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14 Minutes Ago

This scene is from early this morning , was up super early and ready to head to my Drs apt with coffee on the go in @mychinet comfort cup , seriously these chinet comfort cups are going to become my life savor when school starts for Tens here soon! I love how practical they are for times like this and how easy of a fit they are to take anywhere. Also I’m only 1cm dilated , this body is exhausted so I thought I’d be further but, than part of me was like ha ya right this child is probably super comfortable, hopefully next week we will find out I’ve progressed further! 🤞🏼#sponsored #chinetcomfortcup


31 Minutes Ago

#flashback to filming my #prenatal #barre program three weeks ago while I was on holiday up north ☀️ I’m missing the sun already!


16 Minutes Ago

Amanhã dia 15/08 é o dia da Gestante! O dia mais importante do ano para nós, né? . Por isso tem FRETE GRÁTIS para vocês em todas as compras!! 🎁 . Qualquer valor, qualquer cidade! . E o cupom EUAMAMENTO está válido e vocês ganham 15% de desconto nas peças de Amamentar! . Não vai perder, né? . Ah, o frete grátis é só para amanhã. Mas a gente liberou antes para vocês aqui. Então já está valendo a partir de agora! . Ps: frete grátis no PAC, Tá? Como em SP não tem mais PAC, postamos sempre no Sedex! . Corre pra loja garantir tudinho! . Www.lojagestanteecia.com.br #gestanteecia #modagestante #gestantelinda #gestanteconfortavel #lookdegravida #lookgestante #gravidanamoda #gravidafashion #instagravida #instagestante #pregnancy #pregnant #roupadegravida #mommystyle #mommytobe #mamaefashion #gravidaestilosa #maternitystyle #bumpstyle #stylethebump #outonoinverno18 #colecaonova #preview2018 #primaveraverao18 #liquidacao #sale #fretegratis


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This outfit 🙌🏻 comfy but cool, that’s our kinda vibe. Tap to shop the feeding friendly C’est La Vie Sweater and St James Denims. #legoe #madeformotherhood www.legoeheritage.com

What week/day of pregnancy are you on? Message me or comment below and I’ll send you your daily soul session for today!! For example, say you’re at 17 Weeks, 2 Days...here is your soul session: . “In a way you are being more creative now than you have ever been before. You are the artist of a brand new life. Even though you aren’t physically holding a paintbrush, a microphone, a camera, or a pen, you are building and nourishing and giving life to a brand new soul. How cool is that? Less than half the people on this planet can say that. So smile and give the world a little bit of that creative, beautiful knowledge today.” . The Daily Soul Sessions For The Pregnant Mama book is a collection of short, daily inspirations to help you stay mindful, stay positive, stay connected every day of this beautiful journey...link to book in profile 💗


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Such a gorgeous pregnancy announcement Danni! Congratulations to you and your beautiful little family. ❤️ I love seeing all of the beautiful creative ways in which announce their pregnancy on Instagram. ❤️❤️ 📷@mysunnycove


57 Minutes Ago

Preparing for “the mawathon of wabo.” #namethatmovie My workouts look very different at 36 weeks pregnant but monitoring my heart rate and steps with the @nokiahealth Steel HR watch helps me see how effective my workouts are even if it’s just lots of incline walking and squats. #nokiasteelhr #nokiahealth #sponsored #10kstepswithsteelhr #steelhr #knowyourself #36weekspregnant


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Twinning with my little girlfriend in a new post with @shoppinkblush on the blog today! Link in profile to read a little more. Xo http://liketk.it/2wXKj #liketkit @liketoknow.it #prettyinpinkblush #shoppinkblush #maternityfashion #ltkbump #stylethebump #31weekspregnant #bumpstyle #maternitystyle #maternityblogger #pregnantblogger #mommyandmefashion #pregnancystyle


56 Minutes Ago

I’m a quarter of the way through reading Ina May’s Guild to Childbirth. When have you ever heard a birth story that was positive? That didn’t focus on the “pain” or everything that did or could have gone wrong. This book is such a positive outlook on birth and such a nice change to read such amazing stories from women who loved their birthing experience. I was in such a negative state of mind and found myself stressing so much about what’s to come in 4 months. This book has really helped me change that and look at birth in such a positive way. Our bodies were made for this and have been doing this from the beginning of time.

A foto não é de hoje mas gostei tanto que queria postar 😍 📸 @jadegadotti . #me #tb #pregnancy #love #bliss #happy #portrait #picoftheday #ootd #makeup #babybump #style #stylethebump #lifestyle #wiw #outfitpost

#repost @enjoymommyhood (@get_repost) ・・・ Super mom my bag🎒👌 A pedido de muchas clientas ahora pueden conseguir su mommy bag en nuestros showrooms! Nos encantan las mochilas para esta etapa porque además de ser geniales son súper prácticas y entra todo lo que uno necesita! Además es ᶜᴸᴬᵛᴱ que sean unisex para que el papá también la pueda usar y no sentir que lleva un bolso carterón 🤷🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️ Otra ᶜᴸᴬᵛᴱ es que podes llevarlo en la mano, o agarrado al carrito (tiene unas correas en la parte de arriba con ganchito) o como mochila. ✦ Mochila súper liviana de tela impermeable y fácilmente lavable. ✦ Compartimiento principal con mucha capacidad + 5 bolsillos internos de almacenamiento separados, con bolsillos para guardar ropa, botellas de agua, toallas, pañales, etc. El interior también es resistente al agua asique no te preocupes si se derrama algo. Es súper fácil de limpiar! ✦ Bolsillo externo para 3 mamaderas con aislante térmico que mantiene calientes las mamaderas entre 2-4hrs. ✦ Tiene un acceso en la parte de atrás para llegar fácilmente al fondo de la mochila ✦ 2 Bolsillos laterales. Uno sirve para llevar pañuelos o toallitas húmedas y poder tenerlas más a mano. ✦ Viene en color Negro/Gris/Rojo ✮ A͟͟D͟͟E͟͟M͟͟ÁS͟͟! Sirve también como bolso para ir al sanatorio! Te permite meter todo lo que necesites ordenado y compartimentado. 🌟Esta es nuestra recomendación! A uds qué les resultó más práctico/cómodo/canchero? Nos encanta poder ofrecerles productos útiles y claves según sus opiniones y las nuestras🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️ . . . #mochilamaternal #calzaembarazada #calzasembarazada #lactancia #yodoylateta #ropalactancia #enjoymommyhood #embarazocomodo #embarazofeliz #lookoftheday #stylethebump @sophielagirafe_argentina


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I said I wouldn’t but I couldn’t pass on a chance to express my joy for this season in my life. Almost halfway through and I’ve become more and more obsessed with you. My little baby you were not planned in my books but you’ve been written in the Book of Life since before my existence. The joy and excitement you’ve brought to me, your daddy and our families is none like I’ve seen before. Daddy @iamericbates has the best eye when it comes to capturing me, I can’t wait to see how obsessed he becomes with capturing you.😍😭 • • • • •#babynames #stylethebump #babyontheway #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnantlife #pregnancystyle #babymoon #maternityshoot #maternityphotography #babybump #bumpstyle #bump #momtobe #mumtobe #genderreveal #pregnantbelly #healthypregnancy #fitpregnancy #pregnancyphoto #pregnancyphotography #maternitystyle #mommytobe #preggers #preggo #babyonboard #stylethebump #babyontheway #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnantlife #pregnancystyle #babymoon #maternityshoot #maternityphotography #babybump#bumpstyle #bump #momtobe#mumtobe #pregnantbelly


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Good morning Wednesday! We're heading out the door but not before we show you the gorgeous batwing style and rib sleeve detail on this restocked beauty! Shop our 'Joanna Relaxed Knit' in it's range of colourways online now.


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Head to our stories today for an IG takeover from our marketing manager, @randigrams! Randi graduated from Texas A&M with a nutrition degree, and has been working with us for about 3 years now so she has a ton of experience not only with Mumberry, but also with pregnant women! She’s answering all of your Mumberry/pregnancy questions today, so don’t miss the opportunity to get your question answered!❤️ 📷 via @tracicreatesphotos


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#dickbauchdienstag 💓 #ssw27 heute ohne Brille und ein entsprechend verschwommenes Bild 😄 die Kugel wächst und es ist viel Turnen angesagt. Die Vorfreude steigt. #novemberbaby #kugelzeit #veganschwanger #bump #pregnancy #veganmom #stylethebump #dickbauch #vegan #veganlife


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My goals used to fuel me. Thinking about a certain destination I wanted to get to with my life was what kept me motivated and hard working. Because once I got there, everything would be done and perfect, right? By the grace of God I’ve been able to achieve many of my goals. Be it the dream job or dream husband, here I am at 24 years old with a baby on the way and a life I could really only dream of having. I don’t say this to show off, but rather to put into perspective that if I had strictly stuck with 18 year old Heaven’s goals, I wouldn’t be married at this age. I definitely wouldn’t be pregnant. I would be a career driven machine with only plans to climb up the ladder. Goals are good. They keep us focused and responsible. I am just learning that keeping an open mind along the way can provide opportunities for other goals and desires I never even knew I had. I have new goals and dreams now, but I am open to them changing more than ever. Who knows, maybe I’ll be a dope chef in 20 years...🤔👩‍🍳 I’ll never know if I don’t let it happen 🤷🏻‍♀️ #foodforthought


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#bumpday #stylishbump 📷 @mieml


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Happy Hump Day Mamas 💗 We’ve all been there #thecomfortmama


3 Hours Ago

6 weeks until we meet our baby girl!!! 🎀💞 I think about this moment all the time and that one day I will get to share this with her. 🎥 @christian_quiroz37


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A sneak peek to Season 3 launching soon!!! Get ready to be spammed with many many epic photos taken by legendary @svenkristianphoto! Photographer: @svenkristianphoto Set Director: @moniqueprinsloo Stylist: @mikhailiapetersen, @alxethelion Hair and Makeup: @colleendoesmakeup Models: @joylakay, @brandon.idk, @briggitteappiah


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So much LOVE to all our peeps that came out and celebrated our Monster. 😘 It was beautiful and wonderful . . #awktoberbaby


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For effortless style perfectly combined with cosy comfort - the Stevie Slouch Pants have all bases covered for leopard lovers this season. . . . . . . . . . . . . . #frankieandco #pinkleopard #love #stylethebump #fashionblogger #weekendvibes #shopthelook #onlineboutique #joggers #shopthislook