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Clients that will literally get in a bush for you are the best kind to have. ⠀ #pnwlove #tryingstuff #olympicpeninsula

One of the most exciting parts of the day... when you ask yourself, “is this real life” 💛

Bride tribe

Every evening, I reflect on my day. What was awesome about my day? What I could have done to make it better? Who made the biggest impact on my day? What made me laugh the hardest? What was the hardest task I conquered? This year my word is ‘Intentional.’ And carving out time in the morning and night for questions like these help me to shape my day, get clear, and go kick ass. And then end my day with gratefulness, peace and knowing that I did everything that I could to have an amazing day - even if my to do list didn’t get completely checked off - but that I took care of the absolute musts. • Do you set a word for the year?

Had the opportunity to celebrate a small Afghan/traditional/American wedding for Shugofa and Nazeef. I’ve never experienced an Afghan wedding before and I really enjoyed the ceremonies that went along with the wedding. I’d like to wish Shugofa and Nazeef a happy marriage, long life and prosperity!

When sparks fly

When @annalisa.foutz has hair like an angel 😇

Everything about to come together

Group huuuuugs are my favorite

How adorable are these two?! I loved meeting and capturing Addy and Cole at the workshop this past weekend. The cuddles + laughter was non-stop, which I’m all for ✌🏽

My baby sis goes back to college tomorrow, so I had to sneak in ONE LAST shoot until summer— perfect opportunity to try out new edits and fun techniques 💛 Also can you believe those are her REAL lashes?? My feed is filled with this beautiful face & I’m so grateful she supports me %1000 and is always down to model🥰 xoxo, I’ll %1000 miss youuuuu.

You guys don’t even know how much joy this candid brings me. In July I photographed Paige’s wedding and in December I photographed Sage + Sergio. I got to make new friends with Paige’s mom who’s an incredibly talented florist in Branford @la_lafleur_florals and we later did a styled shoot together in August! Then at their wedding, Sage and Sergio made me feel right at home with their UCONN pride as Sage was just recently inducted into the volleyball hall of fame and Sergio Plays MLS for Michigan! But The best part is that Paige met Sage while playing hockey as kids and then she married a pro Hockey Player. Not only did I feel special that both friends chose me for their wedding but I got to surround myself with some really great athletes! Our family is big on hockey and baseball so it only makes sense that I like to surround myself with amazing people and talented athletes!!!

yesterday my friend told me that we’re supposed to get like 15 inches of snow this weekend. i don’t know if he’s right (nobody knows this is ILLINOIS we’re talkin’ about!!) but if that’s the case this is what my days will be looking like ☝🏼 and if i’m being honest i’ll probably be watching something really cringy. can i be realllllly honest? the other night hulu started playing old episodes of @fearfactor and now i can’t stop watching it 😩 okay i feel better that i got that off my chest. please don’t judge me. tell me what embarrassing shows that you secretly watch so i can add to my list!! PS- the way Andrew is smirking at Emily makes my heart explode 🥰 • • • • • #lexpoulakosphoto #illinoisweddingphotographer #illinoisphotographer #midwestphotographer #midwestweddingphotographer #illinoisvalleyphotographer #engagedaf #thewandererscommunity #adventurousstorytellers #belovedstories #shootandshare #midwestlovestories #inhomesession #weddingpioneer #weddingpioneerchicago #muchlove_ig

Dance floors are a fun decor piece! We like when our couples want a dance floor that isn’t just a dance floor, but a decoration. 💃🏼🕺🏼 #letitbeevents

J + J

i'm notorious for not eating left overs.⠀ ⠀ i didn't realize it before. but if it's not pasta, hibachi, or pizza leftovers, you can betttttt I'm not going to look at it again. ⠀ ⠀ Growing up, my parents would bitch at me for doing that so i just always thought it was a thing kids do..... but alex brought it up that i hate leftovers.. and this is true, i do. lol⠀ ⠀ whats a weird thing you do? i've heard of people ripping off the first few tissues from the toilet paper to avoid contact with other peoples finger germs lol⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀ #wedchicago #photobugcommunity #communityovercompetition #authenticlovemag #beyondthewonderlust #thenarrativesociety #dirtybootsandmessyhair #lookslikefilm #chicagobrides #belovedstories #engagedlife #theoutdoorbride #thebloomforum #theknot #weddingwire #thebridaljourney #travelandweddingmagazine #thewandererscommunity #coloradoweddingphotographer #adventurousstorytellers #midwestbride #adventurewedding #coloradophotographer #adventurephotographer #wedventuremag #intimateweddingphotographer #coloradobridesmag #mckenziebigliazziphotography #weddingdayready #carefreecouples @authenticlovepresets @wedcolorado @shutterbombs @belovedstories @midwestlovestories @weddingpioneerchicago @wedcolorado @weddingpioneer @coloradobridesmag @shootandshare


In my attempt to continue to share the moments that don’t always get shared in these little squares, here’s just a few glimpses into some powerful moments of this day that no amount of posing or prompting could produce. Prayer was such a beautiful part of this wedding, and here’s just a few of those moments that I think need no explanation.

I really need to get more wide shots in. They always turn out to be some of my favorites 😍 Do you guys want to see more of my wide shots, close ups, or detail shots? ° ° ° #wedphx #adventerouslovestories #wildloveadventures #wildhairandhappyhearts #thewandererscommunity #wildheartedstories ° ° ° @wedphx @adventerouslovestories @wildloveadventures @wildhairandhappyhearts @thewandererscommunity @wildheartedstories

miniatures // #ginasframe

Life was meant for great friends + great adventures 👯‍♀️💕🚙

It's been a while since I've introduced myself! 🙋‍♀️ This is me + my better half 😍 He proposed to me last year in Barcelona overlooking the entire city, with my favorite Cava in his backpack. I couldn't ask for a better soul by my side, supporting me in all my wild and crazy dreams! We are both travel nurses, traveling around the country every three months. Honestly, this type of gig is dream-like and I wouldn't trade it for anything. We try very hard to adapt to a minimalist lifestyle, both owning less than 30 clothing items. Every place we travel to, we rent a bedroom in someone's home and that is my absolute favorite part. I love meeting strangers that later turn into family. You'll typically find me in the kitchen, attempting to make all the food after watching Chopped. Or in a yoga studio wishing I was more flexible than I am. Photography is where I let my creativity run free. It unleashes this new person inside of me and I will never stray away from that feeling. I love meeting creatives all around the country and seeing new places both through my lenses and with my eyes 😍

As a photographer who’s not afraid of greens, I’m LOVING this rain and I hope it makes everything fresh 🌿 - - - - Photo @geejersphoto Venue @myfrenchfarm Styling @whimsiephotographie Dress + Accessories @clairepettibone Suit @stitchandtie Shoes @bellabelleshoes + @clairepettibone Florals @alacarteflowers Velvet Ribbons @emmalinhco Silk Ribbons @heyitsohsopretty Hairpiece @_allaboutromance_ Bride + Groom @willowmodels @itz_maximilliano @kyleebaty Hair + Makeup @katelynalfordmakeupartistry

Get yourself a man who makes you laugh uncontrollably like this and everything will be alright always 💘

You are the only exception ✨ __________ It’s currently snowing and I’m sitting here bundled up and editing thinking about this dreamy Arizona desert session

From the Wedding of S & A • • More info : 📲 081294741426 #ikawijayaa #nikonindonesia @nikonindonesia #weddingday

These two threw such a beautiful and intimate wedding this past weekend in Cabo. I don’t think we’ll ever get over it! #oneinamillison

All the 😍😍😍😍, please.

Still one of my favorite wedding couples ever!!!!🍺

I am absolutely blown away by the amount of people entering my giveaway (go check out my last post if you don’t know what I’m talking about!) and supporting my business 😭 I am feeling seriously blessed right now! — I just got home from meeting with an August 2019 bride and my second shooter, @madisonjoue (who is an amazing photographer)...I’m shaking with excitement! I am so incredibly excited for this wonderful wedding season that is coming up ✨ . . . . #weddingphotography #centralalberta #winterwonderland #jessicakaitlynphotography #oarsandbeanies #globalcreativess #reddeerphotographer #sograteful #thewandererscommunity #thatsdarling #couplesphotography #wildloveadventures #wedadventuremag #authenticlovemag #youngandwildstories #loveintentionally #littlethingstheory #winterphotography #reddeerphotography

When a sweet travel nurse beauty goes to Tahoe and meets an adventurous west coast dude with a big smile.

Hace 15 dulces años jaja 📷

I’m not really into quotes or inspirational sayings which makes captioning hundreds of wedding photos hard. These two were head over heels in love and this moment was so lovely, and here’s a picture to prove it.

Kevin contacted me to capture popping the question to Kaity during their trip to Charleston, and afterwards, we spent some time on this super precious engagement session. They even had family fly in to celebrate with them! All in all, this was one very special day and I'm grateful to have been included in all the sweetness!

Receber a bênção ♥️ // que momento incrível né!?

✦ R Ë A D Y to W Ė A R ✦ Guess what, babes! You asked and we listened. We’ve just added a ready to wear section to our site for a few of our most requested jacket designs [ our cow skull is one of them! ] to make purchasing even easier for you. Unlike our custom design packages, this option includes the jacket as well. Head on over to our site now ✧ link in bio ✧ to check it out! Anddddd as always , we wana hear from you!! Let us know if you there are any other designs you’d like to see added to the collection 🖤

I just can’t wait to shoot their wedding. thank u, next

tava faltando uma foto deles por aqui ♡ cacau & deco & muito amor nesse ensaio lindo (que durou um final de semana inteiro!) viajando por várias praias do litoral de sp/rj ♥️ saudades, inclusive!

O melhor lugar do mundo é você ♥️

Lookin’ sharp 🌹 P.S. I hate the Instagram crop - - - - Photo @geejersphoto Venue @myfrenchfarm Styling @whimsiephotographie Suit @stitchandtie Florals @alacarteflowers Groom @itz_maximilliano / @willowmodels

I said this week couldn’t get worse... then I get into a car accident and likely totaled my car this afternoon😒 . Some dude was being waved to turn left into a parking lot from a turn lane by another driver and he pulled right out in front of me. I obviously t-boned him and we both walked away with minor injuries, thank god. My mom was just in a car accident last Monday. I’m ready for a break🙄


6 Hours Ago

My 20 minute commute 🇮🇲

I'm definitely missing long, languid summer evenings. And that's the only complaint you'll ever hear me make about winter.

Running around downtown and sneaking in a few kisses before their I do’s.

It only took them 10 years to get there. Can't wait to show you what we've been working on. It's almost ready for you @shannon_bucker & @kbucker 💕

Best way to end the best day everrrr. My kind of people right here!

“Ser feliz é bem melhor que ser rei!”

Hicimos una sesión indoor con Deborah, Oscar y Loki y al otro día decidimos madrugar y subir montañas para retratar una sesión de aventura al amanecer. ¡Que mucho nos divertimos! Dato: amamos estas montañas. Osea A-MA-MOS estas montañas. Llevábamos meses buscando un lugar donde las viéramos de fondo y por fin lo encontramos. Pronto puedes ver la sesión completa en nuestro blog.

BODRUM BLUE | MAURITIUS . Does anyone else ever feeling like they have no idea what they want from life? That they’re doing stuff, all day, that seems important, but deep down you feel like you were created to be bigger and better? . Happier? More successful? More at ease? . It’s a tough one because, as far as lives go, I’m up there with the super blessed. But I see people at work who are SO talented, so in tune with their journey and, seemingly, so satisfied. I can’t help feeling like I’m not even remotely there. . They say the 3rd Monday of January is the “bluest” day of the year. How about the 3rd Tuesday/Wednesday?! . I’ve chosen this restaurant picture to remind myself that miracles can happen. That good things do happen if you work hard, share with others and be honest. I just don’t know how to make miracles happen more often! 💙 . But here’s my nod to the 3rd bluest Wednesday: BODRUM Blue is a restaurant I visited on a dream holiday we were gifted by the #luxgrandgaube (media trip). 💎 . It changed my opinion on island holidays and changed my life for real and forever. Here’s my prayer to get better as swimming upstream in life. 🐳 . Link in bio or . 📸 @teamteamphotography . #theglobewanderers #turkishrestaurants #mauritiusparadise #thewandererscommunity #gotthepassports #mauritius🇲🇺 #wildernesstones #mauritiusbeach #blueoceanlife #somewheretravels #theglobewanderers #couplestravel #travelmauritius #visitmauritius #africantravel

Something about that first dance that gets me every time. . Maybe it’s the look in her eyes as she gazes at her husband. Maybe it’s the smiles on everybody else’s faces as they watch the new couple. Either way, I’m a fan. . What song was your first dance song at your wedding?? 🖤 • • • • • #radlovestories #thedailywedding #littlethingstheory #communityovercompetition #risingtidesociety #northtexasphotographer #okcphotographer #dallasphotographer #oklahomaphotographer #loveauthentic #oklahoma #authenticlovemag #oncewed #muchlove_ig #lifestylephotography #lifestylesession #couplesphotos #love #cute #cutecouples #belovedstories #loveandwildhearts #thewandererscommunity #cromerandco #presetsforgood #cleanshoesnormalhair

It was cold and icy here in Michigan this morning! Had some extra snuggle time with my babies in bed! I’m ready for the weekend already 😩👍🏻🙏🏻

just a tangled up tickle fight in summertime. 🌾 #tb