier body as a success. It’s not a habit, it’s a mind set. Its forever. ⬇️ Start with getting some bodywork/manual therapy. Put stretching, exercising, and foam rolling into your daily or weekly routine. You will not only see results- every day you do something to improve your mobility, you will feel better about your body.


4 Days 12 Hours Ago

Thanks VR Cover for another awesome upgrade! This time for my Oculus Go! Check it out at https://VRcover.com/?itm=205


4 Days 17 Hours Ago

Good #frosty morning to you. #outdoorworkout happening now. Playing around on the #trxduotrainer keeping limber and mobile and fit. #rvlifefitness #staymobile #stayfit #stillfit #keepfit #calesthenics #babyhandstands (not pictured)


4 Days 17 Hours Ago

You can use IRB everywhere you work - on every device, in every location! #investigation #mobility #databases #skiptracing #staymobile #privateinvestigator #processserver #bailbonds #repossessions


5 Days 2 Hours Ago

Playing around with balance during mobility happy hour 🤸‍♀️ Remember balance is a learned skill, not a characteristic you’re stuck with. #staymobile #balance #happyhour #crossfit #fitness


5 Days 12 Hours Ago

💻📲 Online Mobility Membership: what others are saying: ⠀ “I’m making my way through the mobility videos and doing them several times before moving on. Dude, they’re great. I’m loving them.” - @whiskey.xray.yoga.zulu ⠀ “If you’re not subscribed to @clayton.moves mobility videos, you’re doing it wrong.” - @yogadetour ⠀ “Clayton, you are THE MAN when it comes to explaining mobility and often intimidating concepts in a really accessible way. I’m proud to be a part of your ever-growing mobility army!!” - @achievingoptimal ⠀ “Those KINSTRETCH mini-flows are my favs - I can fit them in as I’m heating up dinner, after work, or right before bed.” - @sarahsinthesoup ⠀ “Consistent FRC mobility training has helped me gain mobility in places that had little to no room to move before. This training has been key to managing a chronic shoulder issue by teaching me ways to manage my symptoms just by moving my body.” - @kayteemae ⠀ I’m here to help you ❤️ (Link in bio to get started today) ⠀ #claytonmoves #mobility #frc #kinstretch #thefootcollective #pain #deskrx #fitness #goals #love


5 Days 15 Hours Ago

🙌🏼Knee Issues🙌🏼 In this case, Patellar Instability or Subluxation of the Patella most often affects individuals in their teens and twenties. If you have experienced this before, you are at an increased risk of experiencing it again sometime in the future. Physical Therapy uses a holistic approach to help you overcome a number of knee issues such as this. We consider all the factors such as Range of Motion, Muscle Strength, Functional Training, Pain Relief, and Patient Education. We create a plan tailored to YOU so you can have an active pain free life! Come visit us at ROC Physical Therapy! Thanks @kinnedyjoye for letting us be a part of getting you back on your feet and sharing this photo! • • • • • • #rocphysicaltherapy #qualityfocused #satisfactiondriven #choosept #activelife #painfreelife #localbusiness #healthandwellness #physicaltherapy #moveforwardpt #staymobile #healthandwellness #pt #fitness #strengthen #gilbertaz #mesaaz #wellness #arizonapt #kneepain #patellarinstability #moveforwardpt #kneeinjury #painrelief #functionaltraining #strengthtraining #patienteducation


5 Days 16 Hours Ago

Stay mobile with our Mobile App!⠀ Keep your account with you everywhere and enjoy. ⠀ Download now on PlayStore or AppStore.⠀ ⠀ #bemobile #staymobile


6 Days Ago

The simplest of morning flows can really help set you up for the day ahead. Give it a try, move to the rhythm of your own energy 💖 . . #itsyouryoga #yogaisforeverybody #everydayyoga


6 Days 3 Hours Ago

Day 3 of #thegiftofinversions #handstand Press/ Variations _______________________________________ A few weeks ago I was playing around w/ Handstand press drills, and got into this Pike position. The handstand press is a constant work in progress for me. And why not practice when you are waiting for your car to get washed instead of sitting around? #keepmoving #staymobile _______________________________________ Hosts: @christianflorezyoga @jacobmanningyoga @danielrama_ @theyogimatt @kestyoga _______________________________________ Sponsors: @spiritualgangster @liforme @lyfefuel @ohmmeapparel _______________________________________ Shot at: @crestcars


6 Days 9 Hours Ago

Guys learning some headstands tonight, in my Monday tattyreagh movement and mobility class!!


6 Days 10 Hours Ago

Fun day Saturday with coach @cf_freeman1357 !! Did a couple of pretty good partner work outs and managed to squat jerk 205lb once and 215lb 4 times in a workout with wall sits 😎🤙👊. My legs were pretty much toast. 😂😂 @fitaid #fitaid @crossfitgames #crossfitgames @crossfit #crossfit #olympicweightlifting #cleanandjerk #stayfit #staymobile


6 Days 20 Hours Ago

Hello my yoga friends, who would like to join me in this cute Christmas challenge 😊??? 🎄🎄🎄 So, this is the first day of the challenge and I’m easing myself into the whole Christmas thingy, since it’s pretty warm here in Sydney. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of snow pictures on the gram, but it’s summer here. 🌞 🏖 ❄️ So, I’ll be sending you beachy pictures and melting candles 🕯, not from burning them but from the heat 😂 😆🤣 The pose is Malasana or yogi squat and I’m slowly getting the Christmas decorations out. In case you’re wondering, this is my Christmas tree 🎄 😂 Yes, it’s very small ... but there’s love ❤️ hidden in each little plastic branch and I’m keeping my Christmas footprint small 😂 ・・・ ✨🌲CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT!🌲✨ It’s the most wonderful time of year, yogis! Christmas season is upon us, and the four of us have certainly been feeling our holiday spirit awakening - have you?! We want to feel that fabulous holiday cheer!! Join us for 7 days of Christmas themed poses & holiday love from December 3rd - 9th. Each day, share one thing you love about Christmas along with the daily pose. We’re feeling like Santa’s little elves this challenge with some seriously awesome goodies from our amazing sponsors.🎁 ✨ Christmas-themed costumes, decorations & props are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED for this challenge (make us smile!!🤗) but absolutely not necessary. ✨ Hosts: @hippie.happy.healthy @thebuddingyogini @thepetiteyogi_ @yoga.kels ✨ Sponsors: @vayumudra @scoriaworld @jessicaglaspy @purepranalabel @creativeyogawear ✨ To participate in the challenge: 1. Repost this flyer using the tag #amerrylittleyogachallenge so we know you’re in & tag some friends who might want to spread some holiday cheer! 2. Follow all hosts & sponsors. 3. Post a photo of each day’s pose using the hashtag #amerrylittleyogachallenge & be sure your profile is set to public so we can give your posts some love! ✨ Pose List: Day 1 - Yogi’s choice pose (tell us a little bit about yourself) Day 2 - Christmas Tree (tree pose) Day 3 - Candy Cane (sugar cane pose) Day 4 - Angel (fallen angel pose) Day 5 - Nutcracker (splits) Day 6 - North Pole (compass pose) Day 7 - Sugar Plum Fairy (dancer’s pose)


7 Days 5 Hours Ago

Nice little clean complexes at 205lb and 225lb the other day. 🤙 @fitaid #fitaid @xwerks @crossfit #crossfit @crossfitgames #crossfitgames #olympicweightlifting #cleans #stayfit #staymobile


7 Days 6 Hours Ago

🧘🏻‍♀️Hip opener 🧘🏻‍♀️ Sitting for long periods of time can cause tight hips and lower back pain. Loosen up with some hip openers! . “Something About You (ODESZA remix)” @haydenjames @odesza . . . . @underarmour_performancecenter @underarmour #underarmourperformancecenter #underarmour #underarmourgear #haydenjames #odesza #yoga #hipopener #lowerbackpain #painrelief #yogahealth #muscleandhealth #fitness #fitnesstrainer #fitfam #fitnessfreaks #girlswholift #mobility #staymobile #thanksbri #getmoving #yogaflow #painrelief #flexibility #letsflow #flowit


7 Days 15 Hours Ago

🔥🔥🔥🔥TOTAL BODY KETTLEBELL CIRCUIT🔥🔥🔥🔥 💥Kettlebell push up ➡️ narrow push up ➡️ squat to press ☆This is a fun and engaging circuit that will work out your entire body. If you are limited on time, bang out 3-4 rounds of this and you will be done within 20-30 minutes 💪🏻😉! ✔targets chest, triceps, legs, shoulders, & cardiovascular endurance ✔keep your back straight; no excessive arch ✔keep elbows tucked in when doing the shoulder press _____________________________________________________ * * * *


8 Days 2 Hours Ago

Just a few of the wonderful women that attended my Aging with Strength workshop ..... and stayed for a glass of wine and good chatter. I am so delighted to share my passion with open minded and open hearted women like these. Thanks for your active participation. #strength #staymobile #aging #yoga #mobility #bestrong #loveyourwork