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We set our new rings upon the Lia Fáil, Stone of Destiny, which stands on the Hill of Tara, ancient seat of the Irish high kings. The stone is said to have been a key element of the coronation rituals for new high kings as far back as 500CE or earlier. The Hill of Tara itself is a dense layer cake of archaeological sites, some of which indicate neolithic occupation--which suggests the Hill has remained a center of ritual activity for thousands of years. Even medieval manuscripts document its ancient significance, with one of it's crucial roles being serving as gathering place for the festivals of Imbolc and Samhain--a practice alive and well today. I'll put it this way: the place is special. So, for good measure, we figured it couldn't hurt to inaugurate our eternal partnership upon the stone too. 😎


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How did it get so late so soon?


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Pierfect end tonight. 🙄😒🤦🏼‍♂️DadJokes . Leica SL // 21mm Lux


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• Cinque Terre, 2018


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Bells Rapids 21/10/18


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"I don't know what it is, but when I kiss you it's like I'm kissing... my brother" . Last in a short series of experimental selfies. . Kodak Portra 160 . #doubleexposure #selfiemonday


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♊️ #35mmfilm #fujiklasse


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Just existing in the simulation. @paigemarieevans for @hyperfam


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Just a small piece of something much greater


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Grab a root.

Discovering our local scenic byways this weekend. Shout out to our dodge grand caravan killing it on the curvy canyon climb. And of course @adamjordanlucia at the helm 😘


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#shotoniphone // "If you’re bored, you haven’t been looking at life closely enough." - Leo Babauta⠀ ⠀ ㅤㅤ #plantsmakepeoplehappy #mobilegraphymy


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August 2018 / Sweden / End of trip Twas the night before leaving the kennel, meaning the end of this epic trip with @remi_grebot What a perfect way to end it. With the pack in the field at dusk. But this trip. This wonderful adventure with so many stories... 104 days long, 8,212 kilometres hitchhiked, 12 countries and just 80 Euros spent. There were some tough moments, but far more great moments with many unforgettable experiences, special interactions with locals, educational volunteering, breathtaking scenery, fun hikes and some great camping spots, and some... not so great camping spots. Traveling this way isn't always easy and there are plenty of difficult moments on the side of the road, but the ride always comes, things always work themselves out and what comes next is always about to be something special. Above anything on this trip is the kindness and generosity we received. So many people helped us along the way, conversed with us, offered coffee and some even a meal and a place to stay. Of course hundreds of people stopping in their cars and taking the time to help us move on. We have it all to thank to you... Thank you so much and one day we hope to return this kindness. And here's to Rémi - a best friend and what a guy to have by your side in these adventures. We shared so much laughter and there were points where we had to question our sanity. But we helped eachother overcome any problems - He was even my nurse in Serbia, bringing me tea and rice in when I was sick! I hope we have more adventures together in the future! With @remi_grebot • • • • #alwaystraveling #natgeotravel #fujiuk #ourmoodydays #exploretocreate #exploretheglobe #folkart #folkscenery #roamearth #earthcapture #liveinthepresent #liveforthestory #hippomag #lightzine #solarcollective  #oldtonecollective #summersunselection #imaginarymagnitude #anotherescape #explorediary #mediterraneancitizenstory #weltraumzine #solarcollective #lesothers #freshairclub #wildernessculture #pulp_tribu #theadventurehandbook #lesexplorersq