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I started in my living room. Doesn't matter where you start.. ...just START! #motivation #success #toledo #toledoohio #toniquinnfit #loveyourself #confidence #nonprofit #zumba #poundfit #toniquinnfit #fitness #nonprofit

Good Morning ya’ll! Today’s Challenge: SCREW UP! As we work toward our goals we will fail… and by fail honey, I mean royally screw up, fall flat on your face, ugly cry, and want to give up. Now if we feel so passionately about what we are working towards to have an emotional response to failure, should we give up? NO! Failure is the greatest teacher. In order to push yourself and reach higher than you ever have before you must be brave enough to FAIL. Making the same safe choices over and over again will only keep you where you are. Aren’t you tired of that cycle? Being comfortable has gotten you exactly where you are and you KNOW you are capable of more! Dare to be uncomfortable. Doing so will result in one of two things: you FAIL and figure out a different way to approach your goal or you FLY… you get to that next level that you never would have achieved being trapped in the comfort of monotony. Be risky and edgy with your fantastic ideas. Not sure if they would work? Bounce your ideas off of someone whose opinion you value. They may be able to help you iron out some of the details of your plan. Pushing toward your goals will require practice, preparation and knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses. Fail or Fly… at least you tried ;) Happy Wednesday, ya’ll! The sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day!

Enough with the teas, shakes and miracle potions. Ain't no quick fixes! You'll save time and money but just shutting up and putting in this work. #toniquinnfit #loveyourself #confidence #nonprofit #zumba #poundfit #toniquinnfit #fitness #nonprofit #confidence #loveyourself #motivation #success #youlldobetterintoledo #toledorepublic #werk #shutupanddoit

Today’s Challenge: BE PATIENT! But first… I gotta say this: So with the all the New Year’s resolutions there are naturally those who believe that creating goals and starting fresh is plain stupid. WHY? What’s wrong with setting goals? What’s wrong with deciding that January 1st is the day that one makes strides in a direction that is new and exciting. I understand that you don’t necessarily need a specific day to begin making a change in your life; however, making a plan starting with when… and how you are to achieve your goals is an incredible way to hold yourself accountable. So I say that to say this… If you are not down with the “new year, new me” declarations that have been made… keep the negative comments to yourself. Voicing negativity toward anyone who wishes to push toward goals that are positive makes one seem like a miserable hater. Yup I said it. Be mad. Block. Delete. Do whatever makes your soul feel good. But it’s true. Any one who stifles the positive progression of another person is nothing but a hater. Seriously…. What is wrong with someone setting goals and why does it bother you? If you can’t be positive… just shut up. Don’t interrupt the progress of others because you’re stagnant. So now that you’ve set your New Year’s goals… BE PATIENT. Nothing happens overnight and you KNOW that. You have spent the last 20 something days eating salad and hitting the gym more than ever, right? Expecting something amazing to happen, right? AND IT WILL but you have to KEEP going. It didn’t take 20 days for you to be in the shape that your in… cut yourself some slack and focus on just being consistently active. That alone is hard enough. Fitness not your goal? Well, the concept of being patient applies to ANY goal! With any goal you have to focus on what is the most important… the outcome. ENJOY the process and the journey toward you goals. You never know what connections you may make or new hobbies you may acquire. Being patient and focused on your goals will also encourage your mind to make informed decisions about your life. If something is not conducive to your goals LET IT GO! Refuse to waste precious time and energy on things that don’t

Good Morning Ya’ll! Today’s Challenge: RECOGNIZE YOUR CHARACTER! Character is what you do when you think no one is looking. It truly starts from within. In order to be successful, you must embody a few essential traits. First, have integrity. Do what you say you’re gonna do without question. It will build trust in others and make you a dependable person. Strong leaders are strong and unwavering in their responsibly. Granted, life happens and plans may change. In order to maintain integrity, a person of good character will address the change in plans BEFORE it happens openly and offer a solution to get back on track. Next, you have to be honest about who you are even if it pisses people off. Rather people be mad at you for the truth than to be regarded as a liar. You must live transparently so that if you are placed in a position of leadership, your followers can have all necessary information so they can choose whether to be lead by you or not. Now this doesn’t mean overshare every single detail. It simply means be you 1000% of the time. To have good character you must be an encourager in public and in private. What’s wrong with being happy with the success of others? Everyone loves a happy ending, right? Celebrate with people publicly and pray for their continued success privately. In all ways possible to be a person of good character you must be able to stretch others beyond what they feel they may be capable of. If something comes to life inside of someone else because of you…. You achieve immortality ;). Individuals with good character have no problem with self sacrifice. You have to make yourself uncomfortable sometimes financially and emotionally in order to see growth. In other words, you have to go the extra mile if you expect increase. No one has a problem with people who are in the position of power reaping more benefits or making more money then them BUT they do mind if they feel like their leader is using them for personal gain or contributing too little to the goals of the team. Too many times we find ourselves in situations what the leader is clearly taking an individual with good character for granted. If you find yourself in that position,

Join me for POUND! Mondays at 6:30pm Saturdays at 11am Monroe Street Neighborhood center 3613 Monroe Street Toledo, Ohio Wanna try POUND at your location? ASK! #poundfit #toniquinnfit #fitness #nonprofit #confidence #loveyourself #motivation #success #toledo #toledoohio #toledocitypaper #blackgirlmagic #toledo #youlldobetterintoledo #glasscity #toledorepublic

Join me for POUND! 11am every Saturday 6:30pm every Monday Monroe Street Neighborhood center 3613 Monroe Street Want a pound event at your venue? ASK!! #toledo #toledoohio #zumba #poundfit #toniquinnfit #fitness #nonprofit #confidence #loveyourself #motivation #success #youlldobetterintoledo #toledorepublic #toledorepublic #toledocitypaper #blackgirlmagic

If you're passionate about something....you'll do whatever it takes. What's your passion? #motivation #success #toledo #toledoohio #toniquinnfit #loveyourself #confidence #nonprofit #zumba #poundfit #beachbody #youlldobetterintoledo #fitness #toledorepublic

Good Morning ya’ll! Today’s Challenge: PRACTICE ACTIVE LISTENING! Having stellar communication skills is the key to any success whether it be professional or personal. In order to clearly communicate, we must be active listeners, meaning we must put an effort while listening! So how do you do this? First, clear your head. Focus on the person that is talking to you. It’s impossible to effectively communicate with another person and only be thinking about yourself. Put everything on the back burner for a second to just take the time to listen. Next, look beyond the surface of what’s being said. Be empathetic to what the person is saying and how they are saying it. Don’t just take their words and think about how you feel… you’re not the only one in the conversation, right ;). While someone is speaking to you don’t interrupt their flow or kill their vibe. As an adult you can see the time and place for everything, so if you know when you are to speak… you know when you are to listen too. Wait for your turn to express yourself. Lastly, when it’s your turn to respond… do it! It’s rude to just ignore someone after they have spoken to you! It’s like your are saying their intellectual property has no value to you. As you respond, be open and inquisitive and not defensive. If there is a portion of the conversation that you didn’t understand, ASK for clarification. You have to eliminate all assumptions in order ensure all parties are on the same page. Give it shot. Why? ‘Cuz why not? ;) Happy Wednesday ya’ll! #motivation #success #toledo #toledoohio #toniquinnfit #loveyourself #confidence #nonprofit #zumba #poundfit #beachbody #youlldobetterintoledo #toledocitypaper #blackgirlmagic

I have the tendency to be an optimist....and that bothers some folks. Do i care? Nope! Nah. I'm not living a life that's oblivious to the ugly in the world...but I refuse to keep misery company. I run from habitually unhappy folks. You should too! Be positive on purpose. It's contagious! #toniquinnfit #loveyourself #confidence #nonprofit #toniquinnfit #fitnessinstructor #motivation #success #toledo #toledoohio #quotes

Today’s Challenge: Choose to feel good NOW! We are all working toward a goal, right? Especially since the new year. Cut yourself some slack! It’s very hard to develop new habits or break old one. Crashing through those goals we set for ourselves will only give us short term satisfaction. In order to have long term fulfillment about your goals, we must celebrate the entire process and be proud of every milestone, not matter how little it may be. We can’t run from the highs and lows we will encounter throughout our journey. We have to enjoy our individual ride to success no matter how many bumps are in the road. Gaze out the window and sight see as you travel. Might as well enjoy it! Celebrate where you were, where your going, and how many things you passed on the way. You don't need an excuse to be happy, do ya ;)? Happy Monday ya'll! #confidence #loveyourself #motivation #success #toledo #toledoohio #toniquinnfit #loveyourself #toledofit #fitness #nonprofit #share #challenge #quotes

Looking for a few ROCKSTARS.... Wanna try something DIFFERENT? POUND is the fastest growing group fitness phenomenon inspired by the sweat-dripping, infectious, energizing fun of drumming! Yup. Cardio, Pilates, resistance, and DRUMMING! WORTH A SHOT! Mondays at 6:30pm Saturdays at 11am 3613 Monroe st Toledo Ohio Monroe Street Neighborhood center *$3 donations accepted to benefit programming at the Monroe Street Neighborhood Center Want a class at your facility? Let's make it happen!! #pound #poundfit #toniquinnfit #fitness #nonprofit #confidence #loveyourself #motivation #success #toledo #toledoohio #youlldobetterintoledo #toledorepublic #toledocitypaper

Good Afternoon Ya’ll! Hope you’re staying warm! Today’s Challenge: PRACTICE BEING CANDID. We all want people to be up front and honest with us right? We’d much rather hear an ugly truth than a beautiful lie. In order to to this, we must practice being as candid as possible in our conversations with each other. Here’s the hard part….Having open, frank, direct conversations with others can sometimes turn hostile if it is not done in the appropriate way. So how can we put t his into practice? First, be certain about how you feel…. Meaning know exactly what you are trying to communicate before you open up a conversation In order to get others to understand your perspective, you have to know exactly what it is, right ;)? Next, be sure not to beat around the bush or communicate vaguely. If you are addressing something and coming from a sincere place about how you feel, there is no need to pad the truth, apologize for your perspective or qualify your viewpoint. In the grand scheme of things, life is too short to waste time with riddles when you know exactly what you are trying to say. Last, be careful about the language you use. Having very direct communication can rub someone the wrong way if you are not mindful of what words you use. Try using neutral phrases such as “I have noticed” or “I feel” instead of exaggerated, emotional, personal language such as “you always” or “you make me”. For an example, if you tell someone “You make me so frustrated” , you are blaming them for your emotions and behavior when in fact YOU are the steward of your own attitude. The other person will immediately get defensive and miss what you are trying to say! Try saying, “I’m feeling frustrated” in order to open a conversation to express how you feel and why. That way all parties can arrive at a resolution that can work for everyone. Say what you mean. Mean what you say. It’s to be expected if you expect others to do the same. It’s only fair ;) #motivation #success #toledo #toledoohio #toniquinnfit #loveyourself #confidence #youlldobetterintoledo #fitness #pound #zumba #poundfit #fitnessinstructor

Healthy....fit.. not skinny. Throughout my career as a fitness professional, I've been bigger....i've been smaller BUT I've never stopped moving. I developed healthy habits that have kept me in shape. I'd love for you to join Me! Check me out in Toledo, Ohio! Want a class or special event at your facility? We can make it happen! Zumba, Zumba Gold (seated), Pound, Cardio line dancing, Country Heat LIVE, circuit training available! 😉. #zumba #pound #toledo #toledofitness #toledoohio #poundfit #youlldobetterintoledo #zumbatoledo #toniquinnfit #countryheat #beachbody #countryheatlive #linedancing #zumbafitness #zumbagold #silversneakers

It all could pop like a big old soap bubble. I enjoy every second....😉 #toniquinnfit #fitness #instructor #zumba #poundfit #toledo #youlldobetterintoledo #glasscity

Facts! Happens all the time. 😉 #toledo #toniquinnfit #zumba #poundfit #youlldobetterintoledo

Day 1. Be patient! Start taking small steps today toward your goal. If not now, when? #toledo #toledoohio #zumba #poundfit #toniquinnfit