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What a pleasant surprise! First stop of the day and I spot some 2009 Art from Californian born street artist ‘Above’ #nicesurprise

Small can be cool.... Spotted in Brick Lane. What’s around the corner? #streetarteverywhere #streetart #streetartlover #urbanart #bricklane #spitalfields #eastlondon

Today I tried to sum up how I felt about certain things in the world, and I couldn't...then I realised why bother when art always does it better, and it did. ➖ Artwork by my new obsession @kibi_vndl

“We want to be the author of our own destinies.” Well hand this #urbannasty a pen and a scroll that goes for days because she deserves to have it. A decade after Australia apologised for committing the most heinous acts against their First Nations Peoples, nothing has really changed. And they are running out of time - making up only 3.3% of the Australian population, there are still significant gaps in education, life expectancy, and health. Then from the suffocating silence comes @shareenaclanton storming out of Noongar Boodja (Noongar country) and rightly demanding she be invited to the conversation. An actress and human rights activist, this woman is wielding the power of over 70,000 years of women of strength who maintained a vast and delicate country, survived cultural decimation and in an era when Indigenous women in particular are wading through the dusty wasteland that is Australia’s moral compass when it comes to this issue, she is taking a dab of black, red and yellow and throwing it across the whitewashing narrative of this nation. Most importantly, she is saying listen - listen to the people, the women, whose voice has historically been ignored. Mainstream media and education has fed colonised countries a steady diet of misrepresentation, misinformation, and misguided imagery that serves their White narrative. The world needs more women of colour who know they have something to say, and are willing to say it. We all have a responsibility to erase the whitewashing, build a multicoloured infrastructure and then stand down, shut the fuck up, and listen.

Live long, save ten years to remember. #urbanwalls #streetarteverywhere

~ ORIGINAL WORK ~ Banksy Inspired • This was a piece I worked on last year. I started out by cutting a 4' x 8' piece of mdf board into a 72" by 30" rectangle. I hand carved 24 stencils for the flower thrower and different types of birds. I picked out the color scheme which included 6 different bottles of spray paint. Overall it took a little longer than expected as working with acetate paper is incredibly difficult and frustrating (I probably went through 40 pairs of vinyl gloves). Three days and a nice tank top tan later it was finished... • • • I have an idea of what the piece means to me but I would love to hear your thoughts as well!

Beautiful and it is great big wall by @alexis_diaz at Ostend

Spotted in Shoreditch.. Monday night... Street art hoardings Leonard Street. Building works constant... Change is coming...#streetarteverywhere.. #streetart #graffitiart #urbanart #streetartlover #shoreditch #eastlondon @dscreetsheet #owlart

@buethewarrior so strong for @jaune_art at Ostend

"Hoy deja atrás el porque caíste, da gracias y disfruta el donde caíste" - Holbox Acción Poética #sobrelugares #nosoyvagosoymochilero #viajemostodospormexico #athomeintheworld #tropicalvibes