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This will PINCH your heart. Pinch are an efficient style of tongs perfect for grabbing and serving, and are great for helping you get a grip in the kitchen. Find out more and buy here >> link in bio.

This is bound to cause a STIR Stirr rotates around your pan at the push of a button, whipping up sauces, soups, gravy and porridge, as well as much more, to perfection, allowing you to get on with something else while still taking the credit!


Meet Skåler, the perfect way to weigh, allowing you to scoop, measure and mix all at once. It brings back a fun approach to cooking and is perfect for baking and getting the kids involved in the kitchen. What's not to love? Shop here >> #kitchentools #uutensil

Strip¹ isn't your average vegetable peeler, despite its deceiving appearance. With an oversized swivel blade, meaning faster peeling and less clogging, this peeler can take on anything, from home grown potatoes to notorious hard nuts like butternut squash.


Tilt is the perfect chopping board for any chef, aspiring or otherwise. Due to the fact it's angled, it keeps both sides clear from the worktop, meaning you can use both sides during food prep, and also has marked sides for food group separation as well as measuring guides for perfect slicing. It really does it all. Shop here >> #kitchentools #uutensil . .

Squeeze frees the juicer from the worktop. This product is designed to fit neatly in the palm of your hand, while reflecting the curve of a lemon in the other. Using both hands effectively, you can double your rotation in half the time. #kitchentools #uutensil


Happy Pancake Day! Most our UUTENSILS are perfect tools to create the most beautiful fluffy #pancakes! Shop here>> #shrovetuesday #pancakeday

Squish helps you make friends with two of the fiddliest condiments. While it is perfect for peeling and preparing garlic, it is also ideal for grating parmesan and chocolate as well as crushing nuts, making it any chef’s dream.

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One tool, two functions and half the washing up. That’s Scooner. It’s shaped like a fish slice for ease during frying and flipping, but with its flexible silicone base, can be turned into a scoop ideal for serving. Shop here >> #kitchentools #uutensil

Strip¹ is a vegetable peeler unlike any other. The oversized swivel blade makes veg prep a breeze, with faster peeling and less clogging. Shop here >> #kitchentools #uutensil

Firstly, facebook needs to get it's act together right. For some ridiculous reason they won't let me change the name of my page, because apparently 'adam garratt's food' is too misleading from adam's eats lol. Alrighty then! Secondly, I have a recipe for you. Second in my takeaway classics playlist, this recipe is for chicken tikka masala. I don't proclaim this to be authentic in any way shape or form, but it is delicious, oh man it so is! And not a can of tomato soup in sight! #chickentikkamasala #curryrecipes #takeawayrecipes #tikkamasala #howtomake #recipes #punjabifood #curry #tikka

If you require tasty, lump free sauces, Swisk is the kitchen tool for you. Its flat bottom deglazes and mixes every scrap together, while the patterned structure provides disruption to the liquid allowing flavours to brew.

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Swoosh&böl is the colander and bowl set that works together perfectly. The colander helps water drain off food faster with its beautiful vortex design, while the bowl is light enough to be carried easily yet tough enough to mix the heaviest batters.


The COOLEST cake ever! Who wants a piece? ❤️😄😃😄❤️

Swoon is the perfect balance between a spoon and a spatula. The silicone edge has been bevelled for perfect scraping along the side of the bowl or pan, and it is brilliant for baking, achieving perfect batters, doughs and mixes to satisfy all of your dessert desires. #kitchentools #kitchengadgets #uutensil

You’re going to FLIP out at this one. Flipp is the ideal turner, able to slide under any food, but it gets even smarter when it is turned over to reveal a grater and a citrus zester, meaning flavour falls directly into the pan. Shop here >> #kitchentools #uutensil

Our #macarons make ❤️beautiful ❤️gifts for friends and family... plus they’re SO mouth-wateringly TASTY 😋

Happy Friday everyone! For 5 days we're at Ambiente, Europe’s biggest houseware show. Come and say HELLO! @ambientefair #uutensil #ambientehousewareshow #ambiente

Love curry? Love potatoes? well that's a good job then because that's what this video is about! So if you know what Bombay potatoes are, and you've always kind of wondered how to make them yourself, then this video will show you how easy they are to make. Get ya peppers on it, share it, like it, comment on it and all that kind of stuff 😉 #bombaypotatoes #bombayaloo #indianrecipes #indianfood #curry #takeawayfood #takeawayrecipes #adamseats Adam x

Get a grip with Pinch. You’d wish you’d purchased them sooner, as these clever tongs are efficiently crafted in nylon to be used for precision work, while the sides also serve the uses of turning and serving. Shop now link bio ... #kitchentools #uutensil

Tender is an essential two-in-one product and a perfect replacement for a meat hammer AND a serrated roller, giving you total control over the force you use and how you flatten your meats.

Whistle why you Sqiuisk!


Make The PERFECT mashed potatoes 💖💖💖

Squisk is the most innovative whisk there is. It has longer and thicker legs, allowing for a larger surface area which means faster whisking and mixing. Tap to shop... #kitchengadgets #kitchenutensils #kitchendecor #mariekondo #essentialsforliving #cookingessentials

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This product is a solid ten(der) out of ten. Tender is designed to be gripped by the palm of your hand in order for you to have complete control over how much force you use. However, the power of a traditional meat hammer isn’t lost, as Tender contains a weight inside, meaning that tenderising has never been so easy.

Whether you need to turn, scoop or measure more effectively, Spåde has got it covered.

Patata lessa condita con olio, sale, prezzemolo e 100 g (peso netto) di tonno all’olio. Finocchio, arancia e olive tutto condito. Il pasto, soluzione di facile preparazione e utile come preparazione d’asporto è indicato soprattutto per pazienti celiachi (vista l’assenza di glutine) e in dieta dimagrante per la presenza di iodio e proteine del pesce. Lo stimolo metabolico e il conseguente aumento di sostanze di scarto sarà supportato dalla presenza dei carboidrati nella patata e dal fruttosio nell’arancia. La presenza di acqua di vegetazione del finocchio e arancia con la contemporanea assenza di glutine sarà utile a fovorire di molto la diuresi. L'olio extravergine e le olive forniranno la quota lipidica utile per il controllo glicemico. La vitamina C dell’arancia e del prezzemolo (oltre la quota di ferro) sono supporti generali per lo stimolo del metabolismo. Indicata per: obesità, ipertensione e imbibizione tissutale Controindicate per: diabete, gastralgie e allergie. Descrizione preparazione: Lessata una patata si lascierà freddare e poi si toglierà la buccia. Vista la finalità d’asporto, questa operazione può essere fatta la sera precedente e si conserverà la patata in frigo senza la buccia. Al mattino si prenderà un recipiente dove verrà messa la patata lessa fatta a pezzettoni con 100 g di tonno all’olio in barattolo di vetro e verrà messo sopra un trito di prezzemolo. Si condirà tutto con olio abbondante per evitare il contatto con l’ossigeno che porterebbe all’ossidazione dei vegetali da parte della polifenolo ossidasi. Il sale andrà aggiunto al momento in cui si mangerà il pasto. In un altro recipiente verrà messo del finocchio tagliato preferibilemente alla julienne con pezzettoni di arancia, olive e tutto condito con olio abbondante e limone. Il sale anche in questo caso verrà aggiunto al momento. #drcristianbaldini #ricettesettimanali #nutrizione #takeawayrecipes #recipes #thehealingpoweroffood #bionutrizioneorganica #sportnutrition #nutrion #nutrizionefiosio_neuro_endocrina #physiopatologichalnutrition #nutrizioneincondizionifisio_patologiche #highfatdiet #tcm #pnei

Make the PERFECT mashed potato! 🥔 with Spudnik 🥔

Love this! #foodiequotes

I bet you can’t wait to get a TASTE of this one This clever design includes a measuring spoon for liquids, tongs, a fork for grabbing food and a hook for catching spaghetti. There’s nothing it can’t do!

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Strip¹ is unlike any vegetable peeler you’ve seen before. The oversized swivel blade makes veg prep a breeze, with faster peeling and less clogging. Link in bio to shop now ...

Squish can bring you and two of the toughest condiments together. It is perfect for crushing garlic and ginger grating, but, being the clever multitasker it is, also excels at grating chocolate, nuts and crushing nuts as well. Link in bio to shop now!

What’s on the menu this Christmas? . . #christmasdinner #christmasfood #christmasturkey

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Tilt would be the greatest ally in the kitchen. The angled non-slip chopping board keeps both sides hygienic, so that the board can be flipped during food prep to use both sides, each side marked for food group separation.

Going slightly STIR crazy? Then try out Stirr, which, at the push of a button, rotates around your pan stirring anything from sauces to soups into absolute perfection, leaving you to get on with something else. Shop here >> #kitchentools #uutensil

A revolution in your pot. Meet The Stirr. It automatically stirs for you, an extra pair of hands in the kitchen!

You’ll certainly SWOON for this product. Ideal for baking, Swoon is certain to make your life easier as it is designed for perfect scraping along the side of any bowl or pan – known to us as the windscreen wiper effect. Shop now >> #kitchentools #uutensil #swoon

Generous non slip base Internal measuring guide 23 cm diameter The new swoosh&böl set is the everyday dynamic duo fighting foodie crimes like soggy salads and spaghetti swimming in a starchy soup. Shop the link for n bio. #foodprep #kitchentools #kitchenutensils

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Bash the garlic with the hard rim to make the skin easier to peel and then simply roll the ridges over a garlic clove to effectively crush the clove whilst producing the maximum amount of oil (the tasty bit). Then take fresh ginger and rub it against the little spikes for perfect prep with less 'ouch' than a grater. It even includes a stainless steel garlic ‘soap’ base for cleaning garlic fingers. #garliccrusher #gingergrate #kitchentools

At the push of a button this unique product rotates by itself and travels around your pan stirring sauces, soups, porridge, gravy and lots more perfectly. Leaving you free to get on with something else. (Don't worry complaining about slaving over a hot stove is still allowed!) Easy one handed push button operation with 3 speed options This model has moulded plastic legs for a sleeker look. They can be clicked off and placed in the dishwasher Cordless battery operation - 4 x AA batteries are required Shop here>> #uutensil #stirr

With far Eastern influences, the over-sized handle and angled face are perfect for frying or wok cooking. In-built 5 ml liquid measure. This tough cooking tool is made of nylon and is heat safe to 200°c. Spåde+ has inset holes to help drain off any excess liquids before serving.

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Sensible Saturday 🤓 ——————————————————————————— Crispy chilli chicken served with sticky white rice and prawn crackers 🥢 FAKEAWAY 🥢

Hoy toca comer en la oficina! Ensalada de patata y de postre plátano con helado de mango 😍 #worktime #takeawayrecipes #workmeal #office #foodlover #healthytupper #galenafam

Chinese-style chicken and sweet corn soup easy recipe made at home 🍵perfect for my Le Creuset soup bowls 👌#chicken#soup#sweetcorn#chinesefood#homecookingrocks#lecreuset#easyrecipes#dinnerideas#takeawayrecipes#artfoodies#foodiegram#