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11 Minutes Ago

"Our lives are connected in ways we can't imagine. They are connected even before we know they are connected." - George C. Wolfe Human connection happens from anywhere if you want it to happen. Today my Lyft driver was a young homeless black man putting himself to school and earning his living driving Lyft. I initiated our conversation leading to social justice issues of Black men in the U.S. and I heard the living example of it from this stranger, a homeless man, a driver, an actor, a student and a Black man. If I didn't initiate the conversation, he'd be another stranger of today that I'd not remember. Hope the names of organizations I've provided helps him to find his missing connection to success in pursuit of his dream as a therapist. . . . . . . . #talktostrangers #connectedness #inspireothers #takeaction #makeithappen #saveblackmen #engageelevateenrich #poverty #education #equality #economicgrowth #peace #partnership


2 Hours Ago

All my life I have been called a ‘blether’ (Glaswegian for someone that talks a lot!) I’m sure I take it from my Papa....he was always stopping to talk to everyone and their dog....old Joe could talk!! My mum constantly called me ‘a wee blether’ growing up and my husband would say “do you know them?” I would reply “no?!” 🤣🙌🏼 Anyhoo my point is I saw a Samaritans advert tonight it was about a lady just like me, until one day she chatted away to a stranger standing on a train platform....he needed her to talk to him at that absolute precise moment. I myself think it’s a great trait to be a ‘blether’ because you never know when that little chatter will mean the world to someone.....let’s talk chickadees 🖤🙌🏼⚡️💕 . . #samaritans #itsgoodtotalk #chatterbox #blether #bletheraway #talktostrangers #someonemayneedit #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #acryforhelp #mind


1 Day 5 Hours Ago

Last night my husband and I had dinner with strangers and it was wonderful. We had reservations for the two of us at 6:30. When we arrived we were surprised to see how busy the restaurant was. When they sat us, we noticed we were very close to the table next to us, almost that too close for comfort feeling, and it was obvious the couple next to us probably felt the same way. So we thought well let’s make the most of it. When I sat I said to the gentlemen next to me, “well hello” as if I knew him for years. My husband chimed in “hey guys it’s so nice to see you, it’s been a while”. They laughed, we laughed and the husband replied “I knew we were going to have good neighbors”! After chatting for a while I realized the wife was actually a customer of mine many years ago. The four of us sat and talked and ate and drank wine for 2 1/2 hours. It was as if it was supposed to be that way all along. It was a great evening and we made new friends! We are taught not to talk to strangers and we in return teach our children the same. Yet by doing so we could be missing out on some of the most unexpected, genuine conversations that we were meant to have. Talking to strangers forces us to interact with people who may or may not be like us, we learn, it’s broadens our views. Don’t let not knowing a person stop you from talking with them you could be clearly missing out on some wonderful interactions. P.S. I talk to everyone lol #talktostrangers #dinnerwithstrangers #interact #meetnewpeople #dinner


1 Day 10 Hours Ago

Tedx-ed on "Why You Should Say Yes To Strangers More". Thank you all for coming! #tedx #ted #talktostrangers #fundaysunday


1 Day 10 Hours Ago

I've never taken a good picture of the moon. Last night, driving home after a gig, I caught a glimpse of it, looking rather majestic in the sky, that way the moon manages to appear sometimes, to glow with a mysterious warmth, look larger, and somehow seem more captivating. I got home, grabbed the camera, and headed back out on the road, at 1am. I know a couple of good viewpoints just outside the town. I pulled up my car and snapped this shot, and realised straight away I needed a spot to rest the camera on to get a perfect picture, got back in the car and headed onwards, into the night. Rolling at 60mph down the dark lanes a figure suddenly came into view at the side of the road, a girl looking dressed for a night out, in heels and a skirt, miles from anywhere. I pulled over, and offered her a lift. Her night hadn't gone as planned, and there she was, making her way along the dark country roads, from the next town. After my very best effort of convincing her I wasn't a crazy killer, she got into my car and I drove her home. We talked on the way. She'd felt like she was completely on her own after a bad night that had led her to be walking out past the midnight hour. I told this stranger of times I've felt the same; none of us are alone. We sat and chatted for a bit, and she took my number before she got out at her house. I feel a touch of fate about this night, that the moon led me to be up on those empty roads outside of the town, to a lonely stranger, who needed help. No, I've never taken a good picture of the moon. But this one is the best. #talktostrangers


1 Day 16 Hours Ago

#repost @heathmhughes ・・・ #hookah #shisha and chill. #columbus #lifeincbus #asseenincolumbus @ellecfa @liebchen88 @slaasmar


1 Day 17 Hours Ago

#thelivingroomdcad will be a place for folks to gather, experience art and culture, #talktostrangers and get informed not only on news & lifestyle in the mid-Atlantic region but also of under the radar treasures in downtown Wilmington - gems such as the eclectic 140 year old Levy’s Jewelers & Pawn Shop and its huge selection of instruments, cameras, tools and other super affordable finds. We’ll be back next weekend for a guitar (or two?!) to live at the space! #thrifting #shopsmall


1 Day 23 Hours Ago

I asked the cashier in the supermarket what the most beautiful moment of her day was. She smiled and had a joyful look after I asked her and answered: "Today is actually my first day here at the supermarket, so it is actually all that, that it is my first working day." Later she added: "this is actually the perfect questions for today". . It had felt great to ask someone random and get such an unexpected answer. Seeing her so happy and full of hope when answering that question was a nice experience. . Actually that day I wanted to ask someone on the train, but then it felt so weird to ask such a random question to someone you are not yet talking to. Thus I asked in the supermarket, since there I was already talking to the cashier. However, the next day I felt ready to ask someone on the train. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. . #caniaskyousomething #socialexperiment #talktostrangers #talk #meetnewpeople #connect #talk #askaquestion #questionoftheday #new #firstdayatwork #firstday #smile #answer #supermarket #cashier #ransomquestion #valencia #spain


1 Day 24 Hours Ago

6 mile trail run. During the run I was thinking about whether I want to get Vivobarefoot @vivobarefoot shoes and then when I was running through the parking lot back to my car and I saw someone wearing those shoes. I almost ran past but I made myself stop and talk to them because I was very curious to know how the shoes are. They turned out to be a really cool couple and we talked nerd trail running stuff and shoes. It was great. Talk to strangers! 🏃🏻‍♀️👟


2 Days 21 Hours Ago

Sweet! I qualified for the 2019 Age Group National Championships Olympic Distance Triathlon 🙌🏼 I’m totally in! This will be fun! #triathlon #swimbikerun #swim #bike #run #girlswhotri #womenwhotri #athlete @usatriathlon @coachmccoy24


3 Days 2 Hours Ago

I blend. Merida is a beautiful town full of expats, parks, live music, great food, beaches and affordable living. I still can’t believe how inexpensive uber is. I parked my bike last night and have been exploring on foot today. Will post more pictures soon :) #merida #yucatan #mexico #motorcycletrip #panamericana #solofemaletraveler #solotravel #talktostrangers #goals #solofemaletravel #solotraveler #veteran #usarmyvet #femaleveteran #expat #mexicovacation #mexicoliving


3 Days 8 Hours Ago

👩‍💻👨‍🏫Don't be scared to just walk up and introduce yourself. 👌🐶 This big guy was more than happy to just sneak up behind us, poke his head through and let us know he was there. It made our day. You too can make another person's day by just walking up to a stranger, saying hi and introducing yourself. It isn't as strange as it sounds and you never know what might happen. I #challenge you today to do exactly that. On a flight? Talk to the person next to you. See something funny in the street? Point it out to a stranger so you can enjoy it together. At the supermarket? DONT use self-checkout, In the gym? Ask if they've been to this class before. Don't be scared to let us know how it goes! • • • • #dailychallenge #talktostrangers #selfconfidence #yougotthis #challengefriday#fridaychallenge #worstcase #no #newpals #neighbourly #newyou #babysteps #bethebestyou #funnydogs #mtfitzroy #coldday #argentina #travelgram #explore #exploremore #travels #backpackingsouthamerica


3 Days 9 Hours Ago

Great tip from some friendly locals lead me to this limited release from #feralbrewing. Super boozy, but very reminiscent of full NW IPAs that made craft beer great! #craftbeer #fremantle #talktostrangers #nofilter


3 Days 19 Hours Ago

While rambling on the streets of Popayán, the smell of freshly-baked bread flowing through the windows of a small bakery drew us inside. A few locals were filling up on croissants and chocolate rolls. Croissants! 🥐 They looked and tasted like the real deal, so I had to tell the lady selling them, that we found the pastry to be very different from what we had so far in Colombia. At which point, the 70-year old gentleman in the picture appeared from behind a half-wall, letting us know that they were made after a French recipe. '-And how did you learn it?', I ask, already envisioning a young version of himself learning the art of bread in France, or maybe a Frenchman who lived in Colombia and taught the old man everything he knew. '-From the internet. YouTube. You know YouTube? ', came the nonchalant reply. ----- This morning, we passed by to say goodbye. Today's croissants and chocolate rolls were still in the oven, so we asked for yesterday's bread rolls. He declined. '-No. I want you to remember the taste of the fresh, good pastry you had yesterday, not this old bread. ' _____ #storiesfromcolombia #peoplemakeitworthit #colombia #peopleofcolombia #baker #localbakery #starttheconversation #talktostrangers


3 Days 22 Hours Ago

Here’s to bad weather, cancelled flights, and airport livin’. On a positive note, here’s to finding other reps with cancelled flights, and drinking margaritas in baggage claim. #replife #talktostrangers #byob #nocomplaints


4 Days 2 Hours Ago

PEACE ON THE STREET . Next up, we’ve got our buddy, Andre, who offers some simple tips on how to bring a bit more peace into our world. . Maybe it’s not a complicated as we tend to think? 🤔 . We will be showing lots more peace chats at PEACE SONGS, tomorrow evening at @54below! . We’re thrilled to share what we’ve created. . ☮️🎶☮️🎶☮️🎶 . https://54below.com/events/peace-songs/ . #peace #peacesongs #peaceonthestreet #talktostrangers #simple #smile #justasmile #54below #cabaret #broadway #music


4 Days 4 Hours Ago

I take same muni to work on Thursday morning. I love that driver! When I get off, I say "Thank you,sir!" then He says "Ride on!". I love love these conversations. I feel like we humans still have connections. I always thank to muni driver. They always give me personal touch. We should try talk to strangers more then we not gonna fight about differences. We all should respect each other no matter who you are.. 木曜日の仕事の朝いつも同じバスに乗る。運転手さんが最高にイケてる。降りる時にありがとうと声をかけると、親指を立ててライドオン!と返してくる。最高やろこの人。風貌はジェリーガルシアっていうのもサンフランシスコ感満開。バスの運転手さんにはいつもありがとうと声をかける私。ミュニの運転手さん達はかなり個性的でみんないろんな返事をしてくる。こういう人間らしいコンタクトを忘れてないかな?知らない人に話しかけることでお互いの違いを受け入れられる様になっていく。それを続けたら違いへの歪み合いや攻撃も無くなる気がする。そんな朝の珈琲タイムでした。 #sanfranciscomiracles #dailymotivation #lovenothate #talktostrangers #muni #humanconnections #mamadiary #caringeachother #gratitude


4 Days 4 Hours Ago

All money is someone else’s money and that has never become more apparent than when we hear the age old saying of a parent telling their kids to “not talk to strangers.” Why would you program such a limiting belief??? Strangers have everything you want. It is strangers who will grow your business. It will be strangers who fund the cancer treatment of a loved one in need. Strangers will put your kids through school. It is strangers who will buy tickets and fill the arena to watch your performance. Strangers will make your dreams a reality yet kids are told not to talk to strangers 🙄🙄🙄🙄 every business on the planet is in the business of getting attention!!! #ownit #talktostrangers #getattention #marketing #leadgeneration #morecustomers #sellorbesold #nojoke #sinkorswim #scarcity #abundance #creation #10xrule #poverty #creativity #commitment #success #ordie #grantcardone #timferriss #edmylett #mantras #limitingbeliefs


4 Days 8 Hours Ago

i asked Agbie where he was from as he looked like he could have driven his #metalhorse all the way to #londoncity from #burningman2018 .. he asked me where i was from instead .. suggesting my #absolutelyfabulous #foreignaccent .. i could hardly understand his #irishaccent and messenger style #mumbles when he said: #ideliver .. i bet he will turn into SANTA in 6 weeks


4 Days 9 Hours Ago

Danny takes people with #walkingsticks aboard his #yellowbus and takes them to #shinyandbright places full of #smilingfaces while his wife cooks #deliciousdishes .. #iamin


4 Days 9 Hours Ago

Malcolm sees the world in #brightcolors :: it helps him to #expressfeelings into art :: taking #drawingclasses at #salvationarmy


4 Days 14 Hours Ago

My favorite part of traveling (even a domestic flight) is that I ALWAYS meet cool ppl at the bar. They say the opposite of addiction is NOT sobriety, it’s CONNECTION. Tequila ain’t the healthiest elixir, but in conscious moderation lol, it’s amazing! The last 8 ppl I’ve met at airport bars have become good friends (a couple even business partners)! It’s not harder to make friends with age, it’s easier, when we realize we have so much more in common than we have differences. Keep it real. Humans are so adorable... give us a chance. You will fall in love. ❤️ #losangeles #sanfrancisco #sfo #unconditionallove #leadership #lovewins #messytruth #leadershipcoaching #freedom #kindness #weareallone #airports #talktostrangers


4 Days 22 Hours Ago

What is this Asana? Oh, it isn’t yoga. Or is it? So today, at my sons gymnastics gym I was practicing a bit of yoga in the corner. A 4 year old boy came up and asked what I was doing, to which I replied, “yoga”. He said, “oh ya! I can do yoga! I put my hand or feet on the mat, land that’s yoga!” After I picked my jaw up off the mat from this wise little soldier, I asked him to be my guru. 😂 he said, “can I hug you?” Followed by “I love you”❤️ then he walked off to play. I will honestly remember this encounter forever. So many takeaways from that minute long conversation with a tiny tot that I’d never met. 1. Yoga is whatever you say it is. It is breathing, it is standing, it is putting your hand on the mat. . 2. Saying “I love you” to strangers should happen more often. . 3. Hugging people is also acceptable. . 4. Kids are people too (of course I know this, but sometimes I forget how much they can teach us) . 5. Someone else’s example of love can change your life. . . . . . . #stillnessspeaks #listentothekids #loveothers #plantfueled #talktostrangers #loveeveryone #lookforthegood #boise #guru #kidsarewise #wisesoul #wisestranger #hugstrangers #hugs #connect #connectingwithothers #yoga #yogi #stillnessspeaks #oldsoul #oldsouls


5 Days 3 Hours Ago

Kristine ⚔️ NYC I don’t even know where to start with this absolute QUEEN. As if her dagger blue eyes were not enough, she was ornately decked to the floor like posh goth fucking royalty 👸🏻 #talk2strangers_sf #talktostrangers #streetfashion #sfstreetfashion


5 Days 4 Hours Ago

Victor, working for Bc's traffic control, gets new glasses today!!! 🤓 Victor: "All I see are all these lights coming towards me and im like noooo stoooppp!" 🤣 • • #peopleofvancouver#vancouver#stranger#talktostrangers#glasses#errands#vlogging#raincouver#vancitybuzz#vancity#westcoast#wander#film#insta#video#moretocome


5 Days 5 Hours Ago

Know that you are loved all the time. . . #lifelessons #letsgo Simple, clear. People need to be loved. . . So love those around you, starting with yourself. . . When you know you are loved, somehow everything else just feels like it is going to be OK. When you know you are loved, you know someone is thinking about you. When you know you are loved, it is easier to be yourself. When you know you are loved, loving others becomes second nature. When you know you are loved, it is easier to hear correction. When you know you are loved, you can make more mistakes. When you know you are loved, love is no longer dependent, it just is. When you know you are loved, you become powerful. When you know you are loved, everything is possible. When you know you are loved, all is well. . . @anintentionaladventure, Colton, Camden - know that you are loved all the time. . . #begoodtoyourself #parenting #sharpteamadventures #talktostrangers #bekindtoothers #bekindtoyourself #alliswell #love


5 Days 6 Hours Ago

From my current series on the fish industry of Nazaré, Portugal. #street #portrait #talktostrangers #portugal #nazare


5 Days 11 Hours Ago

The best spoken word poets in Lagos @barrister_caleb @pietrina @ella_forte will meet up at the @revolvingartincubator at Silverbird from 5 tomorrow for @outspoken_rai #outspoken. Come for the most enlightening discussions with sweetly spoken words with refreshments on the house. Come and avoid the traffic in the most convenient way possible. You won't regret it. #discussion #discussiontime #talk #talkers #talktostrangers #talkingheads #talkabout #talktherapy #talkitout #talkingabout #spokenword #spokenwordpoetry #spokenwordpoet #spokenwordartists #spokenwordpoets #spokenwordcommunity #spokenwordevents #nigeria #naija #nigerianart #nigerianevents #nigeriatotheworld #nigerianstalk #talknigeria #whichwaynigeria #lagostalk #lagos


5 Days 17 Hours Ago

Sometimes I’m a bit impulsive. Sometimes I don’t really know where I’m going. Sometimes I have to trust my gut (and the dear humans I get to call my friends) that wherever I end up, is where I’m meant to be. And sometimes...sometimes it pays off. #greatjourneysofnz #impulsive #travel #newzealand

Donald SF ✈️ NYC Your mama was wrong. DO talk to strangers and DO wear white after Labor Day. #talktostrangers #talk2strangers_sf #streetfashion #streetfashionsf


6 Days 1 Hour Ago

I was having a conversation with a coaching client recently about steeping outside of your routines. She’s not a person that likes to try new things but she’s in a high stress job and she realizes she has to do something different for her mental health. Aside from finding another job, I recommended she first take a vacation if possible and second I told her to start living her life a little like she’s on vacation. I know crazy right. Think about how different would your life be if you incorporated some of the things you do on vacation in your life. You appreciate the small things, take time to pay attention to your environment, don’t stress over things out of your control, on vacation you talk to strangers and have amazing conversations, you wake up and take your time before starting your day, you appreciate where you are. You have less stress and you step outside of your comfort zone. I saw this Muriel on the side of a building and pulled over to take a pic because if I was on vacation that’s what I would do. Maybe you need to live your life a little more like you’re on vacation. Maybe you need to look at things different and enjoy the little things more. What do you think? Leave a comment!