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✨NEW TO THE SHOP✨ Florida Water and Florida Water soap! These beauties are refreshing and stimulating floral and citrus scented cologne often used for protection,money rituals,offerings and purification. You can also use in spells to remove unwanted thought forms and heavy vibrations, to encourage the display of emotions, to suppress those who talk too much and to calm places where an excess of energy is present. Just $17.77 for the combo!! Or $10 for the water and $7 for the soap. As always...FREE SHIPPING !!! #floridawater #cologne #holywater #spellwater #prosperity #abundance #summersolstice #gyspsy #emb WitchesOfInstagram #magicbyelle 🍋💦🦄✨


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Another great lineup of music future KicsN’Snares Saturday September 22nd 8pm to midnight at the @pineapplegdnyc space in Manhattan sets by @jmrjcbs @notmarinkd @isawyermusic @djitruth hosted by @jazzsoon vibes by @digiwaxxgee a great way to end the summer and welcome hoodie season let’s go!! #igbeatclub #sp404sx #ableton #abletonpush2 #lofi #progressivebeatcture #akai #korg #roland #mpc2000xl #beats #kicsnsnares #summersolstice #indiansummer #beatseries #beatheads #novation #arturia


2018-08-15 22:40:15

Here’s a sketch of the sun position throughout the seasons (Southern Hemisphere)! Spring is nearly here and my garden is loving it!! 🌞


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When you Birdie one of the hardest holes on the course 😆 Actually they belong to champion boxer Ben Jones. Thanks Mr n Mrs Gilo and great seeing Jamie Topham. Nice day at #summersolstice Golf Day @theshirelondon raising money for Cherry Lodge Hospice.


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June 22, 23 & 24 @ Alameda Park! We’re so excited to be part of this festival! ☀️🎨🎭🍭🎡☀️ . #santabarbara #sbsummersolstice #summersolstice #festival #festivalvibes #ventura #ojai #carpenteria #barefootsandalsbyiris #summer #summerfestival #festivalgear http://www.etsy.com/shop/805seasideStudio


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My debut album SMOKE TRAILS available now @ Www.TroubletheAviator.com and all online music retailers.... I am #art I am the #vibe , the #culture , the #truth , and the #visionary I am #trouble #overdrive OverdriveMvt.com TroubletheAviator.com #trouble #summersolstice #wintersolstice #troubletheaviator #overdrivetrub #troubletheaviator.com #smoketrails #theeclipse #eclipse #eclipse2017 #hiphop #music #stoner #420 #420society #googleplay #itunes #tidal #amazon #spotify #writersofinstagram #writing


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Simple & Fun 🖤💋 We’ll have a variety of colors available @ The Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Festival June 22-24 . #barefootsandalsbyiris #santabarbara #sbsummersolstice #summersolstice #festival #festivalvibes #ventura #ojai #carpenteria #barefootsandals #summer #summerfestival #festivalgear #feet #beadedjewelry #summersolsticefestival #etsyseller http://www.etsy.com/shop/805seasideStudio


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Usapang movie tickets 🎫 Here's my Mom's collection of movie tickets since Feb 2017. Yep! Mas madalas pa s'ya mag-sine ke'sa sa'kin. She also support local films, mas madaming local films ang napanuod n'ya ke'sa foreign. She has faves like Seven Sundays and Miss Granny. Actually, mahilig daw talaga sila magsine ni Papa even before. Eh, ang mahal na ng sine ngayon kumpara dati, at ang technology, well, I'd rather wait for it on the TV. Haha! Hello, people! Only 16 days left before my day. 🎈


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Cincuenta sombras de Grey 📖 My bestfriend and I bought E L James' trilogy way back 2014 before the first movie was released and up to now, I'm still not able to finish the first book. I find it awkward reading before kasi I was young, a friend also adviced me to skip those parts like what he did. Pero since I'm older now, 4 years older haha, I'm planning to read it. I have the first book, hindi ko alam kung na kay Bes ba 'yung iba. . 17 days before my day. 🎁


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I can't remember when exactly but a very close friend of mine introduced me to #blackmirror series and we binge watch about six episodes. - The National Anthem - The Entire History of You - Be Right Back - The White Bear - Nosedive - Shut Up and Dance This series is very, very intriguing and I'm planning to watch all the ep I wasn't able to but I got 3 faves ranked: 3. Nosedive - They say China has this kinda thing already but it's quite the same as IG, which I am a "victim" of. 2. The Entire History of You - Actually, it has a very huge chance of being on my Top 1 because it made me cry, hell cry. 1. Be Right Back - I have this on top because the time I watched it was a few months after a close friend's death and it really made me feel that I would do the same thing if I was on the same situation. . Have you watched Black Mirror? What's your fave?


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Hola! Salamat sa mga pa-havs. 😂 250 to 215 real quick, nice glitch IG. 😂 18 days 'til ma' birthday. 😘


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19 days left. 🎂🍰🍻🎈🎉🎁🎀🎊 Hello, Sunday. How're you doing?


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. So, I got 50+ new followers yest and 20+ unfollowers today. K. Thanks. Bye. 🤗 . . . "Let me tell you 'bout the birds and the bees And the flowers and the trees And the moon up above And a thing called 'love'"


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21 well actually 20 days left before my day and sorry for the low quality photos here. I'm actually confused about what to put here so, how about these? Hahaha! Anyways, amma see mah fam tomorrow! Yeah! . Hello Saturday, sabi mo uulan? But it didn't. 😌 Thank you to my 50+ new followers, I hope you don't leave. Hahaha!


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I just found out na sarado na 'yung Suburban. Ewan ko kung sarado na talaga or ire-renovate pero tinanggal na nila 'yung signage. Anyways, there's a burger place in front of it named Clash Of Burgers, masarap naman 'yung burgers nila and 'yung shake. Reco? Hmmm. I dunno. Marami pang burger place na mas masarap 'yung tinda ta's mas mura, parang Eat Sleep Burger. Haha! . Hey, only 22 days before my day. I had a lot of fun today and I am crazy happy. 😋


12 Days 5 Hours Ago

23 days and it's my birthday! Early birthday gift from Mom. S'ya 'yung may anniversary pero ako 'yung may regalo? Ey! 😽


12 Days 6 Hours Ago

Rainy evening, everyone! 🍷


13 Days 13 Hours Ago

24 days to go. Hahaha. Sorry, my phone camera does not work well at night. So, hello!


11 Days 11 Hours Ago

Early birthday gift from Dad? Hahahaha! Anyways, again, it has been kept by my Mom for 19 years since my Father died and I didn't thought it would still work after repair but it did. So, hola!


14 Days 1 Hour Ago

Were you able to try the All 4 U Unli Grill and Shabu shabu. Well, if you haven't, you should. I love their chicken! 😋 Plus Melona for dessert! 🍦 . I first met Melona when a close friend/co-worker introduced it to me. We were at HMR looking for stuff when she saw some. She's so excited about seeing it so I tried it as well. Now, whenever I see Melona at grocery stores, I always buy one. Hahaha! Miss you @krizziastrong


14 Days 2 Hours Ago

So, here we go. I'm going black! Hahaha! I saw a black themed feed and I really liked it so, yeah - I'm gonna make gaya. Btw, these are the brushes I got from my bff as Valentine's gift. I know, so fancy! I also made my own lip sugar scrub this evening. 😉


2018-06-30 18:31:49

We need to stop telling ourselves the best things in life come free. The best things - love, friendship, happiness - come when you are willing to give a lot of love in return...and they last when you are willing to give it back tenfold. - #friends #hawaiifriends #foreignfriends #europeanfriends #americanfriends #southamericanfriends #africanfriends #asianfriends #australianfriends #travel #travelandleisure #adventuretravel #culturetravel #culturaltravel #heritagetravel #worldheritage #worldtravel #hawaii #honolulu #honoluluhawaii #oahu #party #hawaiiparty #summersolstice #summersolstice2018 #travelamerica #traveltheus #traveltheusa #usatravel #fitamericans


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What’s your favourite thing to do in Halifax during the summer months? ☀️ Comment and share your summer faves👇 #summersolstice . 📍 St. Margaret's Bay, NS 📷: @woodsmansway Thank you : discoverhalifax Your snapshots are really so lovely..