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Earlier tonight, we celebrated the Junior Deputy League and the 200th Anniversary of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office. We’re so grateful for all the community support. Without you, none of it would be possible. #pcsonews - #community #bonding #support #thankyou #police #supportthepolice #lawenforcement #leo #thinblueline

"When state lawmakers return to session on Monday, they will begin work on correcting a mistake they made last summer that stripped school police officers of their longheld arrest powers. The House Education Committee will consider legislation on Monday to address this unintended consequence of a school safety measure that Gov. Tom Wolf signed into law on July 2. Bi-partisan-backed legislation also is being proposed in the Senate to address the matter as well. Central Dauphin School District is one of the 80 districts in Pennsylvania with a school police department. Its director of safety and security Gabriel Olivera said he would like to have the arrest powers returned. “It causes an inconvenience for us because now we have to wait for available officers [from the community] to respond and then it’s an inconvenience for the officers from the local jurisdiction because they now have to handle something we normally would handle,” Olivera said." (Read more: http://bit.ly/2N5kWEd. Source: PennLive) 🚓Subscribe for daily news in your email >>>>> Link in bio!🚓

Just saw @fullerton_pd (or @anaheimpd) (or @buena_park_pd) try to stop a suspect on Magnolia near the 91. The suspect was pointing what appeared to be a firearm (it looked like a pipe or tool to me) at the officers and was running in and out of traffic on both sides of the street. The officer quickly moved his SUV to block additional traffic and pursued the suspect on foot. The officer showed amazing restraint to not ventilate this dumbass. I sure hope the officer gets commended in how he handled everything. Footage from my dashcam #police #cops #backtheblue #thinblueline #supportthepolice

Many people pray for Chicago Police officers and firefighters, but Sunday was special. Parishioners applauded for officers and firefighters at St. Stanislaus Kostka Roman Catholic Church. Many officers wore their uniforms to what is called “blue mass.” It is held in honor of St. Michael, who is the patron saint of police officers. All active and retired officers and firefighters were invited to attend. Also Sunday, dozens of people all feasted on pancakes in support of Chicago Police. They attended the Get Behind the Vest Pancake Breakfast. The money goes to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation to replace bulletproof vests for officers. Vests need to be replaced every five years at a cost of $500 each. (Source: CBS 2 Chicago. Link: https://cbsloc.al/31yaY3D) 💙Subscribe for daily news in your email >>>>> Link in bio!💙

Please support Coach Jim @skidy_skidz and his fellow officers in this great cause. #bluelivesmatter #supportthepolice

👮🏻‍♂️: @chap_suey 🙋🏻‍♀️ ••• Ich hoffe, ihr seid alle gut in‘s Wochenende gestartet !?😇 Was steht bei euch an ?🖤💙🖤 ••• #bluelivesmatter#thinblueline#polizei #supportthepolice#support#thankful

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@frontlinestandard hit it on the head...never stop training! Had a great run with @rubberdummies while using cover and shooting on the move. Never a range day without the multicam Victory holster from @txcholsters. 3D targets offer perspective paper never will. Push the comfort zone, change up targets, invest in your gear, and never stop getting better 👊🏻🇺🇸 #frontlinestandard #rubberdummies #jlrsecurity #merica #getsome #txcholsters . . . #repost @frontlinestandard (@get_repost) ・・・ Never stop training!! @jlrsec2016 #merica #pistol #glock #smithandwesson #sig #gunrange #trainhard #trainlikeapro #bullet #shooting #shootingguns #targetpractice #supportthepolice #supportourtroops #supportourveterans #frontlinestandard

U.S. Attorney General William Barr announced a $42 million grant aimed at improving public safety in rural Alaska over a video conference at the Alaska Federation of Natives in Fairbanks on Thursday afternoon. “I think it’s very important that as a society we provide safety and ensure the public safety of people who are living where they want to live in the way they want to live in the traditions they want to live by, and not to force people to move into cities simply to be safe,” said Barr, speaking to conference attendees. Barr, wearing a blue kuspuk that had been gifted to him during his visit to Southwest Alaska earlier this year, sat next to Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan at a conference table in Washington D.C. that was video-streamed to the attendees at the AFN conference. “This is really, really, important,” said Sullivan after Barr made the announcement. Alaska has one of the highest rates of sexual assaults and other violent crimes in the country, but many communities don’t have permanent law enforcement. A recent investigation by Pro Public and Anchorage Daily News found that one in three Alaska communities don’t have any local law enforcement, and that many law enforcement officers in rural Alaska have criminal records. (Source: KTUU ABC 2 ANCHORAGE. Link: http://bit.ly/2P2wyuq) 🚓Subscribe for daily news in your email >>>>> Link in bio!🚓

I’ve wanted to do one of these for so long! What was holding me back?? Now in the Etsy shop..... ... ... ... ... #nailsandstring #stringandnails #artonfirecincinnati #heartmyjob #diystringart #etsy #stringart #handmade #crafting #creativity #uniquegift #handmadewithlove #personalizedgift #thinblueline #supportthepolice #americanflag

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My New Tumblers! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 #supportthepolice #thinblueline

Posted @withrepost • @that_belgian_jeepgirl Super excited about this phone mount from @bulletproofmountingsolutions 🤗😁 So far I am really happy with the company! I emailed them with few questions and within few hours I received an email back! They were very nice and extremely helpful! The installation took less than 15 minutes! They provide a step by step pamphlet (you would totally be ok without it) they also provide a screwdriver which super convenient! Little bonus... it came with a nice bottle opener 🙃🍺 The product itself seems pretty sturdy! I will be testing it very soon on the trails and hopefully it is good as they say it is! One other thing I do like about them is that 10% of their profits are donated to #veterans and #lawenforcement! #bulletproofmountingsolutions #phonemount #jeep #jeepunlimited #jlu #gopromount #jeepgirl #jeeplife #jeepaccessories #jeepjlaccessories #musthave #jeepjl #buildingherupforthetrails #itsajeepthing #whitejeepwrangler #offroading #offroadinglife #supportourvets #veterans #supportlawenforcement #supportthepolice

"The Lemoore Police Department has arrested two men accused of stealing $50,000 worth of cheese from a local business. Investigators say 24-year-old Jairo Alvarez and 34-year-old Roderick Ransom had been taking items from the Leprino Foods Plant in Lemoore for the last two years. Detectives determined the men were selling the cheese on various social media sites, by going door to door, on the street and at different flea markets throughout the state. During the arrests this week, officers recovered large amounts of the stolen product. Lemoore police say multiple people were identified as being involved in the sale of the stolen cheese and anyone with information is encouraged to give them a call. Both have been booked into the Kings County Jail on several charges including grand theft and embezzlement." (Source: KGO TV ABC 7 San Francisco. Link: https://abc7ne.ws/32nfjIc) 🚓Subscribe for daily news in your email >>>>> Link in bio!🚓


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This officer is a legend...💙👮‍♂️ #nswpolice #boysinblue💙 #heroesinblue💙 #legends #supportthepolice #thinblueline #nswpoliceforce #police #probationaryconstable @in_the_job @nswpolice

Super excited about this phone mount from @bulletproofmountingsolutions 🤗😁 So far I am really happy with the company! I emailed them with few questions and within few hours I received an email back! They were very nice and extremely helpful! The installation took less than 15 minutes! They provide a step by step pamphlet (you would totally be ok without it) they also provide a screwdriver which is super convenient! Little bonus... it came with a nice bottle opener 🙃🍺 The product itself seems pretty sturdy! Fast shipping as well!! Arrived less than 4 days after ordering it (I live in Hawaii) I will be testing it very soon on the trails!!! One other thing I do like about them is that 10% of their profits are donated to #veterans and #lawenforcement! #bulletproofmountingsolutions #phonemount #jeep #jeepunlimited #jlu #gopromount #jeepgirl #jeeplife #jeepaccessories #jeepjlaccessories #musthave #jeepjl #buildingherupforthetrails #itsajeepthing #whitejeepwrangler #offroading #offroadinglife #supportourvets #veterans #supportlawenforcement #supportthepolice

Ohio highway patrol. #blueline #supportthepolice

Both inside and outside city halls, there’s a debate about how many police officers should be on the streets. Minneapolis wants to add 400 patrol officers by 2025. This year, the mayor’s proposed budget adds 14. St. Paul wants to hire more officers as well to reach its current authorized strength of 630. So, how many police officers should a city have? Good Question. “There’s not really a magic number,” Michelle Phelps, a University of Minnesota sociology professor who researches policing, said. “The way that it’s benchmarked is often in terms of population.” According to the FBI’s 2016 Uniform Crime Statistics, Minneapolis has 20.3 officers per 10,000 people. Cities of similar size, like Tulsa and Oakland, have 18.4 and 17.6, respectively. St. Paul has 20.6 officers per 10,000 people. Henderson, NV has 11.8 and St. Louis has 38. The FBI defines officers as employees who “ordinarily carry a firearm and a badge, have full arrest powers, and are paid from governmental funds set aside specifically to pay sworn law enforcement.” (Read more: https://cbsloc.al/2pnwGKn. Source: WCCO CBS 4 MINNEAPOLIS) 🚓Subscribe for daily news in your email >>>>> Link in bio!🚓

"Spokane police say they have arrested a 41-year-old man who taunted authorities on social media after escaping from a Department of Corrections work-release facility. Ryan W. Seaman was arrested Oct. 6 in the shop behind his grandmother’s house in the Hillyard Neighborhood, police Sgt. Terry Preuninger said Monday. Seaman had been wanted since July 16 when he walked away from the Brownstone work-release facility at 223 S. Browne St., according to court records. He had been serving time for second-degree identity theft and two counts of possession of stolen property. Preuninger said Seaman taunted authorities by posting on Facebook pictures of himself and his girlfriend in front of the Spokane County Jail with the caption “Bad boys, whatcha gonna do?” Before escaping, Seaman was expected to finish his prison term in February, according to court records. Seaman has nine prior felonies and 10 prior misdemeanors on his adult record in Washington, including convictions for assault, robbery, attempted robbery, trespassing, driving under the influence and unlawful possession of a firearm." (Source: The Spokesman-Review. Link: http://bit.ly/2Bh91xC) 🚓Subscribe for daily news in your email >>>>> Link in bio!🚓

(Source: The Register Guard) "There are many reasons why a police department should strive to draw in females to its force. A study last year from University of Virginia economics professor Amalia Miller showed more female representation in America’s police forces can both increase reporting of violent crimes against women and decrease domestic violence. Having more female officers can positively impact a community and the performance of a police department, according to another study, by criminal justice professors Amie Schuck and Cara Rabe-Hemp. Their research showed female officers are less likely to be named in a citizen complaint compared to male officers and are less likely to have allegations of excessive force against them. Their research also found that just the presence of female officers can reduce the use of force among other officers. “In terms of being a female officer, certainly there’s been situations where there’s been victims of violent crime, especially sexual violence, where it’s been a relief to have a woman show up,” said Jennifer Bills, a former Eugene police lieutenant who retired a few weeks ago after 25 years on the force. Even though citizens use the same amount of force against female officers as they do male officers, and in some cases they are met with more force, female officers are more successful in diffusing violent or aggressive behavior, the Schuck and Rabe-Hemp report found." (Read more: http://bit.ly/2BcbtWd) 🚓Subscribe for daily news in your email >>>>> Link in bio!🚓

👮🏻‍♂️: @walterweint ⚫️🔵⚫️ Vielen Dank für‘s Bild ! :) ••• #bluelivesmatter#thinblueline#polizei #supportthepolice#support#thankful

This was the most frustrating, difficult card I have ever designed. I need to remember to keep things simple. I get so caught up in the drawing process... which is funny, because I have never drawn anything before. (My sisters both got all of that talent!) I wont even tell you how much time I spent; it’s on the verge of being embarrassing. 🤣 I love the outcome, though! #mountedpatrol #chicagomountedpolice #atlantamountedpatrol #policemento #customcards #supportthepolice #brownhorse #blackuniform #sillouettedrawing #blackboots #whitenoses #sweethorse #ilovemyhorse #horselovers #horsecrush #copcrush #generouscop #sittingonmyhorse #brownmane #brownponytail #ishouldabraidedit #notahorsejockey #horsepoop #poopinthestreets #grantparkatl #downtownatl #getonthis #madeinatl

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Gettin lovin' from my peeps. Thank you for keeping me safe @kissimmeepolicedept #therapydog #havanese #thinblueline #serveandprotect #coplife #supportthepolice

A woman whose car was rear-ended in the early hours of Wednesday morning discovered that the offending driver was her husband, police say, when she noticed a front bumper bearing his license plate at the scene after he drove away. Police arrested the husband, Adan Perez Martinez, 30, on suspicion of injury hit-and-run, possession of methamphetamine, two counts of fourth-degree assault and probation violation. Court documents indicate that he has only been charged with possession of methamphetamine. On Wednesday around 4 a.m., a woman called police to report that someone had rear-ended her Dodge Durango while she was driving westbound near Aloha, on Southwest Farmington Road near Southwest 185th Avenue. The woman’s car spun around and ended up on the eastbound shoulder of the road. The offending driver fled, but the woman found the front bumper of the car that hit her lying on the road, with the license plate still attached. The woman told police that she recognized the license plate as belonging to her husband. Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian van Kleef said Martinez kept driving for nearly a mile, despite his air bags deploying and significant damage to his car’s front end. Police found him soon afterward in a nearby neighborhood. Police said they also found a small bag of methamphetamine in his car. (Read more: http://bit.ly/31dh2yt. Source: Oregon Live) 🚓Subscribe for daily news in your email >>>>> Link in bio!🚓

Our Good Friend With Colton P.D., Detective Tony Jaeger, Presented His Captain Hank Dominguez With This Awesome Snap-On Flag Case To Hang In The Colton Police Department. We’re Proud To Hang There And Appreciate All Of Your Service! Thank You For Representing The Brand! #snaponselects #snapon #bleedblue #supportthepolice

California police departments won't be allowed to use facial recognition software on body cameras for the next several years, under a law signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom on Tuesday. The bill from Assemblyman Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, takes effect at the start of 2020 and expires after three years. Ting initially proposed a permanent ban on the technology. It's unclear whether a single law enforcement group in California uses facial recognition software in body cameras, but Ting has said he wanted to address a potential problem "before it became a major issue." "The public wanted their officers and deputies to use body cameras to provide accountability and transparency for the community. The addition of facial recognition technology essentially turns them into 24-hour surveillance tools, giving law enforcement the ability to track our every move. We cannot become a police state," Ting said in a statement after Newsom signed the bill. (Source: The Sacramento Bee http://bit.ly/2q3DXzf) 🔹Subscribe for daily news in your email >>>>> Link in bio!🔹

The Pleasanton Police Department is trying to make sure residents are ready for the PG&E power shutdowns by using a little humor to get their point across. The department released a Facebook post Tuesday afternoon that went viral with more than five thousand shares as of 5PM including by the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department. They also provided a hilarious list of useful reminders. Take a look: • If you come home and everything is dark and nothing works, then yes, you are experiencing a power shutdown. Remain calm. Use your cell phone light to search frantically for the one flashlight you think you have in the house. It will be dead of course. Search for batteries. You will need four but only find three. • Wish you had charged your cell phone. Plug your phone into the charger but then say to yourself, "duh the power is out." • Please do not call 911 and ask when the power will come back on. Our dispatchers are very good but they cannot see into the future. They will tell you they do not know and then disconnect so they can answer the other hundred calls from people asking about the power being out. • Use food supplies that do not require refrigeration. We think potato chips, Twinkies, Oreos, and peanut butter might be a good start! Okay, maybe throw an apple or an avocado in there, too. • PG&E suggests you turn off or disconnect appliances, equipment or electronics. Power may return with momentary "surges" or "spikes" that may cause damage. • Check on your neighbors. Even the one whose dog barks all night. And the other one who always parks in front of your house. (Source: ABC 7 News San Francisco. Link: https://abc7ne.ws/30YLbRF 🚓Subscribe for daily news in your email >>>>> Link in bio!🚓

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Brand new shirts on the site today !! For all my gsd handlers and owners ! Men’s and women’s available! Available on our site www.dawgboss.com

👮🏻‍♂️: @sehzade.93 🙏🏻⚫️🔵⚫️ ••• Was viele vergessen: Polizisten sind auch nur Menschen, auf die daheim eine Familie wartet ! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Danke, an jeden einzelnen von euch !💙 ••• #bluelivesmatter#thinblueline#polizei #supportthepolice#support#thankful

A suspected shoplifter stabbed a St. Paul officer in the chest with a screwdriver Monday evening — knocking off his body camera — though the blow was fully deflected by the officer’s armored vest, police said. Police were called just after 8 p.m. to the Lunds & Byerlys grocery store at 115 E. 10th St. in downtown St. Paul, after store employees saw the woman shoplifting. An officer providing security while working off-duty at the store confronted the 23-year-old woman, and an altercation ensued. According to police, the woman took out a screwdriver and stabbed the officer, but the blade didn’t penetrate his vest. The officer suffered a cut to his arm before other officers arrived and helped to handcuff the woman, police said. Neither the officer nor the woman required medical care. The woman was arrested on suspicion of felony assault. (Source: Twin Cities Pioneer Press. Link: http://bit.ly/33c9fSL) 🚓Subscribe for daily news in your email >>>>> Link in bio!🚓

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👮🏻‍♂️: @michel_von_p 🖤💙🖤 Nabend🙋🏻‍♀️Ich hoffe, ihr seid alle gut in die neue Woche gestartet ?! Macht‘s Beste draus !😎🤘🏻 ••• #bluelivesmatter#thinblueline#polizei #supportthepolice#support#thankful


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NEW CASTLE MOPAR CRUISE IN ❤Had a great time with my oldest❤ and mamaw sneaking in!! SO MUCH FUN with them❣ #newcastleindiana #cruisein #ncpd #ursula #chargerdaytona #chargerdaytona392 #purple #bluelinefamily #thinblueline #supportthepolice #ilovemydaughter


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What a great race supporting a cause I wish we didn’t have to, hero’s that gave their lives for us. Thanks @nicktwo.0 for being my race partner today. I am beyond happy with my race time #halfmarathonrelay #pomr #supportthepolice #backtheblue #tbl

👮🏻‍♂️: @dobsinger 😎🤘🏻 Habt alle einen entspannten Sonntag ! Ggf. ruhigen Dienst !🖤 ••• #bluelivesmatter#thinblueline#polizei #supportthepolice#support#thankful

👮🏻‍♂️: @pottinberlin 😇 Vielen Dank für die Bilder & für deinen Dienst !⚫️🔵⚫️ ••• #bluelivesmatter#thinblueline#polizei #supportthepolice#support#thankful

During Wednesday morning’s rush to drop off students at Liberty Park Elementary School, an officer asked a woman to move her 2005 tan-colored Mercury out of the crosswalk. “Where am I supposed to park then?” an “exacerbated” Pracilla Alejandro reportedly responded at about 8 a.m. outside the Greenacres school. Alejandro accelerated as the officer leaned on her car, the officer wrote. When she stopped after dragging the officer about 20 feet, the officer pepper-sprayed Alejandro, who another school police officer then arrested. Alejandro was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail that afternoon on charges of aggravated battery on an officer and violently resisting arrest. She is being held there in lieu of $4,000 bail. Lourdes Maria Casanova, an attorney representing Alejandro, said Thursday, “We are still investigating the facts of the case to arrive at the truth.” The school police officer said Alejandro’s sedan was blocking the crosswalk connecting the parking lot to the school’s main entrance. When Alejandro responded in an angry tone to the officer’s request to move, the officer told her to “Cool your jets. “If you would calm down and not address me in this excited fashion, I would have told you to park over by the curb.” Alejandro responded saying she needed to take her child to school, adding that, “You are not a real cop. You are just a school cop.” (Read more: http://bit.ly/2Io6dme. Source: The Palm Beach Post) 🚓Subscribe for daily news in your email >>>>> Link in bio!🚓

Don’t tell them it’s just because I’m a cop too 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

👮🏻‍♂️: @schieggolo 💪🏻 Tolles Shirt & tolle Seite ! Schaut vorbei !⚫️🔵⚫️ ••• #bluelivesmatter#thinblueline#polizei #supportthepolice#support#thankful


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Well, I'm about a week late but the ride and benefit were both great. More than anything it was nice to see old friends and to not focus on some of things that life has been trying to beat me down with lately. I could not be more thankful to everyone involved. And of course, it was great to see the BEAR again. 💙 💙💛 🇺🇸 🏍 #police #reguladoreslemc #reguladores #slmpd #lenkobear #hd #harleydavidson #motorcycle #motorbike #instamoto #instabike #instaharley #sharkevoline #espinozasleather @espinozasleather @shark_helmets @harleydavidson @advanblack #streetglide #streetglidespecial #flhxs @tennessee_police_motors @this_is_my_family12 @police_support_page @pegscraper @tennessee_police_motors @usa_police_no1 #motorcycles #thinblueline #picoftheday #photooftheday #medicallyretired #supportthepolice

Thank you everyone who came out to support Coffee with a Cop Day! It was so awesome to see so many police and citizens hanging out and talking over a cup of coffee. My wife and I would like to thank Lieutenant Martino, Sergeant Montano and all the OC Sheriff Deputies who came out to sit down and chat with the community. It was such an honor to meet and get to know each and everyone of you. #coffeewithacop #supportthepolice #coffeewithcops #vietnamesecoffee @ocsheriff @monarch_9_cafe #nationalcoffeewithacopday #supportsmallbusiness

No sudden movements! . . . #tbt #throwbackthursday #yorkshire2019 #yorkshire #harrogate #police #supportthepolice

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#nationalcoffeewithacopday Thank you to everyone who came out to get to know the deputies who protect and serve our community. Thank you Lieutenant Martino, Sergeant Montano and all the OC Sheriff Deputies who came out to speak to the community. #coffeewithcops #supportthepolice #vietnamesecoffee #familyrestaurant @monarch_9_cafe

More than 4,000 patriots — members of every military branch, local law officers, veterans and community members — paid their respects to Edward K. Pearson on Tuesday at the Sarasota National Cemetery. Pearson, 80, was an Army private — a humble man with no immediate family whose last known request was simple cremation. His military funeral was fit for a general. "We were thinking it was just going to be us and the honor guard coming up here," said funeral director Michael Hoyt of Naples-based Legacy Options Funeral and Cremation Services. Hoyt expected 100 people to attend the funeral of the unclaimed veteran. The small family funeral home offers free funerals to any homeless or indigent veteran. "We made a couple phone calls to the local veterans organizations and placed an obituary in the Naples Daily News with a picture of Mr. Pearson, asking if anyone was available to come to the service if they would be willing to do that," Hoyt said. "We got people willing to do that." The obituary Hoyt wrote was two paragraphs. The last line said: "This veteran has no immediate family. All are welcome to attend." (Source: Officer.com. Link: http://bit.ly/2nZSEmb) 💙Subscribe for daily news in your email >>>>> Link in bio!💙

🌞Every day we are thankful for the men & women in blue who keep our community safe! As a small token of our appreciation, we treated the Hannibal Police Department to some Java Jive goodies this morning! 📸: @midnightspecialphoto

It was an honor to host Coffee with a Cop Day. Thank you to all the deputies from the OC Sheriff Dept and local residents that came out. It was so awesome getting to meet all the brave men and women who protect our community! #coffeewithcops #supportthepolice #community #coffeewithacop #vietnamesecoffee #familyrestaurant #authentic #vietnamesefood #familyrecipes

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@pea_to_the_laaaa received one of our last @ten8apparel jackets. 🤙 Thank you for the support. We appreciate it 🔵⚫️🔵 #ten8apparel #ten8 #jacket #backtheblue #policesupporter #rainyweather #october #fall #supportthepolice #bluelivesmatter

👮🏻‍♂️: @a.patsch.e @richardberlin9 Throw back to summer !😎👌🏻 ••• #thinblueline#bluelivesmatter#polizei #supportthepolice#support#thankful


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What does the thin blue line emblem mean? For some civilians, it connotes a show of support for the police, acknowledging the role these individuals dedicate themselves to in society. It represents the solidarity and brotherhood that police officers share as fellow professionals for others. Available now! Link in BIO! #thinblueline #brotherhood #supportthepolice #police #blueline #respectthelaw #tuesdaymotivation #endofsummer #fall #flogrown #floridasrong #florida #lovefl #floridagrown #floridapride #standstrong #goodvibes #sunshinestate #floridaboys #floridagirls #pureflorida #floridalife #explorefloria #floridaliving #culture #lifestyle www.FloGrown.com

Remembering my friend Doug Marshal this weekend who took his own life with his OPP service pistol in 2012. He was an integral part of the @460km #runtoremember during the start up years. It’s never been the same without him. With a heavy heart many of us come to know we missed the quiet and subtle signs. A very difficult weekend for many of our brothers and sisters in blue. Remembering those among us who suffered in silence. Deepest condolences to the @ottawapolice and @torontopolice families. #missed #gonebutnotforgotten #brotherinblue #policelove #policefamily #instacop #policeofficer #policememorial #ptsd #ptsdsucks #ptsdawareness #ptsdsupport #lesstalkmoreaction #policesuicide #policesuicideawareness #endpolicesuicide #bluelivesmatter #bluelivesmatter💙 #supportpolice #supportthepolice #supportourpolice #seethesigns #canadianpolicememorial

My friends at @numbersbrewingco always thinking about me!! Thank your for the #backtheblue T-shirt! #stillhavecopinmyblood #supportthepolice #supportlocalbusiness #supportlocalbrewery

👮🏻‍♂️: @chris.slr_ 💪🏻 Vielen Dank für das tolle Bild ! :)⚫️🔵⚫️ ••• #bluelivesmatter#thinblueline#police #supportthepolice#polizei#support

A police officer in a Tesla police cruiser pursuing a suspect in a high-speed chase ducked out of the pursuit after running low on battery power before disbanding the pursuit. According to the East Bay Times, officer Jesse Hartman was driving the 2014 Tesla Model S police cruiser during the Friday night chase when he radioed in his dilemma - the car was almost out of power.“If someone else is able, can they maneuver into the number one spot?,” Hartman asked nearby officers during the chase on Interstate 680. Just before running out of juice, the suspect in the chase moved over to the shoulder of the interstate due to the heavy traffic, and police called off the pursuit due to the safety risks. The East Bay Times says that's when Hartman went to a charging station in San Jose with just a few miles of battery power left. A department spokeswoman says the Tesla apparently wasn't charged after the last shift. (Source: KATU 2 ABC Portland. Link: http://bit.ly/2mYSWcj) 🚓Subscribe for daily news in your email >>>>> Link in bio!🚓

In Florida a young man prays over a deputy before he eats. These are the stories we should see on the news. I truly believe there is more love and compassion in this world than any news station would show. #backtheblue #supportthepolice #gotyoursix #unity #learntolove #prayerispowerful

I’m way behind on my heroes quilt and dont have a decent photo to share but I love this quote from Pinterest. Today’s hero’s have stories that are hard to read but they deserve recognition and respect 🖤💙🖤. . Trooper Nicholas F Clark - July 2 Clark was shot & killed when responding to a suicidal subject while crisis negotiators were attempting to make contact with him. Suspect was found deceased a short time later from a self inflicted gun shot wound. NY State Police . . K9 Cade - July 4 Cade died after suffering a medical emergency while tracking a suspect. During the search Cade began showing symptoms of distress & was rushed to the vet. He succumbed to his illness the following day. Hendricks County Sheriffs Office . . Sergeant Michael Charles Chesna- July 15 - Chesna was shot & killed with his service weapon after responding to reports of an erratic driver. When he arrived on scene the suspect attacked Chesna with a rock, striking him on the head, disarmed him, and shot him in the head and chest before fleeing the scene. Weymouth Police Dept . . Police Officer II Bronson Kaimana Kaliloa - July 18 - Kaliloa was shot and killed as he conducted a high risk stop. As officers approached the vehicle, the suspect fired at the officers, striking Kaliloa in the neck and leg. Hawaii County Police Dept . . Corrections Officer II Joseph Brian Gomm - July 18 - Gomm was fatally beaten to death by an inmate while supervising the prisoners in the industry building. Suspect attacked him with a hammer. Gomm was transported to the hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries. Minnesota Dept of Corrections. . Senior Corporal Earl James Givens III - July 21 - Givens was struck and killed by a drunk driver while conducting a funeral escort for a Dallas PD Officer . . Police Officer Diego Moreno - July 22 - Moreno was struck by a police vehicle while deploying a spike strip during a pursuit of a shooting suspect. The suspect in the pursuit was later arrested for murder and the occupants of his vehicle were arrested in connection with the initial shooting. Kent Police Dept


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Please join us for Coffee for the Cops event for all sworn & civilian staff, hosted by @vernonpolicedepartment & the US Attorneys Office-Central District of California Office. Hope to see there! #supportthepolice #backtheblue

Kuma loves his harness! Every time he wears it, he's much less reactive to other dogs. He walks right past other dogs while on leash like it's no big deal. I'm very pleased! I still may get a weighted X-Dog vest in the future. ° ° ° ° #gsd #germanshepherd #14montholdpuppy #germanshepherdpuppy #germanshepherddog #dogsofinstagram #confident #hikingwithmydog #confidence #czechgsd #stressrelieving #czechgermanshepherd #nikond5300 #d5300 #sablegsd #sablegsdpuppy #workinglinegsd #k9police #bestwoof #ilovemydog #puppylove #supportthepolice #dogsmile #claremontcanyon #gsdpuppy #furmissle #gsdfun #newharness #tacticalharness #tactical

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TEAM @ten8apparel Deputy @code_alpha_oc repping the new design and lid during his workout 🤙 #payyourdues #duespaid #deputysheriff #deputy #sheepdog #ten8apparel #ten8 #workout #fitcop #thinbluelinefamily #thinblueline #bluelivesmatter #fitness #fit #gym #lid #backtheblue #supportthepolice #cops

It’s #gameday 🏈 Celebrate with a beer while supporting the #thinblueline 💙🖤 Link to shop in bio! 👆 • #backtheblue #merica #beerme #gotyoursix #bluefamily #supportthepolice #protectandserve #holdmybeer #footballseason

“Mike the Cop” gave a suicide prevention talk to several agencies at the Seattle Police Training facility yesterday. Mike is part of “Humanize the Badge.” A non profit organization dedicated to bringing together the police and the communities they serve. Please support the cause by visiting their site. #humanizethebadge #mikethecop #supportthepolice #suicideprevention #seattlepolice #enough

What’s in your rig? Setup a demo with #swordinternational today and see why some of the biggest agencies are making the switch! #lawenforcement #police #steineroptics #supportthepolice #thinblueline

We are so excited to a part of the Police K9 Public Demonstration, held next Wednesday, September 25, at Arena Park. 👮‍♂️ This is just part of the 2019 Missouri Police Canine Association Fall Workshop, hosting by our very own @capepolice! 👮‍♂️ And thanks to @nutrisourcepetfoods, each officer who attends is going home with a bag of dog food, a can of dog food, and a bag of dog treats. Canine officers and their handlers will be here from all over the state for training, education, and to improve the image of the police work dog in the law-enforcement community as well as within the general public. 👮‍♂️ If you want to support our local canine officers and their handlers, as well as see some highly trained dogs, be sure to stop by and check out the event! 👮‍♂️ #buschpet #capepolice #capepd #k9officer #canineofficer #policedog #germanshepherd #belgianmalinois #shepherd #shepherdgram #shepherdsofinstagram #malinoislife #highlytrained #workingdog #policeofficer #supportthepolice #boysinblue #southeastmissouri #jacksonmo #jacksonmissouri #capegirardeaumo #capegirardeau


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Check out my new ride! 🚔 Just kidding! I was approached by my local police department to make a frame to support a banner they had made for super cute photo ops at public appearances for the Citizens Outreach Program (COP). A simple and quick PVC frame was all it took. I couldn't resist having a little fun with it all set before I delivered it. At 9' long, I couldn't glue up the frame because it would have been impossible to transport. Since I won't be there to assemble the frame on site, I used a super high tech method to designate which pieces go together - my assortment of colored markers. I hope the kids and the kids at heart enjoy it. #supportthepolice #backtheblue #stillwaterpolicedepartment #stillwaterpd #cop #communityoutreach

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It was amazing to see this dirt car with all the fallen officers and K9 in Indiana on it. It’s insane how much these officers give with how much bullshit and disrespect they receive. #car #cars #support #blue #supporttheblue #police #officer #policeofficer #supportthepolice #track #dirt #dirtcar #trackcar #fallen #fallenofficer #respect #indiana #indianapolis #carshow

GEORGIA OFFICER ATTAINS HIS GOAL OF RUNNING IN 5K RACE 1 YEAR AFTER LINE OF DUTY SHOOTING- Covington Police Officer Matt Cooper, critically injured in a line of duty shooting last September, continues to be an inspiration to his supporters during his recovery and took it a step further Saturday by running in the 1-mile fun run during the 36th annual Fuzz Run. Cooper said after the race it felt good to be able to take part this year. “When I woke up (in the hospital after the shooting), the race (last year) had already happened. I was so mad I missed it,” he said. “I said I was doing it this year. My main goals were to get my feeding tube out, my skull put back on, and run the Fuzz Run this year. “All I could do was walk it this year, because they’ve got to find the fine line between being physically active again and being a parent again, because if I wear myself out, I can’t be there for my family, and they mean the most to me. “To be able to finish with a quick jog for at least 10 feet meant the world to me,” he added. “And to have everybody cheer me on; I’m beyond humbled by this city. “Crossing the finish line and throwing my hat in the air was like graduating to me. It was a big goal.” (Read more: http://bit.ly/2lW5QqY. Source: ROCKDALE NEWTON CITIZEN) 💙Subscribe for daily news in your email >>>>> Link in bio!💙


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Thank you @joerogan & @robzombieofficial for acknowledging the difficulties and attempting to understand our profession. #supportthepolice #backtheblue

"How's married life?" __________________________ Pretty much the same as engaged life except Anthony wears a ring now too. 🤷‍♀️😂 __________________________ Also, sitting at the social security office & DMV for hours to officially change your name isn't great, but eh, I guess it's worth it. 😉 __________________________ In all seriousness, marrying my best friend is the best thing I've ever done. 😘💕💍

Awesome HBPD Storytime with Officer Bennett and Officer Peterson from the @huntington_beach_police. Great way to spread the ❤ for the people that do so much for our community. #storytime #storytimeactivities #hbpd #police #thinblueline #supportthepolice