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2018-04-27 12:33:40

It’s time for my 2nd #luprondepotshot ... Last night my husband got to see first hand how I sit up all night next to him with night sweats and insomnia.. I don’t know if I wanna do the second one.. It’s done nothing for my pain while putting me through physical and mental Hell.. sometimes I would rather just deal with my endo pain... #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike #stage4endowarrior💛 #bowelendometriosis #bladderendometriosis #thelifeofanendomom #theseshotssuckballs #justwanttofeelnormal


2018-03-03 17:39:10

I have severe Stage IV Endo. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis at 19 years old. It has litterally made my life hell. I've undergone 15 surgeries, been to countless doctors, and have tried every treatment and medicine that exist. The pain comes back, the disease continues to grow. I decided to smile in my photo, because no matter what this disease throws my way, I am a warrior. 💛💪 "Who do you know that is 1 in 10?" @theendo.co #1in10 #iam1in10 #endometriosisawarenessmonth #photochallenge #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike


2018-02-19 13:59:02

Endometriosis Awareness month is right around the corner so pls help me #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike trend on social media and spread #endometriosisawareness


2018-02-18 23:21:47

This is what Endometriosis looks like. Sleepless nights, restless and painful night where you can’t find a comfortable spot on your bed and trying to cry yourself to sleep since your pain medications aren’t even touching the surface of the pain. Even with a complete hysterectomy and many surgeries after, along with changing your diet so much that you can’t even enjoy a piece of chocolate because it has soy in it. Share your picture with the hashtag #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike to spread awareness of this horrible disease. #endometriosisawareness


2017-10-13 18:06:04

Oh hey there 👋🏻 I thought I better introduce myself! That's me 👆🏻 I'm 24 and from the bottom of beautiful New Zealand. My Endo journey started when I was 18 but I've had symptoms since I was 10. I think being an adult is a bit like folding a fitted sheet, no one really knows what they're doing 😂 I have crazy curly and boofy hair but I recently cut it off to make one thing in my life a bit more manageable 💁🏼I'm an Aunty and I love it more than anything. Not being sure if I'll be able to have children is a huge concern for me but my little munchkins make it all worth it! I work at a wee country pub, which can be made difficult by my uterus trying to force it's way out.. I'm also a photographer and have my own wee business over at @fernmcaulay.photography 📷 I started @the_endocollection to connect with other women and to share and support! Direct message me if you wanna collaborate, just need to yarn or have a vent. 💕 Much love warriors xx #endometriosis #theendocollection #endowarrior #endosisters #support #love #endoeducation #intropost #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike #selfie


2017-10-13 16:07:22

Spent some time at SJP yesterday speaking with students about #endometriosis and #endometriosisawareness It is always so empowering getting to go back to this place and speak with young men and women about an issue that is so important to me. Knowledge is power, and getting to equip young men and women with the vocabulary and understanding necessary to advocate for themselves and the women in their lives is an incredible honor. Also, it was very windy!


2017-09-27 07:48:14

Trying to enjoy this beautiful day and feel great about myself while battling one of the worse endometriosis flare ups I've felt lately 😖off to school for an exam!#thisiswhatendometriosislookslike #thisisinfertility #justkeepsmiling


2017-09-13 19:32:24

Soooo, I'm chatting with some of my #endosisters in one of our support groups, when one of the ladies share this story: (repost with permission, sans name) Asked my doc yesterday (a new lousy doc) "Can you refer me to a pain mgt doc for my endo pain) "I'm sorry, we don't do that, besides, endo shouldn't cause pain". I went home and cried and cried. No more compassion in the health world. DOCTORS! SPECIALISTS! MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS! Y'all have GOT to do better! We NEED better! We DESERVE better! #fightingfiercely #endoawareness #weneedacure #fkendo #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike


2017-08-31 06:31:42

Hey yall! IT'S OFFICIALLY MY BIRTHDAY, and I couldn't be more excited! I wanted to take my gratitude to the next level by giving you Fighting Fiercely:Unveiling the Unknown about Endometriosis for FREE! That's right, TODAY ONLY, get your digital copy of Fighting Fiercely for FREE99 at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01182XECE #fightingfiercely #books #womenshealth #chronicpain #endosux #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike #weneedacure #chicago #endometriosisawareness #endoawareness #endosisters #educating #enlightening #empowering #family #reading


2017-08-25 06:01:04

August is my birthday month (8/31) and everybody knows I like to celebrate all month long! This year, I'm celebrating by giving YOU the gift! Now - August 31st, I'm sharing Fighting Fiercely:Unveiling the Unknown about Endometriosis with you for 50% off! Get your copy for just $10.99 when you use promo code: B7UX8QD4.Get your copy today at: https://www.createspace.com/5593147 #fightingfiercely #books #womenshealth #chronicpain #endosux #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike #weneedacure #educating #enlightening #empowering #chicago #reading #endoawareness #fkendo #


2017-03-28 09:55:30

#thisiswhatendometriosislookslike I slept well but woke up exhausted, I have a heating pad at my desk, I'm taking Tylenol like it's candy, I feel nauseated from the pain, I could work from home but am afraid I'd just sleep, sleep seems to be the only reprieve. I've been battling this for 2/3rds of my life and am thankful these intense times have been few and far between. Trying to keep things normal as well as just make it through the day.


2017-03-24 15:05:11

Endometriosis Awareness Day 24: The effects and symptoms of #endometriosis are more than just physical. They are mental, emotional, sexual, social, and psychological. Get Educated, get Enlightened, get Empowered to #fightfiercely for research, funding, exposure, and ultimately A CURE! #fightingfiercely #effendo #healing #endosux #weneedacure #chronicpain #176million #endoawareness #womenshealth #endosisters #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike


2017-03-23 16:59:04

Endometriosis Awareness Day 23: Endometriosis is NOT just a 'bad period'! In fact, although most commonly found in/around the reproductive system, it is NOT the only area #endometriosis can and has been found. One of the primary reasons that hysterectomy or pregnancy is NOT a cure! #fightingfiercely #educating #enlightening #empowering #chronicpain #womenshealth #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike #effendo #weneedacure


2017-03-18 19:02:34

Awareness Day 18: Endo Fatigue! YES its a thing, and it's VERY real! #fightingfiercely #fkenfo #endosux #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike #fightlikeagirl #chronicpain #endosisters #endowarriors #ineedacure


2017-03-05 14:42:09

#endometriosis Awareness Day 5: Though often touted by loved ones with very good intentions, I am often very frustrated and sometimes greatly annoyed when I am approached by different people offering me their various "cures" for Endometriosis. "Eat this, don't eat that, try this exercise, use these crystals, try hypnosis, have a baby, just get a hysterectomy, try this Juice, drink this tea, pray for healing..." While different combinations of medical and holistic treatment options often provide varying degrees of SYMPTOM relief, and even though expert excision surgery (the 'gold standard' in treatment options)has been known to decrease disease recurrence rates to as little as 15%, let me be absolutely, positively, exceedingly, and abundantly clear: THERE IS NO CURE (YET) FOR ENDOMETRIOSIS!!! #fightingfiercely #fkenfo #endoawareness #chronicpain #endosisters #educating #enlightening #empowering #community #endosux #weneedacure #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike


2017-03-01 11:30:52

Today marks the start of #endometriosisawarenessmonth! All month long Fighting Fiercely:Unveiling the Unknown about Endometriosis will be educating, enlightning, and empowering our fellow Endo sisters as well as friends family loved ones and all those who are affected by this tumultuous disease! Stay tuned to all of our social media outlets for information,facts, myths, questions and conversations during the entire month of March! #fightingfiercely #effendo #ineedacure #chronicpain #endoawareness #womenshealth #healing #endosux #endowarriors #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike #fightlikeagirl


2017-02-12 02:45:41

Mood: The lil raggedy heffa:1. My sweet dreams and sleep:0! *in my Scooby-Doo voice: 'Drats!.Foiled again!' #fkenfo #fightingfiercely #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike


2017-02-10 22:06:37

Mood! Pain level was close to nil for nearly 3 weeks ( which is like 3 months in Endo time), and then just like that, out of the blue...here comes the lil heffa with her flare up! So much for restful sleep tonight promise you I hate this dis-ease with every fiber of my soul!! #fightingfiercely #fkenfo #endosux #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike


2017-01-01 09:39:05

Heyyyyyyy 2017!!! Just cuz she posted up in the crib recuperating, doesn't mean she can't slay!!! Giving the new year flirty flannel pajama realness!!! #fightingfiercely #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike #endosux #effendo #healing #happynewyear


2016-12-18 17:09:48

'Bout to get into this Bottles and Business Cards networking event! Entrepreneur life never stops, Endo flare be dayumed!!!! Getting my holiday and my hustle on!!!! I'm Fighting Fiercely and Fabulously tonight! #fightingfiercely #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike #endoawareness #chronicpain ##effendo


2016-12-09 19:52:36

Sooooooooo, tonight I attended a holiday event called Conversation, Cocktails, and Cebration. During the 'conversation' portion of the event, our hostess talked about her experiences as a public speaker and a writing coach and was sharing with the audience how even though it can be scary, everyone should be encouraged to share their stories because they will likely find someone who has a "meee too", meaning that they could relate to your story. She then asked for two people to come up and talk about one of their highlights for 2016 and what they plan to do differently in 2017. Of course, I got volun-told (lol) to come up and share my story, and inevitably the conversation turned to endo. After I was done, and we got back to the mix and mingle and portion of things, this beautiful young lady walked over to me, leaned in close and said: " I'm a meeee tooo"! She then went on to share her powerful Endo story with me. We instantly connected and afterwards I gave her one of my yellow fighting fiercely bracelets that I'm always wearing. And of course she was immediately brought into the Endo Sisterhood! Times like these I love walking in my purpose and connecting with women when I least expect it! It's Times Like These that remind me, on the days when I don't think that is worth it, that it's totally and completely is! #fightingfiercely #endoawareness #endosisters #endowarriors #fightlikeagirl #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike


2016-10-27 11:12:46

For the 176 million+ women, teens, and girls suffering with endometriosis, awareness isn't just in the month of March. For us, it is all year long. I am so honored that #shinenowmagazine chose to highlight my story as the feature for this months cover! Inside I discuss how Fighting Fiercely is helping hundreds of women find amazing purpose in the midst of their pain. Go to https://joom.ag/1ksQ for the full issue and find my story on pg. 24 (use right arrow to scroll through) Thank you @lawrenceangeline for helping to raise #endometriosisawareness with such an amazing write-up #fightingfiercely #endoawareness #ineedacure #chronicpain #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike #shinenowmagazine #wellness #healing #womenshealth #reading #onlinemagazine #effendo #educating #enlightening #empowering #purpose


2016-10-08 01:33:46

I swear sometimes it feels like this disease is literally trying to take me out...THIS is one of those times! #fightingfiercely #effendo #ineedacure #chronicpain #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike


2016-10-02 11:44:08

SOOOOOOOO, I'm playing in the makeup box today fam! At the suggestion of my great friends at Sephora, I'm trying out Lancome's TEINT IDOLE ULTRA 24H FOUNDATION, a creamy, full coverage foundation that dries to a powdery matte finish. Now, as a staunch brand loyalist, who has been using bare essentials lose mineral powder for over 10 years, I was hesitant to try anything new. But, with my dry sensitive skin, moving into the cooler months, lately the powder has been faring kind of chalky and ashy on my skin. I was looking for something that was moisturizing, full coverage and not weighing heavy on my skin. So far, I love this! I didn't even have to use concealer with it, just a couple of extra passes over the hyperpigmented areas of my face. It is supposed to provide smudge and budge free coverage for up to 24 hours! Let's see how I fair for the rest of the day. So, what are you think fam, do we like or nah??? I took pics inside and outside for comparison... #beauty #makeup #sephora #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike #fightingfiercely #endowarriors


2016-08-07 10:46:36

Mannnn I tell ya, Endo fatigue is NO JOKE! It's only a little after mid-day and I already feel like I've been run over by a truck!! BUT, I have some incredibly amazing and powerful women to support today, so what does she do???? She shows up, gets dressed, puts on her FIERCE, and she FIGHTS!!! #fightingfiercely #endowarrior #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike #endoawareness #effendo


2016-05-19 16:20:41

Crazy What a year's difference can make!! Exactly one year ago I was waking up from my 3rd laparoscopic surgery in 13 years. Today I'm 18 weeks pregnant after a successful IVF frozen embryo transfer. I can't wait to meet little man Smith in October. Keep fighting!! It's all going to be worth it! ORIGINAL POST - Surgery didn't go 100% as planned. The bad news is that one of my Fallopian tubes had to be removed. Apparently, it was so swollen and covered in scar tissue and endometriosis that it no longer even resembled a Fallopian tube. The good news is that I'm recovering well, and my RE (who was also my surgeon) is still VERY optimistic that IVF will be successful in our future. I still 1 Fallopian tube, 2 ovaries full of eggs and a uterus. This is the silver lining that I'm focused on. #endo #endowarrior #endometriosis #endometriosissucks #infertility #infertilitysucks #thisiswhatinfertilitylookslike #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike


2015-11-03 04:39:12

Story of my life but especially today. Not a good morning when you wake up with your typical endo pains mixing with your surgery pains 😖 but it won't stop me from doing what I need to get done today! 🎗 #endometriosis #endometriosisawareness #endometriosiswarrior #infertility #infertilitysucks #thisiswhatinfertilitylookslike #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike #blogger #endometriosisblogger #ivfblogger #ttc #ttcsisters


2015-08-04 10:13:14

Here's to HOPE!! I just got my IVF calendar! I'm so excited, scared, anxious, happy, every emotion in the IVF book, right now. My projected Egg Retrieval date is the 14th of September. This is crazy timing because that means that my birthday will fall during the TWW. But whatevs... I'm ready for this! I'm keeping my spirits high, my sky's blue and sunny, and I've already got massages booked. 😂 It looks like I'll be on Gonal-F and Menopur. LETS DO THIS!! :) #ivf #ivfhopeful #ivfpregnancy #endo #endosisters #endowarrior #endoawareness #endometriosis #thisiswhatendometriosislookslike #thisiswhatinfertilitylookslike #1in8