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Austyn Mary

4 Minutes Ago

I had a really bad day yesterday. These made it better.

Tales from @florentladeyn’s Bloempot in Lille. There once was a dish made with sweet potato, radish, more potatoes, a sprinkling of crisped greens and ‘acid milk’. The lady disliked all things starchy unless they come deep fried or mashed with lotsa cream and buttermilk. She took a forkful, and the rest was history. More of this on the blog (link in bio as always). 🌱🥛🥔🍠 - still dunno what this emoji is, btw. Anyone?

Join us for an Exclusive Spring Menu Preview Dinner on Monday, April 16th where you will be the first to taste Executive Chef @insta.flamm’s new seasonal dishes. Reserve your table through our bio.

#noma • ⭐️⭐️⭐️ • #🤤outof7 (7/7) • • #tldr Noma: It's like coming home again. • -- • Noma @nomacph • Rene Redzepi @reneredzepinoma Refshalevej 96 1432 København K Denmark • noma.dk -- ✅ Flavors ✅ Ingredients ✅ Balance ✅ Technique ✅ Presentation ✴️ Progression ✅ Atmosphere ✅ Service ✴️ Value ✅ Perfect Pairing: [Plankton Juice] ✅ Perfect Dish: [Sea Urshin] [Dried Sea Cucumber] [Squid in Seaweed Butter] [Cloudberries & Pine Cones] -- #triplepost with my old platonic life-partner @luxsushi & my new platonic life partner @segle21artist. Also "triple" because this one comes with 3 Parts. • The sun had already set, but there was a glow emanating from the horizon. We visited the old site first, now occupied by @barrcph (a wonderful restaurant, as well). I remember the excitement I felt the first time I arrived at this door. We were the first couple to arrive for lunchtime service, warmly greeted by the kitchen staff & GM James. It seemed fitting to start our journey here as Noma itself started here. • Just as Noma's path led it to its new grounds, we too marched that path, both literal and symbolic. As we walked, a fellowship of acquaintances, old & new, there was a light trickle of snowfall. It felt serendipitous. Magical. It was a time to get to know each other. Every journey has moments like these. Where bonds strengthen & strangers become friends. We spoke of who we were as food enthusiasts & as people and how wonderful it was that a restaurant like Noma could bring us together. And at the end of that trek, as if coming home from a long journey, the doors pulled forward & we were once again warmly greeted by the entire staff, James with arms open -- and this time with Rene Redzepi, front & center. Meals at the greatest restaurants in the world are nice, but Noma knows how to make you the center of its story. • I'm sorry. I left you. I didn't tell you. And I didn't come back for two weeks. But I was in a good place and now, I'm back. Come reminisce with me. My journey started here. • Video credits: The incredibly talented Luxsushi. • #edge13x #edge13xeatsnoma #edge13xeatscopenhagen


11 Minutes Ago

Petite salade 🥗😀 Pois chiches, carottes, tagliatelles de courgettes, chèvre, cumin et huile d’olive 😊 #topchef #cookies #foodie #foodporn #foodies #lovefood #healthyfood #bowlcake #healthy #healthylifestyle

fuzzi lopez

12 Minutes Ago

buttered rice topped with havarti cheese, herbs, honey, and fried banana #foodie #topchef #559 #clovis #fresno #fuzzyyogalabs #burger #cooking #foodporn #medium #eatme #feedme

Repost via @HarlemTrends.com by @whatseatingharlem ••• This Saturday is the first in the Sunday Best series! If you’d like to come to an event, keep an eye on IG for dates and ticket info. There is always something happening in Harlem! #topchef #popupdinner #harlem #cookyourfood #extendedfamily #sundaybest #wehlovesgoodfood

#noma #nomacph ⭐️ ⭐️ 🇩🇰 #luxsushi_copenhagen #luxsushi_noma 💯 95/100 ------------ 🍴 Noma @nomacph @reneredzepinoma @jspreds @natefrench 🗺 Refshalevej 96, 1432 København, Denmark. . 💯Restaurant overall: 95/100 🙊Taste: 94/100 💵Value: 4/5 ---> $500 🏠Decor: 5/5 🕴 Service: 5/5. 🏆Reputation 5/5 ---> 2 Michelin Stars; W50 #1 in 2010,20 11, 2012, and 2014. 🍝Perfect Dish: 5/5 ---> cured trout roe and eggs; squid in seaweed butter, pear and roasted kelp ice cream . Part 4 . #triplepost with @edge13xeats @segle21artist . It is almost impossible to describe my trip to Noma2.0 in few IG posts; I am hoping that this 60 second video 🎞 shares a glimpse of my amazing experience at Noma from the moment we walked into the door, to the outstanding sea food dishes, to the family style environment that makes you feel warm and welcome lead by @jspreds, to the 20+ minutes buiding tour from @natefrench, and to the last second greeting from Chef Redzepi. I can say that every moment at Noma is the highlight of the night. . Two more dishes that will stick in my food memories forever is the "mussel" and #cloudberries & #pinecones. Take a look at the 2nd photo of the #mussel; can you believe that it is pear and roasted kelp ice cream? Yes, it is a dessert dish that looks exactly like a real mussel. Team Noma used mussel shell to create the shape of the icre cream; it was so good that I almost ate my wife's portion. The pine cones also created a lot of buzz at our table; everyone was looking at one another and asked "Is is a real pine cone?" Deep inside, I was thinking . . . should I go home and start eating the pine cone around my house? . This trip would have neither happened without the planning of my buddy @edge13xeats, nor would it have been as much fun without master chef @big38 and new foodie friends @segle21artist and @eir37. It would not have happened if my wife would not let me go on this crazy 36 hours trip to Copenhagen. I am looking forward to doing this again~ See you soon Noma and Chef Redzepi @reneredzepinoma. 🙏🙏🙏🙇‍♂️❤️ . .

Aujourd’hui j’ai découvert la collection Absolument Maison des @galerieslafayette et du @le_bhv_marais : de l’art de la table canon et du linge de maison en lin. Je ne pouvais être que conquise ! Et ce soir je regarde @topchefm6, on est d’accord que @mathewhegarty est le meilleur ?! #madecoamoi #bhv #decoration #slowlife #hygge #homesweethome #decoaddict #inbed #topchef

Manger des fruits et légumes de saison frais c’est #healthy , c’est moins cher et c’est #écolo ! Pour les idées recette il y a #topchef et pour connaître les fruits et légumes à consommer au mois de mars c’est ce tableau.

fuzzi lopez

21 Minutes Ago

seasoned spare ride, celery, purple potatoes, Chile, onion, and a balsamic beef broth dressing. #foodie #topchef #559 #clovis #fresno #fuzzyyogalabs #burger #cooking #foodporn #medium #eatme #feedme


22 Minutes Ago

When you make bomb pesto and decide to put it on everything. #chefcassie #topchef

Who wants some dessert? #topchef #newtalent #littlehelper

David Marquet

29 Minutes Ago

J’suis parti sur un roulé de jambon avec un riz à l’emporte-pièce juste revenu dans de l’eau, avec une pointe de ciboulette apporter un peu de fraîcheur… 😋😉 #topchef #dressage #jsuispartisur #fautvraimentquecasarretetopchef

Top Chef 👩🏽‍🍳👩🏼‍🍳

In “Cantina” San Giuseppe dura tutta la settimana...zeppole a volontà...😋👨🏻‍🍳❤️👌🏻#lacantinaditriunfo #zeppoledisangiuseppe #restaurant #dessert #sweet #love #chef #topchef #homemade #madeinitaly #view #contest #tradition #cream #sourcherry #naples #mycity

I tym sposobem widzimy sie w 4-tym odcinku🔝💥💪👍🙀 Jest moc!🦀🦀🦀 @mateusz_czekierda_top_chef @sylwia_stachyra_top_chef #topchefpolska #topchef #tv #polsat #polsatofficial #chefslife #chefstalk #champagnemumm #ghmumm #audi #audipolska