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Nouvel atelier en ligne sur la phrase de base pour accompagner notre planification de grammaire à partir d’un album magnifique ! Lien dans la bio pour le télécharger❤️ • • #troisfillesautrement #teachersofinstagram #teach #teacherbloggers #teachersfollowteachers #teacherlife #maitresse #enseignante #education #iteachtoo #iteach5th #tpt #classes #summer #summerteacherlife #teacherlife #viedemaitresse #maitresse #classroom #profquebec #vacances #scholastica #enseignerautrement #litterature


8 Days 5 Hours Ago

We’ve been here a matter of hours and we are going h a first name basis with Mr. Ding-a-Ling 🍦


8 Days 7 Hours Ago

When your best friend comes to summer school late, but shows up with coffee and a fritter for you #phdlife #summerteacherlife #pedagogycertificate #coffee #bucketofcaffeine #phdstudentsofinstagram


8 Days 15 Hours Ago

Delicious superfoods to fuel my mornings!! Tastes great after my morning workout. —— Shakeology.. frozen berries.. and a handful of spinach! All the right nutrients to get my day off to a great start!! —— #hositmotos #redhairedgirls #tiu #thyroidhealing #spedteachers #dogmom #pitpullpuppy #earlymorninggrind #gradstudentproblems #fitnesslife #workoutready #healthyoverskinny #healthyhappylife #h2o #earlybedtime #summerteacherlife #beachbody #tiubikiniseries #80dayobsession #christianlife


10 Days 6 Hours Ago

Sometimes I get pissed that I’m not further along and then I realize I’m still running laps around the people doing nothing. A picture pops up in memories and I’m all 😉 you’ve come a long way baby.


10 Days 14 Hours Ago

17 years ago our country changed as I knew it. What was always safe and unbreakable in my eyes changed in what felt like a movie made for the big screen. It also catapulted a series of events that would change my family forever. So today I sweat for all the men and women and families that will never be the same. ❤️💙


11 Days 14 Hours Ago

Taking a poll: who appreciates flexible seating more? The teacher or the student? 🤪 Happy Monday!!


11 Days 24 Hours Ago

Today I had to leave the house for 60 minutes just to get away from my own name. I’ve heard my name screamed, cried, yelled, whispered, shouted, whined you name it... I know there will come a day when I won’t hear it and I will miss it with every fiber of my being, but today I just needed 60 minutes away where no one needed me. Don’t you dare judge me. I feel guilty enough for doing it, but sometimes a mama just needs a break. Amen?


12 Days 5 Hours Ago

Dreaming for this next year! We already want to expand our Spring Notebooking Series! I loved the accountability and the great excuse to make the time for my writer's journal...and really my creative life. Do you keep a writer's notebook? . . . . . . . . . . #bellingham #bellinghambay #bellinghamwa #bellinghamlife #bellinghamwashington #instagrambham #skagit #skagitvalley #bulletjournal #bham #seattle #writingteacher #writer #writers #writerslife #writingprompdailywriting #writedaily #education #educator #journaling #writersnotebook #teachersofinstagram #writingteacher #nwtc #teachersofig #teacherlife🍎 #summerteacherlife #teachersfollowteachers #teachertruth #teachertraining our


12 Days 6 Hours Ago

Sometimes self care means taking the time so you don’t stress later! What’s your meal prep for the week?


13 Days 13 Hours Ago

Getting a workout in is not easy right now. So I totally understand why most people don't do it. Wifing, momming, and just plain adulting make it seemingly impossible to find time or energy to fit it in. BUT I know how it makes me feel like ME (and that's important for moms) and I know it gives me energy even when I'm exhausted. I'm real. And I will have bad days. But I won't give up on myself. This is more than the size of my jeans...


14 Days 1 Hour Ago

Last year first week of school. This week of school. Wowza. Why aren’t you doing this with me yet???


14 Days 15 Hours Ago

2 babies later this mama is getting her first set of abs. 😍 There’s some extra skin and a few purple veins, but all of it is a beautiful reminder of the hard work I put in + the beautiful babies that chose me to be their mama + the amazing strength our bodies have + the glory of LIFE. 💞


15 Days 7 Hours Ago

Seriously can we just hurry up and get some fall weather, please? K. Thanks.


15 Days 15 Hours Ago

Today’s workout felt great and it was only 30 minutes!! Worked that booty :) I just love all the moves and style of 80 day obsession/ a little obsessed!! —— What an amazing program!! ——- #hositmotos #redhairedgirls #tiu #thyroidhealing #spedteachers #dogmom #pitpullpuppy #earlymorninggrind #gradstudentproblems #fitnesslife #workoutready #healthyoverskinny #healthyhappylife #h2o #earlybedtime #summerteacherlife #beachbody #tiubikiniseries #80dayobsession #christianlife


16 Days 1 Hour Ago

I remember when I first became a mom I was LOST. Like - HOW - do these women do it all?! I struggled hard. Between nursing + zero sleep + laundry + poopy diapers + 😬hormones. Gahhh I was a mess. To top it all off I felt like I was all alone, in my nursery, in the dark 95% of the time. It was not a good feeling. I let it go for 9 months. I genuinely thought ~ welcome to motherhood ~ but that's not motherhood. Yes, it's sacrifice + poop + zero sleep + poop + commitment + LOVE + poop 💩 But, you're not alone and it's okay to just do you once in a while. ✌🏻 I just gave you permission. It’s also 💯 okay to give your kid the stink eye 🤪


17 Days 4 Hours Ago

Last night I was talking to the newest coach on my team and she said something that really resonated with me. “I could look in the mirror and take a black Sharpie and circle all the things I hate about my body. By the end it would look like I had let my toddler do it.” That was me. Some days it’s still me. Im taking what I can into my own hands and stopping the madness now. What about you??


18 Days 5 Hours Ago

We splashed, we dug, we built castles, we rode rides, we did water slides, we chased (the fun and not so fun kind), we swam, we floated, we jumped, we danced, we buried, we laughed, we cried, and when I say we I mean this mama kept up with a 4 year old and a 2 year old and lived life and THAT is why I take care of me.


20 Days 13 Hours Ago

Leg transformation in 6 weeks. 😍 I use to hate my legs. In high school I would look at the other girls’ as we rode the bus to away games and I hated that mine were so much bigger and more muscular and in my opinion, more manly looking. I use to wish for skinny legs. I remember squishing them between my hands imaging what they would look like thinner. Now I couldn’t be more proud to have muscular legs.


20 Days 23 Hours Ago

I got to spend most of the week with these two! They get along so well, but to see them together, for an extended time gave me the chance to see how much they really love each other. It makes my heart smile to watch them play, to hear their little conversations, to see them be silly together. Being an only child isn’t so bad when you have amazing cousins! 💜💙 #onlychildren #makemomentscount #girlmama #summerteacherlife #summerisalmostover


22 Days 2 Hours Ago

I use to look at myself in the mirror and pick apart every single thing I hated about my body. I hated it so much I would squeeze myself into clothes that were too small and punish myself if they were tight. I would restrict all my favorite foods only to binge once the weight dropped. I even resorted to unapproved weight loss pills and nearly ended up in the hospital for dehydration. So when I see now and then {S W I P E ➡️ R I G H T} I’m proud of me for doing it the right way. Its not quick and it’s not easy, but it’s worth it.


22 Days 7 Hours Ago

4 is tough, y’all. He’s testing me and pushing me and fighting me and not just figuratively. The past couple weeks I’ve found myself flustered + impatient + angry. I think I’ve taken away more toys and used the pool as leverage more than I ever imagined I would before becoming a mom. So yesterday I decided to do something for him that I do all the time for others - I wiped the slate clean. We had a dinner and ice cream and choo choo date just the 2 of us and we had F U N. Mommin’ is hard, but I love him more than life itself. ♥️


22 Days 15 Hours Ago

Do you see this?! . My first successful tricep push-up!! . 7 weeks in, and I was unsure if I could ever do one of these correctly! . Commitment. Discipline. No excuses. Practicing positivity today and it payed off in a BIG way ☺️💕 . #liift4results #choosinggratitude #summerteacherlife #alwaysastudent #wellnesscoaching #mamaofboys #believeinyourselfalways #triceppushup #proudofmyself💪 #musclegainz #thanksjoelfreeman


22 Days 23 Hours Ago



23 Days 7 Hours Ago

“Someone else’s opinion of you is N O N E of your business.” I sure hope she’s learning this along with all the other things she’s picking up. 💞


23 Days 14 Hours Ago

It’s about to get real up in here, up in here 🎤


23 Days 15 Hours Ago

So glad I rolled out of bed this morning even if I was tired 💤 —— Getting a good sweat sesh always makes me feel better and starts me off on the right foot!! ❤️ —— Happy hump day everyone!! 🐫 ——- #hositmotos #redhairedgirls #tiu #thyroidhealing #spedteachers #dogmom #pitpullpuppy #earlymorninggrind #gradstudentproblems #fitnesslife #workoutready #healthyoverskinny #healthyhappylife #h2o #earlybedtime #summerteacherlife #beachbody #tiubikiniseries #80dayobsession #christianlife