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7 Minutes Ago

RESTYLING - disegno originale non mio ➡️ SWIPE Solitamente faccio il mio a testa bassa, non dico nulla e nemmeno voglio fare il tuttologo che non sono ma, i tatuaggi si pagano sulla propria pelle, diffidate da chi lo fa pagare alla pelle degli altri


8 Minutes Ago

prisoner of love🖤 감사합니다!


9 Hours Ago

⠀ Cherry🍒 (@5tion_bleu) DM✉️ or kakaotalk📱


15 Minutes Ago

Our homie Anton @ydtattoo clearly increased the colour saturation on this amazing Tattoo. * BUGPIN TATTOO STUDIO Home to multiple award winning artists and friends / guests from around the world. * For consultation / appointment please DM or call our studio administrator +7 (915) 223 09 80 * STUDIO POWERED BY: 📌 @tattoomarket 📌 @tattoopharma 📌 @egomachines 📌 #carbonblacktattooink * #inked #тату #татумастер #татумосква #txttoo #thebesttattooartists #татуировка #татуировки #татумосква #tattooartistmagazine #watercolortattooartists #watercolortattoo #watercolortattoostyle #bugpintattoo #tattoosnob #tattooart #татумастермосква #radtattoos #girltattoo #legtattoo #girlytattoo #topclasstattooing #tattoopharma


30 Minutes Ago

Gave @selinap99 her first tattoo yesterday! Thanks again, made at @troubleboundstudio


18 Minutes Ago

Umbrella on Adam from yesterday. Thanks again man 🙏🏼 @blackcobratattoo


1 Day 16 Hours Ago

Swipe to see photos because video editor destroyed the quality of this tattoo. Finished my buddy @tylertoews leg the other day . Thanks for being so patient with this one and always sitting so well.


2018-04-18 09:48:38

Another one from the saskatoon tattoo show @saskatoontattooexpo from my pre drawn book


1 Day 16 Hours Ago

One from the other day. Thanks @rockymtkush

Blast over from this week by @alexrobinsontattoo


44 Minutes Ago

Друзья, сегодня у меня к вам вопрос, речь о нем пойдёт ниже 🧐 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Отношение к татуировкам и к их размеру у всех разное: кто-то предпочитает фигачить сразу большие работы, чтоб во всю спину/руку/ногу, а кто-то за минимализм. Мне интересно, что нравится вам? И с чего вы посоветуете начать человеку, у которого ещё нет татуировок, с пробной маленькой или в этом нет смысла? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Заранее благодарю всех е, кто поделится мнением 🙌🏻 __________________ #vlasov_tattoo


29 Minutes Ago

Added some more to Alex’s ongoing floral sleeve. Little inner arm, Peony 🌷


33 Minutes Ago

"Respice post te. Hominem te esse memento. Memento mori." (Olhe ao seu redor. Não se esqueça de que você é apenas um homem. Lembre-se de que você vai morrer). Palavras sussurradas a um general romano após uma campanha vitoriosa no momento em que chegava em sua cidade para uma gloriosa cerimônia pública. A consciência da mortalidade é a arma que dispara contra a procrastinação. Faça as coisas agora, sempre que puder, e faça para o bem.


47 Minutes Ago

Гори ясно 🕯 ⠀ 📩 WatsApp/Telegram/Direct ⠀ 📞 +7 (989) 634 45 47 ⠀


5 Hours Ago

All healed and hairy, successful project that took me century to finish. Merged on his existing ambigram tattoo (back of the forearm) . Thanks @joshestanislao for your commitment on this full sleeve project.!


52 Minutes Ago

Prisoner of the prisoner⛓ ⠀ 📩 WatsApp/Telegram/Direct ⠀ 📞 +7 (989) 634 45 47 ⠀


56 Minutes Ago

An old classic. ☠️🕸


56 Minutes Ago

Освещает путь 🔦 ⠀ 📩 WatsApp/Telegram/Direct ⠀ 📞 +7 (989) 634 45 47 ⠀

Lions skull by @eltanotattoo 💀🔪 #neotraditionaltattooers #neotradeu #skulltattoo #knifeporn

I’m taking bookings for July and August and still have a couple of slots available next week. Been working on this back piece over the past few months. (Big cover up also).