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5 songs, a short message, 3 more songs. What more could you want? See you there. Community, worship, fellowship.


6 Hours Ago

LOOKING AFTER OUR WORLD In Religion the 1/2 students have been looking at the creation stories and have come up with some ideas about looking after our world. They have created a display in the front office for visitors to admire. The students are particularly interested having nude food in their lunchboxes in an effort to help look after our environment. Please can we ask for your support!


18 Hours Ago

(#5/30): Amazing #incyfeelings Challenge = The Split = courtesy of @cityearlr! (NEXT: @cityyearcola, @cityyeardenver, @cityyearjax, @cityyearla, @cityyearmemphis, @cityyearmiami, @cityyearorlando, @cityyearphilly, @cityyearsacramento, @cityyeartulsa)


1 Day 2 Hours Ago

Photos from our cultural showcase celebration at our Elizabeth campus!


21 Days 11 Hours Ago

Last lot of photos. Today the school had a morning tea for staff, parents and community members to celebrate the end of Ramadan. It was an absolute feast and was so lovely to see to many people there. 4/4


18 Days 6 Hours Ago


15 Days 13 Hours Ago

Some of the menagerie


21 Days 12 Hours Ago

Today the school had a morning tea for staff, parents and community members to celebrate the end of Ramadan. It was an absolute feast and was so lovely to see to many people there.


22 Days 15 Hours Ago

Our chickens love Steve’s visits to their yard when he collects the eggs.


2018-07-09 16:01:33

Repost from @postindustrialdesign using @RepostRegramApp - We were so thrilled to work with Mount Alexader College students to style a winter wonderland for Mooney Valley Council #winterfest2018. If you are looking for things to do over the school holidays head down to the pop-up outdoor ice skating rink in Pratt Street Mooney Ponds . . . . . .. . . . . . . #winterwonderland #narnia #communityengagement #popupicerink #winteriscoming #wefo #postindustrialdesign #outdoorstyling #festivals #melbournewinterfestivals #getyourskateson


29 Days 12 Hours Ago

160 years of education! This year marks 160 years of education being delivered from the site that is now Mount Alexander College. If you attended this school in the past (Debney Park Secondary College or Flemington Girls High School), come along to our celebration on Sunday 9 September. We will be running tours and providing refreshments. Bookings are essential Book through www.trybooking.com/WZEZ . #160ofeducation #mountalexandercollege #debneypark #flemingtongirls #reunion


2018-06-24 18:26:57

Repost from @ardoch_yf using @RepostRegramApp - 'Success doesn't come to you, you go to it.' - Marva Collins This week #vcal students at @mountalexandercollege took part in Mock Interviews - one of #ardoch’s Pathways Beyond School programs. 9 Ardoch Workplace and Community Volunteer mentors supported 31 students in practicing interview techniques and provided feedback enabling students to better prepare for future employment interviews. Big thank you to the Workplace and Community Volunteers and students involved 👍 . . . #volunteering #ardoch #interview #marvacollins #mountalexandercollege


8 Days 13 Hours Ago

Repost from @valleyyouthmv using @RepostRegramApp - Young People’s Committee Forum is in full swing! #valleyyouthmv #valleyyouthypcrock


2 Days 2 Hours Ago

Unexpected kindness is one of the most powerful moments between two people. It answers the question: ~ Do I matter- do you see me? ~ Let’s be honest- the people who need that exchange most are the hardest to approach. Kindness takes courage, deliberate intention bravery and humility. Done well it is quiet, selfless and personal. ~ Are you willing to step out of yourself? #youcannotbereplaced www.youcannotbereplaced.com www.chipandmelissadayton.com


2 Days 5 Hours Ago

GRADE 1/2 MATHS Last week the students were learning about subtraction outside of the classroom. Each student has been challenging themselves at a different level.


2 Days 17 Hours Ago

Were you generation Scoobi bands?? Someone had gifted us a huge box of these years ago and I found them the other day. The kids have loved them - fantastic mindfulness activity, great for fine motor skills, opportunities to teach their peers and they get to be creative! We had a wet weather timetable the other day and it was so quiet! I had to teach myself how to do them too - addictive! I could only do the round ones so one of my grade 6s taught me how to do the square ones. 😂 #mindfulness #school #scoobidou #scoobi #creativethinking #finemotorskills #peerteaching #studentled #iteachtoo #aussieteachertribe #teachersdownunder #teachersofinstagram #teaching


3 Days 16 Hours Ago

We asked this question to students. One student said: “I consider anyone who has a message and can translate that into an art piece an artist.” 🙌What is an artist to you? When do you call someone an artist? When did you consider yourself an artist? We’re curious to hear what you all think? 🤔 Leave a comment below! #whatisanartist #artist #questionoftheday Art Credit: Kat Chen


3 Days 20 Hours Ago

100% GRATEFUL to the @blacklivesmattercambridge for hosting this cookout for the Black Student Union Class of 2018. Your support towards these young adults was much appreciative. This was a fitting way for these alums to enjoy themselves as a group one more time as they start their post high school lives.


8 Days 1 Hour Ago

If you feel your sweet tooth aching this morning it's because it's Root Beer Float Day!


7 Days 2 Hours Ago

It’s cultural showcase month at Zoni! Like and follow for more content from our talent students!


7 Days 1 Hour Ago

It's National Professional Speaker Day! Zoni helps its students overcome the fear of public speaking! A valuable skill to have in any career.


5 Days 22 Hours Ago

Zoni Boat Cruise! Homecoming party provided by Circle Line! BEST OF NYC TOUR! Tickets will be available soon!


5 Days 1 Hour Ago

Get ready for the first round of talent from our Cultural Showcase in West New York and Elizabeth today!


3 Days 22 Hours Ago

Looking for innovative furniture solutions for your #makerspace or #stem #classroom ? Check out a recent install -Designed by students and built by us! Contact us today for details #usamade🇺🇸 Call 1 800 255 9189 and follow us on social media 😎🍏 #classroomdesign #charterschools #communityengagement #learnerexperience #makerspace #montessori #publicschools #schoolculture #studentcentered #studentchoice #studentengagement #studentled #studentvoice #makered #student #teacher #principals #education #usamade #educhat #edu #edleaders #ipad cef


4 Days 23 Hours Ago

What is your study routine? Happy Book Lovers Day!


3 Days 22 Hours Ago

Ms. Evina’s Speech at Wes New York Zoni for their cultural showcase yesterday!


3 Days 22 Hours Ago

Winners to our Talent contest!!


4 Days 9 Hours Ago

Are you a movie buff? Why watch films on your laptop when you can have a movie-theatre experience for free. Movie Screenings at Openhouse every Saturday night. Join us on the 11th of August as we watch Whiplash the way it was meant to be watched! Head to our website to RSVP. #moviereviews #moviebuffs #filmclub #studentled #byyou #cinemaximum #cityofjoy #openhouse #whiplash #drumming #musicians #hardworkpaysoffs #saturdayvibes #freeofcharge #brilliantfilm #surroundsound #projector #oscars #academyawards #kolkata #indialove #discussions