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Afghan Burger is a tandoori flatbread made with wheat flour and filled with layers of cabbage, tomato, cucumber, shredded chicken or even sausages, boiled eggs, loads of fried potatoes or Aghani chips (more like French fries) and topped with red chutney. The chutney that we use is made with a blend of tomatoes, garlic, vinegar, red chili and capsicum; it adds a whole lot of tang.” All the delicious fillings are tucked neatly into the roti and are made into a huge wrap. Once it is wrapped, some chaat masala and a pinch of salt is added over the wrap. The Afghan burger costs just rupees 50 and is way too heavy for one person to finish it. Location: Central Market of Lajpat , ask for afgani market. #Verdict : It is nice to try once. But frankly I didn't like it that much. The outer covering was dry. And as per the owner ; it taste 10X better with chicken. Have you guys tried it? And what's the verdict? . . #agirlwithfork

Photo by @kchete77 (Karla Gachet) | A Waorani boy plays with two monkeys his father hunted deep in the Yasuni National Park in the community of Gabaro in eastern Ecuador. The ecologically and culturally rich area is at risk from an increasing demand for the large natural reserves of oil stored underground. This photograph was taken #onassignment for @natgeo in 2012. #native #uncontacted #amazon #Ecuador #hunters

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