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2 Minutes Ago

rainbow baby mae 🍂 fall edition


3 Minutes Ago

some days look a little more like this. baby cuddles in foxy leggings.. anyone? anyone? get it. my leggings have foxes on them 😂


15 Minutes Ago

Look at that sassy pants. 💛 I need some of that attitude to get me through this bajillionth consecutive day of rain, which is zapping my will to do anything but nap. If you need me between now and when the sun comes back out, I’ll be in the blanket fort watching The Great British Bake Off.


12 Minutes Ago

All I Need 💕


2 Hours Ago

Mijn favoriete kleur voor kinderkleding is roze, en dan niet dat felle zuurstokroze, maar oudroze en blush-achtige tinten. Dit najaar zie je nu veel bruintinten en ik moet bekennen dat ik die ook erg mooi vind. Vandaag een bestelling met kleding voor Liv gedaan waarin bruintinten goed vertegenwoordigd zijn! ◌ ◌ ◌ ◌ #kidsoutfit #kidsfashion #babygirl #babymeisje #kinderkleding #babykleding #babyoutfit #honestparenthood #honestparenting #vscobaby #vscokids #storytellingmama #letthembelittle #thepursuitofjoy #babylifestyle #kootd


3 Hours Ago

🏆🏆🏆 WIN 1 of 5 Glass Smoothie Shaker Bottles ($24.97 Value) 🏆🏆🏆 _ I believe everyday in Pregnancy is an #adventure. _ Weather I'm on top of a mountain ⛰ or waddle 🦆chasing my #toddler through Target. _ NOW I want to see your crazy 😜, funny 🤪, exciting ⚡️, daily 🗓 #pregnancyadventures. _ Enter the contest by: 1)- Posting a photo or video of your pregnancy adventure(s) _ 2)- Use these #'s #luvbelly #pregnancyadventure _ 3)- Tag 1 friend 👭 (best if they are pregnant, breastfeeding or looking to get pregnant, because that's what we're about, yo!) _ 🏅🏅🏅Winners will be randomly chosen on Saturday, October 20th. _ I'll post and PM the winners. _ Best of luck! 🍀 _ Much Luv, 💕 Val


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It’s all about the simple things!


27 Minutes Ago

he gets me. 💙 #judahjamesmorgan #statefairoftexas


27 Minutes Ago

Great and easy green waffles ▪️we use the 365 whole food pancake and waffles mix ▪️add and blend handful of spinach and kale ▪️combine and make ▪️raw honey and bananas on top


52 Minutes Ago

Contrary to popular belief, she doesn’t always pose for pictures the way I ask 😏


3 Hours Ago

With my mommy 💕

These three are all slightly different photos, but they each make me so happy. I wish you guys could’ve been there to hear his giggles. I wish photos came with sound. Wouldn’t that be amazing!? Swipe twice & you’ll see my most favorite photo! Side note: I’m a sucker for non traditional compositions and odd crops! 🤷🏼‍♀️ • • • • • #lisamicheliphotography #idahophotographer #boisephotographer #meridianphotographer #tribearchipelago #clickinmoms #lightinspired #thebloomforum #letthembelittle #hellomeridian #childhoodunplugged #familysession #clickinmoms #storytellingmama #holdthemoments #candidchildhood #cameramama #featurememozi #kindredmemories #childofig #pixel_kids #letsclicksoc #loveourbigkids #dearestviewfinder #magicofchildhood #runwildmychild #momtogs #motherhoodsimplified #lookslikefilmkids #beinstainspired


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Our Iron and Focus work hand in hand providing great health for your body and mind! With 5mg of Ferrous Fumarate in our Iron and PS sharp in our Focus this dynamic duo is too good to pass up! 😁 #vitaminfriends


53 Minutes Ago

I watched the Blue Angels with my little guys today! Lots of coffee and extra hands on deck and it was a beautiful day! 🛫

milkshake 🥤{este de morango é qualquer coisa de maravilhoso, podem ler no Blog a minha experiência vegetariana no Ground Burguer} #byclaudiagoncalvesganhao

Ain’t that the truth! I’ve said it before; this mommy gig is tough! I truly do love my kids unconditionally. . The thing is... I consider myself to be a pretty chill Mom; but boy oh boy, do my kids ever know how to push my buttons. I really try not to yell, like really try! Sometimes I fail! I just have to keep telling myself I’m only human. It’s ok if your that mom too. You’re not alone and you are doing your best with what you have ❤️


60 Minutes Ago

It's no secret that I love dappled and shaped light. For me this image is storytelling perfection accented with a truly lovely example of that kind of light. Vanessa you have beautiful tones here and a great interplay between your shadows and highlights. Photo by @vanessagrausam Featured by @aimeeglucinaphotography Tag #cm_prep for your chance to be featured! ✨Prep to Pro One Photo at a Time!✨ Please note all opinions are the moderator's own and in no way affiliated with the Click Pro selection panel. CM_Prep is not affiliated with ClickinMoms. . . . . . #cmprep_vanessagrausam #cmprep_featured . . #documentyourdays_bloom #childofig #magicofchildhood #my_magical_moments #dearestviewfinder #ourcandidlife #letthemexplore #let_there_be_delight #mom_hub #thehonestlens #clickinmoms #clickmagazine #thesincerestoryteller #candidchildhood #dearphotographer #dearest_viewfinder #cameramama #letthekids #our_everyday_moments #kidsforreal #the_camera_clique #magicofchildhood #the_sugar_jar #magic_in_the_details #momswithcameras #lifewellcaptured #storytellingmama


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When it’s been a long day..


1 Hour Ago

It’s the first day of Fall Break, and it’s a gorgeous day outside! The next few days are calling for MORE rain. 😫 I had plans to take the boys for a fun lunch today, and then to the pumpkin patch. But I’m going to be real for a moment. My oldest son’s attitude pushed me over the edge today. I was literally loading them up to leave when he made a terrible choice, which resulted in slamming both of his brother’s hands in the car door. This was my final straw, after battling attitude all morning, and I pulled them all out of the car, canceling our day. I’m at my wits end lately with the attitude and poor choices. All I feel like I do is enforce consequences, and it’s wearing on me. Raising boys is no easy feat. I have no idea if I’m doing anything right most days. I’ve asked many boy moms that have gone before me how they survived, and the answer I get most often is prayer, lots and lots of prayer. So y’all, I’m going to pour myself another cup of coffee, and I’m going to pray for all the patience, all the guidance, and alllllll the grace. I need grace upon grace upon grace, because this Mom thing can’t be done without Jesus. ☕️ • • • #b1withboys #beyondboyhood #b1withdetails #shared_joy #candidchildhood #cameramama #runwildmychild #infinity_children #childhoodunplugged #clickinmoms #wildandbravelittles #the_sugar_jar #adventuresofchildren #hellostoryteller #simplychildren #momtogs #storytellingmama #theartofstorytelling_ig #childrenofseasons #story_of_childhood #braveandfreeadventures #childhoodpure #celebrate_childhood #snapfromtheheart #kidswhoexplore #theoutdoorchild #youthunscripted #thiswildlingsoul #capture_your_stories


1 Hour Ago

I’d get lost in a maze with these cuties anytime 🌽


2 Hours Ago

2 months have passed by in the blink of an eye, yet life without our blue eyed babe feels like a lifetime ago. The best 2 months yet! #2monthsold #harrycarter2018 #autumnleaves

I just love it when studies collide unexpectedly! . I recently found this book at a used book store and added it to my fill-a-bag without knowing much about it. With it being pond week with Exploring Nature With Children, I pulled all our pond books from the bookshelf... Including this one. I Love You the Purplest is about a mom and her two boys who go fishing at a local pond. At the end of the day, each boy asks her if she loves him the most. Her response is 'I love you the bluest' to one boy and 'I love you the reddest' to another. Blue like the deep ocean, red like a blazing sunset, etc. I asked my son why he thought the book was titled, 'I love you the Purplest' when the color purple was never mentioned. Cue in a color study! . We had so much much mixing colors on @homeedprintables Color worksheets and learned WHY the mom loved them the 'purplest' (red + blue = purple)! . Organic learning is so much fun. Another reason I love homeschooling 💜