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Dear • Sue 🦄

3 Days 12 Hours Ago

Took me long enough to reflect on - THE AMAZING SUMMERCON! It’s been a week since we came back from the conference and I miss how we shared this amazing experience together! Not only all the inspiring msgs and worships, but also how we are a big group of family walking this journey together ❤️ . The night that we were sitting together sharing and worshipping, with Mike playing the guitar... It is the closest thing to what I think Heaven’s like... The sharing of burdens, the testimonies and the touching tears... . And of course all the after service gatherings and lunch parties too!!🤩🤩. . I’m truly and deeply grateful to all the support and love from you guys, even when I only met you several months ago. And I’m so looking forward to the life with you all as my Fam!!~~ . Northshore People, the Fire Starter!!~~🔥 Love you 😘❤️💖💕💓💞💗❤️ #churchfamily #love #hillsongnorthshore #summercon #journey #dolifetogether #testimony #worship #grateful

FRONTLINE SUMMERCON HIGHLIGHTS - Karalee Fielding’s message was for me. Especially about recognising Jesus in the everyday duty and diligence of being a dad and in marriage and at work. She was, in the nicest possible way, telling me to grow up and it was now my time to make a difference. Scott Dougherty - #summercon #facesoffrontline

FRONTLINE SUMMERCON HIGHLIGHTS - “I went into Summercon with no previous experience and no expectations of what was in store, but I was open to whatever God wanted to do! Every single preacher brought something relevant and real but Nathanael Wood’s word on Boldness awoke something on the inside that had been hibernating for far too long.” Mel Balestri - #summercon #facesoffrontline

FRONTLINE SUMMERCON HIGHLIGHTS - “So much gold from the platform but even more gold in conversations and in hanging out with such good people” Ray Saipele - #summercon #facesoffrontline

FRONTLINE SUMMERCON HIGHLIGHTS - “Worship is always next level when you get a bunch of people together specifically to hear from God. There was one moment where the line “Look where my chains are now” stood out to me personally, reminding me of my freedom and that my chains are at my feet! In the very next session the MC stood up and spoke out that revelation out to everyone, it was God confirming it for me! Retreat was so good but personally for me it’s always very much out of my comfort zone but it’s also always worth it.” Jenny Solah #summercon #facesoffrontline


8 Days 2 Hours Ago

My old #celtysturluson #celty cosplay from #durarara and @yeikosx as #shinra 🤗Several years ago (about 3) since the last time i cosplayed her 🤗 lately im thinking on reworking her, id like to enjoy how cosplaying celty feels again 😀 i was really bashful for that time and my poses suffered the consequences 😓but still in lov with the xperience. costume and helmet made by me, (helmet and jumpsuit) and scythe made by @yeikosx ! (2 meters long) amazing job and grateful for his help! 🤗 🦊~hashtags~🦊 #helmet #selty #jumpsuit #ears #scythe #anime #cosplay #celtycosplay #durararacosplay #setton-san #shinra #shinracosplay #animecosplay #cosplayer #celtycosplayer #tlptenerife #convention #summer #summercon #con #japan

Have some hooping shots of me from Doki last year!! I was featured in @justinpinedapv ‘s CMV!💖💫

Grow up 2019 #summercon 🇦🇺☀️🌊

Ray Liang

10 Days 2 Hours Ago

☀️ #summercon #frontline #summer

Still thinking about what an incredible weekend we had at Frontline #summercon! We are ready to take on this year! 🏝 GET WISDOM 🏝 GROW UP 🏝 BE BOLD 🏝 LIVE WITH HOPE 🏝 TAKE YOUR PILLS #summercon2019

We are expectant for a powerful night in church! We will be hearing from our Senior Pastor @brianchouston speak across church - an awesome way to end Summercon Weekend. Sunday Night 6pm Let us know if you’ll be around and we will save you a seat! #summercon #summercon2019

Nancy Roliet Beckley

11 Days 13 Hours Ago

A good way to relax after weeks and sleepless nights of planning our camp...feeling relieved 😅##summercon


10 Days 23 Hours Ago

Just as Ps Finochio at #summercon said 'We are called to devotion. Continually remind ourselves of what is truth. We don't gratuate from the a b c of gospel - who am I? Why am I here?' Agree, with all my heart. But what I couldn't agree more is that we need a #community that hold each other accountable, support and remind each other of what is truth in the eyes of God❤️ that's how we keep in track🤗 #wereinthistogether

Frontline, we encourage you - take the time to pray over, unpack, journal as meditate on all the gold from the worship moments to the preaching from the last couple of days. Let’s together walk away from Summercon and into our year marked and expectant for what God is going to do! #summercon2019 #summercon

Joy Khoo Konecny

11 Days 15 Hours Ago

Post-Summercon beach fun. 😍😍 #olikonextny #summercon #straya #beachbaby

Nonci Nyoni

11 Days 18 Hours Ago

Hope you're all having an amazing weekend! Hello from beautiful #avocabeach 👋🏽👋🏽🌊🌊

We had a brilliant time at Frontline Summercon 2019! We are coming home with hearts full and hands ready ready to take on our best year yet. (PS. Stay tuned to stories for pics from the past couple of days!) #summercon2019 #summercon

Whose got some ideas for me on anime conventions I can attend this summer?!?!?! Please let me know if you have some. I want to rock some brand new cosplay I am literally DYING to debut to y’all! Seeking conventions within the United States, during July/August/September, and would prefer a larger-scale convention the likes of SacAnime and Florida Supercon. I am open to International convention ideas too. I have a super wicked set of 3 brand new cosplays I’m working on over these next few months that have one very special shared theme to them. And yes, my Lara Croft cosplay is one of them 😊 Not revealing the other two until later. All I’m gonna say is this set of 3 I’m going to debut at this summer con is gonna be #artsyaf #dopeaf and #badassaf 🤭 so WATCH OUT 🔥🔥🔥


12 Days 11 Hours Ago

happy day 😊 #photography#city#sydney#summercon

Frontline Hills

12 Days 16 Hours Ago

What an epic night of worship we’re having at #summercon! @alexander.pappas @tayagaukrodger


12 Days 18 Hours Ago

Hillsong Summercon 약 2주 전 주일 개인적으로 마음 상하는 일이 있었고 무작정 힐송교회로 차를 몰았다. 늦은 저녁이라 예배는 이미 끝나있었지만 사람들은 모여 이야기를 하고 있었다. 누군가 나에게 말을 걸었고 곧 있을 여름 컨퍼런스에 참가해 보는게 어떻겠냐는 제안을 받았다. 때마침 크리스마스 프로모션을 하고 있었고 나는 Why not? 이라는 생각으로 결재를 해버렸다. 숙소를 구해야하고 시드니에서 1시간30분이 넘는 거리를 또 운전해 왔지만 그 과정과 시간들이 아깝지 않았다. 그리고 나는 이곳에 왔다. The true wisdom from God. #hillsongconf #hillsongsummercon #hillsong #hillsongsydney #australia #nsw #centralcoast #summercon

Liz Ninan

12 Days 21 Hours Ago

This edit was unexpected-it was 2:49 AM on Wednesday night / Thursday AM when I took this pic & created this edit. Pic story: i decided to read a bible devo before I slept, and the passage spoke very specifically to me, so I decided to click a pic of the page & insta-story it. But once I started editing it for my 15 second insta-story, I felt that it had potential to be the dash of color that I wanted to bring in my next not b&w grid. But yea, all said and done, this click & edit is special & it’s unexpectedly so. . Just as today is special, because I’m at SummerCon 2019. Last year, after I attended, I desired to attend & I bought the ticket a year ahead. But then - life - and I felt that I couldn’t go this year because I couldn’t see a way to - so even last Monday, I had come to peace that I wasn’t going - AND THEN - in what can only be God, He made a way for my heart’s desire to be here to be fulfilled, as an unfamiliar voice reminded me that any cost was worth it, even when it feels so sacrificial that it hurts, when it’s for Him & this is to me another meeting place to encounter Him.... & so I’m here, again, just hungry for more of Him. I’m not sure about some stuff in my life but there’s one matter in which I have absolutely no doubt... He’s never gonna let me down. And SummerCon ‘19 is one going down in history. (P.S: I’m told it already is because @brianchouston spoke at SummerCon for the first ever time in Hillsong history yesterday 🙌🏽). But yea, I’m believing it in a very personal way as well. Also, 1.5 days in, I already see His hand in this trip. So thank You, Lord. . P.S: Jesus, I’m giving you my all. Do what You will & do what only You can do, in and through me!!! #faith #summercon #frontlinehills #blessed #god

April Miller

13 Days 18 Hours Ago

My joys / my boys / keeping it simple 2019 / clean hands / pure heart Frontline Summer Con - I’m ready for you! Can’t wait to hear @brianchouston tonight! #summercon #frontline #firstwesurf

Frontline Hills

14 Days 23 Hours Ago

Want to find out more information about SUMMERCON and all the activities around the Central Coast? We’ve put together a downloadable Guide Book to make navigating your way around a lot easier. Download it via the link in our bio! #summercon #frontline #bestyearsofyourlife

Frontline Hills

14 Days 24 Hours Ago

We also have an amazing team leading worship over the 3 days of SUMMERCON. The first session kicks off tomorrow night, and it’s not too late to register - head to (link in bio) to get your tickets. We can’t wait to see you all there - these truly are the best years of your life! #summercon #frontline #bestyearsofyourlife

Frontline Hills

15 Days 2 Hours Ago

We’ve got MORE speakers to announce for SUMMERCON! Ben and Karalee Fielding will be joining us for what is sure to be an amazing week of God, friends and family. Do not miss out! You can still register online - #summercon #frontline #bestyearsofyourlife

Frontline Hills

15 Days 2 Hours Ago

We’ve got MORE speakers to announce for SUMMERCON! Karalee and Ben Fielding will be joining us for what is sure to be an amazing week of God, friends and family. Do not miss out! You can still register online - #summercon #frontline #bestyearsofyourlife

Frontline Hills

15 Days 4 Hours Ago

THIS JUST IN - We have Nathan Finochio from Hillsong New York coming to speak at SUMMERCON this week! Nathan is an amazing teacher, you do NOT want to miss this! It’s not too late to register - we can’t wait to see you there! #summercon #bestyearsofyourlife #frontline @nathanfinochio

Frontline Hills

15 Days 15 Hours Ago

The amazing Bec Wood will also be sharing at SUMMERCON this year! Don’t miss out - head to to register! We can’t wait to see you there. #summercon @becjwood #frontline #bestyearsofyourlife

Frontline Hills

15 Days 15 Hours Ago

We’re excited to announce Nathanael Wood will be speaking at SUMMERCON this week! Don’t miss it - you can still register online, head to and join us for an amazing 3 days! - @nathanaelwood #summercon #bestyearsofyourlife #frontline

Frontline Hills

15 Days 24 Hours Ago

Haven’t locked in accomodation for this week’s SUMMERCON yet? Here’s a bunch of places we recommend on the Central Coast. #summercon #seeyouthere #centralcoast

Frontline Hills

16 Days 20 Hours Ago

Only three days left to SUMMERCON - we are so excited for Thursday nights session and can’t wait to see you there! You can still register online, and you can register for individual sessions too #frontline #summercon

THIS COULD BE YOU! Summercon 2019 is just days away. Have you registered?! 🌼🌼🌼 WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW 🌼🌼🌼 🔥 OPENING NIGHT (THURS) is with our very own Senior Pastor @brianchouston 🔥 PART TIME REGOS is now open! (Link in bio!) if you truuuuly can’t make it for the whole time, we’ve got your back - visit link in bio for part time options 🔥 WE. CAN’T. WAIT. Don’t get FOMO... be part of what’s gonna happen! Give us a yell if you need help. 😎 #summercon


20 Days 9 Hours Ago

This is it guys! The news we’ve been bursting at the seems to announce! Nerds Know is proud to announce that we will be official entertainment guests for @metrocon_fl this July in Tampa! This is our first appearance at METROCON and we will be coming at you with 20+ panels throughout the 4-Day weekend! Right now this ticket prices are the lowest they will be so get them now here: #nerdsknow #metrocon #metroconfl #tampa #announcement #appearance #guest #animecon #animeconvention #summer #summercon #guestspeaker #guestpresenter #metro #tampaconventioncenter

Frontline Hills

2018-12-16 12:37:46

In only three weeks, we’ll be kicking off 2019 with our Frontline family at SUMMERCON together! - Have you registered yet? Our second price break is almost over and we want to make sure everyone can make it - head over to to register. - We can’t wait to see you there! #bestyearsofyourlife #summercon

Frontline Hills

2018-12-11 01:25:42

If you haven’t heard the news yet - our very own Ps Brian Houston will be sharing at Summercon 2019 for what will be an epic few days with Frontline family! Make sure you register quick! (link also in bio) see you there fam! #summercon #frontlinehills #frontline @brianchouston

Con esto viajamos a Tenerife y casi que con lo mismo nos volvemos. Los eventos son una apuesta y esta, a diferencia de la mayoría, no ha dado el fruto deseado. Confiamos en que la próxima ocasión se puedan pulir los impedimentos de esta ocasión. Por contrapartida, @melanigarzon y yo volveremos a Tenerife del 15 al 21 de julio para la SummerCon de Santa Cruz, como cada año desde 2015. Hasta entonces, ya se verá. . . #viaje #tenerife #apuesta #tlp #tlpwinter #wintercon #summercon #adeje #santacruz #cargadoshastaarriba

Frontline Hills

2018-12-01 18:03:47

SUMMERCON is fast approaching! And today is the last day for our early bird price break! Make sure you head over to or visit the link in our bio to register and take advantage of the early bird tickets! . We’ve got a great range of key speakers, including our very own Pastor @brianchouston teaching us, so this is a not-to-be-missed event! . Best Years of Your Life! #frontline #summercon #bestyearsofyourlife #summer #frontlinehills

Frontline Hills

2018-11-30 18:51:06

Thanks to these two, we were able to find this image. At 25 they founded the giant we know as Google. Best Years of Your Life. . REGISTER FOR FRONTLINE SUMMERCON: . 📷 Getty Images #bestyearsofyourlife #frontline #summercon

Frontline Hills

2018-11-27 16:04:05

These truly are the best years of your life - and what better way to celebrate those years than at SUMMERCON! Early bird price break ends December 2nd, so make sure you get in quick! And if you’re thinking of blessing someone this holiday season, this is the perfect chance. . Visit the link in our bio to register your ticket or head to for more information. Can’t wait to see you there! . #summercon #frontline #bestyearsofyourlife #summercamp #summer


2018-11-27 05:39:01

🚪Photo by @joseromanhdez ,desing by the awesome @siwencosplay ! Cosplay made by me

Frontline Hills

2018-11-25 17:26:53

This just in! @brianchouston will be our key speaker at SUMMERCON 2019! We will also be holding unique extended interactive sessions which are going to be amazing and equip you for a meaningful 2019. . To register check the link in our bio! Or visit for more information. . #summercon #bestyearsofyourlife #frontline #frontlinehills #summer #teaching #preaching #brianhouston #bch

DAY 112 Today’s creative is also a bit of a plug - whilst I did do the creative for this, what’s even more exciting is the fact that @frontlinehills SUMMERCON is coming up! . If you’re 25+ and part of our @hillsong family, or just wanna hang with some absolute legends for a couple of days of teaching, studying God’s word and having some fun in the Central Coast - then this is the event for you! . Check out for more info and to register! . And if you’re not 25+ but still want to hang with some legends, visit #100daycreativechallenge #bestyearsofyourlife #summercon #frontline #design #flyer #teaching #summer #summercamp

Frontline Hills

2018-11-24 20:42:02

Kick off 2019 with your friends at Frontline SUMMERCON. . Hosted at Central Coast Grammar School, the Frontline team will lead us in a fun-filled three days of teaching, God’s word, worship and encountering Jesus. . We have a range of key speakers (to be announced), covering topics from finance, sex, relationships and more. . Not to mention spending a great few dats of fun with your Frontline family. . To register visit the link in bio ( . Early Bird price break ends in 6 days, so make sure you register ASAP. We can’t wait to see you there! . #frontline #bestyearsofyourlife #summercon #summercamp #frontlinehills #summer


2018-11-15 03:10:35

la historia de los siete mares va a comenzar de nuevo ahora y aquí 🌊 . . . Tenemos pocas fotos del grupal y la mitad son haciendo el imbécil, *pretends to be shocked*. Aún no asimilo ese día (will i ever?) pero que icónico fue todo y que bien me lo pasé, de verdad💓💓 — #tlp #tlp2018 #summercon #tlpsummercon #mermaidmelody #mermaidmelodypichipichipitch #mermaidmelodycosplay #pichipichipitch #pichipichipitchcosplay #mmppp #luciananami #luchiananami #hanonhosho #rinatoin #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplayers #spanishcosplay #コスプレ #マーメイドメロディー #七海るちあ #洞院リナ #宝生波音