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Did I post this before? Well here it is again lol #teacher #mean #og #knockedup #bitch #tellithowitis #humor #barabara #man #leftyourass

I love watching my little munchkin eat - it’s just the cutest thing 😍. #weareperfect Inwardly I’m a neurotic anxious wreck at times though: please don’t choke, please don’t choke, PLEEEEASE DON’T CHOKE!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣 #nobodysperfect #mum #mumlife #weaningjourney #weaning #baby #cute #cutebaby #cutebabyvideos #blueeyes #babyblueeyes #honesty #tellithowitis #reality #nervous #happy #eat #food #firstfoods #sixmonthsold #video @just.cute.kids


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Mumdaze is the new Mondays, not sure if the grammar is even right here but woke up today in a bit of a Mum-daze after an unsettled toddler night (resulting in lying on the nursery floor singing various different lullabies / any song going really on repeat), and a mountain of tasks to finish today in preparation for our Pop Up shop opening a week today !! 🙌Quite a few coffees later though and things are finally starting to shape up, can’t wait to get everything set up now and showcase the fabulous new collection at 24 Dukes Lane, Brighton from next Monday 26th August- 1st September💫 #mumdaze #manicmumdays #supermum #superpowered #popupshop #onceyoupop #mumstyle #fashionmum #stylishmum #newmum #toddlermum #shecandoboth #newcollection #brightonshopping #brightonstyle #funfashion #sustainablefashion #aw19 #summerstyle #funmum #coolmum #motherhoodunplugged #tellithowitis #breastfeedingfriendly #breastfeedingfriendlyfashion #bankholidayweekend #bankholidayshopping

PERIOD #tellithowitis


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"I want to get stronger, but I don't want to give up wine, dark beer, or delicious food." Meet Jen. Jen reached out in January - a New Years Resolution girl! Her family just booked a summer vacation to Lake Powell and with the weight she gained last year, she was afraid that she would be the weak link in the group. She admitted that she was afraid to ask for help and support. She saw people in my group look like they were having fun working out and laughed. "It seemed daunting. That's not me" So we talked. She told me what she was willing to do and what she wasn't willing to give up. She also just accepted a promotion for a very demanding job and would be traveling across the state 2-3 days/week. She has 3 children, in 3 different schools, that all play sports. #busymom, right? But we made a plan that worked for her. She knew miracles wouldn't happen over night, but she knew that as long as she was making steps in the right direction, she would be better off. She started with a 20 minute program. Then she did a program that was only 4 days a week. And now she has committed to a 100 workout program. Each program gave her the flexibility she needed in that season of life. And in those 6 months, she went from a tight size 12, to a solid size 4. She is down 30lbs and tons of inches. She can now wear suits that she kept in the back of her closet, hoping that some day she could pull them out again. Oh, and on that Lake Powell vacation, she hiked through rivers, climbed through canyons, jumped off cliffs, wake boarded and swam everyday. And she carried 50lb board bags through the airport like a champ. And even while enjoying some of her favorite foods and brews, she came home down one more pound. Realistic goals + a realistic plan = anything is possible. "It really is a lifestyle change and I'm a huge fan. With Kristin's time, honesty, positivity, and motivation - I am now the strongest, mentally and physically, that I've ever been in." #workingmoms making it work. I gotta love it. Lets give this badass mama a 👏🏻 shall we? Her hard work continues to pay off and I couldn’t be more proud. What would you refuse to give up, on your journey?

We been running all week and today is no exception, except today we are running late. Rest time, selling at fairs and buying has left the shop looking like this. We’re going to be busy today so if you want to see what we’ve found then pop by for first picks.

My kids. The loves of my life, the reason I breath. I'm so grateful to be a Mum & spend my days with them....... but also the same kids I can't wait to get away from for 5 days next week 😂 . #justbeinghonest #trulydolovethem #tellithowitis #kidfree #cantwaittoescape #willmissthemlikecrazywhenimgone #mumlife #momlife #socialmarketing #onlinebusiness #conferencetime

*Real Motherhood Moment*. . . Yes I am on the toilet. Yes he is sitting on my knee. Why? Because really I don’t have much choice😂 plus if anyone were to walk in my house, which does happen, they would get an eyeful As the baby bouncer is in the doorway so can’t close the door. There really is no escape, motherhood literally is 24/7 with no toilet breaks!😂🙈. . #another_average_mum #mumlife #momlife #toddlermom #toddlermum #mumof3 #3under4 #dailyparenting #mumbloggeruk #dailyblogging #everydayparenting #family #love #toddlersofinstagram #myhonestmotherhood #honestmom #raisingthefuture #documentinglife #honestparenting #mumsquad #realmumlife #sahm #sahmlife #mummydiaries #realmumsofinstagram #realmumstyle #tellithowitis #notoiletbreaks #toiletselfie

I had to post this just because it's too funny and shows just how aggressive bass can be. The #berkley #bulletpop walks and pops amazingly by the way. You need one. Oh and by the way, blur baits are extremely gay. If you post blur baits, you're seriously gayer than aids and more than likely a promotional staff whore. Notice I said promotional staff and not professional staff. Keep bending over. #fishing #bassfishing #catchandrelease #largemouthbass #dink #ultradink #futuregiant #hungryaf #nature #wildlife #outdoors #washington #evergreenstate #pacificnorthwest #pnw #pnwonderland #upperleftusa #fishingthepnw #psa #truthhurts #tellithowitis #dontcareifyoureoffended #generationsnowflake

Got the sweetest text from my Aunt Kamie yesterday. Just the encouragement I needed to get me through the week. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ -⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ -⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #lovemyaunt #missmyaunt #memyartmylife #tawnyawilliamsart #lifeblogger #tellingmystory #blogger #tellithowitis #storyteller


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✨ Surprise yourself with your own damn courage. ✨ Blow your own mind once in a while. ✨ Do that thing that scares you. ✨ Push the fear aside and do the damn thing! ✨ Because life is much more exciting outside that comfort zone. Are YOU willing to GO FOR IT, today?? (and for what it’s worth, this is the first time I’ve done the splits since high school. The last time I tried - in my 20’s - I was drunk and couldn’t walk straight for weeks 🤷🏼‍♀️🙈)

Not happy about the hot day but the pool sounds nice. #dogdaysofsummer #pooltime #babyswimlessons #tellithowitis

Getting stuck in a dress in a shop and having to be cut out remains one of our most embarrassing life experiences. Clearly it’s time to shape up! Or just stay home in our PJs a bit longer . . . #embarrassing #life #dietstartstomorrow #honest #tellithowitis #girls #fashion #style

Sherry Blake

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@jordan__kimball you ARE the reason I love paradise so much!!! #bachelorinparadise #shakeitup #tellithowitis #modellove

BALANCE 💜 • You know there’s no wagon right? So there’s no falling off and there’s no getting back on again 🚚 • It’s called life and it’s about finding a balance that works for you. This weekend I played HARD 🥳 so it figures that today I was gonna have to work hard to make up for it and boy was that workout hard 💦 • There were jumps and leaps and firecrackers and lightening bolts and loads of other moves I’ve never heard of or done before but I absolutely LOVED every bit of it ⚡️ • Well actually that’s a lie, I struggled like hell but now that’s it’s done and those endorphins are flying round my body I feel like a fucking SUPERSTAR! 🌟🌟🌟 • #thisgirlcan #healthyhedonist #tellithowitis #yougotthisgirl #realtalk #keepingitreal #mondaymotivation #nevermissamonday #fatscorcher #buttkicker #fatburner #hiitworkout #fatburningworkout #fighttheflab #hiitburn #hiitworkout #cardioworkout #cardiomeltdown #morningmeltdown

Wedding day chaos... These type of images tell us so much. Not a white dress in sight but so much going on; there is strong sculpting light, plenty happening and I was really happy with the composition, the line of bridesmaids and the bride getting ready and the children larking around at the end of the frame. Image shot in a beautiful light filled home in Ilkley. I am no longer shooting weddings but it is this story within a story that I am bringing to my family photography . The previous image shows the other story in that moment, the little flower girl have a pre ceremony nap-very wise! @jo_booth_


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Read this👉 https://bigthink.com/surprising-science/exercise-mental-health?rebelltitem=3#rebelltitem3 👈Read this, I’ve known this & been advising this for years, not because I'm a mental health scientist but I have learnt this just through my own experiences of using training to help cope with whatever life throws at me & believe me I’ve been putting it to the test lately! I’m not going to give you a poor me story but trust me... I’ve witnessed the effects of exercise helping big time with mental health for myself since I was a teenager & I've witnessed it help so many others over the years. I'm just putting this out there to make people realise "It’s not weak to speak" so get help from professionals & seriously consider a trainer who truly cares for others! There’s plenty of us out there! Mental health can definitely be managed through exercise & I believe the higher the intensity the better the relief. Start with low intensity but consistency everyday then build on the intensity over the weeks... then smash it! You'll feel awesome! Even if it's just some relief for a few hours post training well that's a good short term benefit immediately & then the long term benefits are even better when you get your mind back to a happy healthy state. 👊👍 #nofakelifebullshit #tellithowitis #itsnotweaktospeak #maxfithealth&fitness


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SAVE and SHARE this post if you are a camper - new or old - that might need a reminder of some basic camping rules. 1️⃣ I’m on vacation. I don’t care if your kids want to play with my kids, but please don’t expect me to entertain your kids. We don’t need to know Johnny’s experience at his 6th grade dance last year when we are trying to relax! 2️⃣ Bring a hat. Doing your hair when you are just gonna get it messed up again at the pool or beach is a waste of time. Plus its less to pack. 3️⃣ Keep your damn dog on a leash. Yup, that’s called following the rules, folks. With every walk I’ve taken Bella on, at least one dog has met us on the road only to have the owner yell for it to come back. Thankfully my dog is nice, but if it wasn’t, I know you’d be pissed at me even though it wasn’t my fault. 4️⃣ Everything s’mores is calorie-free on vacation. Even s'mores ice cream. Especially today when it’s #nationalsmoresday 5️⃣ Be engaged with your kids. You know how you say you never have enough family time? Well here it is. Go to the beach TOGETHER! Play football on your site TOGETHER! Play cornhole TOGETHER! Unplug a little and enjoy the quality time you get before the back to school rush. So these are just a few of mine. I want to hear yours now. What is a camping rule YOU have? Share below! 👇🏼👇🏼


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From cover up to crop top. Who is this girl? This was a girl who was embarrassed.  Who was afraid of the looks she’d get from the other moms at the splash pad for wearing a bikini with her less than perfect mom-bod. A girl with ZERO confidence after having kids.  Who refused to take her cover up off, even in the water.  Who had NO energy and wished her kids didn’t ask her to play at the splash pad so she could just sit on the sidelines and watch. Who was surviving on sugar and diet coke.  Who couldn’t wait for her kids to go to bed so she could crash on the couch. But now, 5 years later, things have reversed. She ditched the regular McDonald’s drive-thru runs for diet pop and cinnamelts.  She started to sweat in her basement for 25 minutes a day.  GASPING for air.  Stopping a lot.  But not giving up. She went from not being able to do a single push-up to being able to carry her two 55lb boys at the same time.  She actually looks forward to working out and appreciate the morning routine that gives her that boost of energy before the rest of the world is even awake. She has learned to appreciate veggies and has branched out more than the canned veggies she had as a kid.  Oh and don’t worry, she still doesn’t turn down ice cream. She takes long bike rides with her boys and they start complaining about the distance WAY before she does. Take THAT, energy! And yeah, she rocks this damn crop top.  And yes, she now goes to the beach without the cover up. She smiles.  And she means it.  She’s happy.  And she’s living a life that she loves and is so grateful that she isn’t still living the life she was 6 years ago. So whoever says that it’s too late to turn things around needs a wake-up call. It’s never too late.  I am proof that you can age in reverse.  It takes work, but when the alternative is to live my life like that 33 year old version of me, it’s a no-brainer. Now be honest, how do you feel about crop tops?  Should they be left for teenagers, or do you think adults can rock them too??

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It's TRUE 🤷🏻‍♀️ ▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎ Like ❤ ▪︎ comment 🤗▪︎ follow 😘 #quotestoinspire #quotesoftheday #quotes #empoweringquotes #changequotes #lifequotes #tellithowitis #honestyquotes #life #busy


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Excuses are like assholes. Everyone has one. Especially when it comes to why you say you couldn’t do what I do. I mean, what could you REALLY not do? Is it the workouts? Do they seem too hard? Not possible to keep up with? Or is it the nutrition? Are you afraid you will have to give up pizza and ice cream? Or that you will be starving all the time? Or is it because you are the QVC queen and have random shit that sits in a closet, still in the plastic wrap? And maybe your husband will give you THAT LOOK if you buy just one more thing? But how the heck will you even know if it will work until you try it? Or learn more about it? Or give it a good solid shot with the best support you could ever get?? So instead you spew out excuses and call it good, but then still get mad that you aren’t making progress. Am I right? So here is what I’ve got for you! I am opening an EXCLUSIVE group for newbies ONLY. In this group, you will get: ✨1:1 getting started right call with me. We will set goals and create your ideal plan. ✨Daily accountability in a private group filled with motivation, extra resources, and support. ✨Weekly 1:1 calls to identify successes and challenges and to tweak the plan for the next week. ✨Weekly meal plans and tons of recipes for you to use. This group is perfect for: ✨Those who want to get started, but want a little more 1:1 support and guidance from the start ✨Those who are willing to put in the work. Not for 3 days and give up. Like real, legit effort. ✨Those who are willing to actually follow the plan we create together. No, not perfection, but you won’t act like you know more than the experts and try to do your own thing. ✨Those who want to FEEL good and have energy throughout the day, without relying on caffeine, sugar, or that afternoon nap. This is NOT for: 🙄Those who aren’t willing to put in the work or invest in themselves. 🙄Those who give up easily and make too many excuses. So now that you know the details, go straight to the link in my bio and fill out the app. Then hit SUBMIT. Do it this time. For real. You’ve held out long enough and now it’s time to see the magic happen! 🙌🏼


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I’m a bad ass with a good ass. And I’m still smiling after I just about got my ass handed to me. How’s that for having a kick ass start to the day? Happy Friday, yo!  Time for some camping adventures with my people once they wake up.  What are you up to this weekend?


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“Wow, you’ve changed a lot” Hell to the yes I have!  Those that knew me in high school will see a different person now.  The quiet girl isn’t so quiet.  The girl who kept to herself, isn’t afraid to share her own opinions.  That girl who walked with her head down, now walks with her shoulders back. So what created that change?  Where did that confidence come from?  How do you become more confident even as you get older?  How do you keep growing and changing even once you are out of school? Here are THREE things I have done in the past 5 years to help build my confidence. 1️⃣ Read personal development.  I know, roll your eyes, but for real - I love a good “tell me how it is book”. None of that kumbaya shit, but real, raw, and no bull-shitting waste of time.  Because it helps me get out of my own head and see life from a different perspective. 2️⃣ Do something for myself EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  Take time for ME.  Realize that I am important and I must fill my own cup. I need to do something for me on the daily.  Because when I feel my best, my strongest, my happiest, I just feel more relaxed and better overall.  It just helps with the positivity and when I’m in a better mood, I tend to feel more confident. 3️⃣ Be mindful of who gets my time.  Spend time with people who get me - people who don’t judge me.  Spend time with people who have similar interests - similar beliefs - versus people who are just conveniently in my life.  Spend less time with people who complain all the time and make lots of excuses.  Debbie downers create more debbie downers.  #notcool And again, it takes time.  One book didn’t necessarily make me feel like a badass.  One good friend didn’t make me unstoppable.  But over time, these things have made a difference.  One that I’m proud of. Comment below!  Do you think you’ve changed much since high school?


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If you can’t handle a little tough love today, keep a scrollin’. If you can handle it, read this…. 👇🏼👇🏼 You are not stuck. You are making a choice. Now read it again. And again. Do you get it? Like really get it? Like do you really realize that most of those things we bitch about are things that we have a choice about? When you have shit that hits you hard, do you sit there feeling sorry for yourself, dwelling on it during your own pity party, or do you think of solutions? Do you think about people that could help you during that hard time or do you find other debbie downers to surround yourself with? If you feel stuck at work, what can you do about it? If you feel stuck with not having enough time to get things done that you really want to do, what can you do about it? If you feel stuck with never having energy, what can you do about it? If you feel stuck in your marriage, what can you do about it? If you feel stuck financially, what can you do about it? Yes, it comes down to choice. Will you put in the energy and effort to get UNSTUCK, or will you use that energy and effort to whine and complain? If you will put in the work to make your situation better or if you will stay where you are right now. It’s up to you my friend, but I’m here to tell you first hand that the energy you put in, is SOOO worth it! Now share this with a friend who might need to hear this and save it for when you need the reminder too!


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I’ve always played small. I’m too quiet. I’m not athletic. I’m not popular. I’m not outgoing. I’m not pretty enough. I don’t know the right people to be successful. These are the EXACT things I told myself for YEARS.  Things I truly believed because I wasn’t part of the cool kids club for so long.  I wasn’t called to hang out on Friday nights.  I wasn’t invited to the parties.  And I let my thoughts about success revolve around how much those cool people talked to me.  Or didn’t talk to me. And ultimately, I let my (lack of) confidence be controlled by people I didn’t even fit in with.  I was trying too hard to fit in where I had no business fitting in.  I was afraid to do things because of what “those people” might think.  Even though we weren’t even friends!! HOW.DARE.I 😳😳😳 Fear has held me back for so long.  TOO long.  But now that I found MY people, I don’t have to worry about fear.  There is no comparison - no judgment.  And I can be ME.  Unapologetically me.  People who push me.  People who encourage me.  People who support me.  People who laugh with me. People I don’t have to explain myself too - or be fake around. And that feels damn good! So I’m here to tell you, that whatever that fear is - quit tiptoeing around it.  QUIT being afraid to do something because of what “those people” say.  If “those people” are judging you, they aren’t YOUR people.  Bless, release, find new people and live your damn life. Life is too short to live in fear.  Do the damn thing that you’ve always wanted to do and find people who will cheer you on every step of the way! Now be honest - have you been playing too small? I want you to know that you aren’t alone, but it’s time to CHANGE that so you can live your best life starting NOW! COMMENT BELOW with your favorite emoji to show that you are gonna push past that fear and do the damn thing you’ve been dreaming of!

Maxfitter Trina’s post: "It's true what they say about exercise.... to be successful at it, it has to be a part of your lifestyle" 😁🏃‍♀️🚴‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤾‍♂️ Get into the gym daily and you'll be glad you did!!!! Make it part of your daily routine either starting or finishing your day. 🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♀️ #memberspost #trainhardfeelgood #tellithowitis #humpday

Who wouldn’t want an additional 10K !! The Army will offer up to a $40,000.00 sign on bonuses. Take advantage of these incentives ! Get your college paid for. Use the bonus to get a fresh start! Think long term on this. The Army will get you ahead. #grether #armyteam #armystrong #letsgoo #katy #tellithowitis #tx #katytx #tx


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If you hate social media, then you are using it all wrong. It’s funny how people say that they hate all the drama on social media. But aren’t YOU the person that picks who you friend or follow? And if you don’t like their vibe, can’t you block or unfollow them? Then why the hate? It’s all under your control, right? I mean, I get the fact that it can suck you in, but if you follow the right people, it will leave you empowered - motivated - excited - happy and encouraged. Am I right? And maybe it’s just me, but I feel like social media is the place that I can actually find people just like me. With the same interests - the same quirks - the same humor. It connects me with people I would never have met, but people I actually connect with on a deeper level than just living in my neighborhood or working with them. And when you find people that you connect with so much that you can finish each others sentences and practically share a brain with, I call that a WIN! I mean, everyone needs a friend that they can give a piggyback ride to, in full laughter, and then later tell them that you’re glad you didn’t fart during all of it, right?? 🤷🏼‍♀️ #friendsforlife So I’m curious - do you appreciate social media in this way, or do you realize that you might have to do some unfollowing in the near future to keep your feed more positive??


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When I was a kid, I would look at my Nan and wonder what it felt like to be blind. Did it hurt? Did it feel like something was stuck in your eye? Could you see anything at all, or was everything just a big black—a nothingness. These were questions to ponder as from the doorway I'd observe mum hand Nan a plate of passionfruit doughnut. Quietly, I'd sneak into the room to sit in Pop's chair. Switching focus to Nan and her search of the plate, I thought I could feel Nan's frustration as she pushed little pieces of iced coated cake round and round trying to capture just one tiny bit, desperate to taste her all-time favourite pastry. From my place in Pop’s fireside chair, I’d watch intently, holding my breath as I tried to gauge if Nan was going to have a good day, or bad. Leaning forward, willing Nan to find and corner a piece of the doughnut, I'd silently cheer her on as from within the fire box, flames danced. Bright orange tendrils laced with yellow centres flicking and licking, searching the blackened log, sputtering intermittently as they hungrily devoured inch after inch of stringy bark. It was as if the fire gods were mocking Nan, “See, even we can capture our food, and it tastes delicious!" But not unlike the log in the fireplace, Nan would often fall victim to a set of circumstances that she was just as hopeless to control, as the log was to escape that of which would eventually consume it. It was as if Nan and the log were kindred souls on opposite ends of the spectrum. Both human and nature caught in a world where the hunter could not capture, and the victim could not flee. More than 30 years later, I would discover if being blind would hurt, and whether it felt like something was poking at my eyes. I would also find out how dark black could be. Hi, I'm Sasha, and this is my story; sometimes told in pictures, mostly told in words. . . .

COACH LOVE 💜 • When my fabulous coach Emma @not.my.first.rodeo has got my back I know I’m set for success 🙌🏻 • She is following in the footsteps of her fabulous coach Susie @ensusiasm who is paving the way to success for all of us by showing up daily and doing the damn do 👊🏻 • It’s not rocket science. It’s consistency and persistency. Every day, I get up and do the damn thing and it’s taking me one step closer to being the best version of me 🥰 • There is no greater feeling than knowing that the power to change your life is in your hands. If it’s meant to be, it’s up to ME! 🙋🏼‍♀️ • #soulsquad #sweatysouls #onlinewellnesscoach #onlinehealthcoach #onlinefitnesscoach #thisgirlcan #healthyhedonist #tellithowitis #yougotthisgirl #realtalk #keepingitreal #mondaymotivation #nevermissamonday

A true indication of where I have came from till now. Reality is... I'm not one for putting on my 💖"Positive Pants"💖 and stretching to hell out of one side, my pants were never stretched at the seems, yes they are a size 28 and they fit me perfectly 👌 like how an office person would wear their pants. It's a indication of where my transformation started and as you can see where my waistline is now..it makes a difference in how a photo should look. My pants size went from a size 28 now👇👇 to a size 12...beyond my expectation ❤. My positive pants keep me going, reminding me that I never want to be that size again. Keeping it real and your inspiration will shine. This is it....#realnraw #tellithowitis #reality #real #photos #truth #inspiration #workhard #transform #keepongoing #goals #


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I recently read a fantastic article on being a parent – raw and honest observations from mums on their experiences. It was a breath of fresh air to read some unfiltered and hard-hitting truths about this subject. Most of us only admit our negative feelings inside our head, for fear of judgement – from ourselves as well as others. In fact, I think parenting is probably the one area of our lives, where we are judged the most. It brings to mind an incident that happened to me at Christmas. It was late one night in our sleepy village. I heard a commotion outside – teenagers on their way home after a night out. They saw me looking out of the window and whilst looking me straight in the eye, snapped my Christmas lights and laughed. I suspect they were somewhat surprised, when I then gave chase in my nightie, down the street for this misdemeanour. The next day, I posted the incident on the local facebook page – to see if anyone knew them. Christmas fairy lights may not seem important in the scheme of things, but believe me, when it takes 3 hours to put them up – they are! I received many responses, but by far the most common was ‘I blame the parents’. Well, I don’t. It wasn’t the parents who snapped the fairy lights. I do not know the parents, their story and suspect they may not even know what their sons are up to some of the time. I can sympathise because I have a teenager too. With the best will in the world, I do not know what he is up to all of the time. That doesn’t make me a bad parent or one who does not teach morale and respectful principles, it just means that I don’t do 24 x 7 surveillance. And let’s face it, if my son has done something he knows to be wrong, he is likely to cover his tracks, as best as he can............The full article can be found at https://www.bizcatalyst360.com/managing-the-hell-out-of-life-part-13-the-raw-reality-of-parenting/ #mollysmasterclass #parenting #judgement #rawrealityofparenting #beinghonest #doingourbestasparents #tellithowitis #fearofjudgement


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I was a victim. A dreamer. The girl who thought that all it took was those 5 arm moves from the health magazines to get some toned arms for summer. And I went all in. I tore those workouts out of the magazine like a boss. I pulled out those diet hacks and put them in page protectors in a binder. I was GOOD.TO.GO! Okay, well the thought was nice. I think I did the moves for like 2 days, maybe 3 and then gave up. Those magazines sure do make it sound easy though, don’t they?? And when they put some fitness model with 6-pack abs on the cover, we assume the magazine has all the answers. But does anyone really get results doing those moves? Or actually stick to that routine for more than a day or two? Yes, small steps add up. Yes, there are benefits to doing those 5 arm moves, or a circuit of ab exercises, but when you don’t have a full complete plan to follow, what are the chances that you are gonna see any sort of success and stick to it? And how bored will you get doing the same 5 moves over and over again? And do they ever even talk about how you won’t even get those results if you don’t eat according to your goals? But what if you had the full package? The variety of resources - the support - the guidance. Do you think you’d get results? So that’s what I bring YOU! I’ve got the full solution WITHOUT those magazines. ✨A different workout every day to keep your body progressing. ✨A TON of recipes at your disposal. ✨A tribe of other busy ass moms who check in daily for motivation and accountability. ✨Real life 1:1 support from me to help you make this work with your lifestyle. For the long haul. But I can’t do it for you. As easy as all of this sounds - YOU gotta make that move. You gotta put in some effort for it to be returned to you tenfold. Want a no-nonsense, “tell me what to do to get results” plan?? I’ve got you. Are you a “I have no idea what kind of plan to follow but I want to have more energy and feel better in my clothes” mama? I’ve got your back. It’s time to put some money where your mouth! Give me 30 minutes for a month. I promise you won’t regret it. The app is in my bio. Go fill it out. You deserve it!

Vicki Collins

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6weeks post OP I can now see a difference I've lost 2st5lbs in the 6weeks and 4st9lbs since the start of my journey in Feb 2018 Picture on the left was the day I had my gastric bypass picture on right was taken yesterday, Super happy xxx . . #pictures #facetofacefriday #myweightlossjourney #myslimmingworldjourney #gastricbypass #postop #gastricbypassandme #6weekspostop #lifestylechange #fromfattofit #happywithmyself #feelingpositive #believeandachieve #gingersofinstagram #myjourneymyway #followmyjourney #upsanddowns #tellithowitis xxx

Kayla Mckay

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Discipline. For me disciple is a must. I am the person who tends to put my feelings aside and pretend or unintentionally try not to show them. I have recently realized that although I want to be independent, not expressing how you feel is where I personally went wrong. In order for people to take you serious, or know how you truly feel you must say it. I am all for expressing how I feel through art but not personally, or through communication. I learned that I have to start being strict on myself and blaming or telling other people how I really feel. For example if I got stood up on a date, instead of saying “I’m okay, it didn’t brother me” , I’m going to say “I feel hurt, embarrassed, let down” and really tell that person how they made me feel, and start blaming people for their actions, when needed. Really put your pride away and tap into your emotions. I AM AQUARIUS, IM SUPPOSED TO HAVE “NO EMOTIONS”, but at the end of the day I am HUMAN and I do. #callingitout #tellithowitis #tapintoyouremotions #letitout

I do hope you can join me in celebrating 100 shows of #chewthefatwithmatt at 6.30pm Wednesday night 31st July live on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/matt.fletcher.3517 When I first started the show 3 years ago, I was not sure where it would go, and now 100 show on it's time to celebrate a little. The show has been a steep learning curve for me and some of my listeners. The opportunity to share my life experiences and at times vulnerability with you has been invaluable. The 100th show will be a top ten of my biggest lessons and guiding principles for health and happiness. I do hope you can join me live, with love, Wednesday night 31st July at 6.30pm. Matt


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“Oh, live a little. That pizza isn’t gonna kill you!” And you are right. Unhealthy meals here and there won’t kill me. I don’t NOT eat those things. But sometimes I make other choices because I know what its like to go down that rabbit hole of unhealthy eating. And how it feels. The lack of energy, the cravings, the desire to eat, eat, eat. And I don’t like it. So I eat healthy as much as possible because even if I don’t see the effects on the outside, the choices I make over a period of time DO affect my insides whether I want to admit it or not. Eating fried foods consistently, WILL affect your heart health. Eating ice cream and candy regularly, will affect your blood sugar. Eating junk food all the time DOES affect your energy levels and ability to focus. And it was even more of a reality check when it happened to my mom. One cigarette didn’t kill my mom. One month of smoking didn’t kill my mom. Repeated smoking killed her. And while people say “but we know smoking is bad” can’t we say the same of unhealthy eating? And guys, she had ZERO signs of cancer until she was at stage 4. She thought she pulled a muscle in her back and found out that cancer was in her lungs, brain, femur, and liver. To say we were shocked since she looked healthy on the outside, is an understatement. So while I’m not here to judge those that don’t want to change because they are “fine” now, I want you to know that the choices you consistently make TODAY, WILL affect your future. Whether it be your eating habits, your smoking habits, your drinking habits, or even your sun exposure. And NO this process is not an easy one. I struggle myself. “Balance” looks different daily. But I’m mindful. I know my limits. But even when I struggle - I don’t give up. It’s a work in progress that isn’t easy, but it’s so worth it. So yes, you only live once. But don’t ignore what you do today, thinking you and your body are invincible to the side effects. I know all to well that things can change in the blink of an eye. And if you want the support, want to learn, want to do this together - know that I’m here for you. Learning and growing right along with you!

Whoops I chopped off the top of the quote! #tomhardy #tellithowitis

Had a lovely afternoon on Sunday at my daughters for dinner and spending time with this little beaut, she is just so funny, she’s trying to lick my face ☺️ but she has absolutely no filter when she’s had enough she asks if you want to go home now🥰🤣🤣 #autismhasnofilteronlythetruth 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 . . #nannyandgrandaughterbond #mylittleprincess #lovehersomuch #tellithowitis #love #grandaughter #autismawareness #honestyalways #home #priceless


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The easy part is done! Despite waking up just 4 minutes before my virtual workout crew got started (I’m gonna have to move my phone away from me so I quit hitting snooze), I had everything ready for my workout last night so I could fly down to the basement to get started on time. Phew!! But here comes the hard part - the nutrition. I can rock out a 20-30 minute workout like it’s my job, but what I put in my mouth for the 16 waking hours in the day has always been the hard part for me.  BUT since that is where 80% of the results come from, it’s worth the work, which is why meal prep is so critical for me. And thanks to planning and prepping ahead, I could get my quick workout done AND easily grab my planned food to take on today’s impromptu road trip up north, without freaking out or getting off track. Even when things don’t go as planned, having things prepped ahead, is a lifesaver. Which is harder for you - getting a workout in or your keeping your nutrition on point??

I asked James what he had to say about non monogamy, this is what he sent me: . Man I do love being in an open relationship!!! • Reason 1: I have become more honest - I would cheat and lie to old gf’s and now I don’t want to because I can clearly express what I want and we can talk about it without fear of shame or guilt • Reason 2: Found the Best Wingman EVER!! - It’s amazing to go out with my significant other and be able to pick up people for one another. • Reason 3: SO MUCH Communication - Taara and myself talk about everything. IT’S AMAZING and LIBERATING! • Reason 4: Self confidence grew - Once we found our community it started to build up my self confidence that I can talk to anyone, approach anyone and also gained the ability to hold conversations with anyone. • Reason 5: It’s so fucking hot!! - We have had numerous experiences together and there is no story from 10 years ago that would even crack my top 10!! • #fromjamessmouth #nofilter #tellithowitis #whyilovenonmonogamy #nonmonogamyfte #swingercouple #swingerlifestyle #openrelationships #ethicalslut #sexyswingers #flyyourfreakflag #sexuninterrupted #modernswingers #healthyrelationships #relationshipgoals #consensualnonmonogamy #foodforthought #spiritualslut #nonmonogamy


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Well damn.....there’s this! 💯 #🤣 #truestorybro #ilovelucy #tellithowitis


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For real though - when it the last time you’ve had long-term success by just winging it? Do you think that marathoners can just wing it for a few months and be successful at their race? How about teachers?  What would happen if your child’s teacher was winging it everyday? Nurses - doctors - do you think they can wing it? At the end of the day, if you want to be good at something - see results with something - you have to know what the hell you are doing.  And that takes education and a plan. So when people ask why I follow a workout program that has a given calendar of what to do each day, I tell them it’s because I’m not a trainer.  I have a background in teaching math.  How am I supposed to know what to do for fitness?  I’d rather follow what personal trainers have already created and is proven to work, than wing it and waste my time. I mean, what busy mom has time to do all that research and planning herself? And when people ask why I make meal planning such a priority - it’s simple.  Because if I don’t, all hell breaks loose.  I’m too much of a foodie with too many bad habits from the past (#realtalk), and if I didn’t plan out my meals, I’d end up eating gummy bears, diet wild cherry pepsi, and nachos everyday.  I need to plan out my food to make sure I’m getting the right balance and not overloading on carbs.  And if I didn’t plan, I’m sure veggies wouldn’t exist in my day either. So if you are struggling, realize that you aren’t alone.  But instead of being frustrated with where you are, let’s look at your goals and identify a doable plan for you!  Because whether you are Type A like me or not, if you take time to make a plan (or get help doing it, if it’s not your jam), I promise you that you will be more successful than just guessing at what to do. What is the hardest for you to figure out? A meal plan or a workout plan?


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Being recognized is not my thing.  I don’t like attention on me.  In school, I always turned 50 shades of red when I was called on.  And when I was young, I always said that I would never get married because I didn’t want everyone look at me while I kissed my new husband. #realtalk But last week I was recognized for having the most volume within my bigger team, in one week of the business.  And when I got home from our conference two weeks ago, the boys saw this badge I was wearing and asked what those ribbons meant. So while that still is recognition, this time it’s a little different. Because that volume - those ribbons - represent people I’ve helped.  They represent MOMS that I get to help reach their goals.  MOMS that I get to share resources with to help live their best, most confident, strongest lives.  MOMS who have joined my community, that I get to support every damn day.  MOMS who now have the energy to enjoy life with their kids again. It goes way beyond a transaction – or a sale.  It comes with a relationship – a bond – a mutual support system – that I will always be grateful for. So while these ranks, these achievements, these ribbons are kinda cool, I am so much more thankful for the moms that have put trust in me to help them change their lives.  And regardless of this recognition, or any ribbon, I would keep doing it without hesitation. To my tribe – I’m forever grateful for your trust and friendship.  I wouldn’t be where I am today, without your support and belief.  And to those of you not yet in my tribe, I can’t wait for you to join. Tell me, do you like to be recognized, or are you more hush hush??


24 Days 12 Hours Ago

Vacation carb coma, anyone?? 😳😳 After being gone for most of the past 3 weeks, with a fair share of eating out (including ALL the carbs), here are 3 things that I'm doing to reign it back in. 1️⃣ Don't carb alone.  If I'm going to have a carb, I'm gonna pair it with something else - preferably some veggies or protein.  This means no handfuls of chips mid-afternoon.  Because we know that one turns into a gazillion, and well then that turns into wanting more carbs. 2️⃣ Pair fruit with a healthy fat or veggie.  Same thing as carb-ing alone, having fruit with something else helps balance that sugar intake.  A good balance prevents your body from craving more of one specific thing. 3️⃣ Veggie it up.  If you have been eating ALL the carbs on vacation, you probably didn't have many veggies.  No shame - I didn't either!  But get them back into your system ASAP!  Just be careful.  Too many veggies might put your stomach on high alert.  All that fiber at once, might wreak havoc to your tummy for a few days.  You might want to stay away from too much cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower for the first couple days. Oh, and don't forget to drink up, girlfriend.  Water, that is.  Not only are you probably dehydrated from being in the heat more, but those veggies you are eating could use some help moving through your digestive system! What carb did you get too much of, on vacation??

Christina Pakus

24 Days 13 Hours Ago

Sometimes you have to tell it like it is, and if being able to roll w the punches and being CHILL gets you there, then chill on and be the boss babe you wish you saw more of in this world 💯 #wokeup #sunday #success #tellithowitis #morningmotivation

Paulita Handy

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Im patient, but aggressive 😎 #tellithowitis#lonewolf #calmandcollected

SUMMER HOLIDAY - DAY 4 It was an early start for the boys meaning I had dragged them from their pits before lunch time .... I was of course greeted in no other than a Kevin and Perry manner! We dropped my poorly sick car at the garage, then proceeded to walk up the main steep hill in our town centre - chuff me was it hot walking up there. I was puffing and panting like a goodun! We went for a cuppa and I decided to try out the theory that having a hot drink when you’re already sweating like a 🐷 actually cools you down .... whoever told me that was clearly having a laugh - I swear It was almost the final straw for me! Believe me when I tell you all you need to cool off is an ice cold G&T, beer or Prosecco! Ditch the kettle! The cake tin is now empty as Archie’s Bakery wasn’t open - he will no doubt be on it again as and when he drags himself from his bed ... I keep telling myself at least we are getting some of our 5 a day! After finishing an afternoon candle party with some amazing ladies where we all sat melting as I’d lit enough candles to celebrate a 100th birthday, I decided to nip to Asda on my way back .... you’ve never seen so many people almost having a breakdown at there being no ice, no cool bags and no frozen lollies!!!! I grabbed my gin and some pizzas and ran for the door (after paying of course) 🤣 After dinner we walked the dog (and the cat who followed us again) round the park (Archie carried the dog home as he thought he was tired), and guess what .... everyone (except for the odd bicker here and there) got on with each other! I wonder if this is it and I’ve cracked it ... happy days!!! Well let’s see what Day 5 brings shall we? #parenting #schoolholidays #teenageboys #mumblog #reallife #tellithowitis #gin #summer2019

SUMMER HOLIDAY - DAY 3 All good on the baking front ... Archie didn’t disappoint and has again baked a dozen carrot cakes .... be warned if you see me I might come bearing gifts! We narrowly avoided a world war 3 situation by all sitting in different rooms to calm down plus the mother in law was here to act as a mediator ... being hot, bothered and trying to parent two stroppy teenaged hormonal boys in the summer holidays is just not a good mix 🤣 I dreamt last night that a hoist was required on holiday to remove me from the pool so clearly the carrot cakes are not only weighing heavy on my hips but on my mind too! I did spend a little quiet time in the garden cooking like a hog roast on a bbq and came to the conclusion that I will master this and we will have stress free days ... OH YES WE WILL!! Day 4 .... I’m declaring you the day that I enjoy stress free school holiday parenting 👊 #parenting #schoolholidays #teenageboys #mumblog #realife #tellithowitis #gin #summer2019

SUMMER HOLIDAY - DAY 2 Well we are still alive to tell the tale of day 2 so it could have been worse I guess .... We have more carrot carrot cakes courtesy of Archie my star little baker ... I took them on a 6k walk in the full heat to try and tire them out obviously I left the dog at home). All was going well and for most of the day we had fun ... we saw the police, firemen 😉 and ambulance services at the local library and the boys made fingerprint key rings and saw the police drone etc, they went to the ice cream van, we had lunch in the garden, BBQ for dinner - everyone was friends still and I thought I’d sussed this holiday malarkey ... piece of .... cake!! Fast forward a few hours and Ollie decides to liven things up a bit and unleashes devil child going out of his way to p**s everyone off, so I decide to walk the dog round the park where every gnat and his chuffin mate have had dinner on me ... you could do a dot to dot on my body!!! I think I’ve found another 10lb yesterday so the bikini body is fast not taking shape with me now needing to lose about 7lb a week before I go .... somehow I had another gin (or two) 🤪 not even sure how they got in my glass ... day three you are going to be a challenge after no sleep last night, thanks to the storm of the century .... I’ll share the story of how day three goes later! #parenting #schoolholidays #teenageboys #mumblog #realife #tellithowitis #gin #summer2019

SUMMER HOLIDAY - DAY 1: Well we officially made it through day one the summer holidays .... and with no major meltdowns from me or the kids (although we did come close a few times) ... We have carrot cakes courtesy of Archie and choc chunk (he couldn’t be arsed to chop the chocolate so it’s in the squares as it comes in the block) cookies courtesy of Ollie ... I’m probably 2 stone heavier thanks to the home bakes and gin consumption last night to not only celebrate completing day one but to prepare me for day two also .... do tune in again later to see how day two goes! #parenting #schoolholidays #teenageboys #mumblog #realife #tellithowitis #gin


26 Days 14 Hours Ago

Looking back to these days, I’ve realized how much I’ve grown in motherhood from a year ago. They tell you it’s hard, but boy does it change you, in so many ways you wouldn’t think of either. It’s about enjoying the amazing moments of laughs, park dates & cuddles and learning the ways of how to keep everyone from crying at the end of the day (including yourself). There’s stress especially doing it alone, for the most part, you learn to rely on yourself & the tribe that pushes you every day that you can do this. It’s worrying about making sure your kid turns into a half way descent human being. It’s been a rewarding but difficult journey. As he gets older, I’m realizing how true it is to soak in these times of them being little. He has such a personality, he’s loving and affectionate to everyone he meets, he is determined and strong and he doesn’t give up. Ever. What a smart little guy i have. I couldn’t put into words the lessons he’s taught me just being his parent, and what lessons he will teach in the years to come. There has been so much growth, so much change and SO much love. && it doesn’t stop here. ❤️ . . . . . . . . . . #blogging #memories #singleparenting #oneyearago #growth #love #boymom #toddlermom #strength #photography #supportsingleparents #nojudgement #workingmom #fulltimestudent #latenightthoughts #browsingmyphotogallery #enjoythemoment #momlife #momblogger #realmotherhood #tellithowitis #somanyhashtags

Surf’s up baby! 🏄‍♀️ We had a fantastic day at Cromer beach @visitcromer #weareperfect Yes, we had a wonderful day: BUT ... wow, the amount of extra paraphernalia you have to take with you to the beach 😱😱😱 (it’s bad enough leaving the house with a baby on a normal day, but with a visit to the beach involved we’re basically talking moving house!) UV sunsuit, UV sun hat, zillion factor sunscreen, waterproof nappies, rug/mat, parasol for shade, rubber mallet to bang in said parasol, tons of water, cool bag, snacks, towels ... and when they’re a little bit bigger you can add in bucket and spades, inflatables, arm bands, beach shoes ... and a fricking surf board!!! Worth noting: You’ve also got to get all this stuff onto the beach: has anyone ever tried pushing a town style buggy with little wheels on a beach?! And given that sea level is the lowest possible point, you can almost always guarantee that your trip back to the car at the end of the long day will be an uphill struggle with you loaded up like a donkey!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Gone are the days when I used to just take a large sarong to lay on the sand, some tanning oil and a good book! 😎 #motherhood #mumlife #beach #surf #surfing #surfer #surfergirl #surferbaby #cute #funny #baby #insta #instagram #ig_uk #norfolk #portrait #shot #iphonography #shotoniphone #parenting #kit #tellithowitis #honesty #reality #beachlife

The past 7 months have been so challenging. Homelessness during pregnancy has got to be one of the most challenging things I have gone through. What are the chances of your apartment getting repossessed by the bank as soon as you find out your expecting? 🤦🏾‍♀️ Its definitely up there next to fighting an auto immune condition that no one really knows about (including the medics 🤷🏾‍♀️). Being an empath, absorbing the energies of the environments I have been thrown in while pregnant has not been easy. Moved from hotel room to bnb to bedsit... then to get sepsis on top of it all! 🤦🏾‍♀️ Sometimes I felt that no amount of sage and grounding would eliminate the pain my soul was feeling and still is but... Everything happens for a reason... My reason...I AM a light bearer... 💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫 I have been asked to take part in a ch4 dispatches documentary on pregnancy and homelessness in Birmingham...coincidence? No such thing. Everything is divine...even the struggles. All through it all though, one thing that has been constant is my guides protection and love. Giving thanks for that and the journey this far 🙏🏾🙌🏾💜 The struggle is real but so is my faith. #everythinghappensforareason #homelessness #pregnancy #newmom #myblessing #myworld #beautifulstruggles #divine #orderinthechaos #documantary #tellithowitis #mylife #temporarypain #blessingsindisguise #newbeginnings #life #guided #protected #faith #iam #lightbearer #lightworker #trust #divinetiming #enjoylifeslittletreasures #naturalmiracles

Max C Bud

28 Days 16 Hours Ago

“This all or nothing approach to life has left me in a troublesome mood. The simple reasons I can’t describe, still it gives me something to prove. Today the sun don’t shine. I don’t feel no pain. We don’t need no drugs to survive then. What I truly want is a new beginning.” • • • I wrote the second verse whilst reflecting on a time of vulnerability in my life. I, like many others have dealt with mental health in my life. Either through personal experience and/or those close to me. Some are prescribed medication as a coping mechanism whilst others choose a different path. I remember at the time, I was talking to a close friend. As we were discussing this exact topic, he said to me. “We don’t need no drugs to survive”. I thought what a great lyric. It was during the writing process of this verse where i figured out exactly what my intention was for this song. My intent was to connect with the listener. Deep, I know. Hopefully some of you make a connection with this tune. . . . Content filmed and edited @tygelanda . . . disclaimer - last scene might make you thirsty. The afternoon of this shoot was the perfect setting to crack a tinnie. @younghenrys


29 Days 20 Hours Ago

Mom...I have a paper cut. Cool...you were almost 8 pounds at birth 🖤 #kidlove #momlife #sorrynotsorry #xo #meanmom #tellithowitis

ᒪ Є A

28 Days 15 Hours Ago

HACK ALERT! . . At the start of this year I pulled my hamstring, limiting my lower body movements, with and without load. . . But last week, was the first time I dared to reach pass my toes! 😃. And what was even more rewarding.... I could add load to my hamstrings in a stretched position. . So are you ready for the Hack, that the title suggests? 😃 The secret to becoming more mobile or recovering from an injury is..... . Consistency! Consistency in doing the work that needs to be done. Full stop! . . Yes! It’s usually the boring, repetitive, mundane exercises. In my case, lots of eccentric, isometric then concentric loading of the hamstrings. . . But that’s what it takes. And even more reason to approach your training from different perspectives, be creative, and know you can always train around an injury or restriction. . . Sorry to those peeps that wanted that quick fix! But I’ll be upfront with you now, you simply won’t find any of them here! #notsellingbullshit #tellithowitis #puttheworkin #sorrynotsorry . ✌🏽♡ Lea x . . . . . . . . . . #jeffersoncurls #hamstringstretch #movementculture #strengthandmovement #rehabilitation #mobilitytraining #performance #coach #strongandbendy #bodyweighttraining #calisthenics #gymnasticsstrengthtraining #adultgymnastics #weightlifting #strengthandconditioning #sydneyclimbing #sydneybouldering #climberslife #strongissexy #calisthenicsgirls #fitspo #climbers #personaltrainer #gymmotivation #sydneyfitness #sydneypersonaltrainer