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3 Hours Ago

I think I have commitment issues when it comes to books. I started The Secret Place months ago and abandoned it 138 pages in, for shiny new books. Sorry, Tana French. Anyway, I'm in a thriller mood once again, and my mother has been raving about French's novels so I'm picking that one up again. I have to go back at the beginning though because I remember NOTHING. Well done, Mathilde 👍 — The Secret Place is a crime mystery set in an exclusive girls' boarding school in Ireland. The body of a boy was found in the grounds of the school, and a year later, someone writes a message on a picture of the victim: "I know who killed him." This is part of the Dublin Murder Squad series, of which I read In the Woods and The Likeness (both excellent books.) I'd recommend French's novels not only to fans of crime fiction but also those of Donna Tartt. 🙏 . . . #tanafrench #thesecretplace #readcrimefiction #crimefiction #bookstagram #bookflatlay #bookstagramfeature #igbooks #instabooks #igreads #met_createchange #thefinchbook #bookclubcollective #bibliophile #booklovers #booksandglasses


7 Hours Ago

“What was it with people around here counting everyone else’s money?” #whenlifegivesyoulululemons 🍋 - 3/5 ⭐️ #bookreview #2018reads


23 Hours Ago

“Fairness is for happy people, for people who have been lucky enough to have lived a life defined more by certainties than by ambiguities.” #alittlelife


1 Day 2 Hours Ago

Working my way through all the @pushkin_press Japanese novellas, next up is Ms Ice Sandwich by Mieko Kawakami. Also I may be addicted to Hi-Chew... • •• ••• •••• #msicesandwich #miekokawakami #pushkinpress #bookish #bibliophile #bookstagram #goodreads #booksofinstagram #bookphotography #bookphoto #booklover #bookaddict #amreading #instabook #instaread #igreads #igbook #readersofinstagram #bookstagramfeatures #bookishfeatures #vscoreads #vscobooks #bookcommunity #bookishcommunity #thefinchbook


1 Day 7 Hours Ago

happy #caturday! 🐈 A little reading update: I didn't want to jinx it but I think it's safe to say now that I have officially beaten the reading slump. After finishing Give Me Your Hand by Megan Abbott, I picked up Her Name was Rose by Claire Allan (sent to me by @avon_books & @meetbookgirl, thanks again!) I finished it this morning and it was definitely an enjoyable read (I'll try to post a quick review!) And because apparently I'm in a ~murder~ mood, I have now chosen Before Her Eyes by @jackjordan_author as my next read (thank you for sending it my way!) Anyway, all of that to say thank god for thrillers. What are you reading today? . . . #readingupdate #bookstagram #currentlyreading #bookstagramfeature #met_createchange #bookclubcollective #thefinchbook #openbook #igbooks #igreads #catsofbookstagram #catsandbooks #booksandcats #booksandpets #catswithbooks


1 Day 23 Hours Ago

with my baby moving to college tomorrow, obviously i had to search my TBR shelves for an appropriately sad-sounding title to read. oh, and to further the melancholy, that’s his beloved baby blanket pictured with the book. because, you know, 😭😭😭 • GOODBYE FOR NOW by laurie frankel (fiction) smart and sad, with snappy dialogue + love & loss, memories & mourning + technology as a balm for broken hearts = 👍🏻 • “Missing is remembering. They are the same act. They are part and parcel.” • #goodbyefornow #lauriefrankel #whatiread #becausereading #fiction #bibliophile #littlebookreviews #books #readingisfun #readinglist #readingrules #booklover #bookworm #bookish #bookstagram #instabook #instaread #ilovebooks #voraciousreader #readbooks #instabooks #readabook #readmore #readmorebooks #igreads #thefinchbook #whattoread #whattoreadnext #reader #brettlikes👍🏻


2 Days 2 Hours Ago

Happy Friday! I am on my own for a few days & am looking forward to spending a whole lot of time reading & maybe a little browsing in some of the local bookstores. I may even pop in to @russellbooksvictoria again to enjoy the rows & rows of books seen here... What are you up to this weekend?


2 Days 7 Hours Ago

“The floor seemed wonderfully solid. It was comforting to know I had fallen and could fall no farther.” #thebelljar #sylviaplath


2 Days 9 Hours Ago

Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860-1935) fue una escritora norteamericana autora de un puñado de novelas, varios ensayos, cerca de doscientos relatos, una pocas obras de teatro e incluso una autobiografía. 🌺 Como activista en la lucha por los derechos de la mujer, en su obra refleja esa batalla contra los prejuicios y estereotipos de género y la importancia que concedía a los estudios y al trabajo como medios de conseguir una independencia económica. Porque, según ella, sólo así la mujer podría dejar de ser la típica "amante esposa y madre devota", sumisa y hogareña, para convertirse en un ser libre y pleno. 🌺 'Si yo fuera un hombre' (Uve Books, 2018) es una recopilación de nueve de sus relatos acompañados por estupendas ilustraciones del genial Coles Phillips. Entre todos tengo que destacar: 🌺 _ 'El papel amarillo'. Un matrimonio alquila una casa colonial durante tres meses con el fin de que la esposa se recupere de una depresión postparto. Obligada por prescripción médica a guardar reposo, sin poder realizar actividad intelectual alguna y sintiéndose incomprendida y tratada como una niña, pasa las horas muertas en un dormitorio con las paredes empapeladas de color amarillo. 🌺 - 'Abandonado'. La señora de Ellphalet Johnson ha trabajado como una mula para su marido y criado sus hijos mientras el se emborrachaba y malgastaba la herencia que ella había recibido de sus padres; dificultades financieras obligan a Ellphalet a poner todo a nombre de su mujer... 🌺 - 'Exiliada'. Los Marroner han acogido en su casa a la joven cita e indefensa Gerta, a la que educan y tratan como a esa hija que nunca tuvieron. Pero un día la señora Marroner descubre que Gerta está embarazada... 🌺 Un libro estupendo para pasar un agradable día de verano 🌺 #charlotteperkinsgilman #siyofueraunhombre #literaturanorteamericana #northamericanliterature #classicbooks #classicliterature #classics #clasicos #librosclasicos #floralfriday 🌺


3 Days 5 Hours Ago

I finished King’s The Eyes of the Dragon yesterday and DEFINITELY saw references to The Dark Tower multiverse, so I feel compelled to restart the series. I’m doing this thing where I’m trying to read all the King books that might have characters referenced in The Dark Tower before reading the corresponding DT book so I catch all those delicious Easter Egg bits. I do still need to read The Talisman, but otherwise I think I’m now in the clear up to about Book IV. For those who might be interested in doing the same kind of thing - there are actually numerous guides out there that instruct you in which order to read King’s books (if you’re a total nerd like me 🤓).


3 Days 7 Hours Ago

What makes me happy in one photo 🌻 #eid mubarak Al Adha yaaaay to looooong weekend! Much needed bonding time with my daughter 🌸 She’s growing way tooo fast I wish I ccould pause it! I love how she involves herself in everything I do and for me this is one of my best Instagram shot. Happy Thursday everyone may you have a great one!!! #bookstagram #rupikaur #milkandhoney


3 Days 8 Hours Ago

“To spend a life in dreams, that sounded too lovely.” #sharpobjects #bookclub #tbt


3 Days 10 Hours Ago

Just a few passages I really like from Give Me Your Hand (aka my most anticipated book of this year). I thought it’d be more interesting than just sharing the synopsis. Also, Megan Abbott knows how to write complex and flawed female characters, and more importantly, antiheroines y’all. She’s one of my favorite authors so I was glad this book didn’t disappoint. 🙏 — "Remember, you don’t have a self until you have a secret." — "By telling me, you trapped me," I say through my teeth. "By telling you," she whispers, rain still glistening on her, "I was free." — "Women have always been far less violent than men, the author conceded. The facts speak for themselves. But why, then, he asked, are women so much more ferocious in their violence? It has always seemed to me that the answer lies in the question." — "Women have to live so much of their life in the in-between. . . . #givemeyourhand #meganabbott #thriller #bookstagram #bookflatlay #bookstagramfeature #met_createchange #thefinchbook #bookclubcollective #igbooks #igreads #bibliophile #booksandflowers #instabooks #instareads #booklovers #bookquote


3 Days 10 Hours Ago

“A weird time in which we are alive. We can travel anywhere we want, even to other planets. And for what? To sit day after day, declining in morale and hope.” -Philip K. Dick . “If we believe in nothing, if nothing has any meaning and if we can affirm no values whatsoever, then everything is possible and nothing has any importance.” -Albert Camus . “This very heart which is mine will forever remain indefinable to me. Between the certainty I have of my existence and the content I try to give to that assurance, the gap will never be filled. Forever I shall be a stranger to myself.” -Camus _______ _______ #currentlyreading #nihilism #existentialism


3 Days 22 Hours Ago

This is some weird fuckery but I couldn’t stop reading it.. Brutal and cool are definitely the right adjectives to describe this one, with for sure hints of ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ for the new millennium. “Social Creature” (2018)


4 Days 3 Hours Ago

“A single lamp existed for the purpose of giving light to the alley, and at no time did this serve much more than to make darkness visible.” - The Nether World . Have you ever missed someone so much you hardly know how to function? On the cusp of leaving university, a lot happened in my life. When you’re then plucked from the scene and placed halfway across the world, something happens to perspective. Everything begins to feel ungraspable, surreal when you’re physically distanced from an issue at hand, a situation— or a certain person for that matter. At least that’s how I felt. Confidence in oneself sometimes feels like a big ask. It wavers sometimes and that’s okay. I’m learning that. ‘Happiness,’ as my aunt says, ‘doesn’t have to come from one person or one source; it can come from many little things, places, people, yourself. You make happiness after all.’ . Here’s to ☺️.


4 Days 7 Hours Ago

“...anytime you point your finger to accuse someone, there are three fingers beneath it, curled to point right back at you.” #aplaceforus


4 Days 10 Hours Ago

"Truth is seldom romantic." ☠️ This was such a comfort read; the writing flowed smoothly like a shot of whiskey before bed. (That kind of comfort.) Eccentric characters, a bit of romance on the side, and overall a sharply plotted mystery. Luke Fitzwilliam was played by Benedict Cumberbatch in the BBC adaptation (slightly altered to accommodate Miss Marple) so I had him in my head the entire time. There. I've put him in your head as well. Let's discuss more at the end of the month at the @maidensofmurder account! #maidensofmurder


4 Days 15 Hours Ago

May i finally present to you this colourful stack i got from Powell’s books in Portland! 📚💥 Two pretty hardcovers that are going to bring me to Burma and Alaska, some short stories by Miranda July (loved her novel The first bad man), a Woolf (my first), and Fates and Furies, which i’ve been looking forward to for quite a while. Did you read any of these? Which one to start with? #powellsbooks#eowynivey#charmainecraig#virginiawoolf#mirandajuly#laurengroff#bookpile#bookhaul#igreads#tbr#bookish#reading#bibliophile#thefinchbook


5 Days 4 Hours Ago

it’s that time of year—rush is underway right now at my alma mater—so before the review let me just sneak in a little ‘rah, rah for kappa kappa gamma!’ 😊💙🦉🗝⚜️💙 🏛 RUSH by lisa patton (fiction) what i expected to be just a fun & frilly read was oh-so-much more—i adored this book! + reminiscent of The Help, in a southern sorority setting + humor, heart, and an overdue, necessary conversation about doing what is good & right = 👍🏻 🏛 “Turning a slow circle, I look around at thousands of happy girls, bouncing on their toes, full of excitement and hope, and I’m reminded that some of the girls I’m watching right this minute will have their hearts broken. And that one of them could be me.” • “I can’t help picturing their faces when they see me. Will I be welcomed into the fold or treated like a black sheep? It’s one thing for a black lady to cook or clean in this milky white House. It’s another thing altogether for a woman of color to be the one in charge.” 🏛 so many thanks to @megwalker1225 at tandem literary, @lisapattonbooks, and @stmartinspress for sending me this lovely ARC—and the bag of ‘happies’ to go with it! (—> swipe to see! 😍) you guys can get your copy on aug 21! 🏛 #rush #lisapatton #whatiread #becausereading #fiction #bibliophile #littlebookreviews #books #readingisfun #readinglist #readingrules #booklover #bookworm #bookish #bookstagram #instabook #instaread #ilovebooks #voraciousreader #readbooks #instabooks #readabook #readmore #readmorebooks #igreads #thefinchbook #whattoread #whattoreadnext #reader #brettlikes👍🏻


5 Days 7 Hours Ago

Do you believe reading speed increases with time as we read more ? Does the reading speed matter to you , or do you give a fiddler's fart about it ? Do you time the hours, you read in a day ? . .. . . . #selfmusings #bookstagram #bibliophile #unitedbookstagram #booklover #igreads #igbooks #bookworm #bookish #penguinenglishlibrary #amreading #bookish #booknerd #bookworm #booksofinstagram #aestheticfeed #pursuepretty #libraryofbookstagram #booklove #penguinclothboundclassics #booknerdigans #bookstacks #booksbooksbooks #bookblogger #bangaloreblogger #thefinchbook #met_createchange


5 Days 7 Hours Ago

“I am afraid. Not of life, or death, or nothingness, but of wasting it as if I had never been.” #flowersforalgernon #tbr


5 Days 9 Hours Ago

"When I stepped into Babamukuru's car I was a peasant. You could see that at a glance in my tight, faded frock that immodestly defined my budding breasts, and in my broad-toed feet that had grown thick-skinned through daily contact with the ground in all weathers...It was evident from the corrugated black callouses on my knees, the scales on my skin that were due to lack of oil, the short, dull tufts of malnourished hair. This was the person I was leaving behind. At Babamukuru's I expected to find another self, a clean, well-groomed, genteel self who could not have been bred, could not have survived, on the homestead. At Babamukuru's I would have the leisure, be encouraged to consider questions that had to do with survival of the spirit, the creation of consciousness, rather than mere sustenance of the body. " • . Tambu, the speaker of the above quote and the story's narrator, is a young woman living in 1960's Rhodesia who seizes the opportunity to leave her village and be educated at the missionary school run by her wealthy, British-educated uncle Babamukuru. What she quickly comes to realize is that this western-style education is not without its own cost - what she gains in "refinement" she risks losing to the "nervousness" that seems to come hand in hand with the adoption of English sensibilities. We see this firsthand in Tambu's cousin Nyasha, Babamukuru's daughter, whose experiences in England have impressed upon her the supremacy of a (very un-Shona-like) waifish ideal of beauty, as well as a staunch resistance to her father's claim of absolute moral authority. I actually found Nyasha to be an extraordinary compelling character, one who guides Tambu at least to some extent toward a more mature understanding of the world and the space that she can carve out within it. I’m holding out hope she’ll reappear in the sequel. • . There's a lot going on in this book (which deals heavily in binaries: woman/man, black/white, educated/uneducated) and I'm not going to be able to do it all justice here. Pick this up for an enlightening discussion of gender, race relations, and the far-reaching impacts of colonialism. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️•


6 Days 2 Hours Ago

Happy Monday! I always struggle with the first day of the week. It’s midday & I’ve not quite woken up yet 😫 — How do you feel about short story collections? I love them! They make for perfect lunch time reading or for a break between longer novels. I’m always in owe of writers who can deliver a great story in a couple of pages. These are two on my shelf that I can’t wait to pick up. Any favourite collections that you’d recommend?


6 Days 5 Hours Ago

A man who changes reality when he dreams, a psychiatrist who wants to control the dreamer for the greater good. The greater good is always tricky especially when it is determined by one man, which is a theme that Ursula Le Guin kept going back to. The Lathe of Heaven questions "The Greatest Happiness for the Greatest Number," a question and an argument that continues to be relevant, and is probably too complicated for a definitive answer. But would you change the world if you could? (I would.)


7 Days 4 Hours Ago

“He’s like a perfect, windless pond, her husband once said. You throw something in just to watch it sink, and you’re going to see it on the bottom staring back at you for the rest of your life.” #florida #laurengroff


7 Days 8 Hours Ago

Hope you're having a nice weekend y'all. I spent mine cleaning, reading and just staying home like the hermit that I am. Pure bliss. 💛 I'm almost done with Megan Abbott's newest novel Give Me Your Hand, and I love it so much. So intense, and Abbott knows how to write antiheroines so well. This was one of my most anticipated books of 2018 since she's one of my favorite authors. Glad it doesn't disappoint so far! 🙏 What have y'all been up to these days? . . . #bobbysbookclub #bookclubcollective #met_createchange #thefinchbook #thetravellingcatchronicles #hiroarikawa #bookstagram #bookstagramfeature #igbooks #igreads #bibliophile #booksandcats #catsandbooks #catsofbookstagram #catsofparis #catsofig #tabbycats


7 Days 24 Hours Ago

This has been on my list for such a long time.. bumped it up in priority; I’ll miss his wit, and talent, empathy, and humor. The audiobook was everything I wanted it to be. “Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly” (2000)