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1 Day 12 Hours Ago

Registration is now open for our next educator conference – Fusion 2019! Link in bio ⬆. Save the date: June 26 – 28 in St. Louis. . If you’ve never been to a Fusion before, this is your opportunity to: . 🙌🏽 make lasting connections with other educators who use NWEA assessments (MAP Growth, MAP Skills, MAP Reading Fluency) . 📌 glean practical strategies from teachers who are using MAP data to close achievement gaps and improve learning for all students . 🔥 get inspired by our amazing keynote speakers, @mrdtimes3 and Dr. Debbie Silver (find her on Twitter)!


1 Day 19 Hours Ago

Study Island practice is proven to produce significant academic growth outcomes in just 30 minutes a week in math, ELA, science, and social studies. . . . . . #educatorfirst #studyisland #practice #studentgrowth #provenoutcomes #math #ela #science #socialstudies


2 Days 5 Hours Ago

Student Performance Analysis System An intuitive way to reflect student learning process #studentperformance #studentgrowth https://www.shineuedu.com/


2 Days 12 Hours Ago

"You gotta have what we call edu-tainment. You have to educate them, but when they leave they have to go, "Wow. Oh, that's why we're doing that!" And you have to see them smile every single class." - Tuhon Apolo Ladra, creator of @kali4kids #martialarts #edutainment #martialartsschoolowner #martialartsinstructor #studentgrowth #martialartstraining #kali #fma #filipinomartialarts


5 Days 6 Hours Ago

Happy #throwbackthursday! In light of Native American heritage month let’s take a look at River Ridge high school’s 2012 native American club. #studentgrowth #nativeheritage #riverridge


5 Days 15 Hours Ago

We finally set up our data/goal folders and my students are LOVING them! 🤩 Each folder contains graphs to track math and reading assessment scores, independent reading levels, multiplication fact mastery, and a goal sheet for moving forward. My favorite part is being able to meet individually with each student to graph their data- the look on their faces when they see how much they’ve grown is SO rewarding! ❤️❤️ While I believe it’s important to provide students with this feedback, we also discuss how test scores do NOT define us, nor do they measure all of the other amazing qualities that make us who we are! 💕


5 Days 19 Hours Ago

I work with schools too. Need help with goals associated with #ccrpi? #training, #professionaldevelopment, and #consultation are available for #schools throughout #georgia. #elementary #middle and #high #charterschools #title1schools #contentmastery #progress #studentgrowth


5 Days 19 Hours Ago

I work with schools too. Need help with goals associated with #ccrpi? #training, #professionaldevelopment, and #consultation are available for #schools throughout #georgia. #elementary #middle and #high #charterschools #title1schools #contentmastery #progress #studentgrowth


6 Days 10 Hours Ago

Congrats to Julean and Kaelani for winning the coffin and pumpkin contest!!! Thank you to everyone who participated with voting, it means a lot for the students growth process. 🎃🍁 #nonprofit #supportthearts #studentgrowth #newbedford #dreamoutloud


6 Days 18 Hours Ago

Beautiful student artwork at Woodland! #studentgrowth #everyonebelongs #woodland


6 Days 20 Hours Ago

📊 To learn how teachers use their MAP Growth assessment data to inform instruction, download the e-book in our bio ⬆️. You’ll get specific tips from several teachers and instructional leaders, and learn what they’re doing with their data to differentiate instruction by student readiness, set academic goals and make the most of the learning continuum.


8 Days 14 Hours Ago

As conferences approach this week, we’ve been preparing and updating our Student Growth Portfolios! My kiddos self-assessed on the first term in a variety of areas, tracked their test scores to show their growth, and put all of their work from the first term in their portfolios! It was neat for them to look back on the goals they set for themselves at the beginning of the year to see how well they are doing towards reaching them. Can’t wait to show these off to their parents! 👌🏼 #iteachfourth #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #iteachtoo #teacherlife #studentportfolio #studentgrowth #parentteacherconference


11 Days 15 Hours Ago

It’s no secret: my kiddos struggle. They work so hard to grow. How do I celebrate the victories others overlook? Our new shout out wall! They were so excited. They were gasping and awing at their improvement. I literally heard one of them go “oh I like this!” The real kicker? When I was shouting out other students and their scores, every child cheered. They truly love and feel excitement for each other. I’m so lucky I have the group I have this year! #iteachsecond #iteach #elementaryteacher #studentgrowth #studentempowerment


11 Days 18 Hours Ago

My end of the aftermath of planning session 1 for my#eportfolio session with @bigpablito and Helen Chen at #aacu on #integrativelearning #studentgrowth and #deeplearning


12 Days 12 Hours Ago

🌟DATA CHATS🌟 I like to do data chats every Friday with my students! My kids really look forward to this time to visually see how they are progressing to reach grade level & are extremely motivated to reach their stretch growth!😊 Our district uses iReady so I like to review each students scale score, lessons they are working on, average percentage & the number of weekly minutes logged. How do you do data chats with your students??💚📊 Swipe ⬅️ to check out the iReady data/reflection sheet I use with my students. It’s available in my TpT store.😊 #myiready


13 Days 12 Hours Ago

I am so proud with the growth of these boys, not because of me but because of their dedication to #academicsuccess!! They #workhard and #studyhard! #owneroftheiracademics #studentgrowth #studentsuccess #heartsofeducation #educationboss #learnergrowth


14 Days 15 Hours Ago

Today high school students attended the Capital Region FBLA Fall Conference held at the Little Creek Casino where they took part in various business workshops #studentgrowth #fbla #ntps


15 Days 11 Hours Ago

⭐Do you use MAP Growth? Grab your spot in our can’t-miss webinar on how to use your latest data 📊 to best support academically at-risk students. Link in bio ⬆. No worries if you can’t attend live. All registrants will receive the recording. _____________________ 👍 Top-rated Fusion 2018 presenter Athena Hill is back by popular demand. Mrs. Hill serves as the district Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) coordinator for White County Schools in Cleveland, Georgia. She has implemented a district-wide data-driven decision making process to identify students at risk for not demonstrating academic growth and is thrilled to share how she and her team use MAP Growth in that process. Prior to serving as MTSS coordinator, she worked as an elementary instructional coach, general education teacher, and a special education teacher. She is beginning her tenth year in education and sixth year using MAP Growth assessments to drive instructional decision making. _____________________ 🙂 Please share this free learning opportunity with colleagues who use MAP Growth! And stay tuned to hear about more webinars like this one throughout the year.


17 Days 8 Hours Ago

WOW! Who else loves Google?! 🙋🏼‍♀️ It is so easy to use for myself and my students! I can access my drive from any computer and today I used it for several things. •1. Spreadsheets to track data and growth of my students. I also put their reading level next to their name. Individual growth is so important! •2. Docs and Spreadsheets! I use these two options when working on basketball plans. I easily shared the information with my co-coaches making it accessible anywhere! •3. Google Slides and Classroom! This makes missing work for students super accessible! I just upload our PowerPoint to our classroom and put it under “material”. I have folders so my students can navigate their classroom on their own! LOVE IT. ❤️ #google #googlesheets #googleclassroom #googleplans #googledrive #ilovegoogle #studentgrowth #technology #progress #trackgrowth #testdata #sixth #middleschool #iteachsocialstudies


22 Days 12 Hours Ago

How do you and your team make the most of your fall assessment data 📈? Do you meet in grade level teams or in other groups to discuss trends and brainstorm about instructional next steps? We love the data discussion photos many of you have been sharing recently from across the world. _____________________ The first shot is from @sjp2ca_lowermills. They explain: “The @sjp2ca_lowermills team has been busy reviewing our MAP Growth data 📊. At our Faculty Meeting, we were able to break into small groups to review grade level bands and vertical alignment while using the learning continuum and our amazing MAP google folders!” _____________________ The second shot is from @kingdomacademy, showing some snippets of their elementary and middle school teachers analyzing MAP Growth data. _____________________ 🚨 RESOURCE ALERT FOR TEACHERS WHO USE MAP GROWTH 🚨 Do you want more guidance for your data analysis, particularly with the bottom 25% of your students? We have a free webinar coming up to help you get more out of your data. Link in bio ⬆️


23 Days 12 Hours Ago

Yesterday, several students (two not pictured) from my FYS class and I attended Eileen Truax's reading at @skylightbooks from her newest book, "We Built the Wall" published by @versobooks . A very prescient and timely book, the discussion was very enriching. In the book, Truax went to interview detainees being held in facilities along the border. Afterwards, the students all said they enjoyed the session and walked away with some much needed knowledge (and maybe a book or two) . . . .#avance #riohondocollege #skylightbooks #teacherlife #studentgrowth #versobooks #eileentruax #immigration #asylumseekers #books #bookstagram #bibliophile


24 Days 20 Hours Ago

These goal cards have been a game changer! They hold students accountable for their growth. | Spanish & English versions are now available on my TPT. . . . #goalgetters #goalcards #readinggoals #writinggoals #mathgoals #studentgrowth #texasteachertribe #bilingualteacher #duallanguage #texasteachers #teachertribe #iteachthird #iteachfourth #iteachfifth #teachersofig #teachersoftpt #teachersfollowteachers


24 Days 21 Hours Ago

We design all our curriculum and assessments with the Cambridge learner attributes in mind. Cambridge students are fully capable of realizing their maximum potential by exploring dimensions of excellence which encompass emotional, social, physical and intellectual development. Call us today on 2646 1454 or 2605 5525 for securing your child’s admission for Academic Year 2019-2020. #igcsecurriculum #assessments #cambridge #studentscapability #maximumpotential #excellence #intellectualdevelopment #physicaldevelopment #holisticdevelopment #education #learn #studentgrowth


25 Days 7 Hours Ago

The best opening to a weekend ~ #studentgrowth!! #lookattheselfcorrection #zoneofproximitygrowth #iamsoproudofhim #heartsofeducation #educationboss #everymomentisalearningmoment #tutoringismyart ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Parent + teacher + tutor communication = #studentsuccess


26 Days 9 Hours Ago

6th grade students from Salish Middle School attended a trip to Mt. St. Helens #mtsthelens #salishmiddleschool #studentgrowth #ntps


26 Days 15 Hours Ago

Today was a day to remember! I’ve had a student working on the K sound for quite sometime and I’m proud to say today we celebrated that students successes in the most awesome way! It’s SO important to celebrate our successes as well as our students! Scroll to check it out! #slp #celebrate #studentgrowth #speechtherapy #speechie #slp2be #instaslp #elementaryslp #slpsontpt #slpsofinstagram


2018-10-01 05:30:44

Easy-to-interpret data makes it simple for you to target areas of growth for each of your students. Simplicity is key. . . . . #educatorfirst #edmentum #studentdata #video #studentgrowth #data #teachersofinstagram


27 Days 9 Hours Ago

MEET THE INCREDIBLE CARISSA!! —————————————- “It’s My Life” encouraged her to say these words about bullies as well as what is important in school!! 😉😉🤯💁🏻‍♀️ • #camfelproductions #multimediaproduction #studentgrowth #beyourself #middleschool #ernestlawrence #chatsworth #california #antibullying #itsmylife


27 Days 10 Hours Ago

YES || Education isn’t a competition. Let’s all just root for one another because watching our kids grow is what really matters. I love this from @misskbyday 🌟💛 • I’m rooting for you!!! 👏🏼 • • #teacherhappiness #teacherpickmeup #teacherlife #studentgrowth #teachersfollowteachers #teacherquotes #teacherteamwork #teachersofig #teachergram #teachertruth


27 Days 11 Hours Ago

Fun fact: During my first year as an SLP I wrote over 720 progress reports. 😱 Oh wow. Even writing that number makes my head hurt. I had 70 students on IEPs, 20 students receiving intervention, and in my district we were required to write progress reports every 4.5 weeks (or 8 times per year). 😬 My husband knew it was progress report writing time just by the way I acted and by the way I disappeared (I typically didn't come home 2-3 nights until well after 8 pm). During that year I didn't really have time for super creative, fancy therapy activities or crafts. It was all I could do just to simply focus on my students and the goals they had. . Here's your reminder that you'll have different seasons in this amazing career. If you find yourself in a season where you're barely able to keep your head above water, it's okay to just concentrate on student relationships and growth and let the other stuff go. Yep-It's OKAY. Therapy doesn't need to be fancy to be EFFECTIVE. And you know what? Somewhere down the road, things will get a bit better, slow down, and you might find you have more time to incorporate some of those fancy lessons you've been wanting to try. Or...you might not because now your season consists of 3 babies to go home to. 🤣 Either way, the important part of our job still remains student relationships and student growth. Everything else is a cherry on top. 🍒 🍦 . . . #relationshipsfirst #studentgrowth #minimalistslp #allisonspeechpeeps