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16 Minutes Ago

When you were the only one swimming laps 😂#barnabeast #goldenretriever #goldensofinstagram #tiredasamother

Truth - I haven’t meal prepped in weeks . Call me lazy , call me messy .. but summer got me like .. girl, you enjoy that food .. well it’s not so cute when you put your pants on and feel like a little dough boy squeezing out the sides of it . . Girl needs to lean back up and get her shit figured out .. along with that - keys to success - . Meal prep . It’s always perfect timing - liift 4 starts tomorrow and will last for 8 weeks . There’s hundreds of us joining together .. gonna workout , gonna lift, plan and have major success .. can’t freaking wait !! . #mealprepsunday #sundaysarethebest #tiredasamother #tiredasamofo #fastfood #foodlovers #makelovewithfood


53 Minutes Ago

We had tacos for dinner 🙌 crawling in bed gotta be up at five in the morning. Little fun fact about me is I suffer from severe insomnia with night terrors. I waited to refill my medicine so I have only had a few hours of sleep in the past few days. Get off early tomorrow so hopefully I won't forget to go by there and pick it up before they close. Y'all wish me luck on falling asleep and staying asleep. #tiredasamother


57 Minutes Ago

Sunday isn’t a day of rest when you have children 😂 I thought my oldest was the crazy one, but this little girl is giving him a run for his money! •• I’m making my non-maternity clothes work as long as possible, and this tank is one of my favorites and comes in 11 colors! http://liketk.it/2wzsj You can instantly shop all of my looks by following me on the LIKEtoKNOW.it app #liketkit @liketoknow.it #ltkbump #ltkunder20


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The most accurate depiction of this week. I’ve totaled about 12 hours of sleep in the past 7 days between Autumn’s stomach bug and molars coming in back to back. Sometimes I’m really tired. And I bet you are too. It doesn’t mean we’d trade this mom life for anything. It doesn’t mean we’re not insanely grateful day in and day out. It just means we’re really. really. tired. It’s okay to say that out loud. Oh, PS you can see the mountain of shirts that need to be hung up on the back of the chair I’m melting in. Those will def be there tomorrow.❤️


1 Hour Ago

Of course my “last meal” would be twisted Mac & Cheese.. ⚡️⚡️ I wouldn’t start a new program any other way 🤟🏼.. . Are you ready for Monday? . . . . . . #macandcheese #lifelongfavorite #cleaneatingstartstomorrow


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I know I talk a lot about my workouts, I share sweaty selfies and workout vids in my stories daily, I post “transformation” photos etc. but I think sometimes what I don’t post enough about - is WHY this job MATTERS to me.. And it stretches so far beyond the workouts, the sweat, heck even the financial part of it. The WHY’S behind this are also WHY I choose this everyday. Why I’m a “lifer”, and in it for the long haul”.. I started this as a way to dig myself out of a dark hole, a way to lose some weight, tone up, feel like me again, get energy to keep up with my then 1 year old, to get healthy and be healthy for him, to feel better about myself so I could be a better mom. When things started happening, changes were being made, i was making friends, I was all in for life. And then I learned about an opportunity, and the snowball effect began. I fell in love with feeling good! I had felt like crap for so long, I didn’t even know what feeling good was like. Feeling good about myself, feeling good about what I was doing to earn an income, because it’s SO rewarding. And then when I saw this working for those I personally know- I fell in love with helping others feel good in their own skin. THESE PROGRAMS. THIS COMMUNITY. Has my heart. I love helping people, I love how being a coach makes me feel. I love being a part of someone’s reason to do this. I love seeing people succeed. I feel for them when they fall of track. I want to do it for them when they don’t trust the process. You guys - this might sound cheesy to you and you may roll your eyes at my posts - but it’s the friggin truth. THIS JOB MATTERS. I BELIEVE in coaching. Not only to help myself, but to share and inspire others that they can work through any life obstacle. We get ONE life, ONE body. My health matters to me. And on the days I’m like “ughh I don’t feel like working out”, I always go to my success group, give a good scroll, and see what others are working through as well- cause we share those things, and their post to say they did it after all the life they have going on- is a push like any other. Come check out what I do as a coach, starts Wed. DM me/Click the link in my bio & choose Sneak peek


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If I had a dollar for every time I've been told this in the last 5 years....I'd be able to buy a whole lotta bibs 😂😂 . . . . . . Like + Comment on this photo for your chance to win a $20 shop credit at the end of the week. We'll choose one lucky winner and announce in our stories on Monday. Must be following to win. Good luck! . . . . . . _______________ #quote #quoteday #quotedaysunday #quoteoftheday #momlife #mommylife #ohheymama #tiredasamother #mynameismama #uniteinmotherhood #motherhoodthroughinstagram #thehappynow #honestmotherhood #notacompliment #mommylifeisthebestlife #idoitforthekids #sotired #justmyface #teethingbaby #newbornbaby #babylove #livemoremagic #mumlife #pregnantmama #expectingmama #ig_motherhood


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6 months old. Half a year. . It hardly seems possibly. I remember being so impatient and wanting to meet you and now that you’re here, I want to slow time down. . You’re the most content baby I’ve ever met and sleeping 12+ hours through the night. You prefer sitting by yourself and playing rather than using any of the fancy seats and jumpers we have for you. You’re in 12/18 month clothes and wearing size 4 diapers. Your brother loves you to the moon and back and you enjoy every second of it. . Lorelei Rose you are so loved. #raisingloreleirose


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eating grass counts as baby led weaning, right? 🤷🏽‍♀️😂


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"In dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own." - Dumbledore - I journal ever day. Its non-negotiable. It is imperative that I end my day with journaling. It keeps me grounded. I'm a dreamer... I live everywhere else but reality. Journaling helps me connect back to myself at the end of the day. It helps me remember who I am.


2 Hours Ago

I think sometimes we tell ourselves self limiting stories, like “I can’t do this because ....... “ 7 years ago, I was uber uncomfortable 😣 I worked out often hoping from gym to gym (promo to promo 😬) I didn’t see any forward progress just barriers. I had no kids I was just a full time sleep deprived nurse It doesn’t matter what phase of life we are in, there always seems to be something we constantly tell ourselves we can’t achieve followed by our obstacles. Fast forward to today now a mom to 2 kiddies with 2 shift working parents (who also both have side gigs), and still sleep deprived 🤦‍♀️ I’ve learned that mindset is everything 🧠Getting into that positive self talk 🗣and getting around a community who uplifts you has been huge!👭 Having all the tools at my fingertips to knock those hurdles in the face is my other game changer 👯‍♀️ It’s time!! Time to change your mindset, reach your goals! Let me be your cheerleader 📣 and let’s knock those barriers in the ⚽️ 🏀 We start Monday are you in?

The night before we start a new program is always SO EXCITING! Like the anticipation of the first day of school or Christmas morning. Seriously I was just going through my workout tank drawer looking for the perfect shirt for tomorrow. 😉 Silly, maybe, but I’m excited about working out in the morning and if you are not, then maybe you should come try my way. #justsayin 😜 . Tomorrow kicks off 8 weeks of 30-40 minute workouts, just 4 days a week. People keep asking me what I’m going to do on the 3 rest days. Um...I’m gonna REST! And trust the process to get amazing results. 🙌🏻💪🏻 . Also — listen up because if you thought you missed your chance to join, you are in luck... . I have quite a few ladies that are wrapping up their last week of 80 Day this week and will start on 7/23. Therefore I am adding people up until 7/22 but that is ABSOLUTELY IT until the next round in OCTOBER. Yes, October. . Comment or private message me - but don’t wait to do it. Eeek!!!!! Let’s do this!! 👊🏻

When it’s hot, and your tired, but someone still has to make dinner 😩 Thank god for leftovers, am I right ladies? Very little work and clean up 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 What’s one of your favorite meals, to have as leftovers? #tiredmom #leftovers #thankgodforleftovers #momof3 #futureteacher #tiredasamother #itstoohottocook


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This hair is a mess, y’all!!! I never let it get so faded....but I’m not sure what color I want next!!! #selfie #makeup #makeupaddict #mua #lotd #motd #haircolor #purplehair #messyhairdontcare #beautiful #selflove #instagood #instamakeup #smile #picoftheday #momlife #tiredasamother #influencer


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I have been "carrying weights" around for longer than I have been lifting them 😉 For years I carried around - an extra 30+ pounds of body weight the weight of poor nutrition, emotional eating, nightly binges and the burden of self - loathing at my behaviors the guilt of trying to teach my children to eat a balanced diet while I buried ice cream containers and chocolate wrappers in the bottom of the trash the lack of confidence in finding clothing, dresses or baiting suits that I thought I looked good in the disgust with myself for my inability to stick to a "diet", lose weight, or find time to take care of me The defeat of failure in many areas of my life And yet I did not do anything to "grow stronger" It was only after an acute illness gave me the "motivation" I needed to make changes That the changes that I made, the community I found, the programs I took a chance on, healed me and brought me true health and strength that I realized the weight of the "loads" I was carrying If you are feeling weighed down I am able to help you rise up With customizable nutrition and flexible fitness, convenient support and accountability If this speaks to you- please speak to me and we will lighten your load together #uplifting #liftmorethangroceries #liftmorethankids #worththeweight #lightenyourload #tiredasamother #runsoncoffee #chocolate #icecreamaddict #benotafraid #dontweightforit #momof4 #threeboysandagirl #fortysomething

Back in Mommy Mode!! This is the REAL me and my T-shirt definitely reads my current mood...”TIRED AS A MOTHER”!! Here’s to a great week...claiming it for ALL of us!!😩💕💋 Thanks @craftyandchic_ for my T-shirt..it’s definitely my current #instamood #mothermode #backtothebasics #thisiswhoireallyam #motherhood #memphis #browngirl #blackgirlmagic #mochamoms #tiredasamother #happysunday #therealme #mommyandwife #basicandblessed


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I feel like I’m holding on by a thread. This might be the most out of balance and out of sorts and irritable and crazy I’ve ever felt. I feel like I’m doing a shit job and everything. I feel like I’m fucking up my kids. Feel like I’m fucking up at work. I don’t know how to get the balance back. I pray to God every day for patience and clarity. But it’s just not coming. Not sure what to change or how to find the balance....these last few minutes months, weeks, days have been an emotional roller coaster. I just want to get off. #feelingcrazy #rollercoaster #whendidlifegetsohard #tired #tiredasamother #ilovemykids #workingmom #overwhelmed


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When ‘Self Care Sunday’ comes to an end... but wait, it’s almost bedtime!!! This guy is ready 🙌🏻 #nightynight #sundayfunday #tiredbaby #lifewithatoddler #tiredasamother #hushlittlebaby #hangingonmom #motherhoodunplugged


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Selfie Sunday 📸 #tiredasamother 💤 #filterfun 😋


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Pinots & Pedis Another one of the busiest weeks on the books. But, we can make it till Saturday!! Topping the list are two PRETTY fancy glasses and two vintage giant bowls. Both filled to the RIM. One with crisp chilled pinot and the other with hot bubbly bath salts and heavenly scented lavender and chamomile bursting in the air. Light the candles and bring out the BaSkEt of goodness! We always keep stocked with milk bath, sea salts, shea sugar scrub, loofah sponges, and body butters. Throw a handful of fresh flower petals on top and a dash of essential oils to take us away... just for 2 seconds...then someone yells MOM!! Husbands and kids are settled for another 5 more minutes. Back soaking in the wonderful spa in our foot bowl. We ALWAYS plan pedi & pinot time with our girl (even if its stop n start, that’s how we roll). Bouncing ideas, shopping tips and wine out our problems. She doesn’t care when your toes are ratchet and thighs are pale as flour. No make up, sick as a dog, she’ll take you anyway. She’ll hug you up and bend your ear even if its been 2 hours our 2 weeks since you’ve seen her last. Like time never stopped and that gap instantly fills in. She’s the #leaderofthepack and you are dragging behind. Other days you are in front of the #tribe and you keep her on her game. It’s unspoken of whose turn will be next. We can make it till Saturday. Your vibe attracts your tribe. M💙@market_32_ @style.mytribe @mblack352 @bluestwogold 📷 @hoopermichelle #pedispa #tiredasamother #onhergame #bendyourear #reallife #glamgame #pediandpinot #friendsforlife #whinetowine #summertime #relaxation #girlpower #leaderofthepack #juggling #familytribe #instagood #girlsgotskills #dreambig #bluestwogold #hotdogs #heels #hotflashes #saturdays #veternwives #pinotgrigio


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Family vacation #1 is a wrap! ❤️We loved every moment spent making memories and laughing! (In-laws not pictured but we were so happy to be there all together) . . . Finally home after an extremely LONG drive filled with traffic - ickkkkk! Soaking in some more snuggles with Rylan then back to the grind tomorrow 👊🏼 . . . . . #familyvacation2018 #oceancitymaryland #familymemories #blondemom


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Not a bad view while I’m doing some work this afternoon. Gotta love the sunshine, warm breeze, quiet yard, and some ice cold water. The hubs took our oldest to the hardware store and the baby is napping... Which means mama gets a minute to get a few #bossbabe things done... alone... Yes please! Soaking in these minutes after a whirlwind of a fun weekend! What are you up to on this Sunday? Make sure you stay hydrated! . . . . . . #momlife #momboss #sunday


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So much fun at Day Out with Thomas today! #thomasthetrain #weekendvibes #ikeephappy


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Give me liiiifffeeeeeeeee ☕️☕️☕️☕️ #starbucks #mommyof3 #momlife #tiredasamother