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#repost scotch_trooper ・・・ Cause sometimes the behind the scenes shot turns out better than the shot itself. - - - - - Many thanks to northyd for capturing this shot of me trying to setup a shot at gretzkyestates. I ALMOST had it set, then the "soft" breeze from the helicopter blew everything over. I couldn't very well complain, seeing as it was my turn to take a ride. Hope you are watching along on my IG Stories. 📷 by northyd #whiskey #behindthescenes #whisky #scotch #starwars #stormtrooper #canada #gretzky #hockey #scotchtrooper #distillery #whiskytrips


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Caption this photo! 😂 We’ll choose the best one and give you a shout out! . .📸 by @naturemama3 🐕 . .#stormtrooper #starwars #yellowlab


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in the future 🖤 .⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀ [ #superkarma ]⠀⠀⠀ Tomorrows minimalistic and inspiring , futuristic day to day clothing brand , with an athletic attitude , adopted from sportsclothing .⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀ #stormtrooper #scifi #future #suit . . . . . #superkarma #fashiondesigner #minimalistic #fitness #motivation #healthy #gym #fit #fashionaddict #workout #inspiration #sport #design #strong #muscle #instafashion #fashiongram #fashionblogger #fitnessmotivation #fashionistas #future #fashion #sciencefiction #karma

#repost scotch_trooper ・・・ “The Peatiest Week in the Galaxy.” - - - - - Today officially begins Peat Week at westlandwhiskey. A week of which I am sad to miss. But I did have the pleasure of tasting the delicious juice while in Seattle last week, and it’s exactly that... delicious. If you can, be sure to pick up a bottle. Or, all three commemorative bottles. #peatweek #westlanddistillery #seattle #peat #americanwhiskey #starwars #stormtrooper #scotchtrooper #peatweek2017

#repost scotch_trooper ・・・ “Help us, Wayne Gretzky, you’re our only hope.” - - - - - Today begins my favorite time of year, the puck drops on another NHL season. I was lucky enough to be able to visit gretzkyestates while in Canada a few weeks ago. As a hockey fan and die hard New York Rangers fan (Gretzky retired as a Ranger) I had to pick up a few bottles, and a puck. Here’s hoping it’s our good luck charm this year. Let’s go Rangers! #nyrangers #gretzky #gretzkywhisky #nhl #hockey #starwars #stormtrooper #canadianwhisky #99 #no99

#repost scotch_trooper ・・・ “That’s no cocktail.” - - - - - I was absolutely spoiled while in Seattle early last week. It quickly became obvious that I had to stop by pennyroyalseattle. And they sure made it a special evening. When chix.ology and I walked in, there was jacob.hise with what looked to be a science experiment. It was the building blocks of a Deconstructed and Spherical Penicillin Cocktail, which was delicious. But the best part... I got to make it all myself. Such an amazing evening, and again. Can’t say enough about the amazing (Star Wars Loving) people at pennyroyalseattle. And thank you again jacob.hise for such an amazing evening. Can’t wait to come visit again. #cocktail #mixologist #mixology #spherification #seattle #moleculargastronomy #starwars #stormtrooper #cocktails

#repost scotch_trooper ・・・ “Are you with me?” - - - - - It seems like forever ago that I was at the Glenfiddich Distillery on a top secret mission of learning about and helping select the latest Rare Collection Release. The hardest part was keeping my mouth shut until the embargo was lifted. Especially since this was the first dram I enjoyed that was older than I am. At 44yrs, and aged solely in a refill American Hogshead cask from 1973, there are only 98 bottles available and is a US only release. With a price tag of $6,000 I can’t tell you how nervous I was walking around NYC shooting this gem. The looks I was getting at Grand Central were quite priceless. It was truly an honor to take part in this experience. And I won’t lie, it was difficult to hand the bottle back. But was also relived I didn’t drop, damage or lose it. That, could have been awkward. #glenfiddich #glenfiddichrarecollection #grandcentralterminal #nyc #starwars #jynerso #stormtrooper #newyork_instagram


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Have you got your #thelaststormtrooperrun medal yet?? I’ve just run 5 miles and earned this awesome medal from @myracerun 😎 Its huge! Just £14 inc outage and tax. £5 of this gets split to @makeawishuk & @spreadasmileuk You need one of these in your life regardless of how far you usually run. Love it! #virtualrace #virtualrun #finishersmedal #starwarsrun #starwars #starwarsfan #stormtrooper #stormtrooperhelmet #runner #runnersmedals #runhappy #brooksrunninguk


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In honor of SDCC this weekend, have a #supercon pic 🖤


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Drag race time #stormtrooper

#repost scotch_trooper ・・・ Lost scenes from the cantina. - - - - - You know Jyn Erso and Han Solo would sure have enjoyed a drink together if given the opportunity. It surly would have been a Single Malt, but instead of a Scotch. I’m thinking it would have been something with a bit more of a gritty personality. My guess would be the hamiltondistillers Del Bac Dorado. An American Single Malt where the malt is dried over a mesquite fire instead of peat. And yes. I am well aware that the bottle pictured is the Classic Unsmoked. But my Dorado is almost finished and didn’t work well in the shot. So. I made it work. Again, thanks to whiskeyiseverything for introducing me to these guys. Some great whiskies coming out of Arizona. #hamiltondistillers #dorado #americansinglemalt #delbac #delbacwhiskey #arizona #jynerso #hansolo #stormtrooper #starwars

#repost scotch_trooper ・・・ “Who cares about the droids, I’m here for the whisky.” - - - - - If you were following my Instagram Stories you saw that I’ve been in Virginia with vadistillery to help celebrate the release of their Cider Cask Release (which is amazing), finished in Cider casks from potterscraftcider. I can’t say enough about the people behind this brand. From the moment emmastotz met me at the airport I immediately felt like I was just hanging with family. They showed me every inch of their beautiful distillery grounds. Emma and the team took me around town so I could dive in deeper with other vineyards and breweries that they partner with to source barrels for their releases. We got to taste wines from veritaswinery and stinsonvineyard where they source wine barrels, again potterscraftcider who they worked with for the Cider Cask Release. We also visited threenotchdbeer who use their casks for one of their brews, and then send the barrels back for extra maturation. And then tragerbroscoffee who they work with for their Coffee Barrel Release. So amazing to see how much they dive into the community and surrounding areas. And again, I can’t say enough about the team and how warmly they welcomed me and made me feel at home. Thank you again emmastotz and the rest of the team. Can’t wait to come back. And another special thank you to charlottesvilleva for the extra warm welcome. #virginiadistillery #vadistilleryco #starwars #whiskytrips #stormtrooper #americansinglemalt #virginiaisforlovers #tldr


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Ivy Gonzalez caught this magical trooper moment! 🤘🏾 #kikimaroonscomicstrip

#repost scotch_trooper ・・・ “Great drams deserve great company.” - - - - - Such an amazing weekend in Chicago. The #chifiddich Crew embarked on a whisky fueled adventure through some of the best bars, speakeasies, and hidden gems of Chicago. The experiences we shared along the way were truly magical and sometimes overly creepy #ihateclowns. The final night consisted of a Glenfiddich lineup that can only be summed up with one word, WOW! Starting with new make spirit, and ending with the Rare Collection 1973, 44yr old whisky. Can’t thank glenfiddich_dave and glenfiddichmb enough for being such an amazing hosts, and for the rest of the IG Whisky Crew for joining in to make the weekend such a glorious one. Which city are we taking over next? singlemaltalliance thescotchfather whiskeyiseverything axisofwhisky jake.on.the.rocks #glenfiddich #gfexperiments #starwars #stormtrooper #chicago #windycity #teamchucks


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Repost By brittanie.breaker: We’re here to fuck shit up..... 🖤 @champstradeshows was a great success and it’s always amazing seeing familiar friendly faces! 📸 by @fotomaniacs @forever_rolling_high @team_deathstar @lisaspiecesglass #stormtrooper #tradeshow #boothbabes #promogirls #promotions #champs #brandambassador #ilikeboyswithbigbongs #cannabis #glass #dabbersdaily #dabbing #inkedbunniez🐰 #alternative #vapeporn #starwars #weedgirls #glassexpo #customepiece #bong #inkedbabes #photooftheday #stoner #cannabiscommunity #stonergirl #glasscollector (via #appskottage.com #grab @AppKottage)


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#repost scotch_trooper ・・・ Whatever you are drinking this #whiskeywednesday, make sure you don’t have a Trooper pouring it. #whiskywednesday #starwars #stormtrooper #glencairn #scotchtrooper #stgeorgespirits #americansinglemalt stgeorgespirits genantagonist sipdark


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#repost scotch_trooper ・・・ **Giveaway**
This is the giveaway you were looking for. I have teamed up with the amazing people at both thesmws and thefowndry for this amazing giveaway. The Scotch Malt Whisky Society is a club of whisky lovers, offering the widest selection of single cask, single malt whiskies. The Fowndry is an online retailer of all things geek. I want to thank them both for the opportunity to offer you treats from the main reasons you follow me here, Star Wars and Whisky. So, onto the giveaway. There are 6 chances to win. ——— Grand Prize: - 1 bottle of 39.139 “A most luscious remedy” from thesmws - 1 year membership to The Scotch Malt Whisky Society - 1 Stormtrooper Decanter and 1 Stormtrooper glass from thefowndry — Other Prizes: - 1 Stormtrooper Decanter and 1 Stormtrooper glass from thefowndry ———
To Enter:
1. Like this photo.
2. Follow scotch_trooper thesmws and thefowndry
3. Tag three friends below in the comments.
Winners will be announced Monday, November 6th at 12pm EST. Good luck, and may the Force and Drams be with you. *Must be of 21 or older to enter. You don’t have to be in the US to enter, but prizes can only be shipped in the US. #iggiveaway #thesmws #scotchtrooper #starwars #stormtrooper #sweepstakes #stormtrooperdecanter #thefowndry #smws #giveaway


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#repost scotch_trooper ・・・ “Well, it’s one louder isn’t it? ...these go to 11.” - - - - - Highland Park Full Volume combines the skills of whisky making with my other passion, music. Gordon Motion compares creating a whisky by combining every cask type and wave of flavor to fine tuning or balancing a piece of music. Hitting the right notes at the right times, and all the pieces coming together at the end a fine tuned work of art. Likewise. This whisky is quite amazing. Unlike Highland Park’s signature sherry releases, the Full Volume uses 100% first fill ex-Bourbon casks. In that, the vanilla notes and creamy finish mix perfectly with the typical HP Peat, creating a perfectly sweet and slightly smoky dram with a pleasantly long finish that remains creamy sweet and delicious. And at 47.2% ABV, it packs the perfect punch to kick it to 11. #highlandpark #hpfullvolume #fullvolume #music #starwars #stormtrooper #guitar #thelastjedi #firstorderexecutioner #spinaltap


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#repost scotch_trooper ・・・ “We are claiming this dram for the Empire.” - - - - - Have I told you lately that I love Japanese Whisky? Because, I really love Japanese Whisky. This Nikka release is named after the founder, Masataka Taketsuru and contains mostly whisky from the Miyagikyo Distillery as well as a percentage of malt matured in Sherry casks, which rounds it off nicely and adds some spice. Now, I’m not saying this dram will blow you away. But for $60 price point, it’s well worth it, and yet another great Nikka release. #nikkawhisky #japanesewhisky #japanese #samurai #samuraistormtrooper #starwars #stormtrooper


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#repost scotch_trooper ・・・ “Cause when you’re day drinking with thesmws it’s important to have a choices.” - - - - - As a special thank you to everyone who took part in the contest last week, my friends at The Scotch Malt Whisky Society are offering a special 30% discount off their membership to anyone interested in joining. The offer ends today! So hurry. Just go to their site (link in my profile) and use the discount code “TROOPER” when checking out. You’ll thank me later. #thesmws #starwars #stormtrooper #discount #singlecask


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#purplevocalsontour #hongkong #friends #bestfriends #soulmates #coach #soloist #nightout #hongkongnight #hongkongnights #darthvader #stormtrooper #littlefriend What a TOP night out with my BEST HK mates....good food.....good friends....I can’t ask for more. See you all in 6 weeks! Love you guys. X


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#repost scotch_trooper ・・・ “You underestimate the power of the Dark Side.” - - - - - This is the peatiest whisky to be released by Compass Box... even beating out their Peat Monster. And wow, what a dram. Can you look at that bottle and think it’s anything but the Darth Vader of Whiskies? And we all know Vader doesn’t share very well. But who can blame him on this one. The nose is pretty heavy on the smoke and hints of plum and citrus. And the palate just never stopes opening up. Heavy on the smoke with slight notes of sherry. This may be their peatiest release. But it’s still not a peat bomb as one might expect. Still massively approachable and delicious. As expected, it’s a limited release. So, if you see it. Get it. Vader demands it. #compassbox #compassboxnoname #noname #starwars #darthvader #stormtrooper #limitededition


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Talvez ele não saiba, mas gosto de rock por influência do meu pai, que tinha discos de bandas clássicas, como Pink Floyd. Sou fanática pelo Flamengo por influência do meu tio (leia-se: daquelas que vai ao Maracanã so-zi-nha, ver o time ser Hexacampeão). E, dos meus primos, ganhei de herança minha compulsão por nerdices, desde a infância, no Rio de Janeiro. Preciso contar algo a vocês... Dia desses viram a Clarice brincando com o #stormtrooper, da Saga #starwars, e estranharam. Tudo bem, a pessoa não faz a MENOR ideia do que seja #starwars, mas soltou: - Robô é coisa de menino. - Ah, é? Mas por que? - Ah, porque é, ué! Abri um sorriso educado e disse: - Brinquedo não tem gênero, não. E voltei meu olhar à Clarice, que continuava brincando feliz com o “robô”. Entendo perfeitamente uma pessoa (bem mais velha) pensar dessa forma. O que me assusta, na verdade, é que em pleno século XXI, esse é o retrato do mundo: homens vs mulheres - “em pé de desigualdade” - em tudo. E me pergunto, até quando? No que depender de mim, a Clarice não vai reprimir nenhuma vontade. Não vai perder nenhuma experiência. Não vai deixar de viver seus sonhos, por causa dessa história de “coisa de menino” e “coisa de menina”. Toda mulher pode ser o que ela quiser ser! Fazer o que ela quiser fazer! Realizar o que ela sonhar! Não é o robô, sabe? É esse preconceito travestido de divisão de gênero. Crianças são tão puras e têm vontades tão simples. Se validarmos seus sonhos com certeza teremos adultos menos frustrados. Não quero que minha filha seja uma dentista frustrada quando na verdade gostaria de ser engenheira. Não quero que ela deixe de gostar de futebol porque é “coisa de menino”. No que depender de mim, ela não vai precisar de um nem pra trocar pneu! Pre-ci-sar, não. Ela vai crescer vendo um Homem (com H maiúsculo, mesmo) tendo a mesma responsabilidade de criá-la e educá-la que a mãe dela, porque cuidar dos filhos não é responsabilidade da mãe - é responsabilidade dos dois. Vai crescer livre pra fazer suas próprias escolhas com a firmeza de quem tem consciência do próprio potencial. De verdade. E o limite dela vai ser o lugar de onde veio aquele robô. Porque o céu não tem limites.


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#repost scotch_trooper ・・・ “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”
- - - - - It’s December 1st, and you know what that means. Yup, 14 days till the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Also, it begins the official countdown to Christmas. My girls are counting down the days with their own Advent Calendars filled with chocolate. But thanks to secret_spirits_co, I get to enjoy a new scotch every day with their wonderful Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar. The best part, these are all independent bottlings, which means a full 25 days of whiskies I have never sampled. Yeah, I am only a little excited. ** Spoiler Alert: I will not be posting main posts like this daily, probably more like 2 times a week. So my posts will contain multiple days. But also follow along in my Instagram Stories for daily pours. - - - -Day1: Old Malt Cask Tamdhu 18yr Wow, what a way to start off. A bight nose with honey and vanilla cream followed by a palate of delicious citrus which is smoothed out with an ABV of 50%. -Day2: Wemyss Malts Spice King Batch Strength Spice King indeed. I get a bunch of cinnamon and anise on the nose with some gentle smoke, with salted caramel on the palate that finishes long with a an oily leather finish. Such an amazing beginning to this 25 day journey. Can’t wait to see what’s next. #adventcalendar #secretspirits #scotchwhiskyadventcalendar #tamdhu #spiceking #starwars #stormtrooper #scotchtrooper #christmas #whiskyadvent


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#repost scotch_trooper ・・・ “It’s an older bottle, but it checks out.” - - - - - We are back with another installment of #trooperbattles. This time between between two of my favorite releases from The Balvenie. One of which has been surrounded in some confusion. The 17yr Peated Cask Release has been brought into a lot of conversations since the release of the new Peat Week releases. Where these new releases are actual Peated Balvenie, where the Peated Cask was just finished in a cask that once held heavily Peated whisky. This extra maturation adds extra spices and notes to the typically sweet and floral Balvenie. Being as it’s no I secret that I’m a lover of both peat and Balvenie. These are close to impossible for me to choose between. Have you had either? Which would you choose? #thebalvenie #balvenie #peatweek #balveniepeatweek #peatedcask #battles #starwars #stormtrooper