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3 Days Ago

Spreading kindness today in honor of 2 beautiful SUDC angels. Sweet Vivie passed away 2 years ago today and had her birthday on the 10th. We are also honoring the memory of the always smiling Aiden whose birthday was on the 11th. We left some books in kids shopping carts today and wore our “Choose Joy” shirts that Viv’s family created in her memory. Sending so much love to the Burgess family @juliawilleyburgess and Aiden’s family @mistressofthepark on these incredibly difficult milestones. #sudcawareness


11 Days 5 Hours Ago

Día de los Muertos is a cherished holiday in Mexico and many other countries. It runs October 31st through November 2nd and is a time for people to celebrate and honor the lives of their loved ones who have passed away. One of our passionate and dedicated SUDC moms, Casandra, participated this past weekend in California in memory of her daughter, Violet Skye, who passed away from SUDC. #sudc #sudcawareness #diadelosmuertos


11 Days 16 Hours Ago

On July 27th, 2018 my 2nd born son Cairo Brown passed away suddenly in his sleep. His death was ruled undetermined. This is classified as Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood (SUDC). It effects children between the ages of 1 to 18 years old. These children our angels even after a thorough investigation, including an autopsy death remains unexplained. It is the 5th leading cause of death in children aged 1-4 years in the United States. Cairo would have turned 3 years old this year on November 15th. To honor his birthday I am having a fundraiser for the non-profit organization SUDC Foundation. SUDC has been providing the resources my family needs during this difficult transition in our lives. I will be accepting unwrapped toys/books to donate for children in need. Used toys are accepted as long their in very good condition. Please help me honor my son’s short time on earth by bringing smiles to other children’s faces. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support. I've included information about SUDC Foundation below. The Sudden Unexplained Death In Childhood Foundation (SUDC) mission is to promote awareness, advocate for research, and support those affected by sudden unexpected or unexplained death in childhood. #sudc #sudcawareness #childloss #childlossawareness #childlosssurvivor #childlosssupport #toydrive #toydrive2018 #fundraiserevent #fundraiser #sudcfundraiser #longislandtoydrive #nytoydrive #farmingdaleny #tristatearea #nyctoydrive #memorialfundraiser #birthdayfundraiser #inhonorof #inlovingmemoryof #inlovingmemory #inlovingmemoryofcairobrown #cairoforever


12 Days 13 Hours Ago

Cairo would have turned 3 on November 15th. To honor his birthday I am having a fundraiser for the non-profit organization #sudc Foundation as well as collecting toys to give to children in need. I appreciate all the support 💙 #toydrive #cairoforever #toydrive2018 #inlovingmemoryofcairobrown #inlovingmemory #memorial #memorialbirthday #birthdaymemorial #nonprofit #nonprofitorganization #sudcawareness #givingback #givingbacktothecommunity #givingbackfeelsgood


13 Days 9 Hours Ago

The things I do for this boy!! 😳😳 Love you Ezra! #sudcawareness #noonewalksalone Abilene tune into KTAB news at 6 & 10 tonight 👍


13 Days 9 Hours Ago

The things I do for this boy! 😳😳 Love you Ezra #sudcawareness #noonewalksalone


13 Days 10 Hours Ago

Crying tears such a beautiful book 😢💜💜 #motherofallmothers #cairoforever 👼🏾💙💙#breavement #childloss #childlosssupport #childlossawareness #childlosssurvivor #sudcawareness


14 Days 13 Hours Ago

At the library yesterday First Time Iz really participating in the circle time and was loving all the songs. Reminded me of all our fun times at the library with Conor. He was always eager to sit in the circle and hear the songs especially his favorite “Wheels on the bus”. We are grateful to @milfordpubliclibrary for participating in Kindness for Conor by having our flyer and cards on display at the check out with our fall stickers and pencils for the kids to take. #kissesforconor #sudcawareness


17 Days 10 Hours Ago

Spending our last day in Naples spreading a little Conor love! We left a toy on a kids ride, left money for another ride and pre-paid for the next 4 people to get ice cream. We did make a stop for ice cream for ourselves too! #kissesforconor #sudcawareness


18 Days 2 Hours Ago

A special weekend spent with our tribe of fellow SUDC families remembering and loving all our children gone too soon ❤️ #sudcawareness #viviennesjoy


21 Days 5 Hours Ago

Antipasto for the team at Ace Automotive who always go above and beyond for me when I have car issues and baked goodies for our friends ! ❤️❤️ #kissesforconor #sudcawareness


21 Days 11 Hours Ago

On a day full of sadness and tears, we cherished these memories of Conor’s laugh and giggles. We thank everyone for their kind messages and support. We loved seeing pictures of everyone in their Conor shirts and the acts of kindness that people shared. We hope you will continue to do acts of kindness in Conor’s name. We finalized our Halloween buckets for children at Yale Children’s Hospital. We thank Stop and Shop for their donations of toiletries for the parent bags, @commerceparkdental for the toothbrushes and coloring sheets for the kids and the children of Learning Springs @es0629 school for making Halloween cards for the kids. We are on our way to Florida now for an SUDC family retreat to spend time with other bereaved families. We are happy to see these people who have been such a tremendous support for us but sad for the reason that brings us together. Yesterday At the cemetery Tessa told Conor that she was sorry we didn’t plan the trip while he was still here with us. It broke my broken heart even more but I know he will be with us and we think all the SUDC angels will be happy to see their parents and siblings together. Conor it is impossible for me to put into words how much we miss you and love you. You are loved by so many even those who never met you. Sending endless kisses to heaven to you 💕#kissesforconor #sudcawareness


22 Days 7 Hours Ago

Kiddos wanted to give away balloons again this year for their act of kindness and save the last one for Conor 💚💜🧡💛💙 #kissesforconor , kissesforconor.com , #sudcawareness , SUDC.org


23 Days 3 Hours Ago

Water bottles set up at the YMCA with our flyer and cards for people to pass on the kindness! We were also the recipient of an act of kindness. It was great to come home after a long day to dinner dropped off to us! #kissesforconor #sudcawareness


23 Days 8 Hours Ago

#kissesforconor , kissesforconor.com , SUDC.org #sudcawareness


23 Days 14 Hours Ago

Conor’s favorite color was pink so today we brought pink flowers to the staff at Tutor Time who have shown all our children so much love and are always eager to participate in our efforts to honor Conor’s memory. We love that Tessa and Isabelle are in a place where Conor’s name is spoken and his memory is cherished. We love walking past the board of Conor’s pictures every morning! We know your days are long and exhausting but we want to let you know you are appreciated! #kissesforconor #sudcawareness


24 Days 8 Hours Ago

I’m the lucky one who got to read and talk about kindness to some very sweet first graders. I was inspired by my friend Abby and her daughter Grace on their post showing all the kind notes they wrote for people. I asked this class to write something kind on sticky notes and put it up in the back of the class. It was pretty. darn. cute ❤️❤️ #kissesforconor , kissesforconor.com , SUDC.org #sudcawareness


24 Days 12 Hours Ago

Today I read “Be Kind” to Tessa’s class and we talked about ways we can be kind to our friends, parents, teachers and strangers! I loved their participation with the story and hearing their ideas for kindness. Jonathan Law High School’s Kindness club invited me to join them in listening to the founder of Ben’s Bells talk about ways to actively be kind. The kindness club will be doing their own acts of kindness for Conor later this week. “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” #kissesforconor #sudcawareness


25 Days 2 Hours Ago

One of my favorite videos of Conor. It was taken 2 weeks before he passed away. Every time I make eggs I think of this video. He was talking so much and was just so full of love, always smiling. As we approach the 2 year anniversary of Conor passing, share that love by doing an act or acts of kindness in his name and share with us #kissesforconor #sudcawareness and on our Facebook page. You can print cards through the link in bio.


25 Days 10 Hours Ago

Day 1 of spreading kindness by reading to the kindergarteners at school and promoting them as “Cool Kind Kid Challengers.” Asking them if they are all tough and cool enough to be a kind kid... they all passed with flying colors. Off to first grade tomorrow ❤️☺️#kissesforconor , kissesforconor.com, #sudcawareness, SUDC.org


25 Days 11 Hours Ago

To start our Kindness week, I’ve left some Halloween stickers, stamps and pencils in my office waiting room with some extra cards for people to pass on the kindness! And all set up in front of our SUDC information board. Conor we love that you are continuing to make everyone smile every day 💕 #kissesforconor #sudcawareness


25 Days 13 Hours Ago

October 25 will mark the 2nd year since sweet Conor's passing and his family will once again be doing acts of kindness in his honor. As we did last year, we are asking people to do acts of kindness this week (October 22-31) and share on social media using #kissesforconor and #sudcawareness and/or share on Kisses for Conor FB page. Look for the flyers and kindness cards at the church entrances and thank you for helping keep Conor’s memory alive! #pbpmilford


25 Days 16 Hours Ago

Thank you to everyone who came out this weekend to the 3rd annual #fish4slade * Stay tuned for fishing pictures and more fun from the event * 📸: @svdalton - if she weren’t such a wonderful NP and educator I would say she missed her calling as a photographer. * #sudc #sudcawareness


25 Days 23 Hours Ago

Kicked off Kisses for Conor Kindness week making Halloween buckets for children in the hospital on Halloween. Buckets are filled with stickers and crafts for the children to do. Please help us share Conor’s loving spirit this week by performing acts of kindness no matter how small! Conor made someone smile every day of his 17 months of life. Let’s spread his love! Be sure to share your acts of kindness with us with #kissesforconor #sudcawareness and on our Facebook page. To print cards and flyers choose the link in my bio. Conor, we love and miss you more than words 💕


26 Days 5 Hours Ago

This week is the Angelversary of Conor 💙 and I’m focusing on acts of kindness. I tried making brownies but that was a fail (I blame my oven, I followed the directions). So when I was out I saw these pretty flowers and wanted to share these with some awesome moms to brighten their day. I wish I could have bought hundreds of flowers to give out . Hope you all have a great start to your week tomorrow . Kissesforconor.com #kissesforconor #sudcawareness, sudc.org


26 Days 8 Hours Ago

Gulp. 😳 Sometimes it’s harder to be transparent than others. Today is one of those days. We recorded a video of our story. (Link in profile) Two hours of video sliced down to 6 minutes. Listening to my kids tell their story of March 1st was excruciating for me. I just assumed they saw and processed the same things I did because we were together. But NO, they remember different things in AMAZING detail. It broke my heart that I never asked them. But thankful to know now. We don’t want ANYONE to ever walk this path. If they have to walk it, they should NOT be alone. Please share our story. Not for us, but so that it might help someone...now or in the future. Thank you all. 💔 #telltheworld #missyoue #sudcawareness


26 Days 14 Hours Ago

Pearls for a good cause Saturday night. #sudc (Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood) needs to be explained...support the #sladedozierfoundation in helping to find an answer. #sudc #sudcawareness #sladedozierfishingtournament


27 Days 13 Hours Ago

Some more inspiration for next week’s Kindness for Conor week. Some great ideas from last year were leaving flowers with positive messages in the bathroom for someone to find, leaving a treat for the mailman in the mailbox, donating books to libraries and schools, volunteering at a Ronald McDonald House, donating hair and writing a kind letter to a stranger through “The World Needs More Love Letters” and handing out care packages with toiletries to homeless people. Spend a day or the whole week with us spreading the kindness and love Conor embodied every day. I guarantee not only will you make someone else smile but you will also be smiling! And I know a special little boy will be blowing kisses to you from heaven. Remember to share with us by posting with #kissesforconor #sudcawareness and on our Facebook page. We love and miss you every second of every day Conor 💕


29 Days 7 Hours Ago

The Oliver’s Wish Foundation invites you to join Oliver’s Army for our first ‘Marathon in a Month’ challenge this November! In support of SUDC UK and to celebrate Oliver’s 5th birthday on November 30th we are challenging you to complete 26.2 miles of running, jogging or walking over the month! Please let us know if you will take up the challenge, spread the word on social media using #runningforoliver and keep us posted on your progress! With your help we hope to raise much needed funds for this amazing charity. Once you complete the task and post your miles on Facebook or Instagram we will send you a link and would like to ask for a donation of £20 to SUDC UK. You will then be sent one of the amazing medals we have designed to celebrate your awesomeness for all time! SUDC UK is a charity dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood (SUDC). It also funds research to better understand and prevent these tragedies. The sudden unexplained death of a child is one of the most under-recognised medical tragedies of our time. . . #oliversarmy #oliverswish #runningforoliver #marathoninamonth #charity #charityrun #charitywalk #sudc #sudcuk #sudchallenge2018 #sudcawareness #childloss #memorywalk #memoryrun #runchallenge #walkchallenge


28 Days 6 Hours Ago

Love and miss you Conor 💔💙💛💛🧡💙💚. Kissesforconor.com, #sudcawareness , sudc.org


28 Days 10 Hours Ago

October 25 will mark the 2nd year since sweet Conor's passing and his family will once again be doing acts of kindness in his honor. As we did last year, we are asking people to do acts of kindness from October 22-31 and share on social media using #kissesforconor and #sudcawareness and/or share on Kisses for Conor Facebook page. Look for the flyers and kindness cards at the church entrances and thank you for helping keep Conor’s memory alive! #pbpmilford


28 Days 13 Hours Ago

IHA alumna, Erin Shamroth Bowen’97, a pediatrician and mother of three, is spreading awareness about a topic very close to her heart: Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood (SUDC). Erin’s healthy and happy 17-month-old son, Conor, passed away on October 25, 2016 during a nap. As his cause of death was undetermined, it led to the Bowen Family to learn about SUDC and the SUDC Foundation. To honor Conor as we approach the second anniversary of his passing, we ask that you perform Acts of Kindness the week of Oct. 22-28. Use #kissesforconor and #sudcawareness when you share your Act of Kindness on social media. Read the Bowen’s full story on www.ihanj.com. #ihanj #ihaalumnae #sudc #actsofkindness #sudcfoundation