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I'm sorry that I am such a fuck up. All I want is for you to be happy but I'm only making it worse. I think I might disappear for a while. i'm sorry Tags~ #depression #depressed #sad #suicidal #killme #helpme #saveme #cuts #cutting #relapse #suicide #imgone #broken #lonely #justleaveme #anxiety #panicattack

Look what I can do Follow agedsquad: @agedmeme  @agedshots @agedjokes @agedcancer @aged_pfp @aged_guy @aged_granny @agedbroodje @agedstuff @aged_squidward @agednibba @aged.ebola @agedvideos @broodje_aged Squad ~ Taged persons are Credits ~ Ignore these ~ #offensive #dankmeme #dank #meme #camera #gay #sensitivecontent #ignore #southpark #sensitive #agressive #autistic #triggerd #asshole #goaway #sensitive #sensitivecontent #lol #funny #blomme #kankerdom #cancer#kankerdom #emo #goth #fortnite #klatahalla #suicide


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If depression was a guy, what message would you tell him?! Vent below and say all what’s in ur heart.. no judging I promise .. #selfharm #suicide #hatemyself #fuckedup #fuckitall #killme #saveme #bullshit

So a little over a year ago we had a death by Suicide in the family. Now if you’re more shocked at the word Suicide than you would be if that sentence had read death by Cancer, or you feel slightly uncomfortable that its been said so openly then you’re part of the issue!! It’s time to talk about it, if might only save one person but by saving that one person you also save one family from the unbearable pain and heartbreak that I’ve seen my amazing boyfriend and his beautiful sister go through and that itself makes that one person is enough!! So in memory of their Beautiful mother @covelerose & @bethkenny97 are walking 15miles to raise awareness for Suicide and to help others in the same situation they’ve been in and to help the people who think this will never happen to them, and one day get a phone call that will change their lives!! To help spread the awareness you can see other stories and donate here https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/gill-boiling #mentalhealth #suicide #timetotalk #mentalhealthawareness #suicideprevention #suicideawareness


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Yes! Most of us have scars , some are deeper than others , some are proud of them and some are not , some show them some don’t .. but no one has any right to judge us .. yes it’s wrong to self harm yes and it doesn’t fix anything.. but each of us got a reason to still do it .. so no one can just come and judge us, call us sick or stupid .. we are not we know what we’re doing .. we know it’s wrong we know it’s not helpful but it is our choice .. you want us to stop be a good human and ask about us , try to help us , give us a reason to stop LISTEN to us , care about us for real .. that’s the only way we could stop that’s the only way we would have a reason or someone to stop for .. but judging us? That will only make it much worse .. so please help or leave .. we got enough shit to worry about .. and we are already tired of everything.. “selfharm #suicide #hatemyself #fuckedup #fuckitall #killme #saveme #bullshit

Furious #mum 'throws four-year-old son off balcony then jumps after him in "murder #suicide" after losing custody battle' Little Misha's dad Andrey Yekimov saw his son lying dead on the ground outside after stepping out of a lift - he was reportedly so shocked he froze A furious mum allegedly threw her four-year-old son off a 10th-floor balcony before jumping to her own death after losing a #custodybattle for him. Little Misha died at the scene after he was reportedly hurled from the balcony by his 25-year-old mum, Anastasia, who was also 'bitter' over her #divorce . The youngster's dad, Andrey Yekimov, saw his small body lying on the ground outside as he stepped out of a lift just moments after the ' murder -suicide'. He was reportedly so shocked he couldn't move. Anastasia, whose surname is unknown, had gone to visit ex-husband Andrey at the flat he shared with their child in St Petersburg, north-western #russia. Recalling the horrific day, Andrey, 33, said he had been about to take Misha for a haircut and that his former spouse had asked to come with them. Anastasia took Misha to summon the lift while he locked the door, he said. But out of his sight, the mum took the little boy to a communal balcony and hurled him off, before immediately jumping after him, according to reports. Andrey said he was surprised not to find his ex-wife and son at the lifts, but that he assumed they must be waiting for him on the ground floor. He described how he only realised what had happened when he took the lift down and saw their dead bodies lying on the ground outside.


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I’m sad, I know yeah.🔪💋🔗 - #xxxtentacion #sad #changes #tumblr #fucklove #suicide

Day 4 ❤️😎✌️ Got my new Power Stands!!! I’ve been wanting these for so long, this was definitely more challenging to do my push ups!! Call me Crazy 🤷🏻‍♀️ but, I’m in Love 😍💪💪😂 I was nominated to do 22 #pushups a day for 22 days to raise awareness for #veterans suffering from #ptsd. On average, 22 military veterans commit #suicide every day. This won't solve the problem, but if it saves just one #life, it's worth it. My nominee #today is 🇺🇸🤔 #veteransforptsd #pushupchallenge💪 #fitspiration